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Happy Birthday

by The Sweet Count

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© Copyright 2004 - The Sweet Count - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; boots; bond; scarves; cuffs; gag; gift; surprise; dormroom; sbm; armbinder; chest; packaged; discovery; tease; oral; climax; repacked; stuck; cons; X

Carmen and I had been dating for about two months. I was at a party at my friend’s dorm lounge the first time I saw her. Long dark hair, flowing down her back, gorgeous curves, but what really drew my eye was the boots. Tall, smooth, and tight, they came up past her knees, with two-inch platforms that only added to her sexy stature. Layers of laces interwove all the way up her gorgeous taut calves. It must have taken her half an hour just to put them on. They had a tough, Doc Martens line to them but they were pure white, leading the eye up to her tight white shorts and faded jean jacket that she wore unbuttoned over a pink baby tee. As she turned around, I saw the words “Naughty Girl” in white script on the front of her shirt. Seizing the opportunity, I grabbed an extra beer from the fridge and made my way over to her. Offering her the bottle I let my eyes drift down to the writing on her chest then slide back up to stare into her brown eyes.

“Are you?” I asked, never taking my gaze off her stunning brown eyes.

“Stick around and you might find out”. 

Twisting the cap off her beer, she took a long, slow pull from the bottle, then turned around and leaned back into me. As the music played, she drew my hand around in front of her and hooked it through her belt loop, grinding her soft, round backside against me as she swayed to the music. Leaning forward, I brushed the hair away from her ear and leaned my face in close. “Maybe this naughty girl needs a spanking.” I whispered, letting my lips brush softly against her earlobe. She moaned with pleasure, pressing her body even harder against me. Spinning around, she set her beer down on a nearby table and reached her hands up behind my head. Running her finger along the nape of my neck she drew my face down to her and kissed me, long and deep. “Let’s get out of here” she whispered. From that night, I knew I’d found the girl for me. Carmen was bold and confident but with a soft submissive side that loved to surrender control.

I’d been fascinated by bondage for most of my life. Growing up, I wondered about the secret thrill I would get watching TV shows where some poor helpless heroine would be bound with no hope of escape. I found myself dreaming of being her captor, holding her helpless and also, in a strange way, of being her. Being helpless myself, surrendering to another.

Going away to college was like a dream for my bondage interests. Finally I had unrestricted Internet access of my own, with no one checking over my shoulder. Over the course of my first year, I had even made a number of discreet purchases online and had accumulated a fair collection of gear that I kept in a sports bag in my closet.

With Carmen, I finally had a chance to explore this side of myself with another. We started slowly, first tying her hands together over her head with scarves that she had in her room. Soon, I was tying her arms apart, spread eagled to the corners of the bed. The first night I brought a pair of soft leather cuffs over, I thought she was going to swoon. Just buckling them on her soft, smooth wrists caused a shudder to pass over her body. We kissed for hours with her just wearing them as bracelets, letting them rub over her body, drawing them across her face to feel the sweet smell of leather.

Gently taking each hand I tied the D-rings on the cuffs to the corners of the bed, firmly immobilizing her. She writhed around on the bed, thrilled by her helplessness. I stood next to the bed watching her until she looked up at me and growled, “Fuck me! Please! I need you to fuck me now! Fuck me! Fuck me!” Climbing on top of her, I entered her and began sliding my cock in and out, slowly at first, savoring each tiny moment as I slid bit by bit deeper inside her than I’d ever been before. Faster and faster I pushed in and out, in and out. Her breath panted and pounded like a freight train. When she finally came, I thought it would never end.

Over the next few weeks we tried more and more new things. I discovered that Carmen loved gags, kissing them, feeling them rub softly against her cheek, teasing her, until her mouth was wide open, begging to feel the soft rubber ball filling her mouth, the leather straps firmly buckled behind her head.

One night I undressed her, removing her top, her shorts, panties, bra, leaving only those amazing white boots. I trussed her to the bed, tying her legs spread eagle as well, then blew softly across her moist and quivering mound. Slipping a ball gag into her mouth I drew the buckles tightly closed then crept down to the foot of the bed and began softly crawling up towards her. I let my cheek slide across the smooth white leather of her boots, savoring the smell of the leather mixed with the warm, moist smell of Carmen. Reaching the top of her boots I let my lips trail softly up her legs, kissing every part of her sweet thighs as I made my way to the top.

Kissing her beautiful pussy, I drank in the sweet, rich musk of her aroma as I let the tip of my tongue flick playfully across her clit, slowly at first then faster and faster. Each stroke of my tongue grew longer and longer, caressing all of her and slipping deeper and deeper with each stroke, always saving some extra attention for her swelling clitoris. Flicking it faster and faster, I swirled my tongue around its outside as I felt Carmen’s body buck and heave in her restraints. Suddenly, every muscle in her body tensed as she moaned and squealed into her gag. Then just as suddenly, she relaxed. Holding her in my arms, I gently slipped the gag from her mouth and stroked her cheek with my hand.

“How are you doing?”

“Wow! Thank you. That was great.”

“Time to untie you, naughty girl?”

“No, I mean, ummm… I’d kinda like to sleep this way. With you. Is that okay?”

“Sure. You bet.” Taking a blanket from the closet I draped it over her to keep her warm. Walking to the foot of the bed I untied Carmen’s feet from the bedposts then slowly unlaced the boots and slipped them off of her feet. “I don’t want your legs to swell up overnight.” Placing the boots on the floor, I cupped Carmen’s ankle in my hand as I kissed the sole of her foot, drinking in the lingering smell of warm leather. Wrapping the ropes around each ankle I pulled her legs firmly apart and reattached them to the legs of the bed. With that done, I slipped under the covers next to her and we drifted off to sleep.

The next morning it was time to pack everything up. After untying her feet I unbuckled Carmen’s wrist cuffs, then helped her to her feet and helped her slip on her pink bathrobe.

“Thanks for a great night, naughty girl. I’m looking forward to doing this again next weekend.”

Carmen wrapped her arms around me and let her head rest on my shoulder. “I wish we could do this every night.”

One of the few frustrations we had in our relationship was finding time to be alone. Living in a frat house I never had any privacy for the kind of times we wanted to spend together. Carmen was in the dorms and she shared her room with Lucy, another freshman. Lucy was nice enough and we all got on very well but during the week she was always in the room studying so Carmen and I could never get any real privacy. Luckily, her parents lived out of town and she would go home every weekend to visit them.

Which brings us to tonight. It was Carmen’s birthday and I wanted to do something special for her. Playing together last weekend Carmen had hinted that she wouldn’t mind being the one doing the tying some time. We’d even tried some shared submission, each of us wearing one cuff and tying them together as we made love. This weekend I planned to give her a chance to be fully in control (a set of affairs I had absolutely no problem with, <grin>).

I knew Carmen was going out for lunch with some friends on Saturday, which gave me time to set up my plan. To show how much trust had grown between us Carmen had given me a key to her room. While she was out lunching, I slipped into her room, carrying with me the special sports bag from my closet. Although I had introduced her to a number of my “toys”, I still had a few surprises left in the bag.

The first thing I did when I came into the room was to empty her clothes chest. The dorms at Hybridge Hall were all set up the same way. Each girl had her own bed, desk, closet, and a large wooden chest that sat at the foot of the bed and was used for extra storage. The chest was about two feet wide, two feet high, and three feet long with a brass padlock hasp in case the girls wanted to lock up any valuables. I knew Carmen kept extra clothes, summer wear and things she wouldn’t be needing for awhile in hers. I’d never tried it, but I was pretty sure I’d fit inside. 

Carefully, I lifted out all of the clothes and stacked them neatly on the shelf in the closet. To make room on the shelf, I lifted out the extra blanket and pillow that were stored there and used them to line the inside of the box. After drawing the curtains, I quickly stripped down to my underwear, folded my clothes, and tucked them up on the shelf in the closet too. From my “special bag” I took out my birthday surprises. The first was a birthday card. The envelope was addressed to Carmen and inside the card was a message: “Naughty Girl, look inside your clothes chest for your birthday surprise”. Carefully I propped it up on her pillow.

Next, out of the bag I took two soft black leather cuffs. These were similar to the ones we’d used before but a little bit larger and designed to tie up ankles. Quickly I buckled them around my own ankles then gave a tug on the D rings attached to them to check things. Very secure; comfortable but firm. To one of the D rings I attached a carbineer, like those used by rock climbers. It was a hinged, teardrop shaped ring that would very easily allow two D rings to be snapped together but not very easily let them come apart. I left the ankle cuffs apart for now as I pulled out the final item for my plan, my favorite of all my bag of tricks.

I’d always loved the look of armbinders, the way they pulled the shoulders back and thrust the chest out, looking so utterly inescapable. I’d been lucky enough to discover one on Ebay several months ago and almost on a whim, placed a bid. Imagine my surprise when I found out I’d won the auction. When the package finally arrived I was thrilled. It was black, made of the softest, supplest lambskin. The shoulder straps crossed in front and could be buckled as tightly as you liked. The binder itself zipped shut with a large heavy-duty zipper, sealing your arms behind you in a snug single glove. One more D ring at the bottom of the glove provided opportunities for other attachments. There were laces on top of the zipper too if you wanted to make things even more secure but working by myself I had never had a way to try tying it shut. I’d only tried it on once or twice, first pulling the zipper up about halfway then slipping it over my head and, with a bit of contorting, forcing my arms behind me into the single sleeve. I hadn’t dared try zipping it closed any further because the thought of being discovered by my fraternity brothers, bound up and unable to escape was just too humiliating to bear.

Today I planned to go all the way. A website on self bondage had given me the idea of tying a loop of yarn about four inches long through the pull on the zipper to give me a way of zipping it up with my arms inside. Once again I pulled the shoulder straps over my head and twisting my arms until they slid into place in the soft leather sheath. “Here goes nothing,” I thought. Backing up to the door I fumbled around behind myself until I felt the loop of yarn slip over the doorknob. Slowly I bent my knees and lowered myself to the floor. As I sank lower I could feel the loop grow taught then slowly the zipper began to click upward. Lower and lower I sank. I could feel my arms being drawn tighter and tighter together, sealed in the soft leather. With the faintest of ‘click’s I felt the pull slip over the large tooth at the top of the zipper, locking it in place. Scrambling to my feet, I tried tentatively to slip my arms out of the binder as I’d managed to do to escape it before. No luck, the leather sleeve held my arms firmly, I wasn’t going anywhere.

Suddenly I realized I really wasn’t going anywhere, the loop of yarn was still stuck on the doorknob. This isn’t good, she’s not supposed to find me stuck to her door. Flailing around I tried to dislodge it but it was stuck tight. Finally with one last tug the yarn snapped and I was free. Of course, the loop was also broken. I guess I wouldn’t be using that trick to unzip this thing.

It was time for the final step. I’d left the lid of the chest open, propped against the foot of Carmen’s bed. Climbing into the chest I knelt down on the blanket and pillow I’d placed there then sat down on my heels and lay my body forward across my legs, forming a tight ball. Through the thick leather of the armbinder I could barely feel the carbineer. With a bit of twisting and fiddling I managed to feed it through the rings on both ankle cuffs and the one on the end of the armbinder. A sharp metallic <snap> and suddenly I was secured.

Only one more step. Gently I began shaking back and forth, nudging the sides of the chest. With a creak and a BANG the lid fell down, trapping me inside. I could see some light slipping in through the gaps between the boards of the trunk where I also felt a cool waft of air. Cautiously I tried sitting up to see if I could lift the lid with my back. As the lid fell, the padlock hasp had fallen forward over its hoop keeping the lid down tight. It looked like I would be here for a while.

* * *

About two hours later I heard a key in the lock and the sound of the door opening. I held my breath trying to make no sound at all. There was a soft shoop of sound as Carmen slipped off her coat then I felt a THUMP as she sat down on top of the chest. I could hear her humming an old swing tune and the SIP-SIP-SIP sound as she began unlacing those fabulous boots. Once the boots were off, I heard her stand up then a soft little ‘hmmm?’ as she noticed the card on her pillow. She slipped the envelope open then I heard nothing for several seconds until a little CREAK-scrape as she flicked open the hasp and lifted the lid of the chest.

“Oh my” she smiled, drinking in the sight of my tightly bound body. “Happy Birthday to Me.” She turned back to her door and slipped the safety chain on. “Don’t want to be disturbed while I’m enjoying this. Hmmm, what have we here?” As she reached down I felt her soft hand slipping past my ass. Deftly she unhooked the carbineer from the armbinder, allowing me to sit up on my knees.

“Well, such a treat for me.” She leaned forward, stroking my face, cupping my chin in her hand. I closed my eyes as she darted the tip of her tongue across my lips, then leaned in for a slow, deep kiss. “Maybe we should get you a treat, too”.

She flicked off the light switch and quickly pulled off her t-shirt, revealing the satiny peach bra beneath it. Crouching down before me as I sat kneeling in the trunk, she put her hand behind my head and drew my face down into her breasts. Holding my head in place with one hand, she slipped the cup of her bra down with the other and let her tight hard nipple skim along my cheek. She teased my lips, my nose and my chin with it before pulling sharply on my head again and forcing her luscious breast deep in my mouth. I let my tongue flick across the nipple and was rewarded with a low moan. Still holding my head she reached between her breasts and unhooked the bra, switching hands to hold my head in place as she let it slip to the floor. I was covering her with kisses, licking, sucking, feeling my face pressed deeply into her cleavage.

Suddenly she released my head and pulled back. “Not so fast mister. I’m going to enjoy my present the way I want to.” Reaching her hand past me again I felt her unhook my ankles from each other then put her hand on my chest and around my back and gently lift me up. With her help I carefully stepped out of the box and let her guide me to the side of the bed where she sat me down. As she knelt on the bed behind me I felt her begin tugging the laces shut up the back of the armbinder. “Can’t have these laying open. It just looks messy. With each firm pull of the laces I could feel my elbows creeping closer and closer together. 

“This is kind of like putting my boots on” she giggled. “Let’s make sure these laces stay nice and snug.” 

Sure enough, once she reached the top she made a temporary knot, then began working up from the bottom again, smoothing out any leftover slack in the laces. Satisfied that they were as tight as they were going to get I felt her triple knot them together at the top, then gently tuck the loose ends into the binder to keep them out of sight.

“Okay birthday present. Now that you’re all tightly wrapped up its time for me to have some fun.” She slipped off the bed and knelt in front of me. 

“Now I can do anything I want to you and there’s nothing you can do about it.” She leaned forward and whispered very softly into my ear “…and I like that!”

Lifting me up momentarily she slipped my boxer shorts off, past the ankle cuffs and tossed them into the closet. Sitting me down once again on the side of the bed, she knelt between my knees and began gently kissing my cock, blowing up and down the sides, then licking slowly up and down the whole length. Grabbing me firmly up at the base of the shaft she began to slide her fist up and down, hard and slow. She slipped her whole mouth around the head and began swirling, flicking her tongue across the tender spot under the tip.

Staring down at her face I wanted to kiss her, touch her, hold her head in my hands but I was trapped. She could see this and looked up at me with a sparkle in her eye then winked at me as she began pumping harder and faster with her fist, sucking and swirling her tongue until I could stand it no longer and came long and hard, wave after wave spilling into her sweet soft mouth. Gently, she slipped off of me and dabbed at her mouth with a Kleenex from the box by her bed.

“It is so sexy to know I can do that to you.” She smiled, holding my chin in her hand and bending down for another long, slow kiss. Breaking away, she stood up and turned on the light again. “Now, where did your underwear end up?” As she walked over to the closet she noticed my “Special Bag” lying on the floor. Opening it up, she began checking out the contents. “More goodies?”

“Just a few” I laughed nervously.

“Well, let’s see what we have.” Most of the things were familiar to her - ropes, scarves, the wrist cuffs and gag that we had used before. “What is this one?” she giggled holding up a complicated looking collection of straps and rubber. It was another of my lucky Ebay purchases, a butterfly gag complete with a harness to hold it in place.

“It’s, um, another gag. The straps hold it in place and the little pump kind of , uh, blows it up so it fills the whole mouth.”

“Really?” she smiled. “How interesting.” Dropping the butterfly gag on the bed next to me she picked up the other ropes and things and put them back into the bag. She carefully zipped it back up then tucked it into her closet as she picked up her bra and t-shirt and began putting them back on. Fetching my underwear from the closet she pulled it up over my ankles then stood me up again to pull it up to my waist. Once it was in place she suddenly pushed me on the chest and I fell back on the bed. Climbing on top of me, she knelt with one knee on either side of my head, her sweet behind holding me down as she reached behind her and fetched the butterfly gag.

“So…” she began, stroking my cheek with the latex mouthpiece, “this part fits in your mouth like…this!” Swiftly she stuffed it into my open mouth, tucking the cheek flaps on either side. “Then these straps buckle up to hold it in place, eh?”

She slid back and raised me to a sitting position as she reached behind my head to tighten all the straps. Holding my head between her hands she stared into my eyes. “There we go. All nice and secure. Except…”

She pretended to notice the inflation bulb that hung down from the front of the gag for the first time. She batted the bulb back and forth between her hands like a kitten. “..I guess we need to do something with this.” Holding my eyes in hers, she began slowly squeezing the bulb – one pump, two pumps, three pumps. As she saw my cheeks begin to puff out her eyes widened and she squealed like it was Christmas morning.

“Oh this is fun!” Giving one more quick pump she climbed off of me and helped me to my feet.

As I stood helplessly facing her she turned and began rummaging in her desk drawer.

“This is really a wonderful birthday present and I’ve decided I’d like to play with it just a little bit longer. Some of my girlfriends are coming over to take me out to dinner in a little while and I really don’t want you running off so… There we go!”

Turning back she triumphantly held up a padlock with its key still in the keyhole. Twirling the lock around her finger she turned the key to open it then plucked the key from the lock and fitted it onto the gold chain around her neck.

“So Mr. Birthday present. Are you ready to get wrapped up again?”

Even with my cheeks bulging around the gag I’m sure she could see the smile that lit up my face. Smoothly she guided me back to the chest and helped me climb in, one leg at a time. As I knelt back down on the pillow she reached behind me again and snapped my ankle cuffs and armbinder together again.

Lifting my head, she stroked my cheek as she dangled the padlock in front of me. “I can’t have anyone else opening my present, now can I?” She laughed as she kissed me on the forehead then leaned down to whisper “I should be back in a couple of hours. We are going to have fun tonight. I love you”. 

Pushing my head back down she gently lowered the lid and I heard the creak of the hasp then the SNAP of the padlock as she locked me inside. Carmen quickly got ready to go out for the evening. Patting the lid on the way out she called, “See you later, Mr. Birthday present”.


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