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The Grave Decision

by Mumwrap

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© Copyright 2017 - Mumwrap - Used by permission

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WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death.

Chapter 1: The Grave Request

The topic came up in conversation, late one night after we had finished watching an old horror movie, the subject of being buried alive. Brandi told me that if I didn’t laugh at her, she would tell me her secret fantasy. I agreed not to laugh or make fun of her, so she told me her darkest desire. After she told me what she had dreamed of for so long. I finally said "So you really want to be buried alive, forever"?

"No, Jim not forever, just a few hours, or maybe overnight" Brandi said with a pout on her face.

"Ok don’t get pissed off. I knew you had a wild side, but I had no idea you were this kinky, not that it’s bad thing" I said with a laugh.

Brandi said "I wish I had not told you now".

"Why" I said

"Because now you’re making fun of me" Brandi said with a sad face.

I said "No I am not, I like your fantasy".

Brandi lit up with a big smile, she was a beautiful woman about 28 years old, 5 foot 4 inches tall, long dark black hair, and a body to die for (no pun intended).  She was a nurse at the local hospital. We met a party three years ago and have been together ever since. We had played around with bondage but I never dreamed she had these kind of desires, and I was fascinated by the thought it.

I asked Brandi "So if you want to be buried, I can dig a hole in the backyard and put a breathing tube in your mouth  and cover you with dirt and leave you as long as you want me too" I said with a devilish smile.

Brandi smiled and said "I don’t think so, I want the whole experience, the funeral, casket, burial, and of course to be exhumed from the grave". "Will you help me Jim" Brandi said with a very sweet voice.

I looked into those dark sexy eyes and I could deny her nothing. I said "Ok, but it’s got to be done safely".  She agreed.

Brandi asked me if I still kept in touch with my old friend that I grew up with?

I asked "Do you mean Rich, I thought you would be asking about him sooner or later".

"Well Jim, you told me that you two played as kids in his Grandfather's Funeral Home and graveyard. Rich now owns it and operates it, so I thought maybe he can help us with my fantasy" Brandi said with a very sexy look in her eyes.

I knew I was getting wrapped around her little finger, but I didn’t care I loved her and would do anything for her.

"We will go see Rich this week-end and talk to him about your burial request", I said with a smile.

Brandi laughed and gave me a sexy smile, and said "I really do want him to help us, make my funeral arrangements".

I called my old friend Rich and asked if we could drive out on Saturday and talk to him about an important matter. He said yes, but asked if I was okay. I told him I was good, but I had some things to ask him and I want to do it in person.

On Saturday Brandi and I drove the 3 hours to Rich’s Funeral Home. It was a nice drive into the country rolling hills, green trees, small farms and little towns. I knew the way well for when I was a boy I would come out here for the week-end with Rich and his parents. Rich’s Grandfather was a very kind and gentle man. I think we drove him a little crazy when we were here, trying to keep us out trouble, and not mess up his business. But he would always invite us back.

We pulled into the driveway for the Funeral Home and cemetery. The main building which was the Funeral home set back from the road some ways and surrounded by the graveyard. The buildings and grounds looked and felt very gothic, Brandi was enchanted with it all.

Brandi was all smiles and said "This is the perfect place, Rich must let me have my burial here".

I said "Well we will ask, but this is his business and he may not want to do something like this that could get him bad press if it was made public." 

Brandi said with a sad frown "I know, but he just got to help us" 

We parked the car and walked up the stairs into the vestibule of the funeral home. It was just as I remembered it, from time playing here as a child with my friend Rich. Brandi was amazed she just walked around the lobby and stared at all the walls, paintings, and statues.

Just then my old friend Rich walked in the lobby and said "Welcome to the Necropolis" He dressed as you would think an undertaker would, sharp black suit, tie and white shirt.

We shook hands and I introduced Brandi to Rich. Rich asked Brandi if she would like the tour of the funeral home, and she eagerly agreed. We took off for tour.   

We walked down the hall, and as we did Rich told us of how his Great- Grandfather had built this funeral home in the 1890’s and that it has been in the family ever since. He show us the main salon with all the pews lined up facing the front to the room and the Victorian casket bier. The bier looks like a large coffee table or an altar and it’s used to display the casket for visitation and the funeral service.

Brandi told Rich that she wanted to see the embalming room and the body storage areas.

Rich smile and laughed and said "I don’t usually get that request but if you want to see it, I will be happy to show you!"

Brandi said "I really do!"

I could tell Brandi was already getting excited just walking around the funeral home. I could only imagine what she would be like if Rich agrees to her burial request. 

Rich walked us throughout the embalming room the large white porcelain table in the middle of the room where the blood is drained and the embalming fluid was pumped in. We were shown all the tools of the trade, it was fascinating.

Brandi saw the wall that held the morgue drawers, which were used for storing the deceased. She walked up and stared, Brandi thought they looked beautiful very old and stylish. Rich told us his Grandfather had them installed in the 20’s and that they still worked great. Only a little maintenance now and again. Rich pulled out one of the morgue drawer to show us what that they looked like.

Next was the casket room, they must have been 10 caskets on display there. Brandi was in awe seeing all of these wonderful caskets. It was all I could do to keep her from jumping in one. I whispered there would be Time for that after we talk to Rich about your funeral.

Brandi walked over to one of the caskets, it was bronze colored and besides the normal lid it had a glass inner lid.

Brandi said "Wow! Someone lying in this casket with the glass lid down would look like sleeping beauty!"

Rich and I, both smiled.

Rich said "Let’s go to my office, set down, get a drink and then you two can tell me why you’re here."

Rich lead us into his private office. It looked like a study out of a gothic mansion. Wooden book shelves full of books, huge desk, a large painting of Rich’s Great-Grandmother in full Victorian dress.  Brandi and I sat down in the two chairs in front of Rich’s desk. Rich poured us some wine, and sat down in his chair and asked us what we needed from him.

I said that Brandi had a big favor to ask. I turned and looked at Brandi, she took a deep breath and said "Rich, I would like you to perform my funeral for me"

Rich smiled and said "I would be happy to set up your pre-needs. Are you having any health concerns?"

I thought to myself that Rich is really good at his job, so kind and concerned.

Brandi Smiled and said "No I am fine, but what I mean is I would like to have mock funeral for myself in the near future."

Rich looked a little stunned and said "So you just want a pretend funeral? Is that correct"   

Brandi looking a little embarrassed she said "Yes, but I want to go through the entire process, including being interred and exhumed"

Brandi held her breath waiting for Rich to speak.

Rich looked at both of them and then asked "Is this a joke?"

Brandi said "No Rich, it’s not a joke I am very serious about it and we hoped you would help."

Rich again looked at them both, and then finally said "I need to think about this a little. Stay here I need to talk to my assistant".

We said "ok"

Rich left the room and closed the door behind him. Brandi just sat there not saying a word, and looked very sad. I tried to tell here it would be ok, but she just sat there.

About ten minutes later Rich walked back in the room with a tall woman in tow. She was beautiful with thick wavy red hair, wearing a black dress, she looked a Goth chick to me.

Rich said "I would like you to meet my assistant and girlfriend Wendy. This is Jim and Brandi."
We all said hello.

Wendy looked at Brandi and said "So Rich tells me you would like to have a funeral and be buried alive."

Brandi sat there in shock, waiting for Wendy to start laughing at her.

Wendy looked at Brandi and warmly smiled and said "That is so cool, Rich and I would love to help you with your funeral."

Brandi smiled and said "Really you’re not kidding me are you?

Rich said "No we are not, but there will be some ground rules. It must be done safely I do not want you becoming a real corpse, no one but us can know about it, and you will need to pay for the materials. But our time will be free, because this is going to be so much fun."

Brandi jumped up and hugged and kissed both of them. The four of us talked and planned away into the night. We ended up staying the night and after breakfast we picked out the casket for Brandi. She picked a black casket with gold handles and a blood red velvet interior.

Rich told me he would deliver it by van to my workshop so I could make the modifications to the casket for Brandi’s burial and overnight stay in her grave. Being an engineer I knew what I needed to do for air, water, cameras, and other things for her interment.

Brandi and Wendy talked about what kind of burial dress she would wear, and how Wendy would do her makeup.  They became very fast friends. I think that Wendy was almost as excited as Brandi was.

That afternoon we walked out into the graveyard and Rich took us out to the old part of the cemetery up on a little grassy hill. All around us there were these wonderful old tombstones.  But just on the crest of the hill there was a small area fenced off area, big enough space for two or three graves. The beautiful cast iron fence was at least 120 years old, it sat on a stone foundation with a gate to get in and out. I noticed that there were no headstones in the fence off area.

We stopped and looked around it was beautiful up there all the rolling hills.

Rich said "What do think about this spot for your grave, Brandi?"

Brandi said "It’s an amazing place, so peaceful! I would love to be laid to rest here."

Rich said "Great here in the fenced off plot will be your grave. "

Brandi smile and kissed me.

"This is too good to be true!" Brandi smiled warmly.

Chapter 2:  Making Funeral arrangements

The next few weeks flew by there was so much work to be done. Rich had the grave dug, and he and I placed the large burial vault (a concrete outer box that keeps the dirt from crushing the casket) and ran air tubes, and other things that would be needed to keep Brandi safe and alive.

We built a large hollow tombstone for the grave and ran the air tube to it with electric fans inside to push fresh air in and one to suck old air out. When were done it looked like a real tombstone no one would be the wiser. We had picked out the day that Brandi was to be buried, so Rich had the name and dates cut in the tombstone.

Rich smiled and said "The guy who makes the tombstones asked how I knew when the person was going to die over a month away. I told him it was a Halloween joke, he just looked at me and told me it was an expensive joke."

We laughed, he had no idea. It was strange to see my lovers name inscribed in stone with the date of her birth and death. It was very unnerving. There was an inscription written at the bottom of the tombstone, it was written in Latin. It said, "Decorus Mulier Eram Seputus Victus" I ask Rich what does it means in English?

Rich said it translates to "Beautiful woman was buried living".

I said "Nice touch, Rich I like it and so will Brandi."

Rich smiled and said "Thanks, I thought it was appropriate inscription for this burial. I don’t get to have much fun in my job, so I having all the fun I can with Brandi’s Funeral!"

We both laughed.

We place the burial vault lid on the vault and back filled the grave and replaced the sod, the burial was still weeks off.

"So when Brandi has been interred in the grave, this is just how it will look?" I said. Rich said "yes"

"Brandi will be very pleased." I said with a smile.

"It’s Strange to think a living woman, really a willing victim, will be buried here" Rich said. I said "Yes, but that's what she wants".

* * *

Over the next few weeks I finish modifying the casket for Brandi’s overnight stay in her grave. Air vents, water supply, microphone, speaker, video camera, and other equipment. Lucky for me Brandi is a short and petite woman, I was able to fit all the gear into the casket, she still has plenty of room and the Casket still looked normal.  

We had a test runs in the workshop, she slept in the casket with the lid closed to make sure there would be no trouble doing it in the ground. Brandi passed with fly colors, in fact I thought she enjoyed being in the casket, it a little too much.

Brandi and Wendy picked her burial gown, a beautiful white wedding dress and veil.

Finally all was ready and Brandi was acting like a kid on Christmas eve, the funeral was just a few days off. 

Chapter 3: Day of the living dead girl

Halloween fails on a Wednesday this year and that was the day Brandi picked for her funeral it was fall and the leave are turning brown, it felt like the perfect time of year for a funeral. Brandi and I took the week off work to make sure we had plenty of time, and would not have to rush.

The plan was to start Brandi’s fantasy the day before her funeral. Brandi had asked Rich to go through the entire process, so Rich was going make it as real and fun as he could. Rich and Wendy would be at Jim and Brandi’s house about 4:00pm. They would arrive in the hearse, to pick up her body.

That morning I woke up and saw that Brandi was sitting up in bed and staring at her burial gown hanging up in the closet.

I said "good morning"

Brandi smiled and said "I going to die today and be buried tomorrow isn’t that cool!"

I laughed and said "yes"

I asked her if she got any sleep?

She smiled and said "I will have plenty of time to sleep in my grave."

I took Brandi out for a light lunch, and a long walk to get her mind off of her upcoming adventure. It didn’t work. When we got home she packed her gown, slippers, underwear, and all the things she would need for the next two days, it was not much. I packed it all in my car for the drive over to the Funeral home.

I finally got Brandi to take a shower and get dressed in her nightgown and laid down in bed. That is how Rich and Brandi agreed to start the scene, her in her death bed. At 4:00pm on the nose, the big black hearse backed into our driveway and I opened the garage door and Rich backed in. I closed the door and Rich and Wendy got out, looking very much like undertakers dressed all in black, Wendy was wearing a short dress and heels, she looked amazing.

I greeted the two of them and I told them that the dearly deceased was ready in her bed.

Rich said "great let’s get our gear and transport the body."

We all smiled. Rich and Wendy pulled out what they called a removal cart folded up in the back of the hearse. I had Brandi’s casket sitting on a church cart open and ready to receive Brandi’s body.

We all walked into Brandi and my bedroom, Wendy with the removal cart in tow. Brandi was laying there looking at us and smiling, she was very excited.

Rich said "Ok from now on you have died from a brain aneurysm. We are going to try to treat you as a real dead person as much as possible. You can watch as much as you like, but no moving and if we ask you a direct question please answer, we will mostly be checking your well being. We also will ask you to do some things for yourself to make it easier on you and us. So Brandi are you really to pass on to the other side and be prepared for your funeral and burial".

Brandi said with a big smile "yes."

Rich said "I am sorry for your lost Jim she was very beautiful and, it’s always sad when the young die. Wendy I think you may want to make Brandi not look so alive with your makeup kit, so the pictures will look right."

Then Rich asked for the paperwork from her doctor about her brain aneurysm and the prognosis, so he could fill out her death certificate. It was funny Brandi had filled out all the reports on her condition and as able to get a real doctor at her hospital to sign it, Brandi always told me doctors will sign anything you put in front of them. In fact that is how she got the prescriptions for her funeral adventure.

Wendy when to work on Brandi, first she put in some scleral contact lens in Brandi’s eye. They were the same color as Brandi’s but there were not as bright and alive looking they looked washed out and lifeless. Next Wendy started putting some makeup on Brandi to make her look pale, she did her hands as well.

Wendy said "Well for right now she looks dead enough."

Brandi giggled.

Rich said "Well we have a lot of work to do let’s get going"

Wendy went over and unfolded the removal cart and pulled a black bag out and walked over to the bed and on rolled it out next to Brandi. Wendy unzipped the body bag and laid it open. Next Rich and Wendy picked up Brandi and glided her into the bag. Wendy produced a hose that had a face mask that covers her nose and mouth, and straps attached to it.

Wendy said with a smile "We don’t normally have to do anything like this, but most of our charges don’t need to breathe. Jim made this for you Brandi".

Brandi held her head up was Wendy placed the black rubber face mask over her mouth and nose, and placed the rubber straps around Brandi’s head and fastened it. Wendy asked if it was ok, Brandi nodded yes. Rich hooked the hose to a port that I had installed on the body bag so Brandi could breathe. Rich smiled and zip the body bag closed. They lifted the body bag onto the cart and strapped it down. We pushed the cart down the hall to the garage. We pushed the cart next to the casket and lifted the body bag with Brandi inside and place it in the Casket.

Rich said "We do not usually put someone in a casket on pickup but we thought you would like the ride in the hearse and casket on the long drive to the funeral home. Well Jim we have all of the paper filled out to transport this body to our mortuary. Please follow us there."

We heard Brandi giggling in her bag.

I asked Brandi are you ok? She said "un-huh into her face mask."

I said "Ok we're going to close the lid and load you into the hearse, if you need help just yell and they can hear you on the speaker I set up in the hearse. Are you ready?"

 She said "un-huh into her face mask again"

I said with a laugh "Ok see you in a few hours, don’t go anywhere baby!"

Rich shut the casket lid, and locked it. We all look at each other and smiled. Then we pushed the Casket into the hearse.

Driving on the dark country road following the black hearse I just wonder what was going through Brandi’s mind right now. I hope she is having fun, but I knew she was.

Chapter 4: Night in the Mortuary

We rolled into the graveyard and pulled up to the funeral home rear entrance. As I walked up, Wendy and Rich had the casket out of the hearse and pushed it into the mortuary. I asked how was our corpse doing?

Rich said "All I heard was her purring all the way over here, she is a happy girl I think."

We rolled Brandi, still in the casket into the embalming room. Rich pushed the casket up next to the white porcelain embalming table. He unlocked the casket and opened the two lids and looked at the body bag tucked in the casket with the girl inside, and smiled.

Rich said "Brandi are you ok?"

The body bag shook a little and we are heard Brandi saying "uh-huh"

"Ok let’s get going and prepare the corpse for night." Said Rich

Rich pulled a over head lift over the top of casket and hooked up some straps to the body bag. Then with the push of a button the bag lifted out of the casket and up in the air. Wendy pushed the casket away, Rich moved the lift over the embalming table and started to lowered the body bag on the table.

Wendy and Rich removed the lift straps, and moved the over head lift out of the way. Wendy unzipped the body bag and Brandi stared up at all of us with her dead eyes, thanks to the contact lens that Wendy placed in her eyes. Wendy reached down and unfastened the straps around Brandi’s head and removed the face mask that she had been breathing through.

I looked at Brandi and she smiled. I asked her how she liked it so far.

Brandi bubbled up and said "Wow it’s so cool I love it, thank you all for doing this for me."

Wendy said with a wicked grin "She’s such a lively little dead girl."  

We all laughed! Brandi smiled and laid her head down and started playing dead again. Rich and Wendy rolled Brandi on her side and removed the body bag from the table, then laid her back down on her back. The embalming table was cold but Brandi didn’t care she was living out her darkest fantasy.

As Brandi lay on the embalming table, Wendy walk up the her head and place a soft head positioning block and then rubbed her hand through Brandi’s hair and said "We must do something with this beautiful long black hair, so it doesn’t get in the way was we prepare the her body."

Rich handed Wendy a surgical bouffant cap. Wendy gather Brandi’s thick black hair a placed it in the cap, then adjusted it so all of her face showed, and all of her hair as covered.

"Now we can get some real make up on her to look the part." Wendy said

Brandi giggled

Rich said "Wendy and I are going to go change into our work clothes before we get serious about preparing Brandi for her funeral. Jim you can stay here and mourn your loss and talk to the dead."

They turned and walked out of the room Brandi laid there on the embalming table in her nightgown, light dead makeup, and her hair up in the cap, she really looked dead. It was sad, but sweet at the same time.

I rubbed Brandi’s face and told her how much I loved her, and she couldn’t die for real, ever. Brandi smiled and reached up pulled my face down to hers and kissed me and told me she love me too.

Rich walked in and said "I see a little necrophilia going on here?"

I laughed and said "no!"

Brandi Said with a laugh "He’s trying to take advantage of my dead body, oh the shame"

Wendy walked in and told us she was going to remove Brandi’s night gown so she could start to "prepare the body for burial"

"Do you mind if the boys stay and watch me airbrush you body with makeup to give you that dead look?" Wendy said with a grin.

Brandi said "Why would I care I am dead, right."

Wendy removed her nightgown and started spraying Brandi’s body and up and down, giving her that pale ash look of the newly dead. After Brandi was dry, Wendy had her turn over on her front and started spraying her back side too.

Brandi said "You know no one but you three are going to see me without clothes on, seems like a lot of work to paint all of me?"

Wendy laughed and said "But you want to look the part don’t you? Besides I don’t get to use my special effects make-up skills much, this is fun for me"

"Great, That’s good for me the more I look the part the better I like it!" Brandi said.

I was taking picture of the process, Brandi really looked dead now. Wendy now had Brandi turned back over and was working on her face make-up. The transformation was amazing only a few hours ago she was a healthy looking young woman and now laid, a woman who looked as if she had been dead for many hours.

When Wendy was done Brandi asked for a mirror to see herself. I was taking pictures as many as I could, but the one of Brandi when she looked in the mirror was the best of all. Brandi looked so shocked at first, then slowly started to smile, and told us how wild it was to see herself like this.
"I can’t believe I look so dead and my eyes, these contacts are amazing. They look so glazed over and lifeless". 

After staring at herself for sometime, she asked Wendy wouldn’t the make-up wear off during the night? Wendy informed her that the make-up would not come off without using a special make-up removing cream.

"So it’s on you till I take it off" Wendy said with an evil grin.

"In fact, when I do your face make-up tomorrow for your funeral I will be applying it over this base makeup. I think it will look more realistic." Wendy said with a voice of authority.

Brandi smiled and said "I can’t believe how real it looks, and get plenty of pictures Jim, please." 

"I will" I said.

Just then the bell rang. Rich said "It’s the night deliver bell. Ok Brandi this is your first test of playing dead, don’t move a muscle, and Jim go back into the living area of the house and wait for me to get you."

Then Rich pulled a sheet over Brandi including her head. He told Wendy to answer the door, as he attached a toe tag to Brandi’s toe. Brandi thought to herself wow, I better do this good or I will have a very short career as a corpse.

Rich went to the door to let in his new guests. Then a few minutes late Rich walked back in the embalming room with two paramedics with a body bag on an ambulance cart.

"Please let’s roll our new guest over here and place him into a morgue drawer. As you can see I am already have one guest to work on right now" Rich said.

The trio move over and place the body bag in the drawer and it was slid shut. Rich was signing some paperwork, as one of the paramedics walked over to the embalming table and asked, "Who is this? I did not hear about anybody dying tonight."

Rich said "It’s a young woman from out of town".

By this time the paramedic was standing over the embalming table and lifted the sheet off of Brandi’s head. Brandi froze, she felt the air rush over her face as the sheet was removed.

The paramedic said " Wow she’s a pretty one and so young. How did she die?"

Rich said "It was a brain aneurysm, and she I was my friend’s bride to be, so please put the sheet down."

The paramedic replaced the sheet over Brandi’s face and said "I am sorry I didn’t mean any disrespect".

Rich said "It’s ok, here’s your paperwork. Have a nice night Gentlemen."

With that the two men left the room and Wendy walked them out and locked the door behind them.

Rich walked over and lifted the sheet off Brandi’s face once again, Brandi lay there still frozen.

Rich said with a soft voice "It’s ok Brandi you can breathe now"

Brandi opened her eyes and took a few deep breaths and then smiled and said "Wow! That was a rush!"

Wendy said with a smile "Well honey you just passed the test, it’s official you’re a corpse"!

Rich asked Wendy to go get me from the living room. I returned with Wendy.

Rich said "Well it’s getting late we need to get our dead girl ready for her bed for tonight, so to speak."

Chapter 5: Night of the living dead girl

"Well it’s Time to clean your body out so you will not have any solid waste issues. We are going to hook you up to our enema machine, don’t worry it’s been sterilized" Rich said.

"Actually I think it's cool you’re using the same equipment and procedures on me as you do on the dead. I know I am very sick." Brandi said with a giggle.

We all laughed, I thought to myself yes she is sick, but I love her. Wendy removed the sheet and lifted up Brandi’s legs and placed them in knee stirrups. Wendy then lubed up the double balloon enema nozzle and pushed into Brandi’s butt. Brandi moaned a little as the nozzle passed into her body.

Wendy pumped up the double balloon enema. Brandi could feel the balloon growing larger in her bottom. Finally it was inflated correctly, then a machine was rolled up and two hoses were attached to the nozzle in Brandi’s butt.

With a flip of the switch the machine came to life and started pumping warm water in and out of Brandi’s bottom, and she liked the feeling.  

After about 10 minutes Rich turned the machine off and Wendy let the air out of the enema balloon, and then removed it.

Brandi purred "oh that felt very nice."

Wendy walked over to the table and said " Ok, the next thing may feel real funny, but you wanted to be treated like a real corpse as much as possible, so here we go."

Wendy took some cotton padding and packed it into Brandi’s anus and did the same with her vagina. Wendy then put medical tape over both orifice and sealed them up.

I ask Brandi if she was ok?

Brandi said "I'm ok, but I am feeling a little full."

We all laughed.

Rich said "We can remove the packing, if you’re uncomfortable? But remember Brandi you wanted the works."

Brandi laughed and said "I guess I should be careful on what I ask for, I just may get it! But, I am ok right now if I can’t handle the cotton padding I will let you know."

Rich said "ok. Just let us know"

Rich walked over to the table and told Brandi that we were ready for her to insert the catheter in herself. Being a nurse she was trained to do it.

Brandi sat up on the table and Wendy placed latex gloves on Brandi’s and her own hands. Then Wendy took the catheter kit and handed to Brandi who quickly inserted the tube of the catheter in herself and inflated the tiny balloon that is on the inside so the tube can not fall out. The tube was connected to a catheter bag and Wendy strapped to Brandi’s leg. Wendy put Brandi back in her nightgown.

Brandi smiled and said, "Well now I have outside plumbing like the boys do, kind of!" And with that she laid down again. 

Rich said "Well it’s getting late and Wendy and I need to look at other guest, but it’s a little early to put you in your morgue drawer for the night. So why don’t we put you back in your body bag and strap you down on the gurney and roll you over to the wall and you can listen to us prepare a body for burial."

Brandi said "Sounds great to me!"

So Brandi was placed back in the black bag, the mask was placed over her mouth and was strapped back on her face and the hose connected to the port on the body bag. I zipped up the bag and told her to stay put. I heard her giggle in the mouth piece. I then pull the straps over the bag and secured them down around Brandi’s body.

So for the rest of the evening Brandi lay on the gurney listening as Wendy and Rich when about their tasks, working on the dead.

I had spent most of the evening checking on Brandi and staying out of the room, as Rich worked on the real dead body. Finally they were done with their guest, as they put it, and placed him in the morgue drawer.

Rich stated it was getting late and we need to get our dead girl put away in her morgue drawer for the night. Rich rolled the gurney with Brandi on it over to the morgue drawers. They then pull out the middle drawer, it was about the same level as the gurney. Rich rolled over Brandi on her side and Wendy pulled the body bag out from under Brandi.

The body bag was replaced with a sleeping bag, mummy bag. Rich laid Brandi back down and place Brandi's legs and arms in the tight fitting sleeping bag. Wendy checked Brandi's catheter bag to make it did not need to be changed, it was still dry. Rich zipped up the sleep bag up to Brandi's chest.

Wendy said "I think you need some water before we store you for the night, my dear dead one".

Brandi smiled and said "That would nice before you slide me into to that dark drawer with that other dead body in the drawer next to me!"

I said with concern "Is the dead body in the other drawer going to be a problem for you Brandi"?

Brandi Said "No way, it's just more realism for my adventure".

We all laughed! Wendy returned with the water in a sport bottle, which she handed to me. I gave Brandi a drink of water, I felt surprised how much I enjoyed taking care of Brandi in her helpless state. When Brandi had drank all the water she wanted I kiss her lips to dry them off.

Rich walked up holding what looked like a ski hood.

Rich said "It's pretty cool in the drawer, so what's why we have you in a sleep bag and this is a wool hood to keep your face warm".

I placed a cell phone sized unit with one button on it in Brandi's hand and said "This is your panic button. If you need anything or want out, push this and it will page me."

Brandi said "I love you! You think of everything"!

Wendy placed the breathing mask over Brandi's mouth and nose and strapped in on. She next put the ski hood over Brandi's head, and adjusted the breathing tube in the opening of the ski hood, and the eye holes over her eyes. Rich rolled Brandi on her side and Wendy placed the body bag under her, Rich rolled her back down and inside the body bag.

Rich said "Well our sweet dead girl it’s late and time we put you away in cold storage for the night. Say good night, little dead one."

Brandi giggled in her breathing mask and tried her best to say goodnight, but ended up just gigging.Wendy finished zipping up the sleeping bag and pulled the drawstring of the sleeping bag hood, you could just see Brandi’s eyes and her breathing tube sticking out. Wendy connected the tube to the port on the inside of the body bag so Brandi could breathe air from the out of the body bag.

Wendy said "Now we have you all nice and tucked in so you won’t freeze in the morgue drawers". Brandi gigged and blinked her eyes.

Rich said "Ok let's move her over to the morgue drawer and slide her in"  Wendy opened the door and pulled out the drawer, it was stainless steel. I noticed that it had a foam pad and a pillow on it. Rich smiled and said "Well we couldn’t have her sleep in hard metal all night, could we"?

We all laughed. We moved Brandi onto the drawer and I attached a breathing hose to the body bag to a port I had installed in the morgue drawer, so Brandi would get fresh air outside of the drawers. I asked Brandi if she could breath ok, she shook her head yes. I said "Ok sweet heart we are going to slide your drawer in and close the door now. Remember if you need out or change your mind just hit the panic button and we will have you out, ok."

Brandi shook her head yes! I kissed her on her forehead and zipped the body bag shut. Wendy pushed in the drawer and Rich shut the door and locked it. Inside Brandi was in heaven as she glided to a stop and the closed slowly behind her head, she could hear the key turning in the lock. Brandi thought to herself this is as real as it gets, locked in a morgue drawer in a body bag for the night, and tomorrow my funeral.

I stood next to the morgue drawers and listened to make sure Brandi was breathing. Rich grabbed my arm and said "Let’s leave Brandi to bask in her fate, and go to the den and have a glass of wine. It’s been a long day."

I agreed, and the three of us walk to the den and drank a fine glass of wine and toasted our living dead girl.

Chapter 6: Brandi’s last morning above ground

I spend most of the night getting up and checking on Brandi. I would make sure she was breathing, I would put my hand near the tube and feel the air moving in and out. I had a feeling that Brandi was very much at peace.

I finally fell into a deep sleep around four or five in the morning. About at nine in the morning Wendy knocked on my door and stuck her head in and told me it was time for breakfast.

I jumped up and said " oh I've got to go check on Brandi"

Wendy said "Relax, Rich and I have been looking in on her since about six this morning, she fine. In fact by the ways she's breathing, I think that she's still asleep. So get dressed and I'll fix you some breakfast."

I told Wendy I would be down in a few minutes.

After a grand breakfast. I walked over to the morgue room. Rich was working on the real dead body when I walked in. I asked rich for the morgue drawer key so I could check on Brandi and give her some water and her diet drink for breakfast. Rich tossed me the key and I walked over and open up Brandi's morgue drawer and rolled her out.

The Body bag shook a little as I roll out the drawer. Brandi must have still been asleep. As I unzipped the body bag, I said wake up little sleepy dead head. Brandi giggled in her breathing tube. I asked her if she was ok? She giggled and shook her head yes! I unstrapped the Breathing mask and gave Brandi some water. I asked how do you like being the dearly departed?

Brandi said "So far it's been great, I had wild dreams and it was fun!" I said here is your breakfast and I put the straw to her mouth and she drink the glass down and ask for another. After Brandi’s third breakfast drink, Rich walked over and asked Brandi if she was enjoying her fantasy? Brandi said she could never thank him enough, it’s fantastic!

Rich and I moved Brandi over to the gurney and rolled her over to the morgue table. We moved her over to the table.  Rich hooked up the lift to Brandi’s body bag and moved her over to the embalming table. Wendy and Rich quickly removed the body bag. Next was the sleeping bag, once again Brandi was laid out on the embalming table nude and looking very corpse like. Brandi opened her eyes and said "so what’s next"?

Well, Rich said "We only have a few hours before your funeral, Wendy is going to wash your body, do your hair and get you dressed". Brandi reply "Very cool"! Rich asked me to go with him to go over some of the funeral arrangements. We walked up stairs to his office.

"Ok", said Wendy "let's get going!" Wendy adjusted the temperature of the water and started washing her down with soap and water. Brandi who was enjoying it asked if the body make up would wash off?

"No" said Wendy "it’s on til I use the special gel to remove it! But don’t worry I will cover your face, neck and hand with morticians makeup, to give you that almost alive dead look!" Brandi smile and said that sounds great!

After a luxurious wash and rub down, Wendy concentrated on Brandi’s hair. Wendy dried and  combed out Brandi’s bangs and style her hair in an updo with long braid.

Brandi was laid on makeup table that had her lifted in a reclining position. Wendy rolled up in a makeup chair.
"Ok let’s do your makeup to make you look alive, just not too alive" Wendy said. They both laughed. Wendy setup a video camera and a TV monitor so Brandi could see her transformation.

Brandi said "I love what you have done with my hair it’s beautiful!!"
Wendy said "It’s kind of a victorian goth look."

"Now for the force de resistance" Wendy said, as she started to apply the morticians makeup to Brandi’s face. Brandi face changed from one of death to the plastic looking face of a corpse in a funeral home.

Brandi could not get over the change of her complexion again. Brandi said "You're amazing Wendy Thank you!" Wendy said.

After sometime Wendy was done. I came down and saw Brandi and she was beautiful in a macabre kind of way. "I brought you some lunch and water." I said. Brandi said great and drunk them down.

I replaced Brandi’s catheter bag. Wendy brought over the wedding dress. Brandi was placed in her lingerie and then her corset. Wendy said she did not lace it too tight, but it will  keep her from looking like she breathing.

Wendy place Brandi in her wedding dress and zipped her in! She placed the wedding veil and the tiara on Brandi! I said wow!

Chapter 7: Making final arrangements

We took pictures of Brandi in her wedding dress standing next to her casket. The contrast of the white dress and the black casket was Beautiful!

Rich came down to the prep room and said "Brandi you look incredible"! Brandi said " I bet you say that's all the corpses" we all laughed.

Rich said "We have a surprise for you! You know it’s not really a funeral, if you don’t have some mourners. So I contacted a local church and told them my friend’s fiancé died and they just had move to the area and no friends or family to come to the funeral. They are going to send a few people to the funeral service for small donation, that Jim will pay". "Rich you think of everything" Brandi said! We all laughed!

"So Brandi you can’t go walking around in the funeral home you're a corpse. It will give my funeral home a bad name" said Rich. Brandi smiled and spun around and lifted her arms and said "I'm the ghost bride"

"Ok let's get you into your casket, your viewing starts in  30 minutes".

"Do you think any of those paid visitors will come up to my casket and look at me?" Brandi asked. Rich said I am sure they will.

Wendy walked Brandi over to the morgue table. Then Wendy spread a canvas tarp that had 6 D rings, 3 on each sides. Wendy asked Rich and I to lift Brandi on the table. I asked, I thought we were going to put her in the casket. Wendy said "We are are, we have a fun way to do it"

We placed Brandi on the table. Rich pulled over the overhead lift and attached the hooks from the lift to the Canvas tarp. Rich pushed the control and Brandi was lifted up into the air. Rich move the body lift over Brandi’s casket. Brandi said as she was floating through the air "This the only way to fly" and laughed! Rich lower Brandi in the casket.

Wendy and Rich rolled her on her side and removed Canvas tarp. They adjusted Brandi in the casket, straightened her dress, hair and veil. I said "baby you look Beautiful". Brandi blushed, if it was not for the three or four layers of heavy morticians makeup Jim would have seen it.

Brandi said "This is so cool! Just think of it, I am being buried in a grave just like the dead, in an old victorian cemetery". "Yes you are and I hope you like it" I said. "I am loving it" said Brandi with huge smile!

Wendy said with a playful smile "Well we're down to Final preparations for your passing to the other side"

Rich said, "Well before you do that. I need to tell you after we close your casket and put it in the casket elevator you're going to have people around you, so you must play dead. My and Wendy’s business depends on it".

"I understand, I will not let you down." Brandi said.

"Ok here are your pills" I said.

"What do they do again asked Rich?"

"Well one is for sedation and the is a paralytic. It’s to keep me calm and keep me from moving without a lot of effort." Brandi said.

"You're sure It’s safe?" I asked.

"Yes honey remember I'm a nurse" Brandi said. Brandi took the two pills with a drink of water.

I checked her catheter bag and changed it out. I attached it back on her leg, smoothed down her dress. I then pulled up her dress sleeve and strap on a Monitor watch, the kind athletes use to monitor their heart rates. I told everyone this will tell us how Brandi is doing. The will send data to casket, the casket will connect to the burial vault wifi to us. We can see it on my lap top in the living room, or on my phone also with Video.

"Ok Wendy said here we go". She pulled out two clear plastic rods both with half loops on the ends one pair bigger than the other. Wendy lifted the wedding dress at the feet. "Brandi please put your legs and feet together "said Wendy in a very clinical tone.

Brandi complied. Wendy pulled the ends apart and slipped over Brandi’s legs and above the ankles. The plastic rod pulled Brandi legs together. "How's that feel, it’s not too tight"? Wendy asked. "No it’s fine" Brandi said.

"These plastic holders are used to keep the deceased legs together." Said Rich. "You don’t really need them because your casket is a half-couch, and we are going have the lower door down during the viewing. So your legs are not going to be seen.  But I thought you like it for the being treated like a corpse experience. We can take them off If you want."said Wendy. "No, I like it!" Brandi said.

"Well here comes your next treat" Rich said. Rich had Brandi put one hand top of the other. He then slid the other plastic holder under Brandi wrist . Rich said "This used to keep the arms and hands from falling down during the viewing". I asked how does it feel? "I am feeling a little more confined, but it’s exciting, let's keep going!" Brandi said.

Rich said "As soon as you are buried in your grave you can take them off".

Wendy went to her makeup kit and brought back a couple of things over to the casket. Wendy held up what looked like a mouth guard."Ok it’s time to get serious" said Wendy. Brandi said "I guess I am talking too much"! Wendy said "You won’t after I apply this". We all laughed.

"Any last words? "Wendy said.

"Just don’t forget to dig me back up tomorrow!" Brandi said. We all laughed!

"Ok I put on denture adhesive on your custom made mouth guard. So it will stay in place."

Wendy had Brandi open her mouth and placed the mouth guard in. "Close tight and hold for few minutes". Wendy said. A minute or two later.
"Ok you can release your bite. Does it feel ok, shake your head yes or no." Wendy said. Brandi nodded yes. With this I watch Wendy take a tube of medical adhesive and spread it over the mouth guard holding Brandi’s lip off of it. "Ok I have do this just right or you will look funny" said Wendy. She then pressed Brandi’s lips to the mouth guard making Brandi have a slight peaceful smile. Wendy held Brandi’s lips in place for a minute or two, then release. But Brandi’s peaceful smile stayed.

Normally we use superglue on the corpses, but this will last till you're in the ground, then just gently wiggle the mouthguard out. Wendy held up a mirror and Brandi was amazed the peaceful smile was frozen on her face. Wendy said with evil grin "Now my dear you will be as silent as the grave!"

Wendy remove from her makeup kit a pair of False eyelashes and a tube of glue. "Your world is about to grow very dark my dear". Wendy said smiling. "Are you ready Brandi", I asked. Brandi nodded yes. "Close your eyes my dear" Wendy said. Brandi winked at us and then closed her eyes.

She lay there in her casket as Wendy glued her eyes shut and place the big false eyelashes on to hide the glue. Wendy asked Brandi to gently try to open her eyes. Brandi’s eyelids fluttered but did not open. Again Wendy told her she could pull it off and open her eyes, as soon as she as completely interred in her grave.

Wendy told us she was going to touch up Brandi’s makeup. After finishing touch her makeup and added more lipstick, Wendy told Brandi to hold her breath for a second while she sprayed makeup sealer on her face. "The sealer is called urban decay makeup sealer I thought was appropriate" said Wendy.

I ask Brandi if she was doing ok. She nodded yes. I asked if she was uncomfortable in anyway? Brandi slowly shook her head no.  Are you sure you want to go on with the funeral and burial Brandi? Her head nodded yes.

Wendy straighten out Brandi’s wedding dress and the cross on her necklace, and brought her veil down over her face. Then placed a Bouquet over Brandi’s hands. Rich brought over some cloth slippers and place them on Brandi’s feet. Rich said "We can’t send Brandi to the grave bare footed!

Rich said "Well since our dear dead girl is ready, let's get moving, we have a funeral to perform. Wendy go get ready, Jim and I will take the deceased upstairs and place her in the viewing chapel." Wendy headed upstairs. Rich and I walked over to Brandi’s casket. Told Brandi that I love her and to have fun on her grave adventure. She nodded. I told her she look so beautiful, and can’t wait show show you the pictures. I ask if she was starting feel the medicine. She nodded yes.

Rich said "Ok I am going lower the head of casket bed so we can close the casket lid". Rich cranked the bed down. Next Rich lower the lid that cover Brandi’s lower half! Rich told her to Rest in Peace and closed the casket lid.

Brandi lay there a listening. She could hear the lid cranking shut and the lock be put in place and locked. Brandi thought to herself I feel very safe here in my casket. Next Rich place a casket pall over the casket. The pall looked like a nice black blanket with a large gold embroidery cross across the top. Rich told it serves two purposes it looks cool and it protects the casket in the casket elevator.

Rich and I pushed the casket over to what looked like a service elevator, but it's only big enough to fit one casket at a time. Rich said his grandfather had this put in the twenties and was very proud of it. Rich slid the cage door open we pushed Brandi’s casket inside, close the door and pushed the up button. The elevator jerked upward. We headed for the stairs.

Brandi felt the casket being pushed upward, she wondered if this is what she will feel being lower into her grave. The thought made her warm and shutter at the same time. After the elevator came to a stop, Brandi could feel herself be moved again. She thought I'm on my way to the chapel and I am going to get buried! She changed to words of a very old song her grandmother would sing.

Rich and I move the casket into the the most beautiful victorian gothic chapel you can imagine. It very intimate the funeral chapel you expect to see in a gothic horror movie. I told Rich I love the atmosphere in here. Rich agreed!

We moved the casket over to the bier which is a stand that holds the casket for the funeral service it is front and center of the chapel. The bier kind of looks like an altar, the altar for the dead.

Brandi felt being lifted and moved sideways then all the movement stopped.

Rich said that we need to get dressed for the funeral. Wendy will be down in a second and trust me Brandi is safe and secure locked in her casket. I took a few pictures and left to get dressed.

Wendy walked into the chapel looking like a million bucks. Short black skirt, white blouse and black blazer jacket. Her red hair pulled up in a loose bun. Wendy looked amazing. Wendy walked over to the casket and removed the pall cover and put it away. She then produced the 2 keys to the casket. Wendy put the key in the lock and opened the high secure lock. Then took the casket key and turned it counter clock wise and released the lid. Wendy lifted to front lid and latched the lid up.

Wendy gazed at the thing of beauty that lie in the black casket. The blood red lining set off the white wedding gown. Wendy looked at Brandi and said " My dear you haven’t moved an inch. I like when dead things stay where I put them!" She laughed! "I think you are enjoying being dead" Wendy laughed and told Brandi she was just kidding. Brandi did not even flinch, just lay there in unmoving silence. Wendy put hand near Brandi nose to make sure she was breathing. She was.

Wendy said "There is no one in the room but me and I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but are you ok? Nod yes or no." Brandi slowly nod yes. Are you in any discomfort? Brandi slowly shook her head no. And the big question, do you still want to be buried alive? She slowly nodded yes. Wendy smile and said "I am so glad I think I am having is much fun as you." Brandi slowly shook her head no. Wendy laughed ok you're probably right.

Wendy said "Do you realize in a little while, we are going be lowering you into the burial vault in your grave and then filling the grave with dirt, placing the sod back over it and no one but the three of us will know you're there alive! This is so cool!" Brandi slowly nodded yes. "Well my lovely I hear doors opening and mourners coming, it’s time to live out your darkest fantasies. I will see you after your resurrection. Now it’s time to be like the dead, my lovely".

Wendy cranked up the head of the casket bed. "I want you to be seen my dear". Wendy then saw the first of the mourners entered the chapel Wendy said, "Well Brandi it’s show time". Brandi lay there silent, motionless, in darkness, and in her own dark heaven.

Rich greeted the first guests and thanked them for coming. Jim walked in to chapel and Wendy joined him put her arm around him, they together walked to Brandi’s casket. Jim looked down at Brandi in all her haunting beauty. Wendy said to Jim "I am sorry, for your lost. But we know she’s going to a better place." Brandi thought I love Wendy dark humor.

Chapter 8 The Funeral

More people filter into the chapel and sit down. The photographer was there to set up video and take still pictures. Jim was sitting in the front row was his head hung down, to play the mourning fiancé.

After taking care of her duties, Wendy set down next to Jim to comfort him. A little later Rich stopped by and whispered that his crew have the grave open and ready and the Pall bearers are here.

Brandi lay there and listened as people walked by, her fear was that someone would see she was really alive. It did not happened. Everyone that walk by said how sad it was for someone so young to pass away. Brandi heard a young man whisper to another that he would "do her". Wow, Brandi thought, I never considered necrophilia, may be another time, the thought made her happy. One mother was asked by her child why was the pretty lady laying in the box. Brandi feared, does the kid knows I am alive. The mother say honey that's because she’s dead and this is her funeral. The child said ok. Brandi’s fears went away, she was once again resting in peace.

Rich walked up to podium and started the funeral service. He thank everyone for coming to Brandi’s funeral. Jim spoke for awhile about Jim and his friendship and meeting Brandi and getting to know her. What a lost it was to them all. He then turned the service over to preacher. He talk like any preacher does at a funeral when he has never met the deceased. But it was nice.

Brandi listened and thought that soon the service would be over and they would come for her to take her to final resting place. Brandi also notice that the paralytic was working, maybe too well. Brandi was feeling like she could not move at all. Being that the bottom lid of the casket was closed she tried to wiggle her toes they would not move. She tried to move her leg, it was the same, it would not move. Brandi thought ok I can breathe so it’s all good. Now I don't have worry about any involuntary muscle movements.

Then the preacher finished his eulogy. Rich walked back to the podium and again thank everyone for coming today. He then announced that there would be a brief graveside service and please follow to hearse to the grave.

As the people started filing out of chapel, Jim walked over to Brandi’s side and ask Rich if he could have a minute alone. I softly told Brandi that we were not alone they were other people in the chapel so don’t try answer by nodding. Brandi was glad he did not want her to answer because she could not move a muscle and if she did not answer Jim may have got scared or stopped the funeral. Jim told her that he had one more surprise for her. Brandi could not imagine what It could be.

I proceeded to tell her that he knew she wanted to be buried in one of those ornate, textured, burial vaults that your casket is placed in the vault above ground then lowered. Well we need a vault in the ground for the air hoses and electric wires. But you now get to be put in your ornate burial vault with your name engraved on the nameplate, then lower into inground vault. We have it set up so air will go in and out to your casket. So you will be in three burial containers. Like Egyptian mummy cases one inside another. I hope you like your surprise I said. Brandi was ecstatic. This was amazing. This better than she had expected, she thought. If she could move, she would have been jumping up a down.

I said Brandi "I love you, but it's time  for your interment. So enjoy your premature burial my love". Jim walked away and sat down. Rich walked to Brandi’s casket and said good night my sweet princess, and with that Jim started lowering the casket bed down. Next he lowered the lid. Brandi could hear the lid being closed and sealed shut. The casket was locked. Rich covered the casket with the pall cloth, with golden embossed cross. Rich signaled the pallbearers to come over. Rich then instructed the pallbearers to lift the casket from the bier place it on the church truck and move it over to the casket elevator and send it down.

Rich and the pallbearers went down stairs and pulled the waiting casket out of the elevator. Once Brandi felt herself moving she knew she was on her way to hearse. She heard her casket rolling on the rollers into the hearse. Rich closed the hearse rear door. The hearse slowly proceeded to the grave site.

Chapter 9 The Premature Burial

It was a beautiful fall day the sun was out, the leaves were turning brown, a wonderful day for funeral. The hearse came to a stop and Rich got the church truck out and the pallbearers moved to casket out of the hearse and on to the church truck. Wendy was getting things ready grave side. I was seated graveside playing the mourning fiancé.

The pallbearers carried Brandi’s casket up the hill through the iron gate to her grave. They placed the the casket on the lowering device. When all movement stopped Brandi’s knew she was laying suspended over her own grave, and she was ecstatic. She heard the lock open and the lid be cranked open. Brandi felt the sun and the breeze on her face as the lid of the casket was lifted. Rich cranked up the casket bed again for the graveside service.

Jim stared at his beautiful girl lying in the casket wondering what she was thinking.  Only half the mourners came to her grave side service. They listened a short eulogy for Brandi, then as Jim to come over to the casket and say farewell to his beloved. Jim stared down a Brandi lying there so hauntingly beautiful. Said his goodbyes. Wendy stepped beside Jim and said to Brandi "In your grave dark and deep we promise you eternal sleep. Good bye my dearest" The casket bed was then lowered for the last time, the lid was closed down and sealed shut with the crank handle, then the lock was placed and locked. Wendy said to Jim, don’t worry it will be all over soon.

Brandi lay waiting with excitement and anticipation. She was thinking Wendy is having a good time with my burial. Soon the casket started to move. Her dream was coming true, premature burial!

The casket was lowered two feet into the suspended burial vault. Casket slipped into vault with only a inches to spare on all sides. Jim commented it’s a tight fit, Wendy agreed! The vault lid was slid over the base of the burial vault. The vault was lifted automatically up to the vault lid. Brandi felt a slight bump, and then she could feel that she was slowly being lowered in her grave. Jim said to Rich and Wendy the big brass plaque with Brandi name birth and  death dates engraved on it, on the burial vault looked great. Brandi felt a bump as the vault touched down in the larger vault. Brandi amazed she was being sealed in her grave, she thought too bad she would not be able to hear the dirt fall on her. So much concrete around her she could hear nothing.

The rest of the mourners finally left and Jim, Rich, Wendy, photographer and the gravediggers were still there. The Crane lifted the exterior grave vault lid and move it over the iron fence and lowered all the way down to exterior grave vault. It clunked place, sealing Brandi in her casket, interior grave vault, and the exterior vault. Rich said quietly to Jim well she not get out of where without help. They both laughed.

The gravediggers were actually grave fillers right now. Shoveling the dirt back in the grave. After the dirt was full the work man took a little gas powered soil compactor and started compacting to dirt over the grave. I said to Rich they don’t need to do that. Rich replied that if he stopped them they would think something funny was going on.

Soon they were placing the sod back over Brandi’s grave. Once the gravediggers were done they took all the equipment and departed. Rich walked over to the photographer and asked if he could get the usual funeral service DVD for his client, but Rich wanted all of the raw footage on DVD. Rich told him he want to use it to make a training video for his team. Everything was as it was before, quiet, peaceful, beautiful cemetery, no signs of all the activity or the open grave that been there an hour ago.

Jim looked at the head stone with Brandi’s name on it. Jim said "My girlfriend now lies entombed deep beneath the earth". Wendy said "She is a little silly isn’t she" Rich asked if we could see what's she doing? I pulled out my smart phone brought up the app that show all medical stats, environmental, and video camera. I punched up the video feed.  We looked Rich goes she's not moving, Wendy said she is under the influence of her meds she took. I agreed, her vitals are all good. "She looks like sleeping beauty" Rich said. We all agreed.

Wendy went up to the hearse a bought back wine, cheese, crackers, and a Picnic cloth. She spread the cloth over Brandi's grave and said let's have a picnic.

I said "I know it's bad luck to dance on someone's grave, but I am not sure if it’s bad luck to have a picnic on their grave?" Wendy said "Well technically we are not sitting on a dead person’s grave because Brandi’s in her gave but not dead. So no problem!!" We all laughed!

After all the excitement of the morning we all just relaxed and talked, sometimes almost forgetting a living woman was buried beneath us! We checked on Brandi again with my smart phone and she still has not moved at all. I looked her vital status and all look good. Rich was a little concerned over Brandi having not stirring! I told him not to get worried yet, Brandi practices yoga all the time, she may just meditating. Rich said " I just don’t want her to become a real corpse on us"!

"What's the problem she’s already dead and buried as far as the rest of the world is concerned" Wendy said with a evil gin. Rich and I just stared at Wendy in disbelief. Wendy said "Come on guys I am just kidding guys!" I said "not funny". Wendy said "sorry! She fine I feel it!!!!"

Brandi lay there in her dark  heaven, going over the details of her predicament. Let see, locked inside a casket, placed in a small cement burial vault, inside of a bigger cement burial vault. Buried under six feet of earth in a cemetery. She was in the middle of her greatest fantasy and loving every minute of it! The air was fresh and the perfect temperature. Brandi had not even tried to move yet, because she did not want to spoil the illusion of her death.

Above ground, the three started picking up after their picnic. The air started turning chilly and a cool wind started to blow. Rich asked, Brandi’s not going to get cold in her casket if it get cold tonight? I told them no. I have a climate control system so it will keep our dearly departed safe and warm in her final resting place. We walked out the gate and I turn and once again looked at the iron fenced grave plot and tombstone with my love's name on it. I felt a tug at my heart and a tear in my eye, but I told myself this is where she wanted to be.

Wendy turned and said towards the grave  "Quies in pax!" I asked what does that mean? "It’s Latin, it means Rest in peace". Rich walked out last turned, closed the iron gate it moved with a squeak. Rich locked the gate with an antique lock. Rich said we don’t want anyone messing with Brandi’s grave, do we? We all laughed. We walked over and got into the hearse and drove back to the funeral home in the center of the cemetery.

Chapter 10: After burial

The three of us walked into the funeral home. I went straight to Rich’s living quarters, in the living room to check my equipment and see how Brandi is doing. Everything is great heart rate, airflow, CO2 levels and temperature, but Brandi still lay as she was in the chapel. I said to Rich and Wendy ok now I am getting a little worried! Rich said, "It’s going to take a couple of hours to dig her up, but we can if we need to".

Wendy said "Boys let's not get too excited. This her dream to be buried like the dead, I think she is just enjoying herself. Besides, would you rather have her thrashing around trying to get out?" I said you're right that would be bad. Rich said as long as her vitals are good let’s just let her be. We all agreed. Wendy said "So we are letting a sleeping corpse lie"! We all laughed. I said "Wendy you have a wicked sense of humor" Rich said "that's why I love her!"

Down in the grave, Brandi finally decided she was going to have to move to get water and some Energy drink! She thought that if she did this again she would set up IV pumps to feed and hydrate her. That way she could lay and not move a muscle, may be up the paralytic drugs too. She would then be like the dead. Next time, she giggled to herself, she wanted a next time? Brandi had lost all track of time, she was not if she had been buried for an hour or ten hours. She felt very rested and content.

Brandi thought first I need to open my eyes, turn on the casket light, unseal my lips and remove the mouth guard, then get something to drink. Rich and I had been taking turns watching over Brandi. Rich shouted for me to come over to the monitor. As I hurried over, Rich started doing his best Dr. Frankenstein  imitation "She's alive, she's alive." We looked at the video screen and we saw Brandi slowly move removing the plastic clips holding her hands together. She then lifted her Veil up and pulling off the false eyelashes. Brandi peeled open her eyes and blinked. I felt a huge relief my lady was alive. Next Brandi took her hands and pulled her lips open and remove the mouth guard. Brandi turned on the light, our video camera adjusted to the light! Once again we could see Brandi clearly reaching for the water tube and afterwards the food drink.

Wendy said "See I told you she as fine".  I told Wendy I am glad! We all laughed! Brandi after gets her water and nourishment she turned off the light pulled down her veil, placed the plastic clip on her wrist, and resumed her repose of the dead. Rich said "Wow she really likes playing dead!" Well I said it’s her greatest fantasy I think she wants to enjoy every second of it! Wendy agreed!

It was 5:00pm Brandi had been buried for over six hours. Wendy said she was going to fix us some dinner and she disappeared into the kitchen.
Rich attend to some of funeral home duties and I watched over our little dead girl. I checked the readouts air, temperature, Brandi's vital readings. All was good. Wendy served a tasty meal. Rich said he and Wendy would take the first watch and I would relieve them at midnight. Wendy laughed and "oh the witching hour" with her sexy evil grin. I knew Brandi was in good hands and I went to bed. I was tried but it was still hard to get to sleep knowing my love was buried alive.

Brandi had drifted into a deep sleep. She was having dark and fantastical dreams! One dream was that she was dug up by grave robbers. They saw she was alive and had their way with her and still took her to sell her body at the medical school for dissection. The scene changed to long sandy beach, she was laying with Jim rolling in the sand. Then Brandi started have multiple orgasms. She briefly woke up and said "Oh my gosh, wow who would have thought that being buried alive could be so much fun! Brandi drifted off again in dreamland!

Wendy and Rich were watching over Brandi. Rich asked Wendy if she would like to have a funeral and be buried alive? Wendy thought about it for a little bit. Then said let's see how Brandi comes out and I will let you know. They laughed! It was just about midnight, Jim walked into the kitchen and got a cup of coffee. Just as walked into the living room, Jim look out the window and saw it was starting to snow! "Wow, I never saw this coming" Wendy and Rich stood up and walked over to the window and saw the snowflakes falling down.

Jim asked is going to be a problem for exhuming Brandi tomorrow? Rich said it doesn't make it any easier, but is not a show stopper. Jim was relieved. We just need the make sure the snow doesn't  cover over the tombstone and block the air vents. Jim look at the temperature and airflow readings in Brandi's casket and were are in the good zone. I told the others that I would watch Brandi's tombstone from the video camera and make sure the vents stay clear. Rich said to wake him if we need to go shovel snow. Wendy and Rich went to bed, leaving Jim to his lone watch over the little dead girl. It was a dark and stormy night. The snow fell, but very slowly. It turned the cemetery into a haunted winter wonderland! The snow covered tombstones and crypts with the moon shining gave an eerie feeling to the place. Jim kept checking the camera looking at Brandi’s tombstone throughout the night!

Brandi when into a deep sleep. She dreamed that she was walking across the cemetery in her wedding dress. The cemetery looked different all covered in snow. Brandi walked down the hill towards the funeral home. Brandi felt like she was floating as she walking across the snowy field, walking around the tombstones. It was becoming dawn in Brandi’s dream the light was flittered through the mist and clouds, It was a glorious morning! Brandi thought what a great day to be alive, or dead in her case! Brandi giggled. In the distance Brandi saw a snow plow coming in the main gate of the cemetery. Brandi continued walk towards to the funeral home, she started feeling herself being pulled back to her grave. In a flash Brandi was once again laid out in her casket. Brandi thought wow that was a cool dream so much detail! 

Chapter 11: Being exhumed

About 6:00am Rich came down from the bedroom, fixed a cup of coffee for him and Jim. Rich asked how was the little dead girl? Jim said she is resting comfortably, she has not moved a muscle all night.

Rich said "wow! She really does like playing dead!" In the distance they could hear the snow plow driving by. Wendy walked in the room and said
"Looks we got about a foot of snow. How is Brandi doing?" Fine, just laying there like a corpse, I said. "So what when are we going to dig her up?" Asked Wendy. We told we would leave her buried for 24 hours so let start to exhume Brandi about 11:00am, hopefully some of the snow will melt and it warm up, Rich stated. We all agreed.

The time came to exhume Brandi from her grave. After dressing warm, we headed for the hearse and the crane truck. I rode with Rich in the truck. The road in the cemetery was nicely plowed by the snow plow early this morning. We all stopped at the top of the hill. I took pictures of the cemetery covered in snow and of Brandi’s grave and tombstone. Rich said "It looks very different than yesterday." We all agreed. Well time to dig up the girlfriend, I said! I grabbed the snow shovel and started to clear the snow off the grave. After a few I had cleared of the area we needed to start removing the sod to get to the dirt. After Jim and I removed the sod, we grabbed shovels. Rich said now the fun is going to start! After digging for sometime we hit the top of the outer burial vault. I said wow that was a lot of work! Rich said you're right, and after we exhume Brandi we have to fill it back up. I said I forgot about that. Wendy mostly stayed in the hearse to keep warm.

Rich moved the crane into place and we hooked up the lines to the lift rings on the burial vault lid. In a second the lid was off exposing the beautiful inner burial vault with Brandi’s name engraved on the nameplate. Rich set down out of the way the outer vault lid with the crane. I connected the line to the inter vault lid rings. Next the crane lifted the inter burial vault lid and set it down. I jump down in the grave and hooked the lines to Brandi’s casket! The casket was lifted up out of the grave over the iron fence. Rich moved the crane so he could lower the casket on to the waiting church truck on the road. I got over to help Wendy guide the casket on to the church truck. We disconnected the lines a from the Brandi’s casket.

We had decided that we would not open the casket till we were back at the funeral home. We felt the cold and the sunlight would not be good for our little dead girl. Wendy and I pushed the casket into the waiting hearse. Rich came over to us. Rich said "Ok Wendy please drive Brandi down to the funeral home and roll the casket into the workroom" I said don’t open her casket till I get there! Wendy said "Oh ok if I have too! It’s like waiting to open your christmas present" we all laughed!

Inside the casket Brandi was aroused from her sleep, she thought she could hear sound and then she heard banging sounds. Next she could feel the casket was be lifted. Brandi was excited and sad at the same time, for she knew her grave adventure was coming to an end. Brandi felt the casket being lowered. Suddenly all motion stopped. Then a few minutes later she felt the casket being rolled into the hearse. Brandi thought I am on my way to the funeral home. Wendy drove the hearse to the rear doors of the funeral home. Wendy pulled out the church truck, then rolled the casket from the hearse on to the church truck. Wendy smiled as she pushed Brandi’s casket into the workshop. Wendy really enjoyed her part of Brandi’s funeral and premature burial. She wondered if she could talk Brandi into doing it again. Wendy got a very perverse pleasure from Brandi being buried and helpless.

Rich and I, with the crane replaced the burial vault lids. Then started to job of filling the dirt back into the grave. After what felt like hours Rich and I were done, grave filled sod put back in place. "Wow that was a lot of work" I said! Rich said it sure is Brandi owes us big time! As we walked to the crane truck it began to snow again. Rich said "Wow! We got that done in the nick of time!" I agreed! We made our way back to the funeral home and found Wendy just sitting and looking at Brandi’s casket and smiling. Rich asked Wendy if she was ok?

She said "Yes, I just can’t believe we really did this, we buried a girl alive!"

"And exhumed her too!" I said! We all laughed! "Well without further adieu let’s let Brandi out of her casket!" I said! I unlocked the casket and lifted the lids and there before us lying in state the beautiful dead bride! "Oh My God Brandi" said Wendy "you don’t look like you moved at all!" Brandi lay still and silent, then she sat up and went boo!! Every looked at with surprise and joy that she was ok! Brandi said with a smile "You guys look like you saw a ghost!"

Well we got Brandi out of the casket she was a little wobbly at first but quickly got her land legs back. Brandi insisted on staying in makeup and her wedding dress. We went to Rich and Wendy's living quarters and had a light dinner while watching the video of the funeral and burial. Brandi was still high from the experience, and couldn't thank us enough for making it possible! Brandi said "I still can’t believe it was buried just like the dead in a cemetery! It was amazing".

Later reluctantly Brandi went with Wendy to get out of her wedding dress, remove the catheter and bag, then scrub all the morticians makeup off! The girls came back upstairs, we all set down to a great bottle of wine.Wendy said "When do we get to bury Brandi again, I think she could stay in her grave for a week next time!" Rich and I had the look of shock on our faces! Brandi jumps and said, "I am down for it! Let the planning begin!"


A few days later the snowplow driver bumped in Rich and Wendy in town. He told them about a strange thing he saw in the morning last week, when he was plowing the roads in the cemetery. The driver thought he saw a woman walking through the cemetery dressed in a flowing wedding dress. The stranger thing is that he drove by the path the the woman was walking before she had vanished, the snowplow driver saw no footprints. Maybe Brandi was not just dreaming in her casket!


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