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Storycodes: M+/f+; naked; boxed; transport; delivery; japan; callgirl; true; cons; X

Girl-in-the-box delivers nude surprise.

With a flaccid economy making sure that plenty of Japanese men lack the yen for a buck, sex services have had to come up with novel ideas to keep ahead of the competition.

Aman, a major call-girl chain, has apparently come up with an idea it hopes will leave competitors feeling boxed in. From its newly opened Shibuya outlet, Aman will package a worker in a cardboard box and send her out anywhere -- just like any other delivery service. 

"We had to come up with something that made us stand out above the pack," an Aman spokesman says. "To be honest, we started it as a sort of publicity stunt, but the response to the service has been much greater than we imagined." 

The call girls, referred to in Japanese as "delivery health" workers, will travel anywhere a customer specifies at the touch of a dial and perform sordid services as long as they don't involve going all the way. Aman takes that service once step further. 

"We simply have a couple of our hefty lads carry a cardboard box to the designated location. When the customer signs a receipt, we'll carry the box wherever he wants it and once he opens it up a fully naked woman will pop out," the company spokesman says. 

Despite the service's success, though, it hasn't been without pitfalls. 

"When we started the service, we'd pack the naked woman inside the box in our offices, then carry her to a delivery van to go to where the customer was waiting. But the girls would all get cold or stiff from having to squeeze into the box all the time. They'd also get pretty shaken up by the ride and some even got carsick. Now we wait until we get close to the service area for the girl to strip off and hop into the box."

"Also, because the weight of the girl in the box isn't really stable, it's hard for the guys to carry her around like they would a piece of furniture. And you can't throw the girls around like you would other luggage. We started off using only two guys to carry the boxes, but one did his back in while working on a four-floor apartment block that didn't have an elevator. Since then, we've used three guys to carry the box." 

The weather also can rain on any nude-in-the-box surprise. The firm watches out for drizzly days after the bottom literally came off a box one damp occasion when it was momentarily left in the wet, soaking the spot where the girl would normally sit. 

Aside from novelty value, the boxed babe service has other merits. 

"For the customer who orders a girl for a love hotel there's no problem with any place, but say, for instance, the guy wants a girl to be delivered to his home. With any other call-girl service, the neighbors' tongues would soon start wagging. But with ours, she comes in a cardboard box carried inside the home by three men just like any other delivered package would be. There's nothing suspicious about that at all." 

And once the service has been performed, the girl's return is simple. She gets dressed, hops back into the box and calls for the guys to come and pick her up again. 

"We also used to have a matchmaking party service where we'd send two girls in boxes to two guys," the Aman spokesman says. "The foursome would talk for a while and the guys would choose which girl they prefer. It was pretty well-received, but when we were sending two guys along for each box, our labor costs were astronomical so we had to put an end to it. So, if you want your woman gift-wrapped, you'd better hurry up and call us because we don't know how much longer this service is gonna last."




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