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by Jo

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"Incoming." The man dropped a sheaf of papers on the woman's desk. "Three orders. Two Fifi's, a Little Cindy, and a Baby Doll."

"What? Now? It's Friday and five o'clock for gosh sakes."

The man shrugged. "The way it is. People put it off 'til the last minute, then want weekend delivery."

"Well, we're out of Cindy's. I shipped the last one out Wednesday."

"It came back. Hasn't been restocked yet. I'll go check it out. You call Courtney and make sure she's on it."

"She's going to bitch, you know."

"Yeah, yeah. Just make sure she preps them and gets them up here in 40 minutes."

He climbed onto the fork lift and putted off.

A few minutes later he came back with a wooden crate on the forks.

"How's she look?"

"Never opened, seals are in place."



"Kind of low."

"She's not going far. We'll expedite delivery. She's good for another 48 hours, so 18, give or take, should be fine."

"What about options?"

"Let's see," he said flipping through the bill of lading. "Standard Cindy with the B accessory package. The new order is for a standard unit, no accessories, so he'll get a little something extra and the restocking fee the first guy pays will cover it. We're cool."

He tore off the shipping envelope, printed another set, slipped it into another clear plastic envelope and stapled it to the crate.

"One down, three to go."

One of the conveyers chattered to life and a minute later several bins peeled off and slid down the chute.

"Okay," he said, pulling items from the first bin. "We've got two standard Fifi dresses, one blue, one green. Two pair of shoes. Two garter belts with four pair of stockings. Two sets of optional underwear. Two makeup kits. Two toilet kits."

He continued calling the items as he scanned them and handed them to the woman who set  them into a cardboard box. They continued in this vein until the bins were empty and three boxes stood by, sealed and labeled. He picked them up and headed toward the overhead door. Another conveyer chattered to life. He set the boxes down and walked back.

The large bin bumped to a stop at the end of the chute. He picked up a pair of cutters and snipped the plastic ties that held the lid shut. He opened the bin.

"Get up."

The girl stood.

"Come out. Stand here." He pointed to a spot on the floor.

"Present yourself." The naked girl spread her legs, clasped her hands behind her neck. She was a Fifi. They all had the same look. Not twins, but close sisters maybe. Short hair, a thin face with high cheekbones and a small, upturned nose, pursed lips, moderately large breasts, slim waist, full hips, and long legs. This one was blonde.

The woman read off the checklist while the man inspected the Girlie.

"Standard Fifi. Minimal mods. Open." He tapped the Girlie's chin. He looked in her mouth. "Close. Okay, everything looks good here. Let me grab a crate."

Once again he climbed onto the forklift, came back with three crates stacked up.

"Baby Doll is a gift box."

"Shit. Should have expected that. Okay, let's get Fifi here boxed and I'll go fetch it."

He set the crates down, moved one over near the desk. He grabbed a handful of screws and the screw gun, set them by the crate. Then he sat at the computer and printed the shipping paperwork.

Meanwhile, the woman took a garment from a stack. It was a hooded unitard made of gauzy, stretchy material. The feet and hands were sealed. She helped the Fifi into it. Easing her feet and hands into the arm and leg tubes. Pulled the hood over her head.

She pointed at the crate. "Get in." Fifi got in the crate.

The inside of the crate was filled with black foam. A vaguely human section had been cut out. Fifi settled herself into the cavity, lay back.

"Open." The woman wedged the mouthpiece into place, then cinched the cowl of the hood over Fifi's face, pulled the drawstring tight, and knotted it around the breathing tube.

She picked up the scanner, held it over the implant. "99.3, a good one."

She tapped a key on the computer and a sheet of paper spit from the printer. She scribbled her initials on it and lay it in the box. Then she picked up a sheet of foam, led the breathing tube through a hole, and set it in place.

The man hefted the wooden lid, aligned it until the tube projected into the small, perforated dome.  He grabbed the screw gun and secured the lid.

The woman slid the shipping instructions into a plastic envelope and stapled it to the box.

"Two down, two to go."

A second bin came to rest at the end of the chute. The woman snipped the ties and opened the lid.

"Fifi #2."

The man nodded and climbed back up onto the fork lift.

When he came back, Fifi #2 was just settling herself into the box. He set down the gift box and helped with the packing of the second Fifi.

"Three down, one to go."

Time passed. And passed. He glanced at his watch. 5:50 Just then there was the blast of a horn.

"Shit! Call Courtney. I'll stall the driver."

But just as he spoke the conveyor chattered to life one more time. The man jogged over to the overhead door, opened it. The truck beep beep beeped it way back until it nudged up against the rubber bumper. He ran the three crates into the truck, threw in the three boxes. "I've got one more, won't be but a minute," he told the driver. The driver lit a cigarette, said nothing.

Back at the packing station, the woman had completed her inspection of Baby Doll. Baby Dolls were less standard than Fifi's, the buyers being more interested in the fetish aspect of an adult woman in diapers than looks. Although, truth be told, all the Girlies were very pretty by anyone's standard. And on an odd note, Baby Dolls were among the least likely to be returned. Cindy's wore out their welcome pretty fast. Cheerleaders came next. The rest? Well it seemed to go in phases, especially if a new Girlie was offered. Customers wanted to trade up to a newer model. Companions lasted a long time. Often outliving their owners. They were, of course, returned to G.I.R.L.I.E. HQ.

The woman pulled the cloth diaper between Baby's legs and fastened it in place. Next came a pair of plastic pants. Followed by a pair of frilly pink underpants. She pulled white socks over Baby's feet and tied them in place with pink ribbon. She followed that with white, thumbless mittens. Again held in place with ribbons. Lastly came the pacifier. This was likewise secured with the ubiquitous pink ribbon.

The man came back and pulled the lid off the crate. Inside was a golden box with a plastic window. It was gaily decorated with balloons, flowers, and several kittens. He set it aside. Inside the box was a molded, clear plastic form. It was set into the box on top of a gold-colored board. He reached in and extracted the plastic liner and mounting board. It was stiff, yet light, some kind of composite, also festooned with pretty colors and images. He propped it against a metal frame and clamped it into place.

The woman led Baby Doll over to it. There was a shelf on the end of the board. She helped the Girlie step onto it. She arranged the Girlie's arms and legs to align with the several holes in the board, then she wrapped wide, foam-backed ribbons around Baby Doll's ankles, knees, waist, chest, wrists, and elbows. She secured a stiff collar around her neck. She and the man fed what looked like wide, plastic zip ties through the holes, securing the Girlie to the board. They finished by fastening decorative ribbons over the plastic ties.

They hefted the secured girlie and set her into the golden box. He set the liner in place. It conformed to Baby Doll's body well enough. The sides of the liner reached up the sides of the box and he tacked it to the box with several staples.

The woman scrawled her initials on the document and set it into the box.


Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your purchase of Girlie Baby Doll! We know she will be a source of constant delight and bring unending joy to your home.

By purchasing your Girlie you are helping to correct one of the greatest social evils in humankind: The abortion of unwanted babies. Since the abolition of abortion, women have been encouraged to carry their children to term. In many cases women are paid to do so.* The unwanted children become wards of the state and are raised in a humane and loving environment. Ultimately they become valuable, contributing members of society.

As you may imagine, this is a very costly undertaking. In order to offset these costs, some of these unwanted children** undergo modifications, both hormonal and genetic and, in some cases, physical. Likewise, the intelligence level and education is tightly controlled. Lastly, certain psychological templates are applied to instill appropriate behavior. The end result is selection of Girlies that posses a range of intellect, abilities, and temperament sure to meet the widest range of our buyers' needs. And since needs change over time, please consider these other Girlies for a future purchase:

Baby Doll - Who can resist the smell of baby powder?
Little Cindy - The perfect Daddy's Little Girl.
High School Cheerleader - A great gift for the boy of the house.
Companion - The name says it all. Highly customizable!

Specialty Girlies are also available including the ever popular:

Fifi The French Maid - Available with optional French accent.

(Please visit for a complete list of available Girlies, including options and accessories.)

Again, thank you for your purchase.



Inspector 43

Government Institute for Responsible Legal Insemination and Education


p.s. 100% of your purchase price will go to support this invaluable government program.


* Please note: All Girlies are at least 18 years of age at the time of the sale.


The man pressed the colorful lid in place, secured the wooden lid with several screws, and carted it over to the truck. A minute later, he lowered the door and came back to the desk. He looked at his watch: 6:02.

"And now, it's Miller time. Call Courtney, tell her she did a great job and invite her out for drinks. My treat."




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