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The Funeral

by TLC

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© Copyright 2006 - TLC - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; casket; transported; buried; death; cons; XXX

Kate is a beautiful thirty year old woman. Kate's friends envied her long blonde hair. Everyone knew Kate as a fun, life loving woman. What they did not know about were her dark desires. Kate's fantasy revolved around death. She married a mortician so that she could be around death all of the time.

Kate would be at work with her husband and orgasm from seeing the dead bodies in the caskets. She did not have a desire to have sex with the dead. Kate's fantasies was to be one of the dead. Kate's husband, Mark, knew about these fantasies. After work they would climb into a casket and have sex. Kate even had Mark bring a casket home for her pleasure. When Mark was away on business Kate would sleep in the coffin. She would lay in the coffin, playing with her pussy, thinking about dying.

Kate had thought of killing herself but then she would miss all of the excitement. Kate then thought of the perfect fantasy. She would fake her death and be able to see her own funeral.

Kate and her husband had just finished having sex in the coffin when she asked, "Mark, how would you feel about me dying?"

Mark replied, "I would miss you a lot but life does have to go on."

Kate told Mark about her plan of pretending to be dead, including the part about being buried alive. Mark replied to her plan, "I know your fantasy. I will help you carry it out. We can stop it just before burial."

Kate thoughtfully said, "We could stop at the burial but how could we explain to hour friends that I am still alive."

The two set about the next day preparing everything. While Mark worked on the death certificate, Kate went shopping for her burial gown. Kate found this night gown that was lace and tight fitting. It had a low cut front that would show off her medium sized breast. Kate could imagine the men getting hard looking at her dead body. She could see them running home to masturbate.

Kate then walked around the rest of the day at Mark's funeral home looking for the right casket. She wanted something special. Kate decided on a light blue one. She figure the colors would make her white gown stand out. Kate lay down in the casket and settled her head down on the hard ruffled pillow. She lay her hands to her side and relaxed. Kate could not wait till the time of her funeral.

That night Kate showed Mark the gown she had bought. He wanted to see it on her. Kate refused to model the gown. She told Mark he would have to wait till the funeral. Kate could not wait any long and decided the next day would be the one. Mark and Kate made hot love on their last night together.

Kate walked into the funeral home carrying a bag with her gown. Mark was already there working. Kate looked at her husband and asked, Is everything ready? Are you ready to get started?"

Mark replied, "I have everything set. As soon as you are ready I will call our friends to give them the sad news." Mark paused and then continued, "You had better put your gown on before the makeup. "

Kate went into the bathroom and took off her clothes. She looked at her slim body and wondered what it would look like a week from now. Kate pulled the gown over her head. The gown was tight as she pulled it over her breast. Kate adjust the top of the gown till her breast pushed out just right. The gown just barely covered her nipples.

When Kate walked into the room where her husband was working on a corpse he stopped and looked. For a moment he stared and then said, "You are beautiful. It is going to be a shame to bury you looking like that."

Kate blushed and said, "I am sure you we will find time for sex once more."

Mark's face took on a more serious look and said, "There is one thing we did not think about. People will think it odd if you are buried the same day as your supposedly death."

Kate thought a second and said, "You are right. I don't see a problem there. That will just give me more time to enjoy the situation."

Kate lay down on the hard table, that had held many dead bodies. Mark began to apply the morticians makeup. This makeup is a little heavier than normal. He put a white base on all of her exposed skin. He then put a little dark blue around her eyes to give her a dead look. He then put on blush that stood out on her pale skin. Then there was the normal lipstick and eyeliner. MarK looked at his wife laying on the slab and could almost believe she was dead. Kate blinked her eyes and that brought Mark back to reality.

Mark helped his wife climb into the casket. She settled against the hard surface with a sigh. Kate then used her meditaion classes to slow her breathing. There was slight rise and fall to her chest but no one would notice. Anyone looking at Kate would swear she was dead.

It was an erie sight as Kate sat up in the casket and asked, "Would you get the bag I brought?"

Mark brought the bag to Kate and she reached inside for something. She pulled out a vibrating dildo eight inches long. Kate looked at her husband and said, "I might as well get all of the enjoyment out of this I can."

Mark smiled at the comment and said, "We had better hurry up. Everyone will be here for the viewing in about Thirty minutes. I want to put you in the cooler for a little while. If someone touches you I don't want you to be warm."

Kate agreed that would be a good idea. Mark pushed the casket, on a trolley, into the cooler. Mark switched off the lights, without thinking, as he closed the heavy metal door. Kate lay in the darkness feeling the cold air on her expose skin. She lifted her gown and slid the dildo in to her wet pussy. Kate began to shiver from the cold as she switched on the Dildo. With the dead silence of the room the vibrator was barely audible. Kate felt the pulsation running through her pussy. Kate thought about the dead bodies laying around her and orgasm quickly.

Mark open the door and turned on the light. He saw his wife there shivering in the cold. He could not get over how dead she looked. Mark pushed Kate to the viewing room, gave her a kiss, and unlocked the door.

Five minutes later the first guest appeared. It was Kate's sister. Maria could tell she had been crying a lot. Maria looked a lot like Kate. Maria hugged Mark and offered her condolences and then walked over to the casket. Kate concentrated on her breathing. She kept her eyes half closed. Kate could still see everything going on around her. Kate saw her sister, now crying, lean over the casket. Kate felt sorry for her sister's pain. She thought about speaking and ending Maria's sorrows, but remained silent.

Maria looked at Mark and asked, "How did she die?"

Mark stumbled over his words and replied, "It was sudden. They said it was a heart attack."

Maria exclaimed, "But she was so healthy. It is so sudden. I can't believe my little sister is gone."

Kate almost started crying as she listen to her sister's words. Kate had not thought about the sorrow of her family. She then shifted her thoughts to enjoying par s of the situation. Kate was seeing things from the other side and the dildo kept her on the verge of an orgasm.

The room was full by now. Kate and Mark's family were the first to look at Kate. All of them were crying. People continuously strolled by the casket. Some touched her hand and others gave Kate a kiss on her cold lips. Kate had been right about the men staring at her breast. The men made several trips back to he casket to get another look, at what they thought, dead woman's breast. This made Kate orgasm. It was all she could do to keep from moving. She felt her hips give an involuntary movement. Kate hoped no one would notice.

Two hours later there was still a large crowd in the funeral home. Kate's body was beginning to ache. She wanted to move badly. Kate was not sure how much longer she could lay still. She could hear several people laughing in the back.

At last everyone was gone. Kate let out a sigh of relief as she sat up in the casket. Her body ached all over. She had not anticipated laying still so long could be so difficult.

Mark locked the door and began stripping off his clothes as he walked over to Kate. He climbed in the casket and pulled up her lace gown. Mark's cock was throbbing as he pulled out the dildo and replaced it with his cock. As Mark fucked his wife he said, "You looked so beautiful laying there. I could see all of the men admiring your tits. I did not think I was going to be able to wait till the guest left."

Mark shot his load deep into Kate's pussy. Kate orgasm and this time she did not hold back. Kate's screams echoed through the large funeral home.

Mark put his pants back on and went to get his camera. He had Kate lay still as he took several rolls of film. Mark wanted to remember this day. It was his last day with Kate.

Mark and Kate pushed the casket to where the bodies were kept. Mark had to go home. His sister had insisted on staying with him that night. She did not want Mark to be alone during his hour of morning. Kate would have to stay in the funeral home alone. She could not take the chance of being seen. Mark kissed his wife and left.

Most of the lights had been turned off. They wanted things to look as normal as possible. Kate fixed herself something to eat and cleaned up. Kate decided to get some sleep. She could use the cot they used when working late but decided on sleeping in her casket. Kate decide to walk around a while. She was still stiff from laying still so long.

Kate walked over to one of the open coffins. A young girl of eighteen lay there. The girl had died of a drug over dose. She was dressed in a thin negligee. Kate looked at her small tits showing through the thin material. Kate touched the girl on the cheek and felt her cold skin. Kate wondered if she had felt like that when the visitors touched her. Kate then slid her hand under the negligee and stroked her firm breast. The girl's breast were firm, both from youth and death. Kate took a deep breath and the smell of death filled her nostrils. Kate now had no doubts she wanted to join the ranks of the dead.

A noise broke Kate's trance. There was someone at the door. She first thought it was Mark coming back. Then she realized, from the whistling, it was the night janitor. Kate's heart raced as she looked at her casket. She needed to take her place before the janitor came in. it was too late the door was opening. Kate made a dash for the cooler. She opened the door quietly and slipped in.

The cold air hit Kate in the face as she eased the door closed. Kate left the door cracked so she could see the janitor. Kate's heart almost stopped as he started for her casket. Kate knew there would be problems if he looked inside and she was not there. Kate relaxed a little when Mr. George, the janitor, turned and went to the storage room. Mr. George returned with the vacuum cleaner.

Kate stood in the cooler for thirty minutes watching Mr. George go about his work. Kate knew she had to get back to the casket and out of the cold cooler soon. Kate shivered as she watched Mr. George cut off the vacuum. She watched intently as Mr. George left the room. Kate did not hesitate, as she ran to her casket. Kate had just laid down when Mr. George returned. Kate hoped he would not come close to her for fear he could see her heart beating madly.

Kate heard Mr. George walking toward her. The older man stopped at Kate's casket and looked in. Kate closed her eyes just enough to see. Mr. George said tenderly, "I am going to miss you, Missy. You have been good to me. I will also miss your sexy body."

Kate did not think much about the old man's comments. She had caught him looking at her many times. Kate's thoughts were broken by a hand touching her. Kate was not sure if she jumped or not. The old man who had worked in the funeral home for years placed his hand on Kate's partially exposed breast. Kate wanted to push the rough old hand away. Mr. George said casually, "I sure like the feel of those cold firm breast. I wonder if your pussy feels as good."

Kate thought at least the time in the cooler had made her body cool. If he had touched her and she was warm he might have suspected something. Kate started responding to the old man's touch. She felt her pussy getting wet.

Mr. George then moved from Kate to the casket holding the young girl. Kate took a chance and peeked over the edge of her casket. The old man was fondling her as he had Kate. Kate was then shocked when she saw Mr. George take his pants off. The old man climbed into the casket with the young girl. Kate took more of a chance, since his attention was on the girl, and sat up to see.

Mr.George lifted the girl's negligee and lowered himself onto the girl. He seemed to struggle at first and then pushed his cock into the cold dead girl. Mr. George would kiss the girl's small tits and then her mouth. Mr. George's full attention was on fucking the young corpse. The sounds of his moans filled the room.

Kate sat watching the scene before her. She had heard of people that fucked dead people but never thought too much about it. Watching the old man fuck the corpse got Kate hot. She reached down and started playing with her pussy.

Kate and the old man orgasm at the same time. Kate, short of breath, lay down when she saw Mr. George climbing out of the casket. Kate worked hard to control her breathing. Her own sexual excitement had Kate out of breath. The old put his pants on and walked back over to Kate and said, "I sure hope you liked the show."

Kate almost choked at the thought of being discovered. Before Kate could say anything Mr. George continued, "Well, I guess you could not see it too well since you are dead too. I would like to fuck you also but at my age once a night is the limit."

Kate was relieved he had not chosen her over the young girl. She would have been found out as soon as his cock entered her hot pussy.

Mr. George went back to his work. Kate thought about the old man fucking the dead girl. She could imagine his semen seeping out of the girl's pussy. Kate wondered if the young girl shaved her pussy. Kate decided if the chance came she would look.

It was daylight before Mr. George finished his work. Kate did not dare sleep, for fear she would snore, while the old man was there. When he left Kate drifted off to sleep, even though her back ached from the hard casket.

Kate woke up from a hand nudging her. She was not sure of her surroundings was at first. Kate looked up and it was Mark. She rubbed the sleep from her eyes and said, "Good morning."

Mark replied, "Good morning, did you sleep well."

Kate told Mark about the incident with Mr. George. She went into every detail about how he played with her breast and fucked the young girl.

Mark laughed and said, "I meant to give him the night off. I guess I forgot about it. I know about him. He has been fucking the corpses for years."

Mark repaired Kate's makeup. He wanted her to look perfect for the funeral. As mark finished with his wife's makeup he asked, "Are you sure you want to go through with this? I can stay and get you out after everyone leaves.

"There is no way I can repeat this. If I could do it all again some time I would stop it. As it is I can only have one funeral, "Kate replied."

Mark said to Kate, "The hearse and the guest will arrive in a few minutes. I will have to close the casket. There should be plenty of air for the thirty five minute drive. I will leave the lid unlocked just in case."

Kate and Mark kissed for the last time before the lid was closed. Darkness filled Kate's eyes. She almost panicked at the total darkness. Kate had never seen absolute darkness before. Most people have know idea what it is like. You wait for the pupils to adjust so that you can see but that never happens.

A few minutes later Kate felt the casket move. She was being rolled to the hearse. Kate could imagine the black hearse sitting there with the wide back door open. Kate felt a jerk as she was pushed into the hearse. It seemed to take forever for the hearse to start moving.

Once the hearse was moving Kate eased the lid open just enough to look out. She could see a line of cars behind her with their lights on. Kate thought to herself, "This is it. I am own the way to my own funeral. I hope the ceremony is nice."

The hearse arrived at the cemetery on time. She heard the door open and felt the casket slide out. Six men, friend's of Mark and Kate, picked up the heavy casket. Kate was jostled around as the men awkwardly carried the casket to the grave. Kate felt the movement stop and felt a slight jar as the casket was placed over the grave.

Kate thought about the hole that was six feet below her. The cold earth would soon cover her casket. Kate wondered how long it would take to die. She wanted it to take a while but not too long. Kate was about to rub her pussy again when the lid opened. Kate relaxed her arms beside her.

Kate was blinded by the bright light even though her eyes were closed. It took all of her effort not to squint. Her eyes quickly adjusted and she opened them enough to see the tent a few feet above her. Kate could see several people standing around the casket. Kate noticed a woman standing with Mark. She had never seen her before. The woman was dressed in black and looked very beautiful. Kate wished she could ask Mark who the woman was. She figure they might get a chance to speak before she was buried.

The minister called for everyone to have a seat. The minister spoke to the crowd of mourners, "WE are here today for a solemn occasion. We lost Kate at a young age. She was a good person. We might ask why the young have to die. The lord always has his reasons."

The minister talk for nearly an hour. Kate had tears flowing down her cheeks by the time he was through. She had never had anyone say so many good things about her. Kate thought they might not be so nice if they knew what she was doing.

When the service was over the guest came by the casket for one last goodbye. Mark kissed Kate on the lips and said, "Goodbye my darling. I am going to miss you. I hope enjoy it."

Kate resisted the urge to kiss Mark back. She wanted to put her arms around him. Then Kate noticed the woman again. She came over and took Mark's hand. She put her arm around him as they walked off. Kate only wished she could find out who the woman was.

The light faded from Kate as the lid of the casket closed. She took a deep breath as the latched was locked. Kate knew there was no escape now. Even if she shouted no one would probably here her. Kate lay in the darkness listening to the muffled sounds around her. She then felt the casket move. Two workers lowered the casket into the grave. Kate could imagine the chiseled sides of the grave as she was lowered.

Kate could hear the casket creak as it was lowered. She felt a slight thump as the casket touched the dirt bottom of the grave. Kate reached down and rubbed her pussy, it was already soaking wet. Kate knew if she orgasm the the small amount of air in the casket would be used quicker. Still she could not help herself and rubbed her clit.

Kate heard a thump and knew the dirt was being pushed on top of the casket. Kate knew it would not take but a minute for the grave to be covered with the tractor. Kate rubbed her clit faster and climaxed about the same time as the grave was covered.

Kate lay in the darkness. The only sound she could hear was her heart beating. Kate thought about the events of the last two days. She had never been more excited. Now the time was near and she would only be someone's memory.

Kate was not sure how long she lay there gasping for air when the darkness of death came over her. Kate died a happy woman.

Mark and the woman dressed in black pulled in front of his house about the time Kate died. Mark and the woman walked into the house. Mark looked at the woman and said, "I told you she would do it one of these days. I would not have married her if it had not been for her fantasy of being buried. I knew she would die and I would get her money. I do miss her in a way. That will pass as soon as we are married."

The End


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