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The Fuckbox

by Servitude

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The Fuckbox.

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I must admit that part of me has always been fascinated with the sight of women packaged or boxed, especially if parts of them are exposed. I think it is something about taking away the identity of the person and the focus is solely on their sex.

So I decided I would crate up my girlfriend and make my own fuckbox. 

To save time and to get a better quality finish, I ordered from a local crate supplier a wooden box, 3 foot long, and 2 foot square. In addition I specified a smooth finish inside and out, one of the ends to be removable, the lid hinged and split in two, with one lid section 1 foot long with small holes, and the other lid section covering the remainder on the side of the removable end. I told the manufacturer that it was to store and carry sensitive equipment and that I wanted a series of ½ in square wooden rods in pairs on the inside ½ inch apart, these were to be able to slot in timber pieces shaped to fit my equipment to prevent movement. 

Once home, I gave it a coat of nice black gloss paint. Next I bought several pieces of plywood and cut them into sizes that would slide between the wooden rods. 

In one piece I cut out of the edge semi-circle about 6in diameter this would be used to go around my volunteers neck, and in another a semi-circle about 18 inches to go around her hips.

As my girlfriend was as kinky as me she was willing to give this a try. I suggested a clothed rehearsal, but Jo was unable to contain herself and wanted to try it properly, so she stripped off completely. We laid the box on the table in the kitchen with the non-removable end with the smaller lid at the end of the table. Jo climbed up and lay down in the box with her head at the fixed end and her lower torso protruding from the end of the crate.

I moved her hair out of the way, and slid the plywood board with the small cutout into the slots that aligned to Jo’s neck. The other board I slid in at the end of the box encircling her lower waist. I could see that the next improvement would be to make some more boards that would effectively lock her arms to her side, maybe another below her breasts and even maybe some eye bolts inside for ropes. 

I closed the large lid and locked it down. With the small section lid open I could see Jo’s face and the sparkle in her eye as she thought about what was to come. I shut the small lid and locked it down. 

There on my kitchen table was a wooden box with a cunt hanging out, ready for use. Totally anonymous it could have belonged to any one! For better access I grasped the legs and pulled the box closer to the edge of the table. I ran my fingers through the nice wet lips and listened to the noise emanating from the box.

Would I be nice or cruel? I lowered myself, pushed the legs aside and slowly ran my tongue up the lips, and circled the clit. 

As another improvement I decided that some fastening points on the outside would be good so I could tie the legs back out of the way. The noises from the inside of the box were an indication someone was enjoying it.

I grabbed Jo’s largest dildo and gently and slowly inserted it as far as it would go, then slowly removed it. I did that a few times and got it nice and wet. By this time I couldn’t wait, after all the thing about having an anonymous cunt hanging around is that it becomes all about my satisfaction, you don’t need to think about the other person. So I thought I would get my jollies, real quick.

I dropped my trousers and got between the legs and slowly inserted my rock hard cock. While doing this I realised that an improvement would be to have some hand holds on the outside to hold onto. Maybe even have some holes in the top so I could feel the tits. I started fucking with no regard for the person, I was going to get my rocks off, and it didn’t matter if the cunt orgasmed or not. It was there to be used and not there for its own pleasure.

I suppose guilt overcame me, and I thought I should be a bit more considerate, so I went and got a nice small butt plug. After rubbing it through the lips to get it nice and slippery I slowly inserted it into the arse that was hanging out of the box. From the moan that emanated out of the box, I think it hit the spot.

I repositioned myself and front and reinserted my cock into the cunt and started good long strokes. With my right hand I started to play with the clit, giving it the occasional flick, just to make sure the noises from the box continued. After about 10 minutes I started to feel myself ready and let myself go, and filled the anonymous cunt with my cum.

After letting Jo out of the box, and cleaning up, I said “my turn next”.


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