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by Lobo De la Sombra

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© Copyright 2013 - Lobo De la Sombra - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; kidnap; strip; process; toys; insert; bagged; stored; denial; scifi; cons/nc; X

“Welcome aboard, Miss….?”

The well shaped woman in the metallic silver jumpsuit smiled as she strode up the ramp. “Stella will do,” she said.

“As you wish. If you will follow me, the captain has instructed me to show you how we process our merchandise. This way, please.”

Striding along the passageway, the woman named Stella watched as her guide cast quick glances over his shoulder. “Something about this making you uncomfortable?”

The guide shrugged. “Not used to this. We’ve never given anyone a tour before. The fewer who know about what we do, the better.”

Stella grinned. “In that case, relax. I may not be up on the details, but, believe me, I know exactly what you do.” Somehow, her words seemed to do little to reassure the man in front of her.

Several turns and passageways later, the pair entered a long, unfurnished room. One wall was made of some transparent material, and it was here Stella’s guide directed her attention.

On the other side of the wall, she saw a similarly shaped room. Its main feature was a slender rail, about waist high, that traversed the length of the room from an open door at one end to a second door at the opposite end. Several objects that looked like lights surrounded the rail about two thirds of the way down the room. At about the one third mark, a slot broke the smooth surface of the rear wall, a tray placed beneath it. Four men stood, two on either side of the rail, about level with the slot in the wall.

As Stella watched, a naked woman appeared through the first door. Flat on her back, she floated into the room an inch or so above the rail. Seeing this, she glanced at her guide.

“Anti-grav conveyor?”

The man nodded. “Keeps the merchandise from being bruised. And it makes the process much easier, as you will see.”

Slowly, the woman floated along the rail until she came abreast of the slot in the rear wall. Here, she halted, a barely discernible light playing on her as a scanner measured her. The light went out, and something dropped out of the slot onto the tray. Quickly, the two men standing by the slot grabbed the object, shaking it out to reveal what looked like a clear plastic bag. Carrying the bag to the rail just past the woman’s head, they carefully passed one side across the rail to the men on the other side. Holding the end open, they then slid the bag along the woman’s body. Next, a wide bar was placed against the lower end of the bag as two of the men held it closed. There was a wisp of smoke as the bar sealed the end of the bag closed.

“The conveyor,” Stella’s guide explained, “only works on biological matter, which is why the bag slides along so easily. Still, the men have to be careful not to get a hand or an arm into the beam. Last time that happened, we had to shut the whole thing down to get his arm away from the item’s back.”

“How does she get air in there?”

“Oh, there are two small holes in the plastic. They let air in for her.”

Nodding, Stella watched as the woman, now sealed into her bag, floated down to the lights, where she stopped again. As she floated above the rail, the bag began to shrink, conforming to her shape exactly. Quickly, the plastic tightened, pinning the woman’s legs together, securing her arms to her sides. When she began floating along the rail again, only a slight sheen showed that she was now totally encased in plastic.

“Those two air holes,” Stella’s guide said, “are now positioned at her nostrils, allowing her to breathe. That’s why the scan, to make sure we use exactly the right size of bag for each item’s body.”

“And they just lie there and let this happen?”

The guide shook his head. “Before they enter this room, they’re sedated. At the same time, a low powered vibrator is inserted.” He grinned. “Something to keep their bodies occupied during the trip. Now, if you’ll come this way.”

As they spoke, the woman floated down the rail and out the far door. Following her guide, Stella stepped through a corresponding door in the end of the observation room. The next room looked much like the first, with the exception of the view presented on the other side of the clear wall.

Beyond that wall lay a large room. Several women, each in her own plastic prison, floated in various places throughout the room. Each body writhed slowly as it drifted around the room. Occasionally, a body would make contact with a wall, the floor, the ceiling, only to slowly drift away again. Nearer the center of the room, encased bodies collided gently, only to slowly drift apart.

“Zero gravity storage,” the guide pointed out. “Much easier than putting them on shelves.” He grinned. “And interesting to watch, too. The motions you see are caused by those vibrators I mentioned. They’re all wide awake, once the sedative wears off. The air circulation system, though, spreads a gas that retards certain bodily functions. No messes to clean up. Otherwise, they’re awake, aware, and definitely enjoying what’s going on between their thighs.”

Stella nodded, watching as the helpless bodies bounced off of each other, their own limited motions preventing them from remaining still.

“Quite effective,” she said, drawing a nod from her guide.

“We think so. Now, if you will follow me, the captain is waiting to speak with you.”

Stella followed her guide out the door at the far end of the room, glancing back for a final look at the helplessly sensual dance taking place beyond the wall. Once through the door, she turned her attention to her guide, following him to the captain’s office. The guide ushered her inside, then turned and left.

“Charles,” Stella said, holding out her hand, “good to see you, as always.”

Charles rose and briefly clasped her hand, gesturing her to a chair as he dropped into his own. “What do you think of our little operation?”

Stella sank gracefully into her chair, smiling and accepting the glass Charles offered her. “Quite impressive,” she replied. “Obviously, you’ve spared no expense”

Charles nodded. “The men of the inner worlds,” he said, “are willing to pay a great deal for an attractive woman from one of the outer planets. Our processing system more than pays for itself, since it keeps each item in pristine shape until delivery, which allows us to charge more per item.”

“Well considered,” Stella observed. “Still, I think it may be a good idea to let things here cool down a bit before acquiring more product. I have been quite discrete, collecting only from the outer settlements, but the numbers of missing women are beginning to be noticed by the authorities.”

“Not to worry,” Charles replied. “With this batch, we have enough for now. We’ll take these to market, then move on to another planet.” He smiled. “After all, there are more outer planets than we can hope to collect from in a lifetime. No, we are finished here, and I think I can safely say we won’t be coming back.”

“In that case,” Stella said, “I believe it’s time for me to receive the final portion of my fee.”

“Already taken care of.”

“How so?” Stella set her empty glass on the desk, only then noticing how heavy it had become. Slowly, she turned her head to face Charles, her muscles showing the strain of even this simple movement.

“Your drink,” Charles explained, “contained a powerful drug which blocks all voluntary commands to your body. Automatic functions, such as breathing, heartbeat, are unaffected.” Reaching up, he casually pushed against her chin, forcing her mouth closed. When he removed his hand, her lips remained together.

“Basically,” he went on, “it renders you unable to move. More expensive than the sedative we use on our regular cargo, but, in this case, preferable.” Smiling, he pressed a button on his desk, bringing Stella’s guide back into the office. “Process her.”

Nodding, the guide lifted Stella’s inert body from her chair, carrying her out of the office and along the passageways to the processing room. Here, he removed her clothing, then stretched her out above the conveyor.

Unable to move, Stella could only stare at the ceiling as her legs were drawn apart. She felt something, its surface cold and somewhat slimy, inserted within her. She tried to push it out, but her muscles refused to respond as her legs were drawn back together. As her body began to float along the rail, she felt the thing within her begin to vibrate slowly.

Floating into the next room, she came to a stop at the first position, seeing the beam from the scanner as it measured her. Within moments, she found herself sealed inside her own plastic bag. At the second position, the bag shrank, fusing her legs into a single shapely column as her arm were pinned against her sides. Vaguely, she could feel the air holes come to rest beneath her nostrils. As the plastic tightened over her face, her eyes automatically closed, plunging her into darkness.

Unable now to see, she could only assume she had moved on into the storage room. This was confirmed as she felt her body bounce against something that seemed too soft to be a wall. Another of the encased bodies, she realized.

Floating serenely, she slowly felt life returning to her body, although the plastic encasing her limited her to slight writhing motions. As the vibrator within her began to take effect, she felt herself writhing gently, exactly as the others she’d seen. Occasionally, she would bounce off of something, be it a wall or a fellow prisoner. Otherwise, she had only the sensation of total enclosure, along with the slow but constant vibration. Her arousal growing slowly, she realized the vibration would never be enough to take her over the edge. No, her orgasm, which she now found herself beginning to need, would only come after she’d been delivered to her purchaser.

Helpless, blind, slowly becoming more aroused, Stella could only float among her fellow prisoners, each awaiting the orgasm that would only come at the hands of her new Master.



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