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Freshly Packaged

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2003 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; plastic storage bag; encased; breathplay; climax; cons; X

In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies.

Ian led his slave girl into the bedroom blindfolded. She wondered what delights her master had for her tonight. She had heard him preparing things earlier and it excited her not knowing what was coming. The thrill of seeing all the equipment laid out on the bed really made the hairs on her neck stand on edge. As he removed the blindfold, she cast her eyes over the scene quickly. Her mind began to race as she noticed many of the items already used in previous plays. However she noticed one item that hadn’t been used before. She wondered where she had seen it before; it looked familiar but yet she couldn’t place its use in the house. Then she suddenly realised; it was the large zipped plastic bedding bag used to store the spare blankets in the attic. Roughly about four foot long, a couple of feet wide and about ten to twelve inches deep. It had a large zip running around its middle and was edged in white piping all round. Normally its contents would be the spare duvet and other bedding, but it lay there empty now. Diane’s body shivered as she realised she was about to become the bedding. 

Ian laid her on the bed next to the bag and stroked her tenderly. He toyed with her for a while as she just relaxed and enjoyed the feelings welling up inside of her. He put the stocking on his arm and used it to run all over her soft skin, making it goose bump. Slowly up and down her body stopping at strategic points and lingering delightfully. Up and down her legs, across her tummy and over her breasts. She was getting more turned on by the minute. She closed her eyes and wallowed in the sheer sense of pleasure it was giving her. Her master spoke to her reassuringly, whispering in her ear about that bag, gauging her reaction to it. Then he picked it up from the bed and stroked the plastic next to her skin. It felt cold and smooth, her mind wandered of thoughts of what it would be like inside. Almost teasing her with it, covering her face briefly, she looked up through the thin plastic at her master’s face. His eyes filled with lust and desire, the look of obedience in hers. 

It was time to begin; Ian dressed his little slave girl in her now customary ‘cat-suit’ as he called it. The thick Lyra tights both top and bottom and the stocking mask. The feel of this second skin sending ripples of pleasure up her spine. Again he stroked her body through the silky material, enhancing the feelings even more. 

"Is my slave girl ready then," he asked. 

She nodded in agreement, as he positioned her ready for her encasement. He unzipped the bag fully and lifted her legs and lower body over onto it. Carefully positioning her feet into the bottom corner, and bending her legs at the knees, so they were width wise. The feeling of the cold plastic against her silky suit making her pussy come alive. Her juices starting to flow as her master slowly pulled the bag around her lower body. He zipped up the lower half now, tucking in her buttocks and waist. It was going to be a tight fit she thought, but delightfully restrictive too. 

He then lifted her back slightly as her slid the cover under her upper back and shoulders, bending her slightly. Her legs were doubled up now in the lower half and she couldn’t move hardly an inch. He inched up the zip more and more, tucking in her arms and getting one shoulder into the third corner of the bag. Her master was enjoying taking his time with all this. He could have simply just flung her in there and zipped up the bag in one movement. However the care and attention he was paying made it all the more exciting for his slave girl. All the time she never took her eyes of him, the look of concentration on his face. The noise of the zip as it moved a few more inches, then a foot, until most of her upper body was now enclosed. Just her head was sticking out from the top. Ian bent over and kissed her softly on the forehead.

"Ready?" he asked. Again she nodded, wishing that moment would last forever.

Master bent her neck gently into position tucking in her hair so as not to get it caught in the zipper. She could feel her own breath now, a sort of warm glow over the rest of her body. Her pussy dripping with juices now, soaking through the material of the tights in her crotch. Even slower now her master closed up the zip, agonisingly slow. Eight inches open now, then seven, six, five, four, three. She was in heaven, as she took one last gulp of fresh air and the bag shut tight above her head. Ian looped a small piece of ribbon through the eyelets of the two zips at the top and tied a knot. This wasn’t meant to be of any purpose but to stop the zip slipping as his girl wriggled inside. She made herself comfortable and looked out of the side of the bag at her master standing there at the side of the bed. Already the sides where beginning to fog up with the condensation of her breath. She concentrated on her breathing, calm carefully, wriggling even more as she felt her pussy tingle.

She lost all sense of time in her plastic cocoon, but was aware that the air supply was being used up fast. The bag made strange wheezing sounds as she breathed in and out. The plastic collapsing around her body sticking to it with the sweat she was generating. She wriggled herself over onto her knees so her face was near to the mattress. As she did this the upper bag closed in around her shoulders, leaving her with a tiny pocket around her face. She squeezed her thighs tightly together as she felt the impending orgasm. Her clitty quivered with every breath now, as she wriggled like fuck, faking escape from her plastic capsule. Her master was watching intently playing with himself at the sight before him. His little slave girl struggling for air now, tightly packed into that space, his cock growing ever more hard as her heard her moans and murmurs from within.

As she started to come Diane lost it completely, her limbs wanted to fling themselves out but they couldn’t. She shuddered violently as wave after wave of pleasure hit her. Her face now turned into the wet plastic as she voluntarily pressed it into the mattress forming a tight seal around her lips and nose. She came buckets; her whole body alight, almost passing out with the feeling. She thought she heard the droplets of something against the plastic; then she realised it was her masters release, as he sprayed the bag with his cum. Screaming out loud her name as he juddered to a halt. 

Sheer relief as she felt the zip opening now and the fresh air hit her sodden face. The master helped her out of the bag quickly and held her in his arms. He kissed her passionately once more and told her she was a good slave girl. She now knew what it was like to be packaged up like a butty. Indeed her very own made mayo was beginning to trickle down her legs as she sat up. She looked longingly into her master’s eyes and thanked him. Once cleaned up and the stuff put away he cuddled her in the bed for hours until she was sleepy and closed her eyes, dreaming of the pleasure of being freshly packaged.



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