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by Baubleheadz

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Storycodes: Solo-F; party; dress; display; MF+; voy; tease; statues; glass; objectified; art; naked; desire; fantasy; fetish; insert; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

You really hated these stupid themed parties! But how else was a woman such as yourself supposed to mingle with the type of people that would move you up in this world unless you joined in their stupid games. Last week it had been a BDSM party and you had been forced to hire a young little slut to play the part of your “bottom” so that you would be considered a “top” at that party. After all, this kind of crowd automatically assumed you were a “bottom” if you didn't show them your metal, or in that case, bring them your “slave”. It had ended up being not a completely uninteresting night, you had experienced some pleasure, and you had mingled your way a little higher on the food chain, partly thanks to the wonderful “performance” of your hired helper.

How could you have known that this little tramp you had hired almost off the street (actually from a recommendation) would have been such a good submissive little slut and take her roll a little too seriously, and perform so many wonderfully naughty deeds. As far as the host of the party had seemed to feel, the prostitutes pussy was a substitute for yours and whatever she did had counted towards your standing in their minds. Considering the girls extra ordinary skills when she had ate your pussy out under the table, you could have only imagined that this skill had extended to all of the other activities she had been joined in on that night.

More than one party guest, and more than a couple other party favors had owed one or more orgasms to the various “skills” of your pet. When it really came down to it though, no matter what bizarre games and themed parties these people came up with, and no matter if you did get some pleasure and or enjoyment, in the end you found all of this roll playing hollow, but it was a means to an end. It was all a bit like drinking alcohol; great in the moment, but later you look back and it just feels... distant... and occasionally there was crying and a bit of vomiting after if things had not gone well.

Tonight you had not known the theme of the party, it was just a “formal” as they had put it. You had been told to come dressed in a “formal gown” (did they mean formal like a prom, or like formal as if you were meeting the president, or 'formal' like the skimpy long dresses strippers at the most expensive clubs wore between clients?). Since they had very much enjoyed your presence at last weeks party you were allowed to wear green if you chose, green was a symbol of power among these people, and an honor for you that meant you were on your way “up”.

Luckily you had recently found a dress that could just about cover all of that. When you had seen the floor length strappy green silken dress you had just had to have it, though you had not expected to earn the right to actually wear it so soon among this crowd. That prostitute girl you had hired last week had paid off even better than you could have ever expected, you vowed to find her again, and give her a little extra tip as a thank you. To be in this circle of people you had to know how to keep “help” at your beckon call, people willing to come to your side at a moments notice when you needed them. It was not always money, sometimes it was knowing the special things people needed, or a personal touch that got you the most favor, and let you thank them in the best way possible.

Plus you didn't mind thanking the girl for what she had done, and maybe you could find a way to thank her with more than just money, you just didn't know what yet. You did have the feeling that just bringing her along last week had been repayment enough, as the girl had been a natural and had seemed to have the time of her life. You allowed yourself a moment of jealousy wishing that you could somehow enjoy this kind of entertainment more deeply. Many of the people that “let themselves go”, or “got into character”, or whatever really did seem to have fun at these events.

As you stepped out of the limo most people were ignoring “another guest” showing up. Even as one long sexy bare leg came into view, only a few more heads turned when they noticed the very high heel strappy green stiletto shoes. A couple guys took a sideways look though hoping to catch a view of an accidental exposure of something else as you rotated your hips on the seat and pulled the other leg into view. As your face came out of the shadow of the limo though your long green dress started to come into view and a few gasps let the crowd know to look. You took immense pleasure in counting the number of women (and men, though less so) that looked surprised and/or shocked to see you wearing green for the first time.

Currently there was not a single other woman in view wearing green, though two men had on green ties. These men had been getting almost all of the attention as they had been mingling with the arriving guests, but the sudden arrival of a “new elite” was causing a stir. You knew that you were in a probational period, so you put on your biggest sexiest smile and stood proudly in the dim lights of the turnaround. You took a moment to make sure that everyone's eyes were on you then walked regally towards the entrance, giving a nod to the two men with green ties, and ignoring the others as though they were “peasants”. This was all part of the “show” that these people put on for themselves and each other, a great deal of these people were your acquaintances, and many of them your friends. Once inside the party you could mingle as you chose, but for now you had to play your part, it was an elaborate dance and no one would take offense as long as it was done correctly.

Once inside your shawl was taken and stored then you were escorted into the main entrance of the party by Maître d'. You didn't really get a chance to look around much as many of the guests took your new colors in and you focused your attention on making a good “first” impression in your new roll. The Maître d' then turned you to the side of the great hall and towards some stairs and an elevator. You chose the stairs as it would give all of the onlookers an amazing view of your new favorite little dress. You tried to imagine how it looked from behind and below. The green dress had slits up both sides that went all the way up to the tops of your hips exposing your long firm legs with every step.

The dress flowed across your curves like fluid, making it hard one moment to “undress you with their eyes” while occasionally clinging to you just “so” so that it showed even the most intimate details of your body. From this angle that intimate detail would be the sides of your fantastically (real) firm breasts, maybe a fabric impression of excitement hardened nipples, and your ass. The strappy shoulders, bare back, and slits of the side of your dress would also make it evident you had nothing else on underneath, nothing, you had even had to shave completely since the dress would have bulged out down there if you had left your bush.

You could almost see your ass from their point of view as you stepped carefully up each step maximizing the effect on the crowd. The Maître d' had your arm in his for balance allowing you to really focus on making the best show of it. You were actually getting a tiny bit turned on by knowing just how amazing your ass looked, it was one of your favorite “features” and this dress was perfect for showing off the general shape of it, and probably each step would fold the fabric in for a moment hinting at your intergluteal cleft.

Once you had climbed the stairs the party had quickly gone back to whatever it was doing. Sights like your new status and your fantastic green dress were not all that common but it was expected. Many onlookers had been enjoying the view, shocked about the status change, or just watching out of respect for you and the “game” that you were all playing here. The Maître d' asked what drink you would like and you were served quickly. You had been up on this balcony many times, but this was the first time you had not been up here as a guest of another. It really was exactly the same thing, exactly the same service, exactly the same view, and exactly the same people as usual, but it was just somehow different emotionally. You sat down in one of the out-of-the-way chairs that had no other chairs near it. This was a sign that you wanted to be left alone, this would give you a chance to unwind. These chairs were mostly out of view of everyone else, women often used these chairs to freshen up their makeup without being seen going to the bathroom every time some cute guy smudged her lipstick.

Once you had had your moment to relax, refuel, and collect yourself you stood and walked to the edge of the balcony section to overlook the rest of the party. For fun you even leaned over the balcony a bit, bending only at your hips, giving the dirty old men (and women) behind you a nice view, but it was fun, you knew these people, and for once you were starting to feel the enjoyment of the game's more sexual teasing side. What you saw below was impossible for your mind to completely wrap itself around. You stared at the scene for only about 2 minutes before deciding that you had to get a closer look.

From this vantage point it had first looked like there were glass or crystal mannequins or statues all over the place. There was no furniture otherwise, just party guests and “art”, whatever it was. The reason it was all confusing to the eye was because these glass statues also had a fleshy color to them that you first attributed to reflections of the party guests around, after all there was a lot of skin showing at these parties, but no, it just didn't look right. All of these glass statues were defiantly human shaped, so everything you saw below you was either art of humans or guests.

When you got to the bottom of the stairs you could not really see much again, the crowd was blocking the view to most of the glass artwork that seemed to have all been installed away from the entrance to the great hall, though you now saw that a few of these statues had been installed on 6 foot tall daises at the back of the room, still too far to distinguish why the glass sculptures looked wrong. As you moved through the crowd people tried to talk to you, but they quickly saw that you were distracted, as they had been when they had entered the room. With a wry smile each person or persons had polity left you alone and made way for you to pass. You walked along the left edge of the room looking to get closer to one of these art installations.

The first “statue” you had come across close up didn't immediate solve the question of what these things were. You had to inspect it. A few guests nearby stepped back slightly from it to give you some room, but also to get a better view of your face as you discovered what they had discovered when they had arrived. At first glance it was a functional, fancy, extravagant, sexual, desert table. Closer scrutany showed that it was actually glass in the shape of two women and two men. They were all bending 90 degrees at the waist and holding hands creating a rectangle with their bodies. On top of this was a glass plate that held up the usual overly auspicious deserts on plates. The figures were amazingly detailed, the two women looked identical and the two men looked identical. The women's breasts seemed to hang down just like real breasts would and the men's cocks were erect and angled half way between their chest and their feet. The most amazing thing though was that these were not clear glass sculptures, they had a fleshy colored core making it look like an amalgamation of human and crystal.

One of the men standing nearby looked right at you then walked up to the table's right side and ran his finger up the crack of the right female's pussy. As he brought it up to his mouth to suck off his finger you could have sworn you had seen the glass figure move! Then it hit you. These were real people inside of some kind of hard glass looking coating. Now you could see more detail, the girl on your right had short blond hair and you could see the glass was slightly foggy around her mouth and nose region, she was breathing. The man continued to watch your face as he stood behind the woman. He had his hand back down at her pussy, even though you couldn't see from here, you could tell he was fondling her some how, maybe rubbing her clit or fingering her, you had to see for yourself.

You walked up and moved into the man's personal space to look. He had his thumb buried in this woman's sex and two fingers were masterfully pinching her clit hood massaging the fleshy nub inside. You felt his breath on your neck and shoulder and your heart stopped in your chest as you suddenly got a vision in your mind of being this woman, trapped inside of a crystal cage, unable to move and at the whim and pleasure of any stranger here. Your heart threatened to restart but skipped a few more beats as you realized that this woman was not just a submissive like the “slaves” at the BDSM parties, but she was being objectified.

Part of you wondered why you were not horrified to see one of your fellow “sisters” being objectified as a sexual object, or worse as nothing more than furniture, but you also could not shake the vision of being her and how exciting it would be. It felt like an eternity since your heart had beat, even though it really had never stopped, and you would have been back on the road to recovery if you had not realized that this man, right here next to you, right now, if he chose, could whip out his cock and sink it right into the “table”.

There was nothing stopping him from fucking the table in any of it's 6 available fuck holes, and in your vision you were still her, trapped in ice, vulnerable, but also not human, furniture. You “felt” the glass cool, yet warm covering every inch of your body except where it counted, and you could “feel” the warmth of his cock a millimeter from your sex, just about to go in, and you knew that in this crowd, with these people that not only would it be acceptable for someone to do whatever they wanted to the statues, but it would be expected. No one would stop this man from pressing his sex into you, surely you wouldn't, as you were glass, you were a table, you were their for his pleasure however and whenever he saw fit.

You needed to get to a private place right now, you knew that you were about to loose your cool. You realized only now that you had leaned back into this man's chest to feel more of his warmth than just his breath. You also realized that you had the fingers of your right hand softly delicately touching the hard cock of the man behind you, and this was actually a guest you didn't even know, it would be different if it had been one of your favorites, you could have played it off as a joke, but this felt more serious, and rather exciting. You took a moment to enjoy the feeling of his actually rather large cock through his pants, moving your finger tips up and down to measure it's full size in your mind.

Touching him like this was not helping you shake the image in your mind, instead it was enhancing it, and bringing more detail to your fantasy. At this point in the imaginary scenario running rampant in your mind's eye he was fucking you hard and fast, you had completely fogged up the glass around your face to the point that you could no longer see, and he was suddenly filling you to your limit. Were tables allowed to cum, your muddle mind didn't seem to know. You removed your hand from the tantalizing cock behind you hand ran one finger tip light up the left pussy lip of the woman table in front of you, you could feel her shudder at this new pleasure, and you had to get moving right now or you would make a scene.

You could still feel the heat of the man on your back, as if he was standing right behind you, still allowing you to press yourself against him. Of course you also knew that he was still behind you. No man in here that you knew of would not be following you right now if they had been in that man's shoes. You walked up to the stairs to the balcony and nodded at the attendant there, letting them know that the man following you was accompanying you. You walked up the stairs, again putting on a show, but for one man now, not the entire party, though you realized that a good bit of the party might just be watching you anyways. One of the reasons you had been surprised to be wearing a green dress was that you had never had any serious sexual relations with any guest at these parties, a little petting, kissing, and teasing was all that had ever happened, making it harder for you to get noticed. This was about to change, in the back of your mind you hoped that this would not tarnish your new status, but right now you didn't care at all.

You moved towards your private chair from earlier since you hoped that no one was using that area now either. This must have been confusing for the man behind you, you had let him up the stairs, yet you wanted privacy? About half way to the private area though you stopped and just stared ahead. You could feel that he was there behind you, but in reality you didn't actually know. Then after a moment's pause the man moved past you and turned the corner out of view. You followed and turned the corner expecting him to be standing waiting to take you into his arms, but instead he was sitting in a chair, lounged back looking calm and in control.

You had expected lust and crawling hands from both of you, but you were surprised how this nonchalant approach was rekindling your fire. Having just imagined yourself as nothing more than a piece of furniture getting fucked hard and fast it was easy to meet this man half way. You would be here for this pleasure and with the way he was laying back you knew that his fat cock was easily within your reach.

You really didn't want foreplay at this point you wanted to feel used, you wanted to be a thing of great pleasure for another, you didn't want to kiss... well not kiss lips. You knelt down and had his pants and underwear around his ankles quickly. With him leaning back like this you had to press your breasts into his legs and lean over them some but it was a good angle and you were able to take him into the back of your throat without gagging. He probably had not expected you to be able to take him that deep.

Maybe no woman ever had, he was rather thick and a bit long, but some people could just turn off their gag reflex at will, and some people had more throat elasticity, and some people like you had both. Experimentally you backed off of his cock and just froze in place with his head still in your mouth. You massaged the tip lightly, intentionally waiting to see what he would do. He got the point and he lifted his hips up into your face and started fucking you fast. His hand on the back of your head and fingers intertwined in your hair gave him a lot of control of your head, when he was getting closer to his release he started pulling your face hard into his crotch. This is when you backed off completely, ready for the grand finale.

You stood and spun around lighting fast and within a heartbeat you had pulled the length of your dress up and held it to your stomach, bent at the waist and lowered your hips over his lap so that just the tip of his cock in your pussy. He was big and you were bent over your knees allowing for a very tight fit. This allowed you to  rest the weight of your ass on his cock without driving it deep inside of you in an instant. You knew that you were supposed to be... no... wanted to be “his toy to fuck”, but you did enjoy this simple pleasure too much to miss out. Gravity inevitably won over and you slowly slid down onto his cock, it was wonderful that he was so thick and a little bit longer than most men that you had had before, it allowed for a much slower and deeper descent into pleasure.

Once you hit rock bottom and he was fully inside if you to leaned forward and put your hands on the ground. It was a stretch but it lifted you off of his cock until only the tip was left inside and forced you to focus on your balance, and prevented you from fucking your body down onto him right this moment. Instead you paused like before and he got the clue. He must have been tired from fucking your face but he didn't seem to mind fucking up into you again. You stood completely still, as if made of glass and let him find his pleasure in your body.

You still didn't know if tables, or fuck toys were supposed to cum, but your body (and honestly the thickness pounding into you) didn't give you a choice. Your pussy was already tight from being bent over so far, but as you started to cum and your pussy clamped down on his cock he found it so tight that it was difficult to force himself up into you. He grabbed the loose cloth of your dress and pulled back and down hard throwing you off your balance and again resting the weight of your body on his cock. With him pulling down though it didn't take so long to find yourself sitting with your full weight on him, and every inch of him in you.

Already in the middle of your orgasm you ground your hips hard against him, not lifting up but just rotating your hips back and front grinding him  hard into your g-spot. A subtle bit of pain let you know that he was pressing into your cervix but the pain just added a little something extra to the lust of the thing. Then he let loose, his body went rigid and he held his breath, everything was so tight you could feel his urethrae expand with sudden a rushing pressure inside of you. You noted how the fluids inside of you changed in consistency as his was added to yours even as you continued to grind on him. Eventually his body went limp behind you and he started breathing again. Your body also went limp from exhaustion and sexual release, now that you were sitting still on him you could even feel every rushed heart beat as his cock throbbed inside of you slightly, it was as if his body was full of life, and you were just a limp sex toy laying on his lap that he was soon going to set aside.

As you lay limp, still impaled, still full, and now tired and pleased with yourself. You realized that this was the first time you had ever taken part in the sex games so intimately, so thoroughly. You wondered for a moment if that was due to just finally loosening up, but no, you had just been suddenly thrust in a very physical and mental realization of the only fetish you now knew you had. You thought back to those people trapped in glass. You wondered if they were themselves strangers or did the 4 people residing in that table know each other? Was that her boyfriend or husband standing next to her with his ass just as vulnerable as her pussy and ass had been? Did it really matter, right now they were just a table. No, you didn't believe that, they were a table, that could experience. What if he was experiencing watching her squirm out of the corner of his eye, knowing that someone was doing something to her, knowing that she was getting pleasure from it, but not being able to see what was happening or do anything to stop it... or join in giving her pleasure. What if they were strangers? Still he was probably experiencing the same thing, just with less emotional attachment to the woman next to him.

You just had to see more now. You stood up, allowing the slowly softening cock in your pussy to kind of just slark out. You would have much preferred either a hard cock to ride up and down 2 or 3 strokes just for fun before leaving or you would have enjoyed feeling a completely limp cock sliding out of you on it's own accord, but this half way thing; standing up with it slightly tugging at your insides while simultaneously unceremoniously slarking out of you with a wet flop, this was less sexy. It didn't matter though, you grabbed 3 tissues from the box next to the chair (someone had been thinking) and shoved them up your pussy to prevent ruining your amazing green dress. You didn't look back as you walked across the balcony section. You imagined that you looked funny walking, having just been split open by a huge cock, but honestly you handled him just fine. You also had imagined that all eyes would be on you, having just fucked a stranger for the first time ever, but no one seemed to care. They were not ignoring you, but you also were not getting undesirable attention. You stopped by the bathroom on the balcony level and cleaned yourself up. Since he had not touched your face, you didn't need to worry much about makeup, but you needed to clean up... elsewhere. The bathroom attendant had everything you could ever need as a woman, including a small sealed one use douche. When you were done you offered the bathroom attendant a handsome tip, she added the tip to your tab on her tablet, and you signed it.

Back downstairs you took a full tour of the grand hall, and even some of the alcoves. You looked at every sculpture and took a moment to imagine yourself as each one, a thing of pleasure, used. In the center of the room there was a grand piece. There was a woman and a man encased in the body of a centaur. The woman was the front legs, with a beautiful resplendent face and enormous breasts. The artist had managed to get her hair to flow out behind her like she was running full tilt and the hair was encased in the same glass. Her arms seemed to reach up and pinch her own nipples as if she were giving herself pleasure.

A man was encased inside of the centaur becoming the rear legs and its body. He was bent forward inside of the horse chest of the centaur. His cock was hanging down pointing into the inside of a huge glass centaur cock, a giant human looking cock... with slightly centaur like features. Around the glass statue was 2 leather straps going over it's horse back, the front strap lead down to tie up the wrists of a glass encased woman and the rear strap lead down to tie up the ankles of this woman. She also had enormous breasts and she was hanging under the centaur touching glass belly to glass belly. The centaur cock was inside of this woman and from the right angle you could see the large glass cock spreading her pussy wide around it's girth. You wondered just for a moment how they had even accomplished crafting this three person art piece, but you could not even fathom where you would start, you would have to get the information of the artist... for research purposes.

Most of the rest of the art was less dramatic. Many of the men and women encased in glass in the alcoves had obviously been designed for intimate interaction, while the strong men and strong women up on the daises had no visible holes in the glass except for breathing. Many of the art pieces were in use by men and/or women, whether they were in the alcoves or not. It was so much harder to pry your eyes away from the glass figures that were being used. Even the statue men you could envision yourself as, and when they were being interacted with it was so much more visceral and real.

One alcove was very busy, it had eight glass men posed in such a way that they were chairs, and beside each was a woman encased in glass that was decorational maybe, whatever it was the room was full of people sitting or standing, and you decided to come back to explore this one later. The next alcove had a bar, and thankfully there were no glass clad figures in here, this was a place for your eyes, and heart to rest. The bartender recognized you and assumed you wanted your usual so had it ready when you absentmindedly walked past. You accepted the drink without really thinking about it, and only really noticed you were carrying anything at all because your hand was suddenly clasped around a glass cock. You looked down and there above your hand was the wine glass you would expect, with red wine, but the stem in your hand was a slightly stubby green colored dildo.

You supposed this went with the theme, glass and all, but it also prevented people from setting their drinks down anywhere so maybe they would drink them faster and more people would get more drunk and more people would enjoy the art, and more art would enjoy the people.

The next alcove on the other side of the bar was exactly the same as the overly crowded room from before, except that this one was empty of guests save one woman. This woman was sitting down on one of the men moving her hips up and down, but when she saw you, then saw your green dress she stood up suddenly with a small squelch sound and left the room bowing the entire way out. You knew she must have been a first timer or a guest's guest that didn't really belong here, the way she had bowed to you was not part of the “game”, the woman had just panicked.

Now you saw though why she had been in here, and why the squelch sound. These men were all designed as chairs, each arranged slightly differently so that some had arms as arm rests and some were higher or lower than others, but they all had one feature in common. Their erect cocks were encased in glass on their laps, the seat. You could see now that these “sitting” rooms had been designed with women in mind, though you imagined that one or two of the gay or more fluid men might drop their trousers to enjoy a little glass cock fuck. No these two rooms around the bar were gossip rooms for the female guests.

All of the women statues were unique in their own way, but they had all been designed to be in the same position. They were doing a kind of impossible headstand with their backs arched and their ass up in the air. Their arms were behind their backs hands resting flat on their lower back, their arms were not pulled back so far though as to be in pain. Then their legs were bent so their knees were hanging down to their breasts and their calves were out in front of them making a small table or shelf. This left each of their pussies pointing basically straight up in the air. The hole in the glass giving access to their pussies had a strange distinct trapezoid shape. You looked at the wine glass you kept absentmindedly carrying around and noticed that the base of the dildo at the bottom of the wine glass portion had a trapezoid shaped beveled block.

You were not even really thinking about it as you sat down, you instinctively lifted your dress and sat right down on the nearest glass cock chair and let it fill you up. The glass cocks in this room all seemed to have an extra thick bulb of glass at their tips, making it that much harder for most girls to get on, but also off, or maybe it was to keep drunk women from falling off so easy, who knew. This glass cock inside of you felt like it was about the same thickness as the fucking you had just gotten just shorter, you giggled thinking about how many girls must have had problems with overly thick glass covered cocks tonight.

You took your wine glass and set the tip of it on the entrance of the pussy next to you. The body inside the glass wiggled, preparing itself. You noticed that the trapezoid fit a certain way and that the glass cock on your wine glass actually had a bit of a curve to it, you smiled knowing what this meant. You pressed the head of the glass dildo into the anonymous girl until about two inches were in her. For once you were not trying to imagine yourself as her. With a huge glass cock inside of you right now you were more interested in seeing what happened when you set the glass fully in it's socket.

You spun the glass around a couple of times between your fingers, giving the girl a little extra fun, then when the trapezoids were lined up you let go of the glass. You wanted to see if it would sink down into her or come back out. This girl was flexing her stomach now, you could tell she was trying to get the glass to sink in, but she was also so tight that it was loosing ground more often than she was gaining ground. So you pulled out the glass, drank half of the remaining wine in one draft, then placed it back into the girl and pressed it down. You bent over some, as much as the glass cock in your pussy would allow and tried to get the best look at the girl's face as you could. You wanted to see her reaction when the trapezoids fit together. You knew from the shape of everything that the tip of the glass cock in the girl would rest right on her g-spot and you also knew from watching her that she had just enough control of her stomach muscles from this position to get herself off if she wanted to.

For a moment you were shocked when you recognized the girl in the glass. It was the prostitute that you had hired for the BDSM party. They must have liked her so much that they had hired her for this. You were a bit jealous that she would “cheat” on you like this, and happy for her to be getting this opportunity, and happy that she was probably getting a ridiculous amount of money for this job, and a little jealous that she was getting to enjoy the thrills of glass encasement while you were stuck out here.

Well you had wanted to thank her for her help getting you your green dress tonight so you watched her face as best you could through the glass as you plunged the glass dildo fully into her and let the trapezoids settle into their perfect position. Sure enough the girl started flexing her stomach muscles and you could see your wine slopping around inside the wine glass slightly. It didn't take long before the glass was extra fogged up and the girl was breathing fast. You wondered if she had recognized you yet, or if she even cared at this point?

Had some other guest been in here already and not known how to settle the trapezoids for full effect, had she teased this girl and kept her on the edge then left her begging silently to earn her orgasm, or was she just that easy and ready to cum? Either way she was getting close and you could feel it, and why shouldn't you feel it? You pulled the wine glass dildo sharply out of her, drank the rest of the wine down in one last gulp and set the glass down on the girl's calve's table. 

You plunged your fingers down into her, this made you shift again on your glass cock, but you were happy that you didn't have to give it up just yet. You masterfully massaged her g-spot as she undulated her stomach muscles trying desperately to grab at your fingers with her pussy for pleasure. As payback for “cheating” on you you tried to bring her close a few times then make her calm down a few times until you just couldn't stand making her wait any longer. Each time you slowed just at the right moment you were rewarded with a disappointed snort of air from her breathing holes. When you could feel the first involuntary pussy clenches of the girl's orgasm you stood up, giving up on the glass cock you had been enjoying, and pressed your face into the girl's pussy and started licking everything you could reach. The girl exploded with pleasure, you almost felt like this girl was going to shatter her glass prison or at least melt right through it, but she didn't.

When the girl was done, and it would have been just torture for her if you continued you sat back down on the glass cock and enjoyed it filling you up again, surprised and how much you had missed the solid reassuring internal embrace of the thicker glass bulb tip. You took the empty wine glass dildo and reinserted it into the girl all the way. You knew from current experience that she would enjoy the solid trustworthy fullness it provided. This was your chance to imagine being her. It was so much more real to you, knowing this girl, like you could get into her shoes easier than the other anonymous strangers she had seen encased in glass tonight.

You wondered if you knew anyone else in glass? Were there any guests you usually saw that were unexpectedly absent? Could you have been one of these glass sculptures if they had asked you? Would you have even said yes if you had not seen what you had seen tonight? You sat back in the man/chair and let your legs fall open around his knees. You pulled your dress back so that anyone in the room (there was no one but glass, and who cared what they saw) could see your glass filled pussy. You pulled your straps down on your dress for the first time tonight and exposed your breasts. Left hand immediately went to your right nipple, and you allowed your left wrist to rub softly across your left nipple. Your right hand had also quickly found it's way to your pussy.

You felt around the glass inside of you, playing with your stretched out pussy lips before working on your clit. It would not take long to cum especially while imaging being approached and asked to get encased in glass right his moment to replace one of the girls in this room. How would it feel to be a table, how would it be to be treated with no respect, would guests even care if you came? Would some guy come in and find a way to sit down on top of your glass covered ass and press his advantage? Would some woman you know, some friend, or enemy come in and suck the cum out of your pussy, or tease you, or pinch you, cause pleasure and pain?

You could hear a faint faint moaning along with the faintest sound of breathing coming from the girl next to you, was she about to cum again so soon? What about the man below you? Surely he could not feel your pussy wrapped around his cock through the glass? What kind of pleasure could you cause him? You took a moment to rearrange your hair so that it would fall over his breathing hole so maybe at least he could smell you. As you heard your little glass girlfriend cum you came, pussy so tired yet it clamped down on the glass ball inside of it.

It took a while before you even opened your eyes, there above you was that man from earlier, he was twiddling your empty wine glass in his right hand. You looked over at your favorite little glass girl and he had replaced your wine glass with a large glass of water that was moving slightly. How was it that this little girl could be going for another round? Well you would just have to wait for her to finish before you could wet your tired parched throat, and as far as the hunk standing over you, well he would have to wait also... wait until you took him home if he was willing, and by the bulge in his pants straining to get out, he would probably be willing.

“Thanks for the green tie by the way, they just gave it to me, they say it's thanks to me awakening you, or whatever... This is my parent's house, if you need a place to stay tonight, or a place to rest right now, you are welcome to any room you like, or my room if you like. I was also told to tell you that you are welcome to my parent's room if you want, but I have the feeling the two of them would never let you rest. Me, on the other hand, I know just where you'd like to rest.”

The man moved toward you and pulled your strappy dress back up to cover your breasts, then he pulled your dress down to cover your still glass filled sex. It was not because you were some kind of disgrace, not at this kind of party, it was just that he was being a gentleman, it was a gesture, and a kind one at that. You realized that the easiest way to find out who the artist of the night was would be through the hosts of the party, but that was not why you would find yourself in his room tonight, it was also not the thought of drifting off to sleep with his huge cock filling you up.

You would be in his bed tonight due to the fact that he was the one who had “been there” for your transformation, he had been an accidental catalyst in your self discovery, and you knew how to thank those that helped you. It was not always money, sometimes it was knowing the special things people needed, or a personal touch that got you the most favor, and let you thank them in the best way possible.


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