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by Mikel

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Storycodes: M/f; strip; toys; insert; electrodes; prepare; wrap; multilayer; heat; shrink; encase; hardshell; display; objectify; collection; denial; stuck; cons; X

Jody had always loved tight inescapable bondage, over the last year she had been letting her “play time” partners encase her in many different materials. Each time she was encased she would be teased and tortured inside her cocoon until finally being allowed to orgasm. Her favorite play mate was Henry, he seemed to know just what she wanted and could keep her on the edge of an orgasm for hours while she was unable to even twitch her body. Jody visited him as often as he allowed spending more and more time encased in his garage in tighter and firmer materials.

On her last visit to Henry’s “dungeon” he had made her agree to spend at least three days with him citing the time it would take to encase her demanded her stay that long to make it worth his time. Jody quickly agreed getting wet as the thought of being encased tightly for that long excited her since her longest time previously had been twenty four hours. Arriving Henry told her to undress, Jody always kept her body hairless and had done as Henry had asked making sure she had no hair except on her head. Jody had never been able to shave her curly red locks off insisting on using a tight latex swim cap instead to protect her.

Jody quickly stripped and tucked her hair expertly into the swim cap and stood anxiously waiting for Henry to begin. Henry forced her feet into leather booties that once she was laid down he would pull the straps on her toes back to her ankles forcing her feet to remain pointed almost backwards. Jody moaned as Henry inserted the steel probes into her pussy and ass then winced slightly as he pulled the thin leather straps tightly around her waist cinching the strap between her legs tight sinking it deeply into her pussy and ass. Henry carefully ran the wires for the probes up to the top of her head before attaching the stim pads to her nipples and taped over them with wide duct tape.

Jody purred as she felt Henry moving around her taping more electrodes to her body, Jody never opened her eyes while he worked leaving him alone while he routed the wires correctly. Once Henry was finished wring her up he took the duct tape and wrapped her hands tightly making sure they were held firmly and kept very flat. Jody loved the feeling of slowly losing her freedom and squirmed slightly as the probes continued to arouse her. Henry took his time covering Jody’s special places with electrodes and tape finally covering each of her eyes with it sealing them shut before moving to her mouth.

Jody’s body was now partially covered in black tape and electrodes, her hands and feet useless and her eyes sealed shut when she felt him touch her lips, her cue to either open up and accept her gag thus accepting her bondage or deny it and be released. She knew once she opened her mouth she would remain trapped in whatever position he wanted to place her in until he decided to free her. Judy’s mouth snapped open making Henry smile at her quick reaction and he stuffed the new gag into her mouth and wrapped the head harness around her head. Jody didn’t recognize the gag and became even more aroused as she felt him pulling the straps tightly around her head feeling more pressure on her eyes as the large phallus was pulled deeper into her mouth.

Henry pulled each strap another notch before stopping and inserting the smaller phallus into the hole in the center of the gag already in her mouth. This phallus not only made the gag larger in diameter it stretched it further moving the gag deeper into her throat. Jody felt the gag moving and twisted and turned her head trying in vain to get the growing monster in her mouth to stop its attack. Henry kept pushing until the base seated fully into the outer phallus then latched it in place. No locks were needed since very soon she would not be able to reach anywhere on her body and with her hands taped so completely she couldn’t undo anything anyway. Jody was still struggling with the gag, her bound hands groping at her face while Henry watched and waited for her to calm down.

Once Jody stopped struggling Henry pulled the small plug out of the center of the gag and Jody could suddenly breathe through her mouth again. Jody was relieved but also knew Henry would control her breathing from now on making each breath precious. Henry told Jody he was using a new tape he had discovered this time and after she was fully encased with it he would give her a surprise. Jody loved his surprises and almost came when he said it. Henry started wrapping her ankles, carefully wrapping upwards pulling each wrap tighter as it climbed up her body.  

Henry continued to wrap Jody’s prone body carefully overlapping each layer until he reached her neck. Henry stopped and wrapped a steel posture collar around her thin neck closing it with pop rivets before finishing her wrapping. Jody was covered from the top of her head to her toes and could feel the glue warming slightly on her skin and thought she could feel it tightening as well. Slowly he inserted two thin metal tubes into Jody’s nostrils pushing each deep inside her making her moan from the new sensation. The tubes like the collar were only there to keep any extra pressure from closing her nostrils or pushing on her neck and soon they would be her only breathing passages.

Jody lay quietly letting the feelings of being wrapped so tightly wash over her when she felt him raise her feet and start wrapping her again. Each layer that was added felt even tighter than the first wrap and increased the heat Jody was feeling making her start to whine and try to twist inside the cocoon. Jody loved the feelings of how firmly the first wrap was holding her and didn’t notice until Henry had begun wrapping her chest that the new layer kept her from bending any part of her body. Henry wrapped her head and neck then began to run long strips of tape vertically from her head to her toes moving to her shoulders still pulling long strips down her body and back up. 

After completing the vertical layer Henry stood the rigid form on her pointed toes and began wrapping the final layer. Jody could no longer feel anything outside the cocoon, she felt added pressure on her toes and assumed he had stood her up but had no idea that he was wrapping her in a third type of tape or what that meant. Henry was able to wrap the last layer much faster and quickly had Jody’s cocoon finished stepping back to admire his work while Jody was struggling with the increased heat and pressure inside. Henry watched for any signs of movement from the blue mass standing in front of him noticing that even the rising and falling of her chest was completely invisible to him.

Jody was starting to really overheat in the oppressive confines realizing that she had agreed to no safe words or time of her release, Henry had said it would be up to him and she would have nothing to say about it. Even though she had agreed to the conditions he had set now she was getting scared as she began to have difficulty taking a breath. Jody tried to whine but could not hear any sounds coming from her, she started grunting only hearing slight hisses coming out of her nose. The feelings of fear and being totally helpless aroused her more encouraging her to try and break free harder accomplishing nothing. Henry listened to her breathing and hissing and smiled knowing that the numbing agent in the gag was working and that she would not be able to utter a sound again.

After his break Henry pulled a large light fixture in front of Jody’s encased body, Jody had just started to feel the heat decreasing when she heard him say. “Now that you’re all ready I’ll explain what type of tape I used and how it works”. Henry went into a long detailed narrative about the different types of tape he had used and why it was important. Jody only understood that it sounded like the heat she had been feeling was first due to the tape bonding with her skin and the other waves were caused by the different layers vulcanizing to each other. The most important thing she heard was once the tape had bonded it was essentially one piece and that once the activating light was applied the tape would shrink “slightly” he wasn’t really sure how much, then it would harden.  The last thing he said scared her the most “With the hardened shell bonded to your skin I have no idea how long you will be trapped inside”.

Henry continued his explanation by telling his captive that everyone sheds their skin cells at different rates and that since she was encased it would take longer than normal. Jody was screaming as his voice trailed off but could swear she heard that most normal people shed a complete layer in two to four months. While Jody fought inside the shell Henry watched her heart rate and slowly turned the figure around in front of the light. After rotating the figure for an half an hour the shell turned a deep black indicating that it was fully hardened. Henry let go of her hardened cocoon watching it fall to the floor and rattle around while he turned off the light and started to put everything away. Jody felt the thud of hitting the floor but had no idea of what happened only that she was being tossed around and could not move a finger to stop it.

Henry prepared the display rack and picked up the now perfectly formed figure that once was Holly. The shrinking of the layers completed the black statue that now had the details of the woman trapped inside it showing her parted pussy lips and sealed eyes. Even the straps of the gag and wires running all over her body were clearly visible. Henry strapped the hardened figure onto the display rack making sure all the wires were properly attached to the control units noticing her heart rate had slowed and smiled. “I think I have chosen correctly this time” he mumbled as he rolled her into the house. Henry set his new plaything next to three other figures already strapped to the recesses in the wall noting the flat heart rate lines coming from the others frowning as he begins to strap Jody in her niche.

Jody stands completely rigid inside her tomb feeling the tingling starting again and even though she has no idea that it has been three months or the fact that he had denied her every chance at a climax she hopes this time she will be allowed to cum. The vibrations and even the electric shocks have become the only hope for Jody, not as distractions but as chances to satisfy her desire to orgasm. Her mind has accepted her new living conditions and no longer fights the strong shell that holds her totally immobile. She had always enjoyed Henry’s tortures knowing that when he was ready he would give her a massive orgasm and knows that soon he will let her cum. Occasionally she hears Henry talking to her but can never seem to understand what he says, she now only wants to be teased and tormented alone in the dark…. forever.    


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