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Floored - The Consequences of Betrayal

by Closetslave

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© Copyright 2011 - Closetslave - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; drug; bond; scarves; gag; trunk; buried; concrete; revenge; oral; mast; sex; climax; nc; XX

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned… Or so they say. A woman betrayed will act completely out of character, full of venom, driven by impulse almost to the very point of murder even! And Kate of course is no different….

A seventeen year relationship is one that by definition must be incredibly strong and difficult to break, and when it does become broken a woman can act impulsively, and dangerously, just as Alan is about to find out.

Sitting in her kitchen now he is suitably forlorn, ashamed, head bowed, hurting for what he has done, but Kate wants to see him hurting more. She wants to see him TRULY suffer and her drive now is to REMOVE him from her world, to take him out of her existence along with every other reminder that she has of him, and yet to know that he is still suffering immeasurably for his sins.

Thus, a plan is being hatched… A plan to realize her intent. A little sedation in a cup of coffee, something to subdue him, make him pliable for what she has in mind. And then she can get to work!

It all seems innocuous enough to him at first, she’s relatively calm as she hands him the cup. It’s just coffee isn’t it? Well, he would think so and he would have no reason to think otherwise… would he?

Within thirty minutes though the Ketamine tablet is having it’s affect, in time it’s going to render him completely unconscious of course but for now, he is weakened, ennervated and utterly pliable. It’s time now for the silk and satin scarves that he always used to love so very much. Must keep him pliable at this point after all!!!

Kate begins slowly, first binding his ankles as he sits at the table head bowed, then she binds his knees, tightly with another silky scarve! Right now, he’s going absolutely nowhere and she quickly pulls his hands behind his back so as to tie both his wrists and then his elbows tight with yet more scarves. With the slightest of smiles, she remembers then how her friend Vicky showed her these knots.

‘Inescapable they are, you tie a man up like that and he isn’t going anywhere unless you untie him’, Vicky had said… and it was indeed the case. Alan was now quite helpless and sinking further and further into unconsciousness. It is at that point though that Kate’s unbridled aggression suddenly returns with a vengeance.

For a moment though she takes the time to observe him, restrained as he is, helpless and completely at her mercy now. Then with all of the aggression that is still building within her, she strikes his face hard with the palm of her hand to send him sprawling into a crumpled heap onto the hard kitchen floor! Alan stirs slightly now, moaning in pain due to the impact, but he’s unable to resist of course.

Kate then moves to the knife drawer and takes out the sharpest knife that she owns before returning to him in order to crouch down beside him, the blade coming to bear against his vulnerable throat as she grabs a hold of his hair to yank his head back.
Alan is now struggling to keep his eyes open, but he’s well aware of what’s happening now as Kate plays the blade across his throat in a threatening manner.

“You wanna die now you fucking shit?”, she snaps, “shall I end your miserable existence right here and now for what you did?”

The question is rhetorical of course, and she immediately follows it up with a shake of her head.

“No, you don’t get off that lightly, I want you to suffer for years… and you WILL do”, say’s Kate as she lets his head fall painfully to the floor once again.

Alan grimaces as his head hits the unyielding surface and then he shakes it in an attempt to clear the fogginess in his brain, his eyes half opened although showing clear signs of fear right now before they finally close as unconsciousness begins to take a hold of him. He’s fighting it now but it’s no use, and within the next few seconds, he’s gone…

When he finally awakens from his chemically induced slumber a few hours later, the full realization that he is now bound hand and foot finally begins to set in. He can tell now that the restraints have not been applied lightly like some kinky little sex game, but cruelly and horrendously tight so that he cannot move or even hope to escape what Kate now has planned for him. Panic of course, suddenly overtakes him, he struggles against the harsh restraints, but to no avail. And then he calls to her….

“Kate? Kate?… what the hell is happening, what are you doing to me?”, he cries, his voice now tinged with a mix of adject shame and a little fear now at what he has done to her, to their relationship. Part of him knows that he perhaps deserves this, he needs to feel the hurt that he has caused her, and to an extent he will take her anger, it’s his to own after all. Even he though could never imagine the level of Kate’s anger right now, nor the reality of what will soon become of him.

Desperately, he calls to her again.

“Kate, please Kate…. This is not funny, let me go …please”, he pleads whilst again tugging uselessly at his bonds. He can hear her now somewhere in the flat though, her footfalls clunking upon the wooden floorboards throughout… and yet she ignores him.

“Come on Kate, untie me!”, cries Alan, that mix of shame and acknowledgement of his need to suffer her wrath now growing within him. The minutes pass, his mind is wandering, he’s becoming a little frightened at her apparent ignoring of his situation. Then suddenly from his prostrate position on the floor of the kitchen, a pair of black ankle boots suddenly appear in his field of vision, a skirt hem swaying gently about three inches above the floor.

Alan strains his neck to look up at her, her face is full of hate, a look that could kill.

“Untie you?”, she snaps, “Oh I don’t think so”, she adds, “I really don’t fucking think so!!!”

Alan furrows his brow, he’s confused but he suddenly has a hard on in his jeans. He closes his eyes, let’s his head fall to the floor forlornly. Then he looks up at her again, his limbs flexing and tugging at the restraints about his ankles, knees, wrists and elbows. Fuck, she’s tied him good! She really does mean business! Is this a game?

Somehow he doesn’t think so…

“What are you going to do to me?”, he asks, solefully. Kate then squats down upon her haunches, her legs splaying out and her skirt falling all about her as she does so.

“What am I going to do to you Al?”, she says, her voice full of venom now, “I’m going to make you suffer, I’m going to make you suffer for what you did to me, you fucking betrayed me and you’re going to suffer for that! REALLY fucking suffer!!!”, say’s Kate, the tears now welling up in her eyes now as she grits her teeth in anger.

“Seventeen years!!!”, she adds, “Seventeen fucking years you’ve taken from me, and now you’re going to suffer you piece of shit!!!”

Kate then grabs a handful of his hair and yanks it hard, pulling his face upwards until he’s unavoidably staring her in the face. Then she spits into his face, twice!

“Do you fucking hear me!!!”, she snaps, “I AM going to make you suffer. I don’t want to even see you in my life anymore or anything that reminds me of you, so do you want to know what I’m going to do to you?”, she asks without really waiting for an answer before continuing.

“I’m going to remove you from my world”, say’s Kate. “I’m going to bury you… bury you a’fucking’live. I’m going to make you suffer like you’ve never suffered before and you’re going to HATE every minute of it”, she adds, the look upon her face now full of hate, scorn, agression and raw anger.

Alan is confused, what does she mean?

“B-bury me?”, he asks nervously.

Kate bites at her lower lip in contemplation, she pulls her head back slightly, looking down into his eyes now from over the bridge of her nose. She’s thinking about her words and assessing their impact upon him. She is hoping that he is truly suffering now and she’s deliberately pausing in order to make him suffer more. And then she continues…

“Yes, BURY YOU”, she says, “that hole in the back yard that the builders made, I’m going to put you in a box and put you into it. And when those builders return tomorrow, they will finish the job that they started, unaware that you’ll be in the box that will be hidden at the bottom of that pit”, she adds, her voice pausing again now as though to add effect to her words before continuing on.

“They won’t see you in there, I’ll make fucking sure of that, you’ll be under the layer of dirt at the bottom”, say’s Kate, “and they’ll pour their concrete over you… they’re going to bury you alive!”….
“I’m going to remove you from my world once and for all do you hear me you piece of scum!…. Do you fucking hear me!!!!”, say’s Kate, again through gritted teeth.

Alan tugs again at his bonds in response, although again to no avail. He’s in pain now both physically and mentally, the scarves, although silky are all but cutting into his skin, a very REAL fear now beginning to grow inside of him at the cruelty of Kate’s intent.

“You can’t get away, so don’t bother trying”, she says, a half smile forming upon her lips now “this is not one of your silly fantasy roleplay games Al… This is real, VERY fucking real!!!!”, she adds, and then after another painful yank of his hair and another barrage of spit, she stands to walk away again, leaving him now to suffer in his bondage and contemplate the severity of her words and his upcoming fate.

Alan calls to her again, this time, he’s a little more insistent.

“For fucks sake Kate, this is not funny now…. Untie me”, he hollers.

“Fuck you!”, comes the reply, “you’ll take this and you’ll live with it”

“But, but… shit Kate, you can’t really mean to really bury me alive! You just can’t!!”

The boots suddenly return once again, this time though with a little more haste and with an agression that strikes fear into Alan’s very soul, their wearer standing above, her voice still full of anger but lower now, like she doesn’t want her neighbours to hear.

“Yes I fucking can”, she says through gritted teeth, “…and I will!”

She crouches down beside him once again and it’s then apparent that the knife is in her hand and being pressed against his throat for the second time that evening, she is relishing in her power over him now, enjoying the life or death struggle that is now playing out before her very eyes..

“I could do this Al, I could so fucking do this because I HATE you so much right now”, say’s Kate, “but I don’t want you to have any quick exits, I want you to suffer for as long as I can make you suffer. I’m hoping that that’s going to be for years but we’ll see”, she adds.

She then stands again, her ankle boot suddenly coming to bear against the side of his face, a harsh shove downwards to push home the point and to crush his head down harder onto the floor.

Alan cries out again, this time in real pain as Kate suddenly moves her boot completely onto the side of his head and then steps her full weight onto it. Within seconds, she is standing her full weight onto his skull, her skirt swaying gently above it now as she holds on to the the work surface in order to steady herself….

And then the other boot takes it’s place on Alan’s head next to the first as she stands completely upon it!!!
“You’ll take this you piece of shit, you’ll take this and you’ll suffer it”, she says, shifting her skirt with her free hand now in order that she can look down and enjoy his pain wracked features as they are crushed under her boots as he cries out in pain, the sudden realization that, yes, this REALLY is not a game!!!

“You’re going to be buried alive under four feet of concrete….. and I’m going to fucking enjoy it”, she snaps, before bouncing once or twice on his head to add weight to her trampling before finally stepping off of it, kicking it once with her boot and then storming off once again to leave Alan sobbing upon the floor.

Within seconds though, she’s back, a pair of her knickers and her tights in her hand. She squats down again, grabbing roughly at his cheeks, digging her fingers in to them to make him open his mouth.

“Open your mouth!”, she snaps. “I’ve had enough of the sound of your voice, open it!!!!”

Alan tries to resist the onslaught of course as she forces the damp silk knickers hard against his mouth. The smell of her sex is all over them of course, she knows that and is intent on forcing that upon him now.

“I said open your fucking mouth you piece of shit!”, she repeats, this time with a little more venom in her voice whilst continuing to dig harshly into the flesh of his face in order to make him comply.

“Kate… please, please don’t do this to me, please don’t gag me”, cries Alan, his eyes now welling up at what she is doing to him.

“If you don’t open your mouth, I’m going to break your fucking jaw with a hammer to make you open it, so OPEN IT!!!!”, she cries for a third time, and his lips finally begin to part to the pressure, the fingers of her right hand digging in ever more painfully to the soft flesh of his face now.

Within only a few seconds Alan’s mouth is duly filled to capacity with the dirty, soiled nylon, the taste of Kates sex still strong upon them as her sexual juices begin to dissolve into his saliva and then permeate his senses in order to further his torment.

In an instance, she opens up the waistband of the tights and then she thrusts them over Alan’s head, the crotch across his mouth before winding the legs back around his head and around to his mouth again repeatedly until just enough length remains at the front to tie into a tight not, effectively gagging him and holding the soiled silky knickers deep in his mouth.

Now, all he can do is grunt….

“Mmph! Mmph!”, he cries, as his limbs again tug desperately against the restraints holding them immobile. Kate stands up to look down onto him, she is seemingly enjoying his struggles at her feet now, then she disappears from sight once again….

Suddenly there is the sound of something being dragged across the floor nearby, Alan strains his head to the left and right, desperate now to try and see through the gauzy nylon covering that obscures his vision, but he cannot, until finally, and inexorably, a heavy wooden trunk comes into view…. and the dawning, fearful realization that Kate truly means to do this now begins to manifest fully within his mind.

She REALLY is going to bury him alive!!!!

She wants him to stew for now though, to contemplate the fate that she’s devised for him and so with that in mind, she leaves him to apply her makeup, change into a lower cut top, something to expose her awesome cleavage even more so than it already is! It is clear now that she intends to go out, that she’s going to leave him here to suffer whilst she has a little fun… and it’s such torment!!!

Perhaps she will go to a nightclub, maybe she will find someone to give her the attention that she needs, maybe she will allow that someone a little more than a grope and a kiss. A little psychological revenge. Either way, she wants Alan to suffer until her return and she wants to be able to think of something else other than… HIM.

When she’s ready to leave she returns to his side once again, glaring down at him from above the bridge of her nose again, the venom is still evident of course, she’s angry, hostile, she wants to trample him heavily, beat him, kick him with her heels, stamp upon his face until his skin splits from the force of it all. She resists for now though and then squats down to grabs his face once again in order to turn it towards her.

“I’m going out now”, she say’s harshly, whilst somewhat crudely lifting her skirts and exposing her naked vagina to his terrified gaze. “Someone will be getting this tonight”, she adds, “someone will be sticking their hard dick in there…. But it won’t be you!!!”

Kate then shuffles forwards until she’s actually squatting over Alans face, her sex ominously above him now as she spreads her lips wide with her fingers in order to expose her innermost, liquified charms.

“Can you smell my arousal at the thought of that you piece of shit?”, she snaps, “can you smell how fucking turned on I am at the thought of being fucked by another man?, how I’m yearning for a hard, rampant cock inside me instead of that poor excuse for a cock between your legs?”

Kate then mashes her cunt agressively onto Alan’s nylon covered face, marking her prey and annointing her victim before pulling back, and then letting his head fall once again onto the hard surface with a heavy thud. He’s crying again now but she doesn’t care one iota. All the love has gone now, only hate remains in it’s place.

“That’s all you’re good for now, something to beat and to abuse”, snaps Kate, “I’ll make you clean it when I get back”, she adds. And then she stands, steps agressively onto his face again and then storms off, the door slamming and the lock clicking ominously within it to strike fear into his very soul.

She’s out for hours of course, Alan has no idea whatsoever where she is or what she’s even doing. Whilst he suffers in his cruelly inflicted bondage, his mind is conjuring up tormenting images of her sitting at the bar of some nightclub, some guy chatting her up, complementing her on her looks whilst unable to keep his eyes off of her cleavage. He’s buying her drinks, touching her thigh and lusting after her.

Then he see’s her leaning against a wall in a dark back lane, head back, eyes closed, her skirts hoisted high and the guy thrusting his hard cock in and out of her whilst she moans in passion. It’s pure torment for him, it rips his soul asunder.

But suddenly, she’s back again…

She wastes no time at all now in coming to him, the tights are quickly removed from his head, the knickers pulled harshly from within his mouth. His head lolls to one side, he’s exhausted now from his futile struggles and his mouth is dry from the knickers being within it for so long. It won’t remain empty for long though for she has something else to put into it a little later, the next step in her plan to make him suffer whilst at the same time, REMOVING him from her world!!

For now though she again shuffles forwards, her skirt speading around his head now like a tent as she reaches beneath herself to spread her cuntlips wide once more. It’s oozing, dripping with passion and Alan knows then that the images in his head from earlier are real!!!

Suddenly, his face is mashed into her feminine core as she bears down upon him with a vengeance to bring her hot, insatiable cunt into contact with mouth.

“Can you smell that lust cunt licker”, she snaps, “can you smell that spunk inside me, that maleness all over me”, she say’s tormentingly.

Alan is lost, he does not know what to do and tries desperately to pull his face away from her only to find her grabbing his face through her skirts to hold him in place.

“Lick it!”, she cries, “clean it up, lick that fucking cum out of me…. Lick up another mans spunk you worthless piece of shit!”

Alan can do nothing but obey now, and as she moves onto her side to clamp his head tightly inbetween her thighs his tongue is reluctantly diving within her, the saltiness only serving now to confirm his earlier fears and proving beyond a doubt that she is not lying in regards her earlier claims of another man having been in there!

It goes on for a while yet, Kate is throwing her head backwards lasciviously, her orgasm is building once again as she relishes in her power over him now… and then suddenly she floods his face as her pulsing cunt goes into violent spasm around his tongue, her orgasm lasting minutes now before it finally wanes.

Finally her lust begins to die down, the grip of her thighs relax about his head. She’s spent now and she throws him aside, lifting herself of of him and then shuffling backwards again to stand over him once more. Now it’s time for the next phase of Alan’s subjucation …

Moving away to a cupboard just briefly, Kate delves within it before returning to his side once again to squat down next to his head. In her left hand she holds a clear plastic tube about six or so feet in length, it’s about an inch and a half in diameter, a plastic flange sitting roughly two inches from it’s end.

Her right hand holds a tube of superglue which she uses in order to coat the flange in preparation for what she now has in mind to do. Alan tries hard to resist it of course, but the tube is quickly, and almost effortlessly inserted into his mouth, the wide flange pressing against his lips, the superglue upon it making good the connection as she holds it hard against his mouth until it’s finally stuck firm.

This tube will quite literally be his lifeline now so the connection must of course be permanent. Kate then applies the glue to Alan’s nostrils, holding them tightly between finger and thumb until they are closed shut, his only air now coming from the tube glued into his mouth. Then she explains it’s use to him….

“This tube is now the only thing that will link you to the real world”, say’s Kate, “It will provide the air that you breath and your sustenence, but I alone will decide what goes down it and just how often you breath”, she adds.

“When I eventually tire of tormenting and torturing you, which may be years away or perhaps… NEVER. Then I will plug the end up and simply let you expire”, she adds, “but it will be entirely up to me when that might happen and you will never know when that day has finally come or not…. Do you understand me!!!”

Alan nods his head fearfully, there are tears in his eyes still and they are showing the utter terror that is growing within him now.

Kate then slowly applies her thumb over the exposed end of the tube itself in order to demonstrate exactly what she means, the desperate action of Alan’s lungs as they attempt to draw air in against the obstruction causing her thumb to become sucked against it in the process!!!

“Hmm”, say’s Kate, her mind wondering a little now at the sensation of that.

“Maybe I can use this in other ways”, she adds with a smile, “place it inside my hot, wet vagina perhaps, your very life will literally hang inside of me and your suffering will give me such pleasure”

Alan’s eyes widen in horror at her words, he’s desperate now for her to remove her thumb from the end, to let him breath again, but she seems to be in no hurry. It is not her intention to let him die right now though and she eventually releases her thumb to let him fill his lungs once more, and then reaches up under her low cut top to unclasp her bra and then withdraw it.

She smells it briefly, the smell of her is all over it and with a smile, she places the damp, sweaty cup of it completely over his face now and then ties the straps back around his head before arranging it to cover as much of his face as possible, the tube now sticking out just below the inner wire itself as she finally positions it.

Now she’s ready to finalise her plan to remove him, now it REALLY begins….

Within minutes, and despite Alan’s best efforts to prevent her from doing this, Kate lifts him bodilly into the trunk and then arranges him into a feotal position, his limbs still bound, the long tube now hanging from his mouth routed, and then fitted through a hole drilled into the side of the heavy trunk before it is sealed into place with silicone rubber.

Kate then disappears once again, only to return with some of her old clothing that she had intended to take to the charity shop during the week. A few bra’s, some old skirts and tops, some tights and such which she roughly throws in on top of him to smother him up and bury him amidst them.

“Time to throw out my trash”, she says in a cruel, heartless tone. “You can suffer in there amongst my old clothing, there are some silky things in there for you, my old satin skirt that you always loved, just a little something to torment you and to remind you of me living my life whilst you are buried and suffering under my feet”, she snaps. And then she stands arrogantly beside him, hands upon the widening curve of her hips, gloating down at him.

This is the last time that she will ever have to look at him now, the last time that he will have any hold on her…. and the thought pleases her!

“Not long now, you piece of shit”, she snaps, “I hope that you enjoy this because I certainly will”, she adds, and then she arrogantly slams the lid on the trunk closed. No simple locks here though, no flimsy little keys and such, she wants this to be as permanent as it can possibly be, and so she goes to fetch a hammer and some nails.

When she returns she wastes no time at all and begins cruelly hammering the nails into the lid and through the heavy wooden structure of the trunk itself whilst Alan cries out desperately in muffled cries as he is sealed inside, PERMANENTLY!!!

As already stated, the clear plastic tube coming through the side of the trunk will be his only link now to the world he is about to leave behind, and as such it is going to ensure his long term survival after he has been buried and REMOVED from Kates world. As already outlined, it’s end is going to sit above the ground and be used to provide him air and any sustenance that she might chose to put down the tube.

A vitamin pill every day, some milk if she even remembers to bother, and perhaps…. maybe if she feels the need, a little urine!!!!

“Hmm, a nice little underground toilet for my pleasure”, thinks Kate with a cruel smile as the thought of using him in such a manner enters her mind.

With the final nail having finally been hammered in though, Kate then sits casually on top of the trunk, a smile playing upon her lips now as she rests just for a while and then casually arranges her skirts all over the trunk, a symbolic gesture of her power over him now. She can feel his desperate struggles from inside of course but she ignores them completely as she sits above him. It’s rather enjoyable to just sit there like that, on top of him…
But now it’s time to bury him…. ALIVE!!!

It takes her about ten minutes to finally drag the trunk outside and into the yard. The ditch is waiting of course, she’s already prepared it for him, she’s removed the soil at the very bottom and then piled it beside the pit itself.

It doesn’t take long to get the trunk in there, a little maneouvering here and there, fitting it into the extra hole that she’s made at the bottom, making it fit snuggly and level. She is actually becoming wet now at what she is doing!!!

Carefully, she routes the tube out of sight in the corner of the ditch, embedding it deeply into the mud and then running it up the side and settling it into the corner where it will remain, hidden.

A shovel now, piling the soft soil back into the hole and over the trunk, hiding it from view of anyone that might care to look in, leveling it so as to recreate the hole as it was before the trunk was put into it. Can’t allow the builders to see it now, that can’t happen at all. Can’t have anyone spoiling her plans now!!!

Kate then stands beside the ditch looking down into it, the agrieved look is still upon her face, she’s still angry but she’s slightly happier now and flushed with a mixture of anticipation and raw sexual excitement.

“I hope you’re suffering down there you fucking worm, I hope you’re suffering good!”, she snaps, and then without so much as another word, she turns away, job done, to simply leave and then return to her flat, a growing urgency now spreading throughout her nether regions as she does so, a warmth and a wetness that is by now causing her vagina to clench every now and then.

More thoughts begin to enter Kate’s head as she begins to go with the feelings. This is so exhilerating!!!!

By this time tomorrow she will be walking upon the hard concrete above him, he will be under her feet, under her power, effectively REMOVED from her world but still suffering indefinitely according to her plan for as long as she intends to feed, water and torment him. What a rush!!!

But now her bed awaits her, and a few hours of sexual titilation at her own hand to the thought of Alan suffering out there in the hole! Eventually though, sleep finally takes her, a mixture of exhaustion both physical and sexual, and she drifts off….

And so the morning finally arrives. It’s early now, daylight is in abundance, about 9 am. Kate is suddenly awakened from her slumber by the sound of tools being dropped outside and by people moving about in her yard. For a brief moment she panics, what if they see the trunk? What if they discover what she’s done?

Within a few minutes she hears the sound of the cement mixer being cranked and starting up, and it’s obvious then that they haven’t seen anything untoward. It is then though that that feeling begins to spread from within her once again, a warmth that begins in her crotch and then moves outwards in a steadily increasing wave. Her cheeks flush and she closes her eyes in contemplation as her fingers go down once again to her cunt. She then begins to carress herself as the mixer continues on outside.

With her fingers embedded now in her ‘Pie of life’, as she terms it, she can hear the men talking now, working on the job, preparing to refill the hole, and it excites her beyond belief. The initial work has been completed of course and the only job left to do now is to refill the hole and then relay the concrete surface to suit. This is such poetic justice.

Oh how he is going to suffer now for what he has done…

The men continue on, their chat is casual, the usual guy stuff, the weather, sport, etc etc…. and then the mixer suddenly stops, thus indicating that they are ready to begin. The sound of shovels piling the dirt back into the hole, covering the trunk and Alan even deeper under it all, REMOVING him from Kate’s world. And then…..

Kates orgasm is so intense that it threatens to make her cry out, but she cannot, not with them outside to hear her!!!

But she is so turned on, hot, and wet at what she’s done. Alan is about to be permanently buried, ALIVE!!! And he will be under Kates feet now, out of sight forever more. Under her control, nobody but her will ever know where he is… not even his family!!!

His mind is already broken of course, he’s spoken of suicide and has actually voiced that to them. It’s going to be so easy now to convince people that he’s walked off someplace, commited suicide. Nobody will ever know.

She really has planned this so well… It’s perfect!!!

In an hour or so one of the builders suddenly appears at her back door, she’s already been plying them with coffee and mildly enjoying their lustful gazes at her exposed cleavage of course, but one guy in particular though is a real turn on to her and she’s tempted to turn up the gas so to speak.

“All done”, say’s the guy, “I wouldn’t walk on it for about 8 hours, but it’s settling nicely, it’ll look great when you’ve put your table and chairs back down”, he adds.

“Yeah, I’m sure it will”, say’s Kate, shifting her weight now onto one hip in a sensually erotic manner and smiling. The guy can’t help but stare at her heaving breasts and her ample, feminine curves, and she knows it.

“Listen”, she adds, a conquetish smile forming upon her lips now. “I don’t suppose that you would fancy something a little hotter than coffee would you?”, she says, with a wink that just says it all.

The builder blushes just a little, his mouth is drying up now as he swallows hard in contemplation of what she clearly has in mind. Then he looks about, his colleague asking him if he’s coming or not.
“Umm, I think I’ll stick around for a while, just to make sure the concrete is settling properly”, say’s the guy. Kate smiles again, and then she reaches her hand towards him and takes his in order to lead him inside.

“My new concrete floor?”, she asks, “will it ever need to be dug up again?”

“Not a chance love”, say’s the guy, “we did a real good job out there, that floor will outlast the building I tell ya”

Kate smiles again and then leans forwards to plant a kiss upon his lips, the breathiness of her arousal already upon them as she extends her tongue into his mouth, notes his already hardening bulge in his trousers and then drops one hand towards it.

“That’s good then”, she says with a sensual look in her eye, “wouldn’t want anyone to ever find out I just buried my ex boyfriend alive now would we”, she adds with another wink. The guy laughs of course, clearly thinking that she is obviously joking. Why would he think anything else? He plays along anyway…

“Well, if you did darling, he ain’t ever gonna be coming out again, that’s for sure”, he says. “We just put down a good four feet of industrial concrete, that floor is well n truly sealed love”

Kate smiles and then kisses him once again, her hands moving up now to take a hold of his shoulders.

“Then I’m home free then, aren’t I”, she says, as she leads him onwards and into the bedroom, her cheeks already flushing with the excitement of it all.

Their love making is understandably intense, and repeated over and over again throughout the rest of the day. Kate is so unbelievably aroused now, the thought of Alan imprisoned under her backyard still focused in her mind. She imagines him bound up tightly in the trunk and smothered up in her bra’s, her tights, and her satin skirt as he cries unheard, suffering the torment of the damned for his betrayal now under four feet of concrete as the builder fucks her to one orgasm after another.

She is seemingly in heaven. The deed is now well and truly done.

True to her plan, and her word, Alan has been removed from her world, and he will suffer now… Permanently, and INDEFINITLEY!

At HER pleasure until such time as she see’s fit to end his existence… or not, as the case may be!!!

That very same evening, and after much sexual excitement at the hands of the virile builder, Kate finally walks out into her backyard with a bottle of Lambrella and a glass. Her mind is a lot clearer now, she’s happier in herself. The concrete floor of her yard has now been completely replaced and has now fully hardened to the point that it would appear to all intents of purposes that nothing at all is amis as she walks upon it casually repositioning the patio table and the chairs to where they had been before the job began.
With a slight smile, Kate moves to stand directly over where she knows Alan to be. It arouses her to know that he’s there underneath her now, under her heels, under the broad sway of her long skirt. SUFFERING like he’s never suffered before!

Briefly, she moves to where the tube now lays in the very corner of the yard and then she squats down near to it. She can hear Alan’s laboured breathing now as she gently lifts the tube to her mouth in order to blow down it, thus causing his breathing to increase. Lifting the tube to her ear she can actually make out the muffled cries coming from under the concrete, and then she contemplates placing the tube up her skirt, down into her tights and knickers, and then into her cunt so as to torment him even further.

Maybe later though, right now she simply wants to relax and have a drink, a release from the weeks tensions and so she replaces the tube back to where it had been beforehand and then she moves a chair into a position strategically over him, before opening her wine bottle.

Kate then takes a seat and relaxes back into the chair, one leg crossing over the other now as she arranges her skirt over it, a smile playing upon her lips as she does so.

Then she pours herself a glass of wine…

“I got you now you fucking piece of shit… I got you now!!!”, she says.

“Here’s to torment, torture and a life free of…. YOU!”, she adds, and then raises her glass into the air.

And so it is. Alan has been REMOVED from her world once and for all….


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