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The Fish Tank

by Garsponlin

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© Copyright 2019 - Garsponlin - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f+; plan; tank; decoration; F/f+; capture; bodymod; surgery; amputation; prepare; liquid-latex; coated; sendep; objectify; insert; submerge; float; display; shock; drug; denial; M/f; sex; climax; trick; enslave; cons/nc; X

Barry and Lucy have brought a new house at least it's new to them even though it's very old and neglected.

“We really have taken something on here, where do we start?”

“I think we need a plan, a written one, let's have a think about what we want and between us I 'm sure we will come up with something good.”

They both have very radical idea’s, so they agree to do their own plans and compare them afterwards. They both draw out what they want to do, both scrap lots of them before they come up with ideas they are happy with.

“Ok let's see yours and I will show you mine.”

They swap plans and go over them in detail, neither say anything till they have finished.

“I'm amazed how similar the plans are Lucy, apart from your plan for the lounge, I can't really work out what you have drawn, you need to explain it.”

“Ok what I have planned is a bit extreme, I do know that but it's a big room so I think it needs something spectacular on the end wall. I want the whole wall to be taken up by a fish tank, I know it's very big but I think with the right things in it, it will make the whole room really special.”

“Ok I can see where you are coming from, but it's what you have drawn in the tank that is puzzling me.”

“Just imagine if we could put real live women in there, that's what I have drawn, I know you are very kinky and so am I, so what would be more erotic than that.”

The thought is making Barry very randy and he has trouble not showing it.

“I know you like the idea, I can see you have an erection.”

“You forget, there is no woman that would willingly do that.”

“Not willingly I agree, but that hasn't stopped us before.”

“True but I don't understand why you shown them without limbs and all in black.”

“That's how I would like to display them, with all their limbs removed and covered in latex.”

“I don't think that any of this is possible, even though I agree they would look amazing displayed like that.”

“Indulge me if you get the lounge decorated like my plan I will source the women.”


It takes months to do the house and the tank is mega expensive, Lucy has been very secretive about the tank women so Barry has given up on putting live women in there and he now looking at suitable fish.

In between doing the house up he has to work and he is shattered most of the time, his office is a long train ride up to London and he always gets back home late and tonight is no different, but at least it's Friday and he won't be going to work again till Monday. He drives back from the station at about eight o'clock, the house is all in darkness when he gets home, which really annoys him, he opens the front door and walks into the hall, which is dark as well and the light switches don't work.

“Is that you Barry?”

“Yes who else would it be and why are all the lights off?”

“Come into the lounge and I will tell you.”

It's in darkness as well and when he turns the lights on they don't work either then the tank lights come on.

He is dumbstruck in the tank are six very shapely women, with no limbs and completely covered in black latex moving about in a very sensual way.

“Close your mouth you look like a loony.”

“Is this real or am I dreaming all this?”

“It's real what do you think?”

“Amazing how did you manage all this, one would be hard but six that is stunning.”

“It was very difficult I won't deny that but you must admit it was all worth it.”

Barry stands in front of the tank with a huge erection the whole thing is so erotic.

“I won't ask where you got the women from, but how did you manage to get all there limbs amputated, it must have cost a fortune.”

“It didn't cost us a penny, I blackmailed the surgeon, if I told on him he would have been banned for ever, and I did the latex spraying myself so it cost very little, the biggest expense is the special food but apart from that it's the cost of running the tank lights and there are a lot of them.”

“Do any of these women have names?”

“They did but after a few weeks they will forget their names once the special liquid food takes them over.”

“What's that all about?”

“The liquid food gives them all the food they need to stay healthy, and the best part is that it doesn't produce any waste, all of the food converts into energy and it also has a special supplement in it that makes them feel very horny, after a few weeks they will be completely under its control so then they will just be just very sexy living ornaments.”


Barry has no concern who the woman, are all he is interested in is will they give him pleasure and so far they definitely do.

Lucy gets them both a glass of wine and they sit down to enjoy the spectacle.

“Thank you so much Lucy, this is so perfect and I forgive you for winding me up.”

“That's ok but you need to trust me, I always do what I promise.”

“I won't ever doubt you again that I promise, just one thing If they misbehave is there a way to get them to behave?”

“Yes they all have zappers in there pussy's and believe me they won't like it if you turn them upto ten.”

“Do it now I want to see how they react.”


Lucy turns all six zappers onto ten and they watch as all of them start really struggling, she leaves them like that for over an hour, by then they are really frantic and struggle and wriggle big time till finally she turns  the zappers off.

“That was amazing I don't think we will be watching much tv from now on.”

“No we won't.”

“How do they stay in line like that?”

“I have glued a hook into their pussy's and secured them to fixings on the bottom of the tank with strong transparent plastic that's how.”

“I can't see it, they just look like they are floating a few inches off the bottom.”

“That's how I planned it.”

“You really are special Lucy, I don't think I could have done all that.”


“All of the girls have been chosen for their figures, every one of them has a very small waist (kept like that by lace up corsets) and big tits so they all look identical.”

Lucy puts the bulbs back in the main lights and turns them on.

“I think I prefer the room lights off to be honest.”

“Yes so do I .”

She turns the room lights off again and they sit drinking with only the tank lights on, they sit together kissing and cuddling till really late then they go to bed.

Its late when they do get up the sun is shining and its looking like a really warm spring day.

“Shall we just relax this weekend, I think we deserve that after working on the house for so long.”

“Ok there is not much to do anyway.”

Lucy cooks a full English breakfast and they sit down in the dining room to eat, after they have finished eating they go out into the conservatory sit down and just chat.

“Just one thing that does worry me, what if we get strangers visiting they would probably not appreciate our tank girls.”

“I have thought of that already, there is are curtains on either side of the tank, once they are drawn you can't see anything, we just need to make sure we draw them.”


Lucy needs to feed the tank girls so she gets a container of liquid food out of the kitchen cupboard and they both go into the lounge.

“You need to see this so you can do it if I 'm away.”

She opens the food container lid and fills the feed bottles, each girl has two feeding/breathing tubes that are fed through two holes in pieces of thick cork so they float on the water, she connects an oxygen tank to the first first tube and turns it on then she feeds the feeding tube down the other one and pumps the liquid food in then she does the rest and within seconds they are all writhing and wriggling.

“Is that the food doing that?”

“Yes its really powerful, I have had some and it made me very randy almost instantly, they will be like that for hours.”

“This gets better all the time.”

“I thought you might like it.”

“I really do, the only downside is I would love to have seen you do all this.”

“You can, I have taken hours of hd video and put  it on lots of DVDs, I even arranged for the amputations to be videoed, that is the part that really turns me on.”

“Its lucky we are both very kinky otherwise it could be a problem, I actually think there is enough room in there for two more’

‘Really I thought you would be happy with six.”

‘I am I just think two more would be good that's all.”

“If you do want more I would help of course, but you would have to do most of the work.”

Lucy gets all the DVDs and they sit and watch them, there are six in all and they only have time to watch two before they go to bed.

“This is so erotic and kinky Lucy, it must have been hard to concentrate when you where doing it.”

“It was but I have to say I just loved it.”

“I bet the girls didn't like it.”

“No I guess not but it was very erotic doing it to them.”

“I notice they are all about the same size was that deliberate.”

“It was I used my own figure as a pattern, I wanted them to be just like me size wise as I knew you would like that.”

“Thanks I can see that now.”

By now Barry is so randy he shags Lucy there and then.

“This is why I did all this, I have been dreaming about you doing this to me for ages.”

He lifts her off the chair he has bent her over and carries her up to their bedroom and he carries on screwing her in bed.

Over the weekend Barry watches all the DVDs and from them he learns how Lucy did it, he is full of admiration for the way she managed to do it on her own.

Engineering is his skill so he works on a new way to support the women in the tank, his idea will make it possible to move the women about just by operating a remote control, he makes it quite quickly and while Lucy is out shopping he gets undressed and using a pipe to breathe with, he gets into the tank and installs it, so by the time she gets back he has tested it to make sure it works, she has no idea he has done this as he is sitting in the same seat he was in when she went out.

“How did the shopping go?”

“Fine if you like that sort of thing.”

Barry won't tell Lucy about the new feature in the tank, he will keep it a secret for now but already the women in the tank are in new positions he wants to see if she notices, what he wants to find out is does she realize the woman have changed position when she feeds them.

“I guess I will feed the girls early so we can enjoy them for the rest of the day.”

She gets the feeding kit and feeds them in turn and it's obvious already that she hasn't realized that they have changed position. It's early evening so they have their meal early and sit down in the lounge afterwards with a glass of wine each. Barry sits down to write down what he needs to do as it's very involved, he will need to practice spraying as he is not experienced in that, Lucy shows him the spraying kit and the liquid latex so he can practice this evening.

“Do you want me to help find another two girls to go into the fish tank?”

“No I want to find them myself, you can let me know how to contact the surgeon though.”

“Ok I will need to talk to him first to make sure he knows about it.”

“Will he be ok with doing two more?”

“Don't worry he will do it once he knows it's me.”

She phones the surgeon straight away and sets it up, then she writes down his phone number and where the hospital is.

Barry has almost sorted everything out, the main problem he will have is finding two suitable girls
“Your girls are certainly lively tonight.”

“Yes they are aren't they.”

“I bet you are wondering what its like for them.”

“In a way I do but I enjoy my freedom to much to do it.”

She has no idea what Barry is planning for her.

“I bet you can't remember any of their names.”

“I can its  first Lara, then Tracy, Venus, Lucy, Kim and Sadie.”

“Wow how can you remember them that's really impressive.”

“Not really I wrote there names down as I put them in so the first one is Lara and so on.”

She has no idea that they have changed position now Lara is the fifth one.

“Do you know what would make all this even more perfect?”

“No what.”

“If you would agree to be one of them.”

“You kinky sod, no way.”

“Just think about it, you wouldn’t ever have to do anything ever again, you would be a permanent erotic thing just like all the others, I 'm getting a hard on just thinking about it.”

“You really are out there if you think I would do that, you must be mad, I think I need to find two girls for you so you can forget about all this.”

Barry sits there giggling at that and she is getting very annoyed, she does calm down when she realizes that he is joking with her.

“You are such a tease, I know you wouldn’t really do that to me.”

He is still giggling when he bends her over the back of the chair and shags her, he has only found one girl for the tank so the other one will be her, but she doesn’t know that yet. She doesn’t notice him picking up a cloth soaked with chloroform, but she reacts straight away when he puts it over her mouth and nose, she does struggle for a few seconds then she passes ou,t he carries on shagging her till he has finished ejaculating.

Now he has committed to doing this he can’t go back, so he tapes the chloroform cloth over her mouth and nose while he gets the proper sedative, he injects it into her arm and carries her out to his car. He has already found another girl whose name is Stella to put in the tank and she is already tied up and gagged in the boot of his car, so he puts Lucy in next to her, before he sets of to the hospital he phones the surgeon to tell him he is coming, then he drives straight to the hospital where he is already waiting.

“Ok here they are, you know what to do so I will leave them with you, the one not tied up is Lucy I guess you know her, so when she is done you can forget all about the blackmail thing.”

“Great I will phone you when it's all done.”

Barry drives back home while the surgeon gets on with the amputations, he is very skilled so he works on both of them, he has them laying next to each other on the operating table so he can deal with both amputations at the same time, after he has finished his assistant sews them up. 

After the amputations are done the surgeon does the same as he did to the others and fills their mouths with silicon glue and sews and glues their lips together, he knows how to feed them through their nostrils from feeding the others and he has enough liquid food for several weeks, he also tapes over their eyes with duct tape to keep them calm when they wake up.

He gets his staff to take Lucy and Stella to the recovery room while he finishes disposing of the legs and arms, when that's all done he phones Barry.

“Hi Barry just to let you know the operations went perfectly, I will need to keep them for a couple of weeks but as soon as I 'm happy with them you can take them home.”

“Great just give me a days notice.”

Barry works on the house for the next couple of weeks while he waits for the two girls to recover, so by the time they are ready to be brought home the house is completely finished.

The surgeon phones him after two weeks are up to tell him they are ready to collect.

He arrives at the hospital in the early evening and the surgeon greets him even before he has got out of his car.

“I have packed them in cardboard boxes so they can't be seen, don't worry they can breath ok, I have also drugged both of them they should be out for some hours.”

The surgeon helps Barry to put the two small cardboard boxes in his car's boot, he shuts the lid shakes the the surgeons hand and goes home.

He leaves the boxes in the boot while he gets everything ready, he wants to latex spray them straight away so they don't get the chance to get too distressed, he decides to do Stella first so he carries her box into the garage, cuts the tape and lifts her out he gets straight on with cutting all her hair off and painting her head and body with hair root killer. When that's dry he washes it off removes the duct tape and glues double latex patches over her eyes, then he paints her head and neck with skin preserver/glue and pulls a tight latex hood over her head and neck, making sure the two nostril tubes slide deep into her nose, then he smooths it on he also silicon glues two long breathing/feeding tubes deep into her nostrils. The last job before the spraying is to lace her tightly into a rubber corset, once that is done he lowers her onto the rubber dildo spray mount, it slides into her pussy and he pumps it up with his foot till it holds her in place. He then gets Lucy out of the boot and does the same to her, he takes his time by practices spraying a tailors dummy till he feels confident, then he gets on with spraying Stella with the liquid late,x he does twenty coats wet on wet the same as he saw on the dvd, then he does the same to Lucy.

Both of them have woken up by now and they seem resigned to the whole thing, so they don't struggle at all so he cleans the spray gun and puts it away.

He is mesmerized by both of them, they look so horny this is the first time he has ever sprayed anything and it's gone perfectly, all he has to do now is wait for the latex to dry fit the zappers and the plastic supports in there fanny’s, seal them up and put them in the tank.

Even though its quite late he stays in the lounge with a drink so he can look in on both of them every half hour, the latex shrinks as it dries so they look better every time he looks in on them. Its Saturday tomorrow so he won't be going to work, the plan is to fit them into the tank in the morning so he will have the rest of the day to enjoy them.

He wakes up just as it gets light and gets up straight away he knows exactly what he needs to do so he gets dressed and goes downstairs into the garage, Lucy and Stella seem to be awake so he carefully touches the latex to make sure its fully dry and it is so he releases the air from Stella's mounting, lifts her off and lays her on a blanket on the floor she seems to be quite horny so he has to wait for her to stop wriggling before he can fit the zapper and the mount in her fanny, he attaches the support plastic to the mount and glues her pussy shut then he seals it with a piece of latex, he glues another latex patch over the hole so no water can get in, he then does the same to Lucy.

If anything she is even more randy than Stella so he has to wait quite a bit longer for her to stop moving, finally both are now ready to go into the tank he gets undressed and this time he has a proper mask and breathing tube so he can spend more time under water, he carries first Stella up the ladder and lowers her into the tank now she is really struggling and he has to hold on to her very tightly, he has her in one arm with the other he has to make sure her breathing/feeding tubes stay clear of the water he does the same with Lucy then he gets into the tank.

He attaches her to the mount in the bottom of the tank and pushes her breathing/feeding tubes through two holes in large pieces of cork so they are clear of the water, then he does the same with Lucy, once he is satisfied he gets out of the tank bolts the tank top back on dries himself and gets dressed again.

He knows where Lucy and Stella are so he turns on the motor that moves the bottom mounts and they all start moving round, he wants them all mixed up so he doesn't know who is who, its far more erotic that way, he watches them for a few minutes then he goes into the kitchen to make his breakfast, Lucy normally does this so he will have to learn quite quickly how to do it.

He eats his breakfast and sits in the conservatory with a coffee for some time before he goes back into the lounge, the motor is still running so he turns it off when the girls are all back in a line, now he has no idea where Lucy is or any of them for that matter he has the biggest erection he has ever had and spontaneously ejaculates into his pants.




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