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Fine Vintage

by Pegusas

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© Copyright 2007 - Pegusas - Used by permission

Storycodes: Sbf; latex; toys; crate; packed; cons; X

Sophie had worked for a fine wine exporter company in Australia for two years now. She first started as a temp’, typing up company reports and answering ‘phone calls but quickly moved up in the company with her hard work and intelligence.

It was Friday night and she was still typing out the invoices to be dispatched. Ever since she started she noticed some dissimilarities between the total amount being charged and the quantities, and thought it strange that those invoices always went to the same company.

She didn’t want to be part of anything shady like a drug running firm or some mob scam, she was young and didn’t want to lose her best years in prison but she also needed the money.

She decided to look in the packing warehouse for any evidence, it was deserted, no-one else was still in the building. Sophie wandered down to have a look, along the far wall there was some crates, with July 1983 stamped on several, she went to have a closer look. They were all locked sealed, nailed down and ready to go, except one. On it the scorched print said, “13th July 1983”.

“Strange, that’s my birthday!” she laughed to herself.

Sophie opened the lid to look inside; at first all she could see was that polystyrene packing foam, she started digging in through the layers. There was a velvet bag in the middle, she pulled it out and opened it up. Inside to her surprise she found some very unusual objects; a latex catsuit, ball-gag and some short pieces of rope.

Sophie hadn’t much experience with toys like these but had always been curious of how they would feel.

She unfolded the sky blue catsuit; it looked so small only a teenager would fit into it. She pulled the arms and legs; they were very stretchy, she wondered if she could fit into it.

She stripped off her work clothes; a navy woollen skirt and white cotton blouse, then took off her underwear, navy blue tights, a white thong, and a 36DD bra.

Sophie stood there trembling, naked as the day she was born in her work place. She hesitated, should she put it on? “Oh why the hell not?” she asked herself, no-one could see her after all.

She worked the toe of the catsuit up and pushed her foot into it, the summer heat and the excitement made her body moist and slipped in easily. She pulled the catsuit up her leg before stopping at her crotch, then repeated on her other leg, she looked at the bag again, there was a large dildo… should she use it?

She had come this far, she had to go on, in for a penny in for a pound as the saying goes. Sophie took it out of the bag, turned it on, and set it to “Random Pleasure”. She slipped it into her moist pussy, cold at first then warming to her body, becoming part of her.

Sophie pulled the catsuit up over her already sweaty body. She had to breathe out as she pulled it over her chest, squashing her gorgeous breasts into her rib cage. All her emotions seemed to be on fire. She pushed her arms into the sleeves and pulled up the back, pausing to catch her breath.

Sophie looked again at the bag and the ball-gag. Well, I might as well she thought. She pushed it in and pulled it tight at the back of her head, then reached downwards to the zipper between her shoulder blades. She pulled the zipper up the back of her neck and over her head pulling the hood shut over her head.

The latex catsuit now covered her entire body, glossing over her curves, closer than any lovers touch.

Sophie stood for a while to catch her breath again and regain her composure. After a while she felt ready to go on, she could still see out of the mask through opaque eyeholes. She spied the restraints on the ground.

She picked up the short pieces of nylon rope and tied her ankles together with a figure of eight pattern, then the same below and above her knees. Next a separate rope for her waist and for her elbows and wrists, tying them together. Then Sophie bent down with her knees to feed a rope through from her ankles, her knees, and waist and tied it onto her wrists. She straightened up pulling up the ropes; she could feel the knots tightening around her body. She kept pulling on more as much as she could, the adrenaline pulsing round her body.

Suddenly she felt dizzy, her heart raced, she leaned against the crate…. she blanked out… falling backwards into the crate, backwards and down into the depths of the polystyrene packing foam. She sank down into it until none of her was visible from above.

Hours later she woke up to movement and sounds, the crate was moving on a conveyor belt. Some creaking and then a loud bang… followed by eleven more….

Nails sealing the crate shut.

Vintage: 13 July 1979, Australian. Destination…..



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