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by Mikel

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I stood thinking about what I was allowing to happen, each strained breath made my mind beg me to stop everything but I stood silent. Every minute I said nothing was a minute where more of the opportunity to stop it passed. I had asked the people from the web site to help me live a dream. I had been a member of their site since it began exchanging many e-mails and eventually phone calls over the years and considered Tina and Jim friends. I had no “bondage buddies” and had begun experimenting with casting shortly after I joined the site and had gotten very good at encasing different parts of my body sometimes for days at a time. I opened my eyes and looked down to see my steel encased cock being covered by the casting wrap and tried to take a deep breath. Each time I tried to breathe deeply the extremely tight corset reminded me it was there.

I had found the corset accidently never knowing there were any that had been made for men, after visiting many sites I decided to order one, like the images of casting the images of women laced tightly excited me. I had known two women that wore corsets regularly but never got close enough to them to get to really enjoy the corsetry. When the corset arrived I immediately wrapped it around my torso hooking the laces to the eyelets I had installed in anticipation and twisted and tugged on the laces until I was gasping. The corset pulled my waist in by a few inches and still had several inches before it was fully closed. I wore the corset for hours really enjoying the restriction around my waist and chest adjusting the tension tighter a few times until I felt I could take it no more and removed the corset admiring the deep lines it had left on my body.

I had hinted that I might like to be one of Tina’s victim/models several months ago and when she started being agreeable I felt I might be able to experience a fantasy I had dreamed about for a long time. While we tried to get our schedules to align I began to cast more of my body for longer periods of time adding the corset under them to increase the compressive feelings I had to endure. A few weeks before Tina’s scheduled visit I was wrapping myself from under my ears down to my feet, forcing myself to have to sit in my wheel chair for however long I could stand it. The last two times I was able to stand being encased for forty eight hours having gotten very good at controlling my body functions using an external catheter for bladder release and flushing my bowels thoroughly before encasing myself.

When Tina and Jim arrived I had about thirty cases of fiberglass casting tape and plenty of cast padding along with two large rolls of pallet wrap (A favorite wrapping medium of mine) and a case of sticky duct tape. I showed them their room for the week including the box they had shipped ahead of time, I had assumed it contained specialty items they felt they might need, and since I hadn’t opened it I wasn’t sure. After they settled in we went to dinner to talk about what I wanted and what it would cost me by letting them do what they wanted to me so they could use it on their website after I had been casted my way first. I was nervous about my wishes but after hearing the possibilities of what they might do to my helpless body I was even more nervous, it was intoxicatingly exciting and I quickly agreed. I had told them of my experiments and what I thought my limitations were even explaining my recent tests with two tens units I had been playing with. We agreed they would not release me except under an emergency, even if I used my safe sounds they would only release my head enough so I could speak and they could decide if further release was needed or not.

We had agreed I would be encased for a minimum of twenty four hours with forty eight hours the extreme limit but it would be up to them. I would wear my short chastity tube that had built in tens pads, I had gotten it finding it became extremely painful if the settings went higher than three on the tens unit. The two had said they wanted to see a few sites during my encapsulation and the thought of being left alone totally helpless scared the crap out of me but also made me almost climax right there in the restaurant. The rest of the night I could do nothing but think about giving up my freedom, being made into a living statue unable to stop it and relying completely on my two friends for my life. The next morning I flushed myself thoroughly and stared at my body thankful I had kept somewhat fit and shimmied into my corset and laced it as tight as I could.

Tina and Jim had already eaten breakfast and were waiting on me in the small room I used to encase myself, I already had spread heavy plastic on the floor and had a large trash bin and all of our supplies and equipment ready. Jim asked about one of the cutters I had so I explained to him the modifications I had made showing him how it could be used to cut tighter areas or intricate spots. Each of the powered cutters had been modified to have a vacuum hose attached sucking all the particles of fiberglass away keeping the area neat and making it much easier to clean up. Both of my friends seemed impressed by the mods I had made then asked if I was ready to begin.

Sheepishly I said I was ready, nervous to actually begin finding it very difficult to shed my clothing in front of them and for the first time show my fetish side and naked body to them. Tina sensed my apprehension and talked softly to me while she helped remove my clothes easing my fears until I was standing in only the steel cock tube and corset. They both commented on the corset about how well it fit and that it looked like it was made well. Tina was running her hands all over it and began to breathe hard asking if she could tighten it some more. Without waiting for my response she untied the knot and started pulling on the laces, each tug made me wince and my dick swell more in its tube.

Tina only pulled for a few minutes before tying of the laces again and dashing into her room. Jim smiled saying “I think you got her fired up”. Jim helped me into the first layer I would be wearing until I was freed, the tight spandex cat suit I had prepared slid up my body hugging it tightly as we straightened it out covering me completely from the top of my head to my toes. I had found the suit helped to keep my skin drier when I was encased for long periods plus I loved the feeling it gave me. I was standing in the suit, while Jim guided the wires for the tens pads I had secured over my nipples, ass and from the chastity tube up to the base of my neck when Tina came out of her room.

I uttered “Wow” and my cock suddenly tried to break out of the steel tube when I saw her. She was now wearing a leather corset covering her from her arm pits to below the waist line of the knee length leather skirt. She had pulled long latex gloves up to her shoulders that matched the latex stockings she now wore. I stared at her noticing the tall platform shoes she had strapped onto her feet as she spun in a small circle asking if we liked her outfit? Jim chuckled and said “I believe if it could Mikel’s cock would be showing you how much he likes it”. Jim walked up to Tina holding his hand out and I saw her hand him several keys before he turned her around and began yanking on the laces pulling her corset much tighter.

I watched Tina’s face as Jim pulled on the laces noticing each brief smile as she stood with her eyes closed humming as Jim crushed her waist. While I watched this scene with my cock beginning to ache I saw Tina had wrapped a small chain around her waist and that there was matching chains around her wrists and ankles realizing she was locked into the outfit until Jim allowed her to remove it. Jim finished with the laces and quickly adjusted the waist chain then the two kissed and moved to me and started the process of encasing me. I couldn’t take my eyes off Tina as she knelt in front of me giving me a wonderful view of her heaving cleavage.

I was surprised at how fast the two worked and soon my legs from the knees down were encased and I was asked to stand. While Tina had been wrapping my legs in plastic then a layer of tape finishing with the fiberglass Jim had been wrapping my arms the same way making sure my hands were open and positioning my arms so they would be flat against my body. I stood still, being so distracted by Tina’s tight corset and latex that I didn’t noticed at first that my heels were raised about four inches by two small blocks of wood. While I stood letting the first layers set the two worked quickly on completing the arm casts both pulling my elbows back and holding them tightly against my sides with my palms held flat against my hips.

After the fiberglass set I could feel the slight tug on my shoulders from the strange position my arms were held in. To make my arms follow my narrowed waist line they had to be pulled back slightly while my casted hands were laid and held on the top of my hips. I was not sure of the position but continued to watch Tina move and grunt in her tight corset no longer caring what they were doing since I was already living a fantasy. When Jim said ok sit back down I snapped out of my fantasy feeling for the first time that my feet were held like I was wearing high heels and my arms were bent in a strange way.

I held my arms up to look at them and watched Jim begin to wrap them in several more layers of fiberglass. Tina was kneeling in front of me again panting as she struggled to breathe in the tight corset wrapping my lower legs and encased feet in what seemed to me to be a lot of fiberglass. Jim finished first asking if I was ready to start the head casing and in my distracted state I nodded my head without taking my eyes off Tina’s bulging cleavage. Jim chuckled as he pulled the attached hood up and over my head stopping to insert the mouth piece I had made that would allow me to breath. The gag was made from a sports mouth guard that I had trimmed down and installed a short tube into. It held my teeth firmly in the trays on top and bottom and slipped nicely under my lips leaving only the tube protruding from my lips and sealing my mouth completely. I knew once the gag was in there was no stopping my encasement and wished I had not wore the steel cock tube as my cock tried to swell harder and knowing I could have cum right then if I hadn’t.

The logic behind the chastity tube was during several of my self imposed sessions I had climaxed within the first hour, afterwards all my restraints seemed to get more uncomfortable and tighter making me want to free myself as soon as possible. I would be forced to struggle uncomfortably until I became aroused again and the arousal helped distract my mind. Sometimes I had been unable to become aroused again but because of the struggling I had done had made my position too uncomfortable and I was forced to endure the remainder of my encasement in increasing pain. I had not wanted to orgasm too quickly this time knowing that with the situation of being held captive, the total encasement and the possibility of being tortured I would want to cum quickly and I knew I could still orgasm even with the tube but it would help make it take much longer.

Jim stuffed my ears with the ear plugs I had given them then placed two strips of tape over each ear effectively deafening me. The first surprise of the day came when he placed a strip of tape over each eye blinding me. I had hoped I would still be able to watch Tina’s struggles with her corset for awhile longer through the spandex of the hood but now I would only be able to see her in my mind. I stood almost on my toes blind and deaf while the Jim seated the hood and started to wrap my head in plastic and tape. Tina was steadily moving up my legs wrapping them tight with the fiberglass, I tried to count how many times she wrapped each layer but couldn’t keep up and knew like my arms they would be held completely rigid not allowing any movement at all.

Jim carefully wrapped my neck spreading the wrap out across my shoulders asking me in a loud voice if I was ok and if it was too tight. We had already agreed one grunt for yes and two for no so I answered his questions accordingly. Moving quickly Jim covered my head continuing the wrapping and rubbing as I felt the fiberglass heating up and getting rigid. I was not aware that he had gently moved my head back until I would have been looking upwards and now that it had set I could not change the awkward position he had left me in. Tina had stopped wrapping me just below my ass helping Jim wrap my head, I could hear muffled voices talking and giggling but couldn’t make out what they were saying, but the hushed tone and intermittent chuckles made me nervous.

I was standing in hardened casts from my ass to my feet, around each arm from shoulder to fingertip with my head and neck completely immobilized when I felt my cock and balls being toyed with. The tube and ring were pulled and twisted as I listened to Tina’s muffled laughter. The two took a break leaving me leaning on my casted arms slightly bent over panting through the mouth piece. After a lifetime of panting and desperately trying to straighten up and failing to be able to they returned to give me another surprise. We had talked about vibrators and plugs the night before and I had explained I didn’t want to use a vibrator because I was worried about cumming too quickly and I had only attempted to use a plug once not having really appreciated the experience.

I was straightened up gasping with relief as I felt someone, in my head it was Tina but I had no way of knowing for sure who it really was, twisting and pulling on my cock again. After a minute or two I was leaned forward again until my casted finger tips touched something firm and was left bent over much further this time. I felt the zipper of the catsuit being pulled down then something was rubbed deep into my ass. I muffed and moaned as I realized they were about to stuff my ass with something and the thought of being trapped with my ass full was not appealing to me. Again I hoped it was Tina messaging lube into my ass and was still struggling to get her to stop when I felt the plug being gently worked into me. I tried to keep it out but after a minute my breathing tube was blocked and I heard Jim say “Relax you can’t stop it!” I eventually relaxed and the plug was eased into me.

At first I was angry grunting and thrashing but after a few minutes it seemed to be much more comfortable than I remembered and calmed myself as I was straightened back out and the suit was zipped closed. I stood on my toes worried about how my feet and ass would feel in few hours much less in possibly forty eight when I felt my corset squeezing me tighter! Jim was now pulling the laces attempting to close the corset, I was flailing my casted arms and moaning when I heard Tina telling me to trust them and I could take it and that they knew how to make me really enjoy my session. I calmed slightly straining to twist and adjust to the much tighter corset when I heard them tell me to stay still.

Together they quickly wrapped my spandex covered body in layers of plastic, tape then fiberglass. I could feel how slowly the fiberglass was setting as the two continued to wrap my body finally pulling my arms down to my sides. Once my arms were in the correct position Tina and Jim wrapped them with the fiberglass sealing me inside the hardening cocoon. I was gasping through the small tube resisting the growing desire to scream my signal realizing I was living my fantasy and had lost all control over what was going to be done to me. I could barely feel the duo continuing to wrap more layers on my already encapsulated body, only later as I watched the video they had made did I realize how thick they had wrapped me.

While I waited for the heat to dissipate I had a brief panic attack struggling violently only to find I was incapable of moving any part of my body finally understanding my dream had come true and I was now stuck until someone else decides otherwise. I was held in black silence for a long time before I had a sudden feeling of falling. I tried to reach back to stop myself and of course couldn’t and felt my rigid body being laid down softly. During the next hour or so I was moved onto one side then the other even had my feet raised above my head and held there for what seemed like hours. Watching the video afterwards the duo was cleaning around and under me adding another layer of plastic so they could complete my final request.

Jim had found a clear plastic coating that would saturate the hardened fiberglass making it much more rigid and would seal the different layers together so the “shell” could be kept and used later so I had asked for him to use it on my cast. A respirator was slipped over my breather tube making it more difficult to force air in and out but kept me from breathing the toxic fumes from the coating. My body was turned and flipped several more times before I was sat back on my toes noticing that even though I was forced to stand on my toes the way I had been casted made it feel that my weight was supported by the entire bottoms of my feet.

I continued to gasp under the mask as the heat began to rise making me sweat profusely as it continued to get hotter. I was starting to moan as I became more uncomfortable and it became harder to breathe. As I struggled inside the cocoon I knew I was going to die and worked myself into a panic finally passing out as my air became too thin. Waking a few minutes later I began to panic again calming as I remembered why I couldn’t move and realizing I could breathe much easier. I could hear someone asking if I was ok and puffed a yes reply chuckling at myself at my panic. I was left alone with only my thoughts for what seemed like days drifting inside my head partially asleep and awake when I was literally shocked out of my trance as my nipples were electrified. The pads on my ass were activated making me whine and think my ass was being whipped.

The pain alternated up and down for several minutes as someone explored how much I could stand then moved to the stim unit attached to my cock. I was moaning loudly before I involuntarily started screaming having the noise come out as a high pitched wail as the shocks were increased well beyond my highest setting. When all the electricity stopped I was left whining and panting inside the cocoon whimpering helplessly. As I began to regain some composure I felt the plug in my ass begin to grow! I couldn’t believe I had forgotten about it and as it grew the more my cock seemed to swell inside its own cage. The pain from my cock masked the pain in my ass until I felt as though I was being ripped open and whine loudly. The growing stopped leaving me feeling impossibly full when the vibrations started shaking me to my core. I moaned louder and then my cock began being vibrated, the new feelings in my ass and vibrations made my cock swell inside the cage again causing an incredible ache in my cock and balls.

As with everything else that happened I only found out the duration of each session by watching the video and the first torture/teasing session lasted almost an hour and half while Tina and Jim took notes of my reactions to each combination of sensations they were giving me. When everything stopped and the huge plug was deflated again I was left dazed, encased alone in the dark unable to remember why I was encased or why I was being tortured. I fought for hours to free myself eventually drifting off to sleep. I was awaked by the feeling of being shaken and could hear someone yelling at me. After responding to several questions I was fully awake and relishing my captivity again and hoping my captors would renew my torture because having little to no stimulation made time creep by and was much worse than being shocked.

I didn’t have to wait long before the tens units were being slowly increased and alternated again as the plug was pumped up and the vibrations started again. This time I was teased for over two hours leaving me exhausted and sweating from my exertions of desperately trying to find a way to stop the torture and/or to make myself orgasm. The tens units were left pulsing on a painful but tolerable levels but the plug had been expanded beyond the first time but had now become almost comfortable as well. The pain in my cock and balls was becoming unbearable but now with the vibrations set to low had become acceptable as well. I stood motionless panting as I drifted in and out of my fantasies.

I was left standing with the stimulations for what felt like minutes but turned out it was overnight but the constant stimulation and drifting off made me feel it was much shorter. The next day I was teased and tortured almost constantly with only short breaks in between for the interrogations each ending with “Do you want out?” each time I answered “No”. I suffered for another twenty four hours feeling I had been beaten by several people and had no way to communicate my pain or desperation having been too confused to recall my safe song.

I was finally given a break and was able to drift off for a brief nap before hearing Jim yelling at me asking if I was ready to be released? I was confused for a second answering “no” desperately trying to get him to repeat the question but it was too late. All the stimulations were turned back on and left at a slightly higher level than before and unbeknownst to me for a third night. The next time I was stimulated fully awake I had become very comfortable in the cocoon, my aches and pains had eased and I no longer felt confused or uncomfortable. As the stimuli was increased to painful levels my body began fighting the fiberglass encasing me and all the aches and pains returned making me fight to free myself harder. For two hours I was shocked and vibrated mercilessly almost blacking out from my struggles.

When the torture stopped I was gasping for air answering “yes” when I was asked if I wanted out or not. I could feel my body being moved again then the vibrations of the cutters as the two worked together to free my exhausted body from its tomb. I continued to lie listening to the loud noises caused by the cutters until finally the top cover of the oppressive cast was removed. I was still wrapped tightly in plastic and tape and was rolled out of the bottom half of the fiberglass shell. While someone cut my arms free of their casts someone else started cutting away the plastic and tape. The cold air on my damp skin made me moan through the mouth piece and once my arms were free and the plastic, tape and spandex was pulled away from my body I curled up into a ball and fell asleep.

Tina and Jim covered me with a blanket, leaving the chastity tube, corset and plug in me and watched me carefully while I slept deeply for the next twelve hours. When I awoke I spit the mouth piece out and rolled over stretching, listening to my body creak and pop. Sitting up the plug reminded me of its presence making me moan again as I crawled to my feet and headed to the bathroom. I passed the guest room and could see Tina and Jim sleeping and smiled at how her hands were bound behind her and the large ball gag in her mouth. I untied the laces grunting at the sudden release of pressure turning on the shower while I wriggled out of it. I didn’t have the key to the chastity tube so I eased into the shower and carefully removed the tape holding the tens pads on before gently removing the deflated plug.

Even with the tube still tight around my cock and balls I felt wonderful as the hot water messaged the aches and pains from my sore body. Drying myself off I drank from the faucet not realizing how thirsty I really was and then suddenly felt exhausted and staggered to my bed and fell asleep again. That night I was awakened by an excited Tina jumping on my bed telling me no one had ever let her have that much fun with them before. Jim joined us shortly with a tray of food and several glasses of drinks and the two sat on the bed making sure I ate and drank it all while they chatted about the whole thing. They were asking me questions and laughing as I told them what I had thought was going on. Then finally told me I had been encased for almost three days, a total encasement time of sixty eight hours not counting the five hours of wrapping and cutting time.

After I had eaten I felt much better and reached for my key to the tube not finding it and could see the grin on Tina’s face as she asked me for a favor. They were scheduled to attend a fetish show tonight and wanted to know if I wanted to go. I already knew there was a catch by the grins on both their faces and asked what it was. They quickly explained that I would be casted again but in a much more difficult position but they would guarantee I would enjoy myself if I went along with it. I completely trusted them now and figured another night casted would be great plus if I guessed correctly I figured “enjoy” meant I would be allowed to climax. I agreed and they both clapped and jumped off the bed telling me they would get everything ready so I should rest for a couple more hours before cleaning myself up again.

Tina woke me up telling me she was going to help me get cleaned up and drug me to the bathroom and turned on the shower telling me to flush my bowels then yell at her when I was done. I finished my enema’s and called to Tina who began pushing me in the shower and stood outside the tub scrubbing my aching body. I was surprised at how she scrubbed my body and was glad my cock was still trapped in the tube or it would have given away my excitement. Tina dried me thoroughly then led me naked into the little room where Jim was waiting. They wouldn’t give away much about the position or how long I would be encased only saying it would be a snap for anyone who lasted as long as I had. The corset was laced on tighter than the first time and the plug was eased into my ass again.


I was sitting as Tina, once again, knelt at my feet letting me enjoy her wonderful cleavage the corset she was still wearing was showing me. As Tina carefully wrapped my feet into an en-point position Jim pulled my arms behind me first wrapping them together in plastic then tape. I had always wanted to have an arm sleeve used on me so I didn’t resist as he wrapped them tighter then covered the tape and plastic with fiberglass holding them straight back from my body as the cast hardened. Tina had spread my legs and was now wrapping them above my knees stopping when she reached my crotch. Jim inserted a strange gag into my mouth then quickly covered my head in plastic then began wrapping it in fiberglass.

Neither of them were using tape or padding this time just the plastic wrap so their new stature would look as human as possible. I tried to figure out what kind of gag had been forced into my mouth only being able to tell it was some kind of ring gag that had a liner for the inside of my mouth. Jim finished with my head casing leaving my neck uncovered and the two lifted me to my knees and began lining my body up so the position would meet their needs. My casted balled up hands were pulled up behind my back as far as I could go and secured to something behind me. Then my pointed feet were adjusted similarly then they began adjusting my body bracing it so I couldn’t relax and spoil their intentions.

Tina wrapped my lower body making sure my trapped cock and balls were held tightly by a thick circle of fiberglass before working her way up over the corset. Jim had been working his was down covering my shoulders with many layers of wrap before moving towards my chest. When I felt two circles being pressed onto my nipples I grunted as I felt the vacuum applied and they were stretched deep into the cups over them. I was moaning and tossing my casted head around as the pain from my stretched nipples increased while the two continued to wrap my torso. After some more fiddling with my legs and arms, again later I would find out they were installing several braces between my ankles then one to my wrists and two from the long tube to my back just to make sure I was held perfectly straight.

The two wrapped another thick layer of fiberglass over my entire body leaving only my neck, nipples and my cock and balls exposed.  I felt the falling sensation this time face first then once I was stopped I could smell leather and Tina’s light perfume and envisioned myself leaning on her my face pressing into her bulging breasts as Jim wrapped my lower legs and feet in more fiberglass to even up the layers. While Jim wrapped I could hear Tina whispering to her newest toy how much fun she was having and promising I would enjoy myself immensely if I would relax and let it happen.

 Once Jim was finished wrapping me I was pushed back onto my pointed feet and left to bounce slightly as the two talked about using the clear sealing liquid again. After deciding they were not sure they had enough and were not going to use it I breathed a sigh of relief thankful I was not going to have to endure the high heat and respirator again. I was left to cure while they cleaned up again chatting excitedly about the party and how jealous everyone would be. After what seemed like hours I was pushed back onto my outstretched arms and could suddenly tell what their plans might be. I was to be a table at the party! Another desperate hard on pushed into the steel as I stood like a tri pod helplessly frozen in miles of fiberglass casting tape.

I heard Jim ask if I was ok and grunted once since I could no longer blow out of my mouth and felt him positioning my head and telling Tina to hold it right there. Jim began to wrap my head and neck again covering my neck with fiberglass locking it into place slightly tilted so my chin was close to my chest this time. After the initial wrap had set I heard him tell Tina to see if the position was correct and could barely feel the added pressure as Tina mounted my cocooned body and slid up to my gagged face. I could smell her musk as she rubbed my gagged mouth and squealed as she said it was perfect!

Tina turned around easing herself down my body until I felt her rubbing on my entrapped cock and realized I was not just a table but a fuck table. Tina gently removed the cock tube leaving the tight ring around the base of my cock and balls then I felt her sliding something onto my quickly growing cock. Spinning around on her new fuck table she grabbed the silicone tube she had locked over my cock and while she yanked on it a few times she whispered in my ears what she had done. “The flesh tube I have put on you will act like a dildo so you won’t have to keep your cock hard all night. The silicone is very soft and it will allow you to feel when someone’s riding you. Hopefully you will feel enough to be able to cum but we’ll find out together wont we.”   


I could feel the pressure being released on my nipples and then someone twisting and pulling until the cups popped off leaving my erect nipples and areolas pinched by the expertly wrapped casting material. They both cheered and clapped when they saw their plan had worked and both of my nipples would be on display and available to be toyed with all night. I was set back on my knees and moved around as my rigid body was strapped to a furniture dolly I had provided. It was only then that I realized that I would be leaving my home completely encased and helpless. I struggled to no avail I was stuck and there was nothing I could do about it.

My semi rigid cock tube was bouncing as I was rolled into the other room listening to them talking about the rest of the gag. Tina was talking calmly to me explaining the last part of tonight’s sentence was to have a large double dildo strapped in my mouth. I tried to understand what she meant when suddenly I could feel something being stuffed into the gag. The large cock shaped phallus was forced into my mouth filling it completely and almost making me gag. “This was supposed to be me wearing this so I hope it doesn’t turn you off too much having a cock wedged into your mouth but your ability to stay casted so well made you the perfect candidate to be our display”. I now understood “double” dildo and envisioned myself with one fake cock sticking out of my mouth and the other one covering my real cock and knew I was in for a long night.

I was left alone while they got ready to go to the party then felt my body being rolled out to the garage and the two grunting as they slid me and the dolly into the bed of my pickup truck. I was now lying face down on top of the dolly, I could hear them talking about how to tie me down when it dawned on me that I was going to ride in the uncovered bed to wherever the party was being held. I also knew from using the dolly many times that my casted feet and balled up hands would be clearly visible over the sides of the trucks bed. I never felt as helpless as I did right then, I didn’t want to be left exposed for everyone to see nor did I want to be helplessly strapped to the dolly in the off chance we were in an accident.

I was trying to move and twist and make enough noise to stop them but the cast was too thick and the large phallus in my mouth muffled all the noise. Soon I felt the truck start and knew the first bump I felt was the edge of the garage and moaned knowing I was now outside encased in thick fiberglass with my cock and nipples sticking out. The breeze over my nipples was very stimulating as we drove down the road but it was the bumps we hit that made my dick swell inside its silicone tube. Every time the truck bounced I could feel the dolly shift slightly and began to worry about bouncing out of the bed. By the time we had been driving only a few minutes the dolly seemed to be getting looser and shifted and moved with every turn and stop. I hoped they were watching because when they accelerated the dolly would roll back banging on the tail gate harder each time scaring me almost into a panic.

I had no idea that not only was I being carefully watched the slack in the tie downs had been done intentionally. I survived the trip to the party grateful to feel the truck stop and hear the tailgate drop. My encased body was drug out of the truck and I could feel the dolly wheels roll roughly over gravel bouncing my swollen cock like a dogs panting tongue. I had been concentrating so much on being flung around in the truck bed I hadn’t noticed my shoulders complaining or the piecing pain from my exposed nipples caused by the cool wind rushing over them during the trip. I can tell we had entered a house when the bumping stopped then I heard someone ask if they could take their display for them and was suddenly spun around and quickly rolled away from the familiar voices.

When the dolly stopped again I heard a door close and then nothing and figured I had been left in a closet or something leaving me alone to struggle with the pain in my shoulders. I tried to move every part of my body in desperate attempt to ease the aches but being wrapped in plastic only made the cast very close to my skin and movement impossible. Even my balled up hands had been casted so tight I could not move a finger and stood on my knees trying to flex my back. I must have dosed off again because the next thing I felt was my rigid body being hauled roughly out of the room. I was bounced harshly over some steps and dropped onto my pointed feet again when we stopped.

I could feel things being moved around me then suddenly I was thrust backwards onto my casted hands landing hard and making a clanging sound while my cock flailed and the impact making my nipples feel like they were being ripped off. I moaned loudly and heard a loud voice booming around me as the person reprimanded the person for their handling of his friend’s property and commanding him to the dungeon. I was panting hard when I heard Tina’s voice in my ear asking me if I was ok and felt her stroking my exposed nipples. I hummed I was ok and she apologized and said she would never let me out of her sight again.

The booming voice returned speaking very loud at someone explaining the special package and to make sure no one hurts or abuses it. The voice seemed closer and more caring than before when it said he was sorry for my treatment and guaranteed no one would mistreat me again. I relaxed some, the new position changed the feelings and pains and for the moment I could enjoy my confinement and listen to the noises of the movement around me. My cock was once again filling the silicone tube around it as every once in awhile I would feel something touch it or brush across my nipples making moan and try to thrust it still unable to move any part of my body.

It seemed like hours before I started hearing people moving around me talking about the position some even doubting that there was a live person inside until they grabbed my cock or pinched a nipple and I would moan or squeal. Several times I felt cold on my body finally hearing my “guard” say “It’s not a table” and those sensations stopped. The noise of the crowd increased for a long time until I heard chiming and the booming voice made a thank you speech and explained the displays that apparently were scattered around the room. I tried to listen closely but could not make out everything that was being said until the voice got close to me and said “Now for the best display of the night” he explained that I was not only a display but a functional fuck table toy and invited any women in the room who wanted to try it out to feel free. Thankfully he added “Sorry gents this one is for ladies only!” I heard some chuckling then suddenly Tina was whispering in my ear again.

The brief explanation was about the cock both in my mouth and protruding from it, apparently the ring gag was flexible and when someone inserted the external cock into themselves the pressure will make the cock in my mouth expand. I must squeeze with my mouth to make the external cock swell so the woman can enjoy it more. Tina told me the quicker I helped get them off the quicker I would stop being choked by the swelling cock. I thought about what she had said then she added another incentive, while someone was riding either of my cocks I would be shocked and vibrated with increasing intensity so I should help as much as possible to speed up the process.

Now I was worried I had not seen any tens pads added so I was concerned about their locations and who would be controlling them. I was teased for another long period having my cock and nipples twisted and pulled until I heard Tina’s voice saying “You’re all chickens. I’ll ride it first”. Next I felt a familiar pain but it seemed to have double the intensity as the clamps were set firmly onto my exposed nipples eliciting a loud hiss from the fuck toy. I could smell Tina’s perfume and felt the gag in my mouth inflate almost choking me as my nipples were tugged on hard. I quickly got into the rhythm biting down hard as she rose up and down on the exposed shaft. The shocks began in my ass and the vibrations in the cock sleeve started both becoming close to painful quickly making me work harder to help my rider achieve orgasm.

Tina exploded quickly after I had started whining from the shocks leaving me with the sweet smell of her in my nose as she dismounted and cleaned the silicone cock slipping a condom over it before saying “Yee Haw ya’ll!” getting a loud cheer and clapping from the crowd. The rest of the night I was ridden by the excited women sometimes two at a time. I was glad Tina and Jim were paying close attention because there were a few times my air was cut off by the women straddling my head making me get desperate for it all to stop. During the whole night I was left unsatisfied, the shocks and tight band around my cock and balls making it impossible for my insulated cock to get enough stimulation to allow me to cum.

When I was finally left alone I was whining in desperate frustration wondering when I would be released or satisfied and started struggling in vain again. Suddenly after what felt like hours I was lifted onto my knees and could feel I was being strapped to the dolly again and was quickly rolled outside. The truck must have been pulled closer to the house because there was no long trip across the gravel and I was heaved into the bed and secured much more firmly this time. My pinched nipples were screaming with pain as the heavy clamps hung down pulling the sore bits of flesh. I was sure that they had started bleeding during the time I was being used and now that the cold air was assaulting them the pain made me whine and moan in desperation.

I continued to try to twist and move in my suffocating cocoon desperately trying to break out of my shell until I felt the familiar bump and could hear the sound of the truck change and knew we had entered the garage. I could hear Tina and Jim get out of the truck and walk away leaving me shivering in the back of the truck. I was whining and moaning as I desperately wanted someone to get me out of the uncomfortable position when I heard them return. They clumsily removed me from the truck and wheeled me into the house giving me the sense they may have had too much to drink making me worry about being cut out tonight.

The dolly was dropped bouncing my hardened body against it and I could hear then laughing confirming my suspicions and even though I desperately wanted out I hoped they would wait until later to start cutting since there was little to nothing between my skin and the cast. I knew the cast cutters were very safe but I still worried about my safety at this point and knew I could take being left casted if needed. My body was unstrapped and I was leaned back onto my knees hearing Tina apologize for the rough landing, she toyed with my gag and nipples briefly asking if I had enjoyed myself or not. I moaned I hadn’t and felt my body being pushed back onto my balled up hands as she cooed “No? Well we will have to fix that”

Tina tugged and pulled on the chain connecting the clamps eliciting more moans and whines from me. Tina began moving the silicone tube around before mounting me placing her legs around my rigid head then sliding down on the cock protruding from my mouth. Tina was starting to pump the fake cock, her hips grinding my nipples while she yanked and pulled on the cock tube. I was whining and groaning from the pain in my nipples thankful there were no shocks so far and started to get aroused again even though I knew with the insulation around my cock I would have another ruined orgasm. Tina was really getting into riding the large cock when she suddenly stopped and sat twisting the silicone tube as far as the locking tab would allow then said “I’ll bet this would feel better without this?”

I could feel her moving around never pulling her pussy off the phallus in my mouth then the pressure around my cock and balls that had ruined every orgasm I had attempted to have was gone and the tube was lifted off my swollen cock. Tina started slowly pumping her hips moving the rubber cock in and out, I was able to keep up with her pace and began squeezing the phallus in my mouth making hers expand hearing her gasping each time it swelled inside her. After a few minutes she was stroking my cock carefully rubbing my aching balls and driving me insane inside my cocoon. When I felt her take my cock into her mouth I moaned louder than I had all night, Tina turned out to have an incredibly talented tongue and within a minute I exploded into her warm mouth.

I could see stars as I was sucked dry feeling like I was never going to stop cumming as she moaned and wiggled on top of me urging me to continue. I almost blacked out from lack of air afterwards relaxing my sore encased body completely and stood still encased with her still sucking my quickly shrinking cock. Tina never stopped pumping her hips and for the next few minutes she continued to suck my flaccid cock making sure she was crushing my nipples as she wriggled on top of me. Tina finally turned on the mild vibrations in my ass and suddenly my cock began to grow again. I don’t know if it was longer than it seemed or if it was just being so unsatisfied for so long that made her able to get my cock to respond so quickly but after another couple of minutes it was fully aroused. Tina started sucking harder as she pumped more vigorously on the cock in my mouth.

Tina was really enjoying herself slamming her pussy on the cock I was trying to inflate as much as I could never removing her mouth from my cock for what seemed like an hour when she screamed around my cock and exploded onto my casted face. I squealed slightly when she bit down a little too hard but she had control of herself to not damage me and started putting in double efforts to make me cum again. I was still biting down hard on the phallus unknowingly making it difficult for Tina to pull herself off it from the cock inside her expanding so much but I was desperately trying to orgasm before I thought she would give up.

Tina never gave up and kept my cock deep in her mouth while her tongue rimmed the head and shaft and her hands massaged my balls for what felt like hours until I was forced to explode again and again into her mouth. This time when I was done she slid off my rigid body whispering in my ear, “Thank you, we won’t tell Jim about this now will we?” I moaned a long “no” and she giggled and started talking about something they had been given to test and she thought I would be the perfect one to test it on. A few minutes went by before I felt my cock and balls being twisted and pushed eventually feeling a strange sensation as she pushed the steel catheter into my cock then locked the entire structure around my cock and balls.

Tina explained I would be left casted for the rest of the night since Jim had already gone to sleep, the new toy she had given me would stay on until she was sure I could keep a secret, only then would she send me the key. She asked if I wanted to lay back or sit up and I chose sit up quickly regretting it when she said “I wonder if the clamps would be strong enough to lift you?” I screamed behind the gag as she pulled on the clamps stretching my nipples assuring me they were bleeding. I was raised, not by my nipples, onto my knees then shown the evil side of Tina.

I could hear Tina grunting as she adjusted my encased body scooting it along the floor to the position she wanted then once she seemed happy I felt the clamps being tugged on again. The tugged increased until it was a steady strong pull and I was whining loudly. Tina came close and whispered “I just wanted to remind you how helpless you are, all you have to do to relieve the tension is scoot yourself about eight inches forward, that’s it! SEE you tomorrow” I was stunned she had left me in this situation and I quickly realized how correct she was, I could do nothing to move myself in any direction. The more I tried the more my cock tried to break out of the much more uncomfortable chastity device she had put on me.  

I spent hours desperately trying to move my body to decrease the pull and hopefully decrease the pain. Each gasping breath made the pain worse not allowing either nipple to adjust to the pinching. I could not go to sleep from the constant pulling and was unable to relax inside my shell since it made the clamps pull harder. By the time I heard any movement around me I understood completely how helpless I was and had begun to appreciate the lesson. When I heard Jim laughing I involuntarily ejaculated as he said “She really trussed you up didn’t she?” I moaned loudly mostly due to the sudden release, feeling the catheter tube make it much easier then whined loudly again as he released the clamps and worked my nipples back through the small circles of the fiberglass shell that they had been trapped by for so long.

Jim apologized about his condition last night studying the chastity cage and saying “Well better you than me testing it” asking if I was ready to be cut out. I loudly indicated I was ready and he quickly set to cutting the hard shell I had been encased in. Jim removed the phallus that filled my mouth and cut away the rubber “condom” that lined it. I was laid on my stomach, thankfully something was placed under my neck to keep me from trying to breathe through the plastic on the floor. I was so relieved that I could breathe through my mouth and that my nipples were finally free of all their torments I lay quietly humming as Jim prepared to cut me out of the cocoon.

Jim began cutting along my arms working carefully he cut across my balled up hands and back down to my shoulders. When he began cutting around the sides of my head I was stunned by the noise it made inside the cast and wished I had used ear plugs. Jim was steadily moving down my left side when he stopped and I could hear Tina offering him a cup of coffee and jokingly asked if I could have some. I had never worn a gag for this long and my jaw muscles were aching badly but they understood my gibberish and laughed adding if I was this comfortable maybe they should just leave me casted. We all chuckled then after a few minutes Jim began cutting again. I relaxed as I felt him moving slowly down my side, the aches and pains of my ordeal started creeping in on me making me want to be freed faster and desperately want to flex my sore muscles.

Somehow I was able to doze off because Jim was already moving up my right side already getting near my cramping shoulders. Once he reached my shoulder I felt the pressure ease across my back and then heard the cutter wind down. Jim told Tina to help him and removed the large piece from the outside part of my arms, neck and back of head. As soon as Jim pulled it off Tina grabbed my hands and gently pulled them slightly higher making me groan as my shoulders protested more. While I grunted Jim tried to pull the remaining fiberglass from my back finally yanking it free, the rush of cool air across the back of my entire body made me moan as I heard him set the chunk of fiberglass next to me.

I was still moaning as Tina started to cut away the plastic and strips of tape from my arms ending by laying them gently on my back then unbuckled the straps holding the strange gag in my mouth getting another loud moan from me. Jim asked if I could sit up but the fatigue and unusual position I was still held I made it impossible so the two rolled my rigid frame on to its side and carefully worked my body still mostly covered with plastic wrap out of the shell. I moaned loudly as I was eased onto the floor, Jim slowly straightening my cramped legs out as Tina made sure the gag popped free from my mouth leaving me lying flat on my back. The pain was incredible and I promptly rolled my plastic covered body over on my side pulling my legs back up behind me.

I awoke some time later, the plastic wrap, electrified plug and the waist crushing corset were gone, my hands drifted to my cock and felt the chastity device was still in place. I pulled the thick blanket down exposing my gaping mouth and saw Tina and Jim sitting on the couch in the next room smiling at me. I tried to say something but my mouth still wouldn’t function correctly and watched Jim walking over to me. Jim helped me to sit up and then partly carried me to the couch sitting me down next to Tina. It was then I noticed why Tina had not gotten up as well as her wrists were attached directly to her bound ankles forcing her to stay in the hogtied seated position she was in.

I sat between them watching Tina wriggle around in her seat to face me as Jim went to get me something to drink. Tina smiled and asked if I was alright, I nodded I was then she asked if I enjoyed myself? I smiled even though it hurt and nodded enthusiastically that I had. She smiled again and rubbed her head on my chest saying she had too then sat up and waited for Jim to return. I normally would have never had any kind of sex with someone who is in a committed relationship but since I literally had no choice and knew their relationship was radically different than what I considered “normal” I did not feel I had done anything wrong.

My arms were working well enough to take the bottle of sports drink Jim handed me wrapping a towel around my neck making me wonder why until I tried to take a drink and spilt most of it onto the towel. I listened to Jim explain about what we had done getting interrupted my Tina several times before reaching behind him and pulling the large ball gag off the table then strapping it tightly in a pouting Tina’s mouth. Jim told me about the event I had apparently been the star of explaining that every year they have a display contest and Jim and Tina had been trying to win for years. While Jim explained an excited Tina was gag talking and bouncing in her seat making Jim and I laugh as he continued to explain that this year they had won.

I sat for a couple hours listening to Jim and rubbing my jaw and nipples while I stretched my shoulders and legs enjoying Tina rubbing her bound body on mine and remembering the night’s activities. My cock was swelling inside its new cage when my exhaustion over took me and I asked Jim if he would help me to my bed which he gladly did and soon I was asleep again under the warm covers trying to get comfortable in the device clamped tightly on my cock and balls. I woke some time later and wandered out into the living room to find Jim asleep on the couch I didn’t see Tina until I rounded the corner noticing some movement beyond the door. Opening the door to the small room I found Tina with her arms casted together in a tight rigid armsleeve and her legs casted from her pussy to her pointed toes.

Her wrists had been casted to the crossbar Jim had placed between her ankles keeping her legs spread wide. I slowly walked around the gasping woman realizing Jim must have cast her kneeling first then stretched her backwards until her hands touched the bar. Her body was arched severely due to her thighs having been casted with her kneeling straight up putting a lot of pressure on her upper legs. Jim had covered her entire lower face with tape sealing her mouth closed around the large ball, the outlines of the ball could still be seen under the layers of tape. As I walked around her I could see he had also placed pieces of tape over both eyes silencing and blinding her leaving her bound nude and helpless to stimulate herself at all.

Watching her pert breasts heaving on her bowed chest gave me an idea so I picked up the clamps that had been used on me studying them to figure out how the complicated devices worked. Twisting the knob and flipping them over a few times I figured out their operation and carefully stood in front of her arched body and closed both clamps at once onto her erect nipples. The amount of struggling was impressive as I stood and watched her small body twist and flail inside the hardened fiberglass. When she settled down I turned her so she was facing the same shelving unit I had been hooked to and attached the chain from the clamps to the small elastic band she had tied there and pulled until it was stretching her nipples. Tina whined and twisted finding out quickly each movement made the clamps pull harder and finally calming down and knelt gasping through her nose.

I chuckled to myself and went to the kitchen to get something to eat and sat down enjoying the muffled grunts and whines from the restrained girl in the next room. Jim came in laughing at me then said “A little revenge huh?” I nodded and smiled with a full mouth of food. “Do you think that’s such a good idea?” I gave him a puzzled look and he continued “I mean to punish someone that has the only key to your cock and balls”. I suddenly realized he was right and looked at my plate then said “It’s still worth it” we both laughed again and sat talking until he said he needed to go to a friend’s house and asked if I was well enough to watch Tina for a couple of hours? “You shouldn’t have to do anything she wanted to stay casted until ten tonight but I’m sure she hadn’t figured on the tough position she was placed in, but I should be back long before then” I agreed I would watch her and he thanked me and left.

I went back to the small room plucking at the stretched elastic and told Tina she was now at my mercy and that I would like to help her enjoy herself as she had with me. As I asked I pulled the elastic band tighter making her stretch her chest a little further in a useless attempt to ease the pulling and making her whine loudly. What I didn’t know was when I was playing with the clamps and turning the knobs I had inadvertently tightened the clamping power considerably. I watched her small body sweating for a long time before going to my room and returning with two vibrators only to stop when I saw the electric plug lying in its case next to the control unit they had shipped.

Chuckling to myself I picked up the plug and lube and knelt behind my previous tormentor and carefully worked the lube well into her ass. Tina was humming as I started inserting the plug in only squealing slightly as the bulk of it passed. I was stroking her taunt stomach and brushing her breasts as I worked the plug in then stopped and plugged the wires into the large control box. I left her for a few minutes to adjust to the new feelings then returned with a glass of ice water and started running an ice cube all over her naked body. The beads of sweat had popped out everywhere across her skin making me think she was straining pretty hard so I asked if she was ok to continue. She moaned and shook her head she was. “Too bad, I was hoping you wanted to stop so I could ignore you” I answered.

For the next hour I teased my captive with ice and the electrified plug bringing her close to a climax several times only to leave her panting in frustration. Her entire body was covered with sweat and she was continuously whining as I drove her into another orgasmic frenzy. This time near the end I plunged the large vibrator deep into her pussy while turning up the tens unit and hanging a full roll of tape from the elastic band. The initial pain suppressed the building orgasm but when I told her she would not be released until Jim came back she moaned loudly and her whole body started to shake. I waited until her body was slumped in her castings, the only movement besides her heaving chest was when the pulses from the tense unit hit her and turned everything off.

It was getting close to when Jim said he would be returning so I removed the plug and vibrator cleaning each before putting them away and returning to my captive who had regained some of her strength and was struggling again. I released the band connected to the clamps and turned her body into the sun coming through the window letting her feel the heat begin to build. I sat chatting to her about how comfortable the chastity cage was, getting a chuckle from her and asked if she wanted out again or if she wanted me to wrap her more. She shook her head no to getting out and yes to adding more. I told her I was just kidding but she kept nodding her head so I started wrapping her body with the plastic wrap.

I think she had thought I was going to remove the clamps but I had just wrapped over them and quickly started wrapping the fiberglass around her sweat soaked body. When she realized I wasn’t going to remove the clamps she started moaning and thrashing shaking her head no. I smiled and asked “What’s wrong, did you want the clamps off first?” she shook her head violently “yes”. I laughed again as I answered “Than you should have said so, it’s too late now!” and kept wrapping. When I reached her pussy I stopped only wrapping around it leaving it open but casting her encased thighs to her torso and stepped back to watch the fiberglass set. After a few minutes she was encased in a hard shell except for her head and neck which seemed to be constantly moving as she tried desperately to break free.

Jim returned about two hours after I had encased Tina completely making it well over four hours helplessly casted in a stringent position. When Jim returned he smiled at my additions saying. “You really must like that cage?” and asked if he could spend some alone time with our captive. I closed the door as I left and listened to the duo enjoying themselves for almost an hour before hearing the cast cutter start and after what seemed like a very short time watched the two of them walk out of the door. Tina was still wearing the gag but the tape was gone and she was wearing a steep pair of high heeled shoes strapped around her feet. When she plopped down next to me I could see her arms were still encased in fiberglass as she leaned over and whined while she looked at her reddened nipples.

Jim was laughing when he said “I think she wants you to rub them for her”. I stumbled a second looking at him then her when he said “It’s ok with me, you caused them to hurt anyway”. I didn’t hesitate any longer as I began to rub her breasts and nipples. Jim had gone to their room leaving us alone while I rubbed her sore tits. Tina was moaning with her head back and eyes closed when he returned saying “Damn you must be really good at that?” I quickly stopped getting a loud sigh of disgust from Tina and said “I think it was the clamps more than anything I did”. We spent the evening watching TV and eating junk, Tina was forced to watch us eat since she had not been freed by Jim for whatever wrong she had done and could only sit and twist inside the fiberglass armsleeve while we joked and laughed teasing her regularly and at some point Jim even put the clamps back on.

Going to bed very late I watched Tina follow Jim into their room still gagged, clamped and her arms crushed together behind her and thought WOW what a lucky couple to have found someone to share their passions with. The next morning I arose more sore than I had been previously and had breakfast waiting when Jim and Tina got up. They had visited the bathroom together and emerged giggling as they walked into the kitchen, Tina still naked in her heels and with her arms bound behind her both joking about how she was going to eat.

Jim and I watched a bound Tina eat her bacon and eggs like a dog, lapping up every morsel with practiced ease impressing me greatly and making Jim say “You have gotten much better at that!” We both laughed at her smiling face that still had egg and bacon smeared on it. We spent the morning talking, Jim and I drinking coffee while Tina was forced to watch and smell it since we had both declined feeding her coffee. In early afternoon Jim cut Tina free of her remaining bonds and we talked until they were about to leave for the airport. Tina had said she had spent three days gagged before and almost a week with her arms in a mono sleeve. Jim told stories about how difficult it had been helping her do everything and listening to her whine about her arms aching even saying that’s one of the reasons she had spent three days gagged.

Tina never said anything about the chastity cage she had locked on me, I had studied it closely seeing not only did it encase my cock, forcing it to remain smaller than either of the ones I already had it encircled my balls as well. The cage was built so very little stimulation could get to any part of me and with the wide collar snuggly around the base of my cock and balls there was no wiggling out of it. I had looked it up online and found it was very expensive and usually custom made learning that the metal it was made from was difficult to cut mostly because it transferred heat so well guaranteeing that if it was cut I would be hurt in the process. The locks were made from round tumblers with twelve circular pins meaning it was all but impossible to pick so I knew I was stuck until she decided to release me so I never acted like I cared.

We packed their box up and set up a pick up time and had our last meal together before I dropped them off at the airport. Tina hugged me goodbye and winked as she said “Be good!” and the two left. Two weeks later Jim called me telling me he had sent me the video he had made of my time casted, the party video and Tina’s time casted. Jim said he had so many pre orders he knew it was going to be a hit and was thinking making it a full length feature on casting. I was excited and thanked him for the reimbursement of the charges I had paid for their services saying the next time you’re down they should come stay with me again. Jim hinted at me being their display again but I told him I had lived my fantasy and didn’t believe it could ever get any better. He laughed and said “Well maybe a year in chastity will change your mind!” I laughed even though I didn’t think it was funny but knew better than to ask about the key.

It took about a week for the package to arrive opening it I saw several DVD’s marked for the movies then two were marked uncut videos and popped the released videos in and sat back and watched me being cocooned, tormented and then freed. For only the second time since she locked me up did the cage get uncomfortable. During the second disc I had to turn it off and rub ice on my caged cock before I could finish it, it was amazing to watch what had happened during my second encapsulation. I had to stop twice while watching Tina’s casting disc and was stunned when I saw there were recorded scenes when we were alone on the release disc. After watching it I was thinking about how good Jim had edited out any views of my face when it dawned on me there must have been recordings of Tina and myself when I basically fucked her.

“Shit!” I grabbed the unedited disc’s and found the one with her and I and watched in horror (and with a swollen cock) the whole scene of her and I before I casted her. I could only think how much Jim must hate me and hoped everything was ok with Tina and Jim when at the end there was a message from them telling me how much they liked their visit and hoped I had really enjoyed myself and that if I was a good boy then they would tell me where the key was. I was gasping at the relief of them not being mad letting the last of the credits and other things they had recorded while they were here run out when Tina’s face filled the screen saying “If you haven’t found it yet the key is in the large vase on the bookshelf” she started laughing very hard and the screen went blank.

I found the key and stood looking at it for a long time then while I wrote them a letter explaining how much I had enjoyed their visit I confessed I wanted them to come back and would gladly wear the device until they did if that would convince them to return. I left the small key in the envelope along with the letter and the form the company had asked the tester to fill out telling them about the device and mailed it off.

It’s been two months since I sent the letter, I have only gotten one e-mail from them about it saying they got the envelope and were pleased to hear I enjoyed myself and would contact me if, or when they made plans to return. My cock and balls are still locked up and every day the desire to be casted again gets stronger, I had thought I would never want to be that helpless again but it seems Jim was right after a year locked up I might change my mind. If I don’t go crazy before then that is.



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