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Fantasies Fulfilled

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; MM/f; bond; kidnap; mum; crate; transported; buried; cons/nc; X

Desmond Hamilton was fairly wealthy. Not quite a millionaire, but well on the way to it. He had a lovely wife, Nichole, a nice house, a Jaguar car. What more could you want? But Desmond did. Desmond was having an affair with his secretary, Natasha.

Nichole was straight laced. She would not give Desmond the thrills he was seeking. Hence he had the affairs. He wanted someone to represent him during the day, a wife in the evening and a whore at night. Nichole was no whore! She was the epitome of class. She was tall, blonde, blue eyed and extremely well spoken.

Natasha on the other hand was a picture of loveliness. Tall, brunette, carried herself well and spoke perfect English. But she was willing to do anything to better herself. And better herself she did. Desmond was paying her the top rate for a personal assistant. He did not want to lose her. Everyone knew that, including Nichole.

Desmond had a lot of envious people who would stoop to anything to find out how he did it and take his business from him if they could! Plus a lot of crooks who had been eyeing up his house!

Natasha asked when they could be alone. “Nichole wants to go on a 6 weeks cruise! So we can’t be alone for now” 

“How about telling her you are going to a series of board meetings and letting her go on her own on the cruise?” 

“That is one thought!” 

“We could act out your favourite fantasy!” 

“I will do it!” The thought that Natasha was going to rule over him excited him tremendously. It felt good to give up the power now and then.

Desmond spoke to Nichole. “That date you want for the cruise, I have to go on a seminar for two weeks. How about if I pay, you take your sister Simone? You know she is down at heart since her husband Jim left her for that younger girl? It might do her the world of good and bring her round a bit!” “If you do not mind? I would rather go with you, but I would like to take Simone!”

The arrangements made and the holidays soon came up. Desmond saw Nichole and Simone fly off to pick up their cruise liner and quickly drove back to the house. He had booked 6 weeks off on holiday as well! That was the beauty of running your own firm. You had no one to answer to!

He phoned Natasha. “They have gone. I will meet you tomorrow in the Swan public house on the Old Dalby Road. No one goes there! I will be there at 2.30 approximately”

Natasha was waiting for him when he arrived. He was late. “Naughty boy. You deserve to be punished for this misdemeanor!”  

“Please Miss I am sorry! I won’t be late again!” 

“I have a situation in mind that you would love I think. I am an Amazon woman in a leopard skin garment and have captured you and tied you naked to a tree where you have to wait for me to come back and let me have my evil ways with your body!” 

Desmond nearly blew a fuse. “I love it, when can we start?” 

“If you pick me up at the old shipyard, tomorrow at 11, wait outside. I will buy the ropes I need for your captivity! Then I will put you in the boot of your car and drive you somewhere where you do not recognize and no one goes to and I will fasten you very tightly to the tree!”

Desmond agreed. That night he could not sleep thought the thought of being tied up by an Amazon woman who was never going to release him from her clutches.

The next morning Desmond awoke to find the sun shining. “It will make a lovely day to be tied to a tree!” Natasha had been busy buying some clothes for the scenario.

11 a.m. and Desmond sat in his car outside the old shipyard. Natasha came out with bags and bags of ropes of all sizes. She watched him open the doors at the back of the car and told him that he must get in the boot. He must not know where he was going. Desmond climbed in and Natasha put the ropes in with him. “You might as well get the feel of these ropes! They will bind you forever!” She closed the lid on him and put the clothes she had bought in the back of the car and shut the rear door. Now she was off. She knew where she was going. But she did not want Desmond to work out where he was going to be tied to the tree.

She turned and went around in all sorts of directions until she was sure Desmond had no idea where he was. She had knocked up 30 miles on the odometer. But soon she found the perfect spot. A small wood, miles from anywhere with no houses around for nosey people to live in.  She quickly stripped and put the clothes on she had bought. Now she was ready for Desmond. She got out a toy gun and opened the boot of the car.

Desmond blinked and climbed out of the car. He stretched himself and saw Natasha in a leopard print bikini with a small loin cloth wrapped around her waist. Then he saw the gun. “Pick up those ropes and start walking!” When they had got to the right place she ordered him to stop. “Take your clothes off! Now!” Desmond could not wait to strip. He neatly folded his clothes and stood there naked.

Natasha ordered him to take one of the pieces of rope and make a hangman’s noose! She handed him the half inch diameter rope. Desmond knew exactly how to make this noose! When she was satisfied it was good enough, she waved the gun and backed him to the tree. “At least she is not going to hang me!” he thought.

Natasha quickly tied his right wrist. She pulled it across his stomach and told him to put his left wrist across his stomach in the opposite direction and told him to keep still. She kept pulling it hard as she walked around the tree. 3 times she walked around him and the tree. Now he was held against the tree. He liked this game ever so much. He dreamed of her shagging him while he could do nothing about it. His erection showed he was aroused already!

His arms were fixed and she pulled his left wrist and tied the other end of the rope round this wrist. The next piece of rope was threaded time and time again between his arms and body and encircled his arms. She tied it of. Now she took a piece of rope and tied his arms above his elbows to each other across his body.

Natasha was an expert at tying people up. Especially when she was going to enjoy herself! Now she took some more rope and tied it to his arm and wound it around the tree and Desmond 6 times, finishing off by tying to his other arm.

He was ordered to put his feet either side of the tree trunk. Ropes were tied between each of his ankles via the back of the tree. He had to stand with his legs held wide apart. She would some ropes around the tree and his neck, making sure that he was not strangled. “That was very thoughtful of her!” Desmond thought, “But why the noose?” He was about to find out.

Natasha picked the noose up and shoved the spiral of it into his mouth so it stuck out both sides. She pulled the rope around the back of his head and round to his face again. Now she pulled on the rope. It burned Desmond as the rope slid past his head. But soon she had it in the right position. The noose had been reduced to an inch in diameter. She treaded the rope through the noose and pulled it tight. The rope around the back of head moved again and the noose got smaller.

The rope was barely able to be pulled through the noose. Natasha could have left it like that, but she was not satisfied. She turned the rope back and pulled it harder still and walked around the tree. She tied it off over his mouth by the noose. Now he could not talk or move.

“You are my prisoner. I will do with you what I want! You will wait for me to come back!” 

“Come back? What does she mean, come back?” thought Desmond. 

“You won’t need these!” said Natasha as she picked up his clothes. She put them in the bags the ropes were in and waved to him and walked off without looking back. 

“God is she making this a real scenario!” Desmond thought. Until he heard his car start up and move off. He was alone and naked and now very, very frightened!  He struggled but she had done too good a job of tying him up!

Elsewhere in town, some of Desmond’s rivals were plotting his downfall! “Take his secretary away, and he would give anything to get her back!” That was it. They had found the perfect way of getting Desmond to pay a lot of money. Kidnap Natasha and hold her to ransom. “Brilliant! £50,000 we should ask for. Not too much or else he would go to the police!”

The men went looking for Desmond and Natasha. They drove to his house and waited outside. They watched as Natasha drove into the grounds of the house. She entered the house and the men rang the doorbell. Natasha answered it and was grabbed. The men who grabbed her were wearing long black coats and balaclava helmets with only their eyes showing. She was still wearing the bikini, but not for long. They soon removed that and wound rolls of bondage tape around her. They started with her legs while one man held his hand over her mouth.

They wound the tape up to her neck trapping her arms by her sides. Now they repeated this with duct tape. Soon Natasha was like a silver worm waiting to be put on a fisherman’s hook. This was her fantasy, but this time it was for real!

Desmond was struggling, wondering how long Natasha was going to leave him there before she came back and acted out his fantasy!

Now they started on her head. Duct tape was put over her mouth. A polythene bag was put over her head. “They are going to suffocate me!” Natasha thought and in panic managed to wriggle free of the men. But they caught her. One of the men made a hole in the bag and it was put over her nose so she could breathe once more.   

Now the continued with the duct tape and eventually all you could see of Natasha was her eyes. She was panicking. She was the only person in the world who knew where Desmond was. “We are asking £50,000 for you. If Desmond does not turn up with the money or goes to the Police it will be the worse for him. We know he is around somewhere, he did not go on the cruise with his wife!” 

They typed a note on his computer and printed it off. Now they picked Natasha up and carried her to their car. She was laid in the boot and the lid slammed down. They drove for some time before releasing Natasha from the boot. “Now what do we do with her boss?” 

“Leave for now and let’s have a drink before we carry out the rest of the plan!”

The men left Natasha and she started to roll around trying to see if she could see the way out of the room, but they had shut the door. Even if she was standing, she would not be able to open the door!

But they soon came back with a digital camera. They photographed her all securely bound and gagged. One man had a digital video camera and he filmed her wriggling around. The men picked her up. They still had their black coats on and balaclava helmets. Natasha still could not see their faces.

She saw they were heading towards a box. It was long enough to take her full length in. But it was tight so she could not turn sideways. One of the men carefully removed the tape around her mouth. Now he cut the plastic bag and extremely carefully sliced the tape over her mouth. Now they shoved a tube into her mouth and taped everything up so the pipe was stuck in her mouth. She could breathe through the tube.

Packing was put around her sides where she did not touch the box. She was quickly fixed and unable to move any part of her sideways at least.

The filming went on while all this went on. One man disappeared and came back holding something. He turned it and showed it to her. It was a gravestone. It read “Desmond’s Secretary lies here! Rest in Peace!” 

“They are going to bury me alive!” she thought. 

“If Desmond does not show up by tomorrow evening, we will put this on your grave! We have told Desmond in the note what we intend to do. Copies of all your pictures will be left tonight at his house. If he does not pay up then I am afraid to say you will be paying with your life”

Natasha tried to squirm but was held fast. She tried to scream, but not much came out of the pipe. She watched as the pipe was put through the lid of the box and pulled through. All told the pipe was 6 feet long. “We will cut it once the lid is sealed down or the new air would not be able to get past the stale air!” The box had been varnished several times, “We would not like you catching your death of cold, would we!” More packing was added so that it reached the top of the sides of the box. “We wouldn’t want you making noises now, would we?”

Another man spoke up, “I hope you like the little comfort I have given you. He lifted the lid up and slid it over her body. She saw what he meant. He had put a window in the lid so they could see her face. Or rather her eyes and the tube in her mouth!

The lid was brought down. Natasha bent her legs as best as she could so they could not get the lid on, but they were too strong for her and she felt her legs being pushed flat again.

Several screws were put all around the lid holding it firmly on the box. Natasha was sealed in. They put some duct tape around the join to make it water tight. Natasha saw one of the men cut the pipe. They had put a stocking over the end so nothing could enter the pipe. It was bent over so the rain would not get in.

Now they picked up her box. “Where should we leave her, Boss?” “I know just the place. No one goes there. She will be undisturbed for centuries!” 

They waited for nightfall and dropped the photos in Desmond’s house letterbox, and then they carried on in the van to where they were going to leave Natasha.

“No lights now, and keep it quiet!” The men picked up the box from the back of the van and carried it to the clearing. Desmond heard a noise and decided it was not Natasha so he had better keep quiet. He faintly saw some activity not far from him, but in the inky blackness could not make it out, even though they could only have been 20 feet from him.

Natasha watched through the window as her coffin was lowered into the grave they had dug. Now she watched in vain as the dirt tumbled from the spades onto her coffin. A small torch was turned on the show the window. The window was covered up with a spade full of dirt and more went on top. The men arranged the dirt around the pipe and put the turf back around it.

Desmond saw a flash of a camera. “They have buried some poor soul alive!” he thought. The men walked off.

Daylight started to break. Not that Natasha knew in her blackness of her coffin. She was breathing regularly and deeply. She was the only person who knew where Desmond was and she could not say. She did not know where she was though.

 Desmond watched the sunrise and thought “Another beautiful day. Now all I have to do is wait for Natasha to come back! I will make her pay for this, leaving me here all night!” 

The light got brighter and Desmond could make out a shape in front of him. It had some words on it. He read it. “Desmond’s Secretary lies here! Rest in Peace!”  His rescuer was only 20 feet from him but was in an even more impossible position to escape!

From the boat, Nichole sent an e-mail. “I have found someone else. I have left you for good. I do not want anything from you. You can take the lot. I am fed up with your sluts that you have been sleeping with. I cannot take any more of your affairs. I will be applying for a divorce! Nichole”


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