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Fade to Black

by Jo

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© Copyright 2013 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; box; fill; naked; asian; encase; seal; enclosed; packaged; cons; X

A light flares into existence. Slowly the scene resolves. There is a wooden box on a pair of saw horses. The box is made of boards with cleats and corner posts. It's not very large; something under six feet long, less than two feet wide, perhaps eighteen inches deep. Next to the box is a large, blue plastic barrel. Below, a shiny, stainless steel bucket. Beyond nothing but inky shadow.

A man enters from the left. He's wearing a pale blue lab coat, dark slacks, and a white oxford shirt with the sleeves rolled up. The coat hides his physique, though he appears to be neither thin nor fat. The light overhead casts his face into shadow.

The barrel is filled with something white. It looks like frosting, but when the man dips the pail it appears to be more like mayonaise; neither liquid nor solid, it doesn't flow when he upends the bucket over the box and he must shake it to dislodge the contents. He scoops another bucket full, adds it to the box. Again. The process goes slowly as he has to work the stuff out with vigorous shakes each time. But after several minutes he has filled the box about a third of the way. He exits to the left.

A minute passes... two. He emerges carrying a naked woman. Her head hangs limp, as does her arm. Her breasts are large, but not overly so and they jiggle with each step. He sets her feet into the box, eases her back. He tucks her shoulder length hair under her. She has bangs. The hair is dark, possibly black. It's hard to tell in the light. She's Asian. Her skin is tan, either her natural color or the result of being in the sun. Again, because of the blinding white light, she's probably darker than she appears. She has no tan lines and her skin is an even brown. Her nipples are dark brown, almost black. Her bush is lush and full. She has pale pink lip gloss. It matches the pink on her finger and toe nails. Her breasts bobble as he sets her in place, but once prone her nipples point straight up. Her age is anyone's guess. She's either a mature girl, or a very young woman.

As he eases her down the white stuff oozes up and around her, framing her. The box is barely large enough to hold her, perhaps an inch or two of clearance all around.

He dips the bucket, raises her left arm, shakes the bucket and fills the void of her armpit. He runs a line down her side and presses her arm down into it. He does the same on her right arm.

He sets the bucket down, raises the woman's knees, spreading them, propping them against the sides of the box. The move exposes her nether lips, pink and inviting, peeking through her thick bush. The man cups her sex, slides a finger into her, stands like that for a full minute.

He picks up the bucket, dips it, upends it over the woman's crotch and her bush and pussy disappear under a thick layer of white. Several more buckets full fill the gap between her legs and he stretches them and presses them into the stuff.

He sets the bucket down, reaches into a pocket on his lab coat, and retrieves two rubber plugs. He presses them into the woman's nostrils. He works slowly. Everything seems to be happening in slow motion. He pushes the plugs into her nose until they disappear. He dips his hand into the other pocket and produces a mouth piece, once a snorkel, but now sans straps and the tube cut down to mere inches. There are two rubber flanges and he pries the woman's mouth open, works the inner flange inside, back behind her teeth. He makes some adjustments, then closes her mouth a bit, tugs at her lips until the outer flange is trapped beneath. He works her lips some more, ensuring a good seal. He picks up the bucket.

The next dollop covers her eyes, some of her hair, part of her cheeks and her nose. The next fills the gap around her head. Her chin and neck disappear with the next. He works his way down her body; scoop, shake, repeat. Hers arms are gone, then her breasts, her ribs, and the flat cavity of her belly. The level in the barrel is going down and he has to bend over, reach deep, but there's enough. He covers her legs, then lastly, her feet - all covered under a thick layer of white.

He spends a couple of minutes scooping and filling the gaps, the voids, bringing the level up a bit above the edge of the box.

He sets the bucket down, wipes his hands on his lab coat, and exits left.

He returns a moment later with the wooden lid, three boards fastened together with cleats. The cleats just fit inside the box. He positions it at the foot end and eases it down. There is a small hole at the head end and he slips his finger into it. A bit of adjusting and the tube appears as he lowers the lid into place. He presses down on the lid. White goop forms an irregular bead along the seam.

He leaves.

He returns with a hammer and nails. He presses down again, then drives three nails at the head of the box, four along the side, three more along the foot, and, finally, four along the other side.

Again he exits left, again he returns. This time he's carrying a black plastic bucket. It is half full of water. A cloth or towel floats inside. He pulls it out, wrings it. He takes the corner and cleans the mess from around the tube. He works his way around the box, alternately wiping and folding the towel. When he's done, he dips the folded cloth and wipes the seam once more. All traces of white are gone. It is simply a brown wooden box, steel nail heads glint under the light, a scant inch of plastic tube give a clue to the contents.

Carrying the plastic bucket, the man exits left again. A minute passes... two... three.

Fade to black.



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