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The Experiment

by Chryslerman

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© Copyright 2003 - Chryslerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/m; latex; sarcophagus; encased; stored; cons; X

I am here due to a freak accident and my own desire for bondage and stimulation. Let me tell you how I came to be here…

My name is Jerry and I used to work in a Government Lab as a technician with 2 renowned scientists, Dr. Lancaster and Dr. Stone. The object was to create a chamber in which an astronaut could be placed to survive the long times involved in travel to other planets, such as a mission to Mars. The times involved would require too much bulk in the way of supplies of food and equipment to keep one sane for the long times required to make the journey.

We had come up with a few failures, but had started on a most promising device. It was in essence a large sarcophagus that would hold the subject in almost a form of suspended animation, but kept the mind active since they wouldn’t actually be asleep.

The machine would provide high concentrate nutrients through the IV’s and keep the person in an almost dream like state, and provide mind and body stimulation to keep the body active so the muscles didn’t atrophy and keep the mind sane, through electrical impulses and sexual stimulation.

We (the technicians) took turns being inside the device, each time for a longer period of time. Finally it came around to my turn again, and the time was to be for 6 months. Basically the amount of time thought to be a good average for a trip to Mars.

I was prepped, numerous enemas to complete clean me out, all hair shaved off, an IV placed in my leg, catheterized and then placed in a special thick rubber suit, which had electrical connectors throughout and was complete with full faced hood, with only hoses in my nostrils to supply me with air. And my cock was pulled out and placed in a special tube that was connected to the front of the suit, with the catheter tube pulled through it.

I was maneuvered into the sarcophagus and I immediately sank into the extremely soft and smooth padding on the bottom. My tubes were attached to their respective hookup points and the cock tube was hooked to its respective connections. There was an umbilical of electrical connectors that was plugged into its socket as well. Once I was settled, the lid was closed over top hydraulically. Immediately gasses flowed into the chamber and my air hoses, and the lid was lined with the same kind of soft layers that the bottom was, holding me somewhat in place.

The next few minutes were quiet, and then the slow, rhythmical sensations started, caressing my body, as my mind began to drift somewhat from the drugs used to help slow the body down and help move into a dream like state. It felt so good, and would be like this for 6 months… Ahhhh… iittt fffeeeeeeeellllllssss sssoooooooo nnniiiiiiiiccccccceeeeeeeeee---------------------

- - - - - - - - -

Day 73 Log:

The subject is doing very well. System is functioning perfectly, and we on the team have no idea why we are under threat of having the project disbanded. We seem to have fulfilled the goals we were told to achieve, but the political backlash of a supposed “Sex Machine” from the Congressional Oversight Committee is getting to the point of Project Termination.

- - - - - - - - - 

“Dr. Lancaster, I am with the U.S. Marshall’s office. You are hereby ordered to stop what you are doing and accompany us off the base Sir. You and your team are hereby off the project and it is being disbanded. Your notes, computer records and all related information are hereby confiscated and you are under U.S. Security procedures and Laws to never reveal any piece of your research here and will turn over your Security Card and Codes to us now and you and everyone on your project will be escorted off the base.”

“Why are you doing this? We have an experiment going on now and there is no way to end it early. All the equipment is on timer locks and will still need monitoring. It can’t be ended early.”

“We will have to take care of that ourselves Doctor, as you will have to leave NOW. We will escort you off the base. Deputy? Please escort Doctor Lancaster to the Security office and collect his security cards and such then escort his team off the base.”

- - - - - - - - - -

Security Log:

The Experimental Machine from Project A-1277-AJ-5 has been transferred to Government Warehouse Tango-Tango-Gamma 77 Charlie. Row 6, Section Alpha, Sub Level 9. Due to the security restrictions placed on that project, and the need for monitoring, it was placed in that warehouse to have the displays checked, and any needs cared for daily by the Medical Dept. here on this National Security base. That piece of equipment has been tagged to be kept there for 50 years before it is to be opened and the possibility of its being declassified. Any and all time locks on the device were changed to reflect that order and the codes were then highly classified. By Order of National Command Authority, order 457AA7855112-2003.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I am only slightly aware of things. I could sense some kind of movement for a time, then its stopped, but the feelings here are soooo goooooood… Its like I never want them to stop, but I know that even though I can’t really keep track of time, my release will have to be coming up soon. I was to be here for 6 months, and surely I’m well past the halfway point, right?


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