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Essence of Woman

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2014 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; captive; encased; glass; bottle; stuck; emerse; chemicals; process; tease; climax; nc/reluct; X

Waking from disturbing dreams of drowning in a pot full of hot water Jane tries to sit up hitting her head on something right in front of her face. Jane tried to move but her body is pressed into something and keeps her from bending or even flexing her thin toned body, even her hands feel trapped, she inhales as deep as she can feeling her breasts press harder on whatever is holding her down, her feet are aching but all she can tell is that they feel like they are encased in very tight shoes with very tall heels.

As her foggy head clears she tries to look around only able to turn her head slightly before her face bumps into the invisible force holding her still, she screams for help but quickly stops, the echoes of her voice resounding loudly in her ears making her wince with pain. Jane tried to feel what her body is held down with as she flexes each muscle in turn only to feel whatever it is very smooth and surrounds her completely.

For hours Jane has been awake held perfectly still by something she cannot see but knows is there, when suddenly the lights surrounding her come on and she can finally see that she is not lying on her back but standing straight up, the view around her is slightly distorted as she turns her head and can see just off to her right some dimly lit figures but can’t make them out through the corner of her eye as she screams again letting the echoes die before screaming a second time.

Jane can see a door open and a thin man walk in the room and begin to roll something towards her, as he gets closer she can see that he is an older man with large hands and a very rough looking face. The man stops directly in front of her and turns the item he had been pushing around then walks off towards the open door, Jane is screaming again, begging him to help her as he closes the door behind him leaving her alone. Jane stops screaming and looks at the large item he left in front of her and gasps when she sees it’s a mirror and the image in it makes her faint.

Waking again Jane stares at the image in the mirror in disbelief not wanting to accept the reason she can’t move is because her body has been stuffed into what looks like a large glass bottle! As she takes in the vision she can see that her feet are being held all most in an en-point position by the thick glass at her feet, the outside of the bottle just big enough to circle them as it rises tightly up her legs, her skin is pressed tightly into the glass all the way up to her hips, this is where she now sees why her hands won’t move because they are pressed tightly against the glass, her hips holding them tightly in place with the pressure of her body.

Following her arms up she can see her skin pressing hard against the glass all the way up to her shoulders, looking back down she can see her breasts smashed flat inside the glass her enclosed back forcing her to smash them in the front. Her head is in what can only be described as the neck of the bottle that has a large cap on the top a few inches above her head, as she continues to stare and tries to fight the increasing tension of the glass she notices something in her pussy and looks at it and can only see a round clear spot right at the entrance of her pussy, she squeezes the muscles and can tell something has been inserted into her and seems like it is touching the glass as well.

While flexing her pussy muscles she also discovers something has been inserted into her firm ass as well but the mirror only allows her to see the front of her new container, she struggles until she blacks out awaking a few hours later in darkness and starts screaming again. After screaming until she is hoarse and temporarily deaf she sees the door open and the rough man re-enters the room walking up to her and removes the mirror before turning on the lights and introducing himself. “I am Doctor Van Hugh, I am a master glass smith and a chemist, you have been sent to me because you have the necessary chemical make up in your genes to provide me with the basis of the companies best selling and most expensive cologne, Essence of woman”.

“You like so many before will be provided for and given great pleasure during your time here, no, it won’t be comfortable, the process to extract the essence can be quite demanding on its donors, but the rewards for the clients are too amazing to allow this natural resource not to be collected” the doctor continued in his strange accent. “You see once the essence has been collected and purified it gives it wearer the ability to control men, any man who inhales it and make them become so aroused by their presence that they can be manipulated into doing just about anything that’s asked of them”

“As I said the process is not comfortable but it can be very pleasurable during the first steps and following the last step of each treatment and harvesting so it’s best to try and concentrate on the pleasurable part and not the uncomfortable part”. During his whole speech Jane was yelling and weeping but stopped when she heard the doctor say that nothing could be heard outside the glass and the only reason she could hear him was the speakers in the “cap” above her.

With that he walked up to the glass and tapped on it with a small hammer, the vibration this made was transmitted directly into the phalluses inserted into her ass and pussy and rang through her smashed nipples, Jane moaned as she bit her lip, the vibrations seem to continue for minutes and had her panting hard as her orgasm built, then just like the vibrations it faded away leaving her panting and wanting more. “Good” the doctor said, “You are already responding well, you have a bright future if you can hold out long enough!” With that he turned and walked out again leaving her in darkness again wondering what he meant by hold out long enough? Jane felt her body lean back and squealed thinking she was falling but instead she was rolled out of her cubby and moved towards the side of the room she couldn’t make out earlier.

As she was rolled closer she could see other bottles lined up against the wall, the dim lights kept her from making out if the women inside were alive or not but she could swear she saw movement from two of the women trapped as she was inside large glass bottles. Jane was still staring at the other bottles when she looked forward and could see the bottle she was replacing being moved out, the girl inside didn’t look real, her face and body were extremely thin, her mouth was open as if she were screaming and her hair looked like it was floating around her face like she was submerged in water. Jane watched in horror as the bottle was pulled out and she could see that it wasn’t water but something solid, the trapped air bubbles leading up from the thin girls mouth had reached the surface making her think her screams could still be heard, Jane could tell now that she had been placed face to face with her that the girl was trapped inside a solid clear liquid and that is where she would stay forever.

Jane’s heart dropped as she knew this was to be her fate as well and struggled to move anything, her struggles went unnoticed from the techs as they moved her past the trapped girl and into the place she once stood, the techs busied themselves hooking up hoses and securing her bottle in place while Jane stared at the leaving girls back side and noticed her entire body was still pressed hard into the glass. The next few days went by in a blur the doctor testing Jane and her bottle explaining things she could never understand about chemistry and glass, she did understand when he explained how she was inserted in the bottle on the top was sealed on around her, explaining the dreams she had about drowning and being boiled alive and understood that as her body lost weight she would continue to settle down into the bottle keeping her very snug inside it and if she survived until they could extract no more from her she would be released and given a healthy sum of money, but not to hold out much hope, most did not survive the treatments and those that had decided to stay inside the bottles until they couldn’t take it anymore.

Jane screamed as she was now positive that the girl she replaced had died inside the bottle and knew she would too. The first treatment was the worst for Jane, it started out with something vibrating the glass sending her body into a frenzy of climaxes before quickly filling with chemicals as she was told to hold her breath for as long as possible and not to swallow any of the liquid, in seconds the foul smelling liquid was over her head as she struggled to hold her breath and fight off the orgasms the continuing vibrations were causing.

Jane could see the doctor and techs moving around outside as she began to release the spent air in her lungs and her body went into full survival mode and thrashed and jerked inside her glass prison. Just as Jane was about to take in a lung full of the chemicals suddenly the level dropped below her neck and she breathed in fresh air gasping and coughing until she head the doctor say, “Hold it” and the level raised again fully engulfing her head and leaving her under longer each time and repeating the process ten times before the fluid was drained completely out of her bottle. Jane stood gasping and coughing as warm air circulated though the bottle drying her quickly as the vibrations returned bringing her to several climaxes before stopping.

Jane got used to the routine quickly, she was fed once a day by a long bent tube then the process was repeated three times a day and after the last one she was allowed to cum freely before all went dark and she slept until the next day when it started all over again. During the months that followed Jane watched many bottle girls come and go, several of them left frozen on their bottles others left moaning as they stood limply inside the glass that had held them for so long, none of them returned. Jane had become used to the process and even started to enjoy the before and after parts but could tell as the bottom of the neck got higher she was losing weight and now her feet had begun to hurt because they were supporting more her body weight told her that she was slowly losing her battle and would soon be of no further use to the company and wondered if they would truly release her or just fill her bottle full of the solidifying liquid and let her drown before be frozen forever in the glass tomb.

Two months later Jane had noticed that her treatments were down to once a day and she could now bring her hands up to her breasts that were still touching the glass but only her nipples felt the vibrations anymore and wondered if the next treatment would be the one where she was finished. When she had stopped being flooded with chemicals and was only vibrated once a day along with her feeding she knew she was done, no one had spoken to her in months and Jane waited anxiously for the day where she would be drowned, but each day passed as her body became thicker and she felt better and came to enjoy her new life inside the bottle being brought to a climax twice a day now and bathed in warm water instead of the cold chemicals, she had no responsibilities and lived in utter peace being taken care of by people who knew and cared for her like she was the most important thing in the world to them.

When Jane could no longer move her arms or hands from them being held tightly against the glass again she began to worry about gaining too much weight and suffocating herself to death and started not allowing the tube into her mouth except every other day trying to control her weight and after weeks of this the doctor finally told her it was time for her to make a choice, she had been brought back to healthy as far as they could inside the bottle, she had produced more of the chemicals they needed than any other donor in their history and had a hefty bonus waiting for her, but to honor their agreement she could choose to leave now or go through the process again, staying just as she was sealed inside a large glass bottle, the doctor gave her a warning, no one had ever survived a second series of tests but they had all died happy.

She had also been told she had been in the glass for eighteen months and the next series she would probably only last half that but would be given double the bonus if she made it through them. Jane smiled as she thought about another six months of pleasure but was torn worrying if she could survive it and stood awake through the night trying to decide if she wanted to be the essence of woman sealed inside the thick glass and sold off by the gram or a free woman who would never feel as cared for and truly happy as she had for the last eighteen months.

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