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The Erotic Magic Club Part 4

by Doug S

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© Copyright 2004 - Doug S - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/fff; bodymod; magic; cons; X

continued from part 3

Part 4: Sandy on the Pole

Good news -- my biggest customer is relocating.  A couple of thousand weather forecasters and support staff, and a few cellars full of supercomputers and and communications equipment, are moving to Exeter.

This would normally mean I'd be very busy and working long hours a long way from home, but in my case I've been looking for an excuse to move to Exeter for a month or two now.

What's the draw in Exeter ?  I think I told you about the Club my brother introduced me to -- the Erotic Magic Club -- and how I met one of the girls who work there and started "seeing" her.

Well, now all the weathermen whose computers I look after are moving out west and I'm going with them.  I get to move my job in exactly the right direction.

Let me tell you about the last time I visited Stavro's Club.  There are eight dancers, and the first half of the show is just a conventional dance/strip show.  Each of the girls has a specialty act -- One girl does a tassel-twirling exhibition (don't ask), a pair of twins do a balancing act, and so on.  In the second half, one of the girls is chosen to become the assistant or victim in a particularly cruel magic show.  Jim, who devises and presents the magic, must have a particularly twisted imagination, but off-stage he comes across like someone's slightly odd uncle.

Well, on this occasion, the magic was particularly nasty.  The first show I saw had Jo, my new girlfriend, put in a position which should only have been demanded from the contortionist.  This show had the contortionist made to do something that might have been easier for the sword-swallower.

The second half always starts with Jim picking one of eight coloured balls at random from a big glass bowl, thus selecting one of the girls to mistreat.  Today was no different.

Jim held the selected ball up and showed it to the audience.  "Today, Stavro, we have the Yellow ball.  Which of our lovely girls are we working with tonight ?"

"Tonight, Jim, it's a special treat for lovers of the Orient.  Your assistant this evening is Sandrine Siew, who entertained us earlier by showing us just how flexible a body can be.  Who'd have thought you could fold a grown woman into a glass box just sixteen inches on each side ?  Gentlemen, lets hear it for Bendy Sandy!"

From the far left-hand side of the auditorium, the Chinese contortionist in the yellow shorts marched through the applause and jumped up on to the stage.  She strode up to Jim and, rising to her tiptoes, gave him a peck on the cheek.  Josephine, who had joined me at my table in the interval, whispered to me that Sandy had been trying for about three years to get into bed with Jim, without success.   "Jim says that shagging one of the assistants is a bad idea," said Jo, "so she'll never get anywhere with him."

Sandy chose an envelope from a pile presented by Jim.  The card inside  -- lifted out and shown to the audience -- bore just two words: "The Pole".

Josephine whispered to me as she stood up, "I've got to go.  We all help with this one -- it's the biggest and nastiest prop he uses.  I'll see you here after the show."

As Sandy was fetching a couple of men from the audience to help out, the other seven girls were heading for the right-hand side of the auditorium.  Jim remained on stage to greet Sandy's two new friends, somewhat surreally called Bill and Ben.  He started to explain the logic behind the illusion.

"Bendy Sandy here has shown us," he explained, "how something straight, like her beautiful bendy body, five feet five of flexible flesh, can be folded up to fit in such a small box.  Now we all have, in our bodies, about thirty feet of gut, all folded up in here."  He prodded Sandy in the mid-section.  "Now if Sandy can get her body, which is straight, and fold it up like that, we ought to be able to get her gut, which is all folded up, and straighten it out a bit, yes ?"

The seven other dancers had gone to the far wall and picked up a bright stainless steel pole, about forty feet long, which was waiting for them on a series of hooks.  They carried it above the heads of the audience and lined it up along the centre of the auditorium, facing the stage.  Jim invited the audience to look closely at the pole, and so we did.  The pole was roughly an inch and a half thick and had markings regularly spaced along the whole of its length.  The part nearest me bore the numbers 15 and 16, with three marks in between bearing smaller numbers 3, 6 and 9.  The pole, as Jim proceeded to explain, was simply a giant steel ruler, marked out at three-inch intervals.

At Jim's direction, Bill and Ben took a firm hold of Sandy's arms and shoulders, and folded her forwards from the hip.  One of them took a handful of her hair and pulled her head back, so that her mouth and throat were lined up horizontally, ready to receive the giant steel pole.  Jim told the audience that he considered it unlikely that anyone had ever truly measured the alimentary tract of a living subject -- until now.  On receiving the word, the seven girls holding Jim's outsize ruler started to walk forward, and the tip disappeared into Sandy's mouth.  It slid down her waiting throat, and we could hear the metal whispering as it scraped against her teeth.  Yard after yard of the calibrated shaft disappeared into the Chinese girl's face.  One by one, the girls carrying the pole retired as the section that each was carrying was fed into the victim's mouth   Sandy took all of this in silence, although I could see a tear or two trickling down her cheek.  When only about eight feet remained, Jim called a halt and asked Sandy and the two men to turn round.  The two girls still holding part of the pole shuffled sideways as the awkward assembly was rotated until the rear of Sandy's tight yellow leather shorts was presented to the audience and we could see the bulge where the end of the pole was beginning to emerge. 

Jim reached between the contortionist's legs to the front of her waistband and took hold of the handle on the zip on her shorts.  He pulled the zip down, and reached back underneath to release the catch at her waist.  Hooking his fingers over the top edge of the shorts, he pulled them over her hips and drew them down her legs to the ground, where they pooled at her feet.  Sandy stepped out of her shorts and kicked them upstage, and then spread her legs so that her feet were about a yard apart.  The pole was then allowed to travel a further yard or so through its unfortunate victim.  Jim called a halt when roughly equal amounts of pole were sticking out of each end of his distressed assistant.  The last two girls carrying the pole -- Suzy and Jo -- were dismissed.

"So how long is the human digestive tract ?" asked Jim.  He placed Bill at one end of the pole, asking him to read the measurement as close as possible to the lips of the poor girl.  "Thirty-six feet and three inches here." replied Bill.

"Now Ben," Jim continued.  "Bill can see that the pole really did go into our subject's mouth.  Can you confirm exactly where it came out ?"

Bill was studying the terrain between those twin oriental buttocks a little more closely than Jim's question demanded.  "It came out exactly where you'd expect to find something you'd put in her mouth," he said, "and the measurement is three foot nine."

Jim turned delighted to the audience.  "There you are, gentlemen:  Proof positive that the gut is thirty-two and a half feet long.  Sandy's half Belgian, so she might have said ten metres, but she's been taught not to speak with her mouth full."

Jim and the boys helped Sandy to stand up once more.  She couldn't stand up straight, since the pole sticking out of her rear was rather longer than her legs.  She turned to face the audience but we couldn't see her face, because the pole forced her to keep her head back. Sandy had to look straight up at the ceiling along the remaining length of the pole.  Jim asked her to "give us a twirl" and she turned once round, and stood with her front to the audience once more.  Very picturesque.  He asked her if she was comfortable, and she lifted her hands and made a couple of signs at him.  I was surprised when I recognised British Sign Language, and I recalled that we hadn't had the usual few moment's chat between Jim and the assistant before she chose the envelope.  I would ask Jo about that later.  Sandy's signing left no doubt -- whatever else she was, she wasn't comfortable.

Jim left Sandy stood there with Bill on one side and Ben on the other, and crossed to the far side of the stage to perform another trick.

Jim was met at the other side of the stage by the twins, Spic and Span.  Each girl was wearing a pair of high heels, those very tight short leather shorts, a strapless bikini top -- a sort of leather band around her breasts -- and a soft leather cap.  Under the stage lights, it was clear that one girl was dressed all in light brown, and one all in a dark and glossy black.  They were stood in front of a table containing a collection of carved and polished pieces of wood, obviously designed as the components of some kind of frame.  With the twin's assistance, Jim built a sort of figure-8 shape with the beautifully polished wood.  He opened the sides of the two loops of wood and the twins placed themselves into the frame back-to-back, so that when Jim completed the assembly, each girl had one of the loops fitting snugly around her waist.

Jim assembled a second frame and, inviting the girls to lean forward a little, eased it into position just below their two pairs of arms.  When they straightened, the frame was held in place between their shoulders, just over a foot above the first frame.  The fronts of the frame, placed just above their breasts, completed a second figure of eight.  I was beginning to guess what might happen next, since a week or two earlier Jo and I had visited Jim while he was doing the research for this trick.

Jim explained to the audience that sisters traditionally borrowed each other's clothing.  Perhaps one woud be going out and wanted to use the other's party dress.  He wondered if the fact that these two sisters were twins made any difference.

The twins stood there, one looking stage left and one right, each with their arms folded in front of them, resting on the upper frames.  Jim placed his hands firmly on the side of Spanula's torso, and started to push.  While the legs and hips, arms and heads of the two girls remained perfectly still, the middle section between the two frames started to turn, until in due course the two sides had completely exchanged sides.  Jim proclaimed that, as twins, they could borrow not only each others' clothes, but their bodies as well.  He released the girls from the frames, and the two of them -- one in brown shorts and hat with a black top, the other with the colours reversed -- took their bows and left the stage.

Jim returned to Bill, Ben and Sandy.  "Where were we ?" he asked.  "Oh, we were going to straighten Sandy's gut out.  Come here, Bill.  Sandy, bend over."

Sandy's hands flashed before her, a brief but unmistakable sign.  She was telling Jim to bugger off.   Nevertheless, she bent over obediently so that Jim and the boys could proceed with the illusion.

On Jim's direction, Bill took a firm grip on the pole, a foot or so from where it emerged between Sandy's lips.  Ben took hold of the other end, and the two of them started to pull.  Sandy, who before this point had remained completely silent, started to wail past the obstacle in her mouth as the two halves of the pole emerged from either end of her body.  She wasn't completely mute, then.  Bill and Ben paused in their work, and the terrified girl ceased her keening, but still she whimpered past her gag and clutched at her abdomen with both hands.  Jim bent down and whispered something in her ear, reaching for something in his pocket.  He drew out a couple of long leather straps in the same yellow as her shorts and, picking up her arms, crossed her wrists and tied them together in the small of her back.  She wouldn't be making any more signs for a while.

Jim nodded to the boys and they started pulling again.  Hand over hand, they drew the ends of the pole further apart.  Sandy continued to moan softly as yard after yard of metal emerged from either end, disappearing towards either side of the stage.  In due course the boys announced that they could pull no more and Jim asked them to read their measurements once again.  This time, the ruler read about twenty feet at its entrance, and only eighteen feet at the exit.

Jim once again abandoned Sandy and the boys to return to the other side of the stage, where the twins were waiting with one of the figure-8 frames they had used earlier.  With Jim's assistance Spica fixed one half of the frame about her waist, on this occasion with her front towards the centre.  Her sister Spanula executed a perfect handstand -- did I say the twins did a balancing act in the first half ? -- and Jim manoevered Spica and the frame up to her inverted twin and, affixing the remaining piece of wood in place, completed the frame.

Jim turned to the audience."You saw these two girls swap tits earlier.  Did you ever wonder what else a pair of twins might want to share ?"

With Spica's feet planted firmly on the stage and Spanula upside down and balancing on her hands, Jim started to turn everything above the wooden frame around, and very shortly, Spica's legs were surmounted by Spanula's inverted lower limbs while  Spanula's top half, upside down beneath the frame, supported the upper portion of Spica's body.

Jim removed the wooden frame and the two lower halves of the twins strode to centre stage and gave a little dance.  Their top halves "walked" over on Spanula's hands, with Spica waving above.  Jim had taken the illusion Jo and I had seen in the lab after Bowling night and refined it for the stage during the intervening few weeks.

The two strangely constructed bodies made their unique way off stage and into the audience.  The four-legged portion went and knelt on the table vacated by Bill and Ben, while the conjoined top halves of the twins hand-walked over to another group of audience members and laid themselves on their collective back on the table there, much to the amusement of the group concerned.  They wouldn't have been able to find the join, but I bet they tried.

Returning to Suzy for the next stage of her trick, Jim demanded that the two boys went each to one end of the pole and start to push.  It was instantly evident that, for Sandy, if having the boys pull on the pole was like a rehearsal for hell, then having them push it back in was the real thing.  Where previously she had been gently moaning, now she was attempting a full-blooded howl.  As the boys worked towards each other, Sandy repeatedly filled and empied her lungs, flooding the club with the sound of inarticulate horror and pain.  The shorter the pole became, the wider its diameter so that in due course, her screams were very effectively muffled.  when only about three inches of pole remained extending from each end of the victim, the invader measured fully four inches across.  From my position on the left of the auditorium, I saw her mouth stretched obscenely round the shaft, possibly the widest-stretched jaw I'd ever seen.  I saw some men on the far side of the auditorium leaning forward in disbelief, and  I wondered what their view of the other end was like.

Jim explained to the audience that, for many of his tricks, the girl would be gagged by her own coloured ball.  "On this occasion," said Jim "we can do a little better."  He approached the end of the pole sticking out of Sandy's rear end, took hold of the tip and turned it sharply anticlockwise.  The pole parted bayonet-fashion about two inches from where it emerged from her abused flesh, leaving the one-inch end section in his hand.  Coming round to Sandy's head, he again twisted the top inch away.  Now each end of the four-inch tube was open, and Jim invited Bill and Ben to look in, one at each end, and wave to each other through the centre of Sandy's body.  Suzy had re-appeared with the bowl of balls and, at Jim's instruction, Bill dropped all eight balls, one at a time, into the huge cylinder propping open Sandy's mouth.  They each rolled down the tube to the other end, where Ben fielded them neatly, passing them to Jo, who was waiting to collect them in a matching bowl.  Finally, Suzy and Jo each passed their bowls to Jim.  Suzy bent down and reached in through the hole in Sandy's mouth with her left arm, while Jo did the same at the other end with her right.  The girls evidently clasped hands where they met in the middle, swaying backwards and forwards so that their arms pistoned alternately in and out of either end of Sandy's body.  With their hands still clasped, Suzy and Jo stood up and, hanging from their joined arms through her gut, Sandy was lifted clear of the stage.  Jim placed the two bowls on Sandy's back just forward of her bound wrists and, waving with their free hands, the two girls thus carried Sandy's exhausted form, still wrapped around the four-inch pipe, from the stage.  The show was over.

After the crowd had left, Bill and Ben joined us backstage to watch Jim draw the tube from Sandy's body.  Jo and I were there, with Stavro, Suzy and the now restored twins.  Sandy, now untied, knelt on the floor while Jim sat behind her gripping the end of the pipe in both hands.  He planted his feet against her buttocks and laboriously hauled the metalwork out of her body.  Once her mouth was free, her moans and gasps of relief as her flesh collapsed back into its usual position filled the room.  In due course Jim had extracted the whole tube.   What had started an inch across and forty feet long, was now only about two feet long and about four inches wide.

Sandy sat back on her heels and shuffled round to face Jim.  She brought her hands into play once more and signed to him: I'm glad that's over, you're a bastard, I love you.

Jim elected to ignore her last sign.  "Sorry, Sandy," he replied, "but that's how the trick goes.  Maybe you'll pick a better card next time."

Later I asked Jo about Sandy's use of sign language.  "I don't know why," she replied, "I never asked her.  She was signing when she started here and so we all learnt to understand it.  She screams as well as any of us, but never speaks at all.  Her dad uses BSL too."

I asked how Jim, having taken the pole out of Sandy's body, would restore it to its previous dimensions.

"You know those envelopes with the names of the tricks in them ?" replied Jo.  "Jim will take the Pole's card out of the stack, and replace it with one for the Tube.  When he does that trick, the tube starts out short and fat and open at each end -- and afterwards, it's a forty foot pole again."

"What's that trick like, then ?" I asked.

That odd smile of Jo's played about her face again.  "You'll have to wait and see."

I'm still waiting.

story continues in part five - Eggs at Easter


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