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The Equinox

by Marlocke

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© Copyright 2018 - Marlocke - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; Other/f; lab; research; specimen; blob; capture; encase; latex; bond; insert; probes; stuck; stimulate; climax; cons/nc; X

Part One

So this is what it feels like, Helen? She thought to herself as she stared into the storm outside the base. It was complete whiteout, and had been now for a couple of days, and she had been alone since just before it began. Howard had broken his arm badly, and had been transported out to McMurdo for treatment, Rachel had flown him out, and that left her to stay and maintain the base. She didn't know how they fared, as she hadn’t been able to reach anyone on the radio since the storm began. Thankfully she had always been the stay in and read a book type, as the weather did not allow for any travel, and the weather was not showing any signs of letting up. Winter was creeping closer, and if the storm kept up, she might have to stay, and wait for spring.

“Not a good thought” she said to herself as she turned from the window and began making her way into the biology lab. She put the empty cup of coffee on one of the desks, grabbed a coat and her tablet, and began her routine checkup on their little subjects.

The group had been sent to catalogue and gather biological samples from a newly discovered underground lake in Antarctica. Since the success of Vostok expedition, more funding was being put into the exploration of these lakes. Several new strains of bacteria had already been discovered, and they - well, only her now she thought again -, were growing cultures of the samples they had recovered from their little subglacial puddle.

She noticed that she was beginning to drag her legs a bit in this part of the job. What she was doing wasn't complex or innovative in any way, she was supposed to keep everything stable while the rest of the team made their way back. “The scientific equivalent of babysitting” as Howard had said, smiling through gritted teeth, just before they flew off. Although she knew a bit about biology, her main fields were geophysics and engineering. She mainly took care of the drill equipment and the maps, but with the rest of them gone, she would have to delay some of the projects she had lined up, in lieu of general maintenance. The cultures they were growing had already been started, and could not be delayed, so most of her time went into looking after them. Dish by dish she went through them, and noted down any changes in the dish and took pictures. Some of them had grown a bit since she had taken over, but she noticed one of them didn't. It was some kind of black or purple tinted spot in the middle of a petri dish, that hadn’t seemed to grow an iota. It just stayed there.

“Strange” she said to herself, but it was soon out of her mind, as she moved onto other duties. She had begun skipping some of them, as most of them didn't need much tending. The generator sorted itself out mostly, and the other experiments were not literally growing, just the cataloguing of rocks and meteorites that to send back to Boston. This gave her quite a lot of time to work with, and she was getting more and more bored by the day, well, if you could call it day. There was barely any night. The day just meandered between daylight and twilight. But that would change soon enough. The spring equinox was here, and actual night would arrive. Then 6 months of darkness would follow.

She eventually turned in. It was light out still, as this would be a very short night. Every day would however add about an hour to the rapidly encroaching darkness.

She awoke as something disturbed her. A crashing sound, close by. She didn't quite hear where it was coming from. Noticing how dark it was around her she realized that it must be the middle of the night. The wind was howling outside, so whatever she heard must have been pretty loud.

She grabbed a sweater, and got herself out into the dimly lit hallway with a flashlight in hand. Probably a window or something she thought to herself, as she proceeded down the hall, inspecting the windows around her.

No wind though, she realized, as she explored further. Something else must have made that sound. She saw the door to the biolab further along the hallway. Oh, shit, the experiments! They can't take the cold. If a window broke in there they'd lose all their progress so far. She ran in.

The Biolab

Nothing stirred within the lab. It was empty and dark. As she ran in, and checked the windows finding none of them broken but she could see broken pieces of glass littering the floor. It wasn't the windows that had made the sound. Something else had broken. She looked down, and saw a broken petri dish on the ground. Shit, what, how? what had moved it? She looked around with the flashlight. Something moved on the ground. She took a step back. She saw something, black against black, she lit it up with the flashlight. It seemed like small puddle of oil, "Is something leaking?" she asked herself, as she moved closer.

To her surprise, the puddle moved as well. It reached towards her and touched her finger.

She yelped, and yanked her hand back, but her hand seemed stuck to the puddle, that now started to crawl up her hand. To her horror it stuck firmly to her arm, as she tried to dislodge the creeping goo. As her other hand touched it, she realized her mistake, as it stuck to her like glue, trapping both her hands in front of her.

She was frantic at this point, trying to pull herself off the floor, while the black shape kept covering more and more of her, extending up to her shoulders and spreading out towards her throat and torso, "Shitshitshitshitmmmmhhpp" she screamed as the thick liquid spread into her mouth and filled it, blocking any sound coming from her. She pulled and tore at the form holding her captive, but it did not budge. She couldn’t apply any force that would amount to anything in the position she was in. She was utterly defenseless. As it spread down her body it crept closer to the more sensitive areas, The liquid began flowing slower, its whole movement began to slow down and soften. The sensation of the liquid transformed from aggressive advance to a softer, slower, perhaps careful exploration. It was more akin to a caress by now, as it covered up her pussy, and flowing further down her legs. She felt panic rise within her as the liquid covered her legs and merged them, trapping them in single sleeve, fastening her to the floor with her hands supporting her as she knelt.

What the hell is it doing? Is it going to eat me? What is it.... oh, no, she thought as she began feeling something moving within her as the strange thing began to fill her slowly, slipping in with little resistance, forming thick, hard phalluses, that filled her completely. Once formed, they began to shift and move, slowly and deliberately within in her, in circular motions. As she began squirming due to their assault, they changed their movements, exploring and testing.

The formerly frantic movements began to change, as the thing that bound her would not release her however much she struggled. She began to moan as the assault continued, but the more sound she made; the more the appendage in her mouth grew, muffling her cries.

Is this it?

She thought as she sat kneeling, stuck to the floor, the thing caressing and fondling her, fucking her slowly and without mercy.

Fucked to death by a puddle?

Her mind was becoming muddled with arousal as she approached her climax, at an astoundingly slow rate. Twisting and pulling at the liquid holding her fast, she moved in aggressive rhythm with the strange puddle covering her, trying her best to fuck herself harder with every movement. Her muscles aching, she could feel the oncoming orgasm closing ever so much, she felt the intruders retreat, growing smaller. Twisting her body, incredibly frustrated by the sudden lack of action by the strange creature

Just a bit more, you bastard, she thought as the creature retreated, as she thrust her hips in frustration.

The substance crawled off her body, retreating into a fist sized blob, freeing her sweaty and flushed body, that was in no way ready for the creature to stop its attack just yet. Blushing heavily at her thought that she wanted the assault to continue, she sat up and tried to make sense of the situation, as the blob sat there on the floor, motionless.

How much time had passed?, she thought. The storm still loomed outside, but light had returned to it, so the short night was over. She could see on the clock in the room that it was 1:40 am right now, and she had woken up in the dark, which meant she'd been here for at least an hour. She looked worryingly at the blob beside her.

Why did that thing attack her? Why did it stop? Did it need to rest? She backed away from it, so it couldn't grab her again, though for a moment, she thought about reaching out to it, for it to finish the job. As she crept away, she felt a sharp pain in her hand. "Oww!". She had leaned on a glass shard. She got up, realizing she was quite naked, as the thing had shred her clothes as it had taken her, she carefully made her way towards the aid station in the lab, and patched up her hand. She donned a lab coat, to get slightly warmer, and then cleared up the glass. She kept an eye on the unmoving blob, eyeing it suspiciously, while reaching for a Hazmat suit.

She came at it armed this time, with a thick metal and glass container, designed for keeping pressurized samples stable, and with a pair of tongs, she placed the blob in the container, and sealing it shut. She visibly relaxed. Her extreme arousal was dropping off, and through the haze of arousal several questions started swimming around her head.

What was that thing? Was it alive? An alien? Was it infectious? The worry hit her hard. What if it was? She imagined herself getting sick here alone in the base, with her friends coming back to a horrible infection. Her breath grew a bit more frantic again. She had to check if she was ok, and what that thing was.

She spent the rest of the day devising and doing tests to herself to make sure she was safe. She didn't know too much about this field of science, but she figured that if she were to compare the samples to the ones on record, she'd notice a difference. She felt no different at least. She still felt a little flushed after the ordeal, her nipples still stiff, and her body still quite sensitive.

It was a strange kind of mixture of feelings. A bit tired and anxious, but terribly aroused and focused at the same time.

While the tests were churning along*, she took a look at the blob in the container. It had not moved, and seemed quite docile. It had a glossy, smooth texture, quite uniform over the entire thing. She remembered something like this among the samples, a small purple and black spot. It didn't look like a bacteria now though. It was something thoroughly different.

She left the container on one of the tables in the biolab and went to the radio room, trying once more to call out, but only static greeted her. She wasn’t sure how to study the thing, but she was however certain that nothing like this had ever been documented, and knowing it would have to be studied. She however did not have the skillset to do so. She could take some preliminary notes however. As she thought about this, she went along to do the rest of her duties. On her way past the lab, she had an inkling of a worry, and took a key, locking the bio lab. Feeling slightly safer, she went on to work, sampling and keeping the base running. She was quite tired after a day of thinking and testing. As she sunk into bed, she decided to look into where exactly those samples were taken, if that could reveal where this little blob came from, but it would have to wait until tomorrow, she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

Outside, the light faded, as the container stirred in the biolab.

The Night

It awoke. It was stuck in some kind of glass thing, but now it was bigger. Stronger. Smarter. It prodded the glass on one side, then the other, but there was not much give in the container. It strained and fought the glass, but it would not budge. It tried the metal, but it could not eat through it, not quickly, at least. It stopped for a moment, and then began to expand, to fill up the entire container, and then getting smaller, straining to compress itself, making it self as small as it possibly can. The now underpressure-ized tube strained against the pressure caused by the vacuum inside the tube, and a small crack began to form on the pressurized glass. It wasn't large, but it was enough. The blob started to leak out of the container, and onto the floor, and out from under the door of the biolab.

She dreamt.

She was alone. The helicopter never came back. And all the airships were leaving. The radio spoke to her, and told her that everyone had to go away, because all the rainbows were gone, and wouldn't be back until much later. She would have to stay, and all the colors would be gone for a long time. The radio then started arguing with itself, so it was useless trying to talk to it. She was sad and felt really alone, so she went to curl up in her old University bunkhouse, and wrapped a blanket around her. A really strange slick blanket. It kind of stuck to her as she wrapped it around, but it felt nice. Kind of like a hug. When she tried to push it off her, she found out she was stuck under it. She pushed a bit more, when she realized she was helpless, but the blanket held her firmly. The blanket ruled now. It was the blanket king. All hail the blanket king!

Weird dream, she thought to herself as dream logic faded, and reality took over. She was in her bunk, starring half-awake at the ceiling, but something was still off. There was a subtle pressure all over her body. She reached for her night light, turned it on, and realized that her hand was covered by a familiar glistening material, black and purple tinted, reflecting the dim light in her room slightly. Her eyes shot wide open. She was being covered from head to toe by that strange blob, that at this point had yet to finish the job, but was quickly covering her ample breasts with a thin and firm layer of itself, forming a skintight, slightly malleable layer, that seemed to move on its own. As it covered her, it contracted around her, amplifying and exaggerating her already significant curves and assets.

This was however lost on Helen, as she scrambled out of bed, trying in vain to prevent it from gaining purchase on the rest of her body, which now included only her head. As she tried to take hold of the thing crawling up her body, it merged her already covered hands with the liquid material flowing up her body, pulling them towards her body, crossing them and trapping them against it. She mewled in protest, as the material flowed over her mouth. Her protests were quickly muffled out, and as it covered the rest of her face, her world went black.

Although it had gagged her last time, it hadn’t covered her face completely, so as she found the material covered her nostrils as well, her breathing became frenzied, as she found it was blocked, but as she started to panic and thrash around, holes formed in the coating she had, allowing her to breathe again normally.

She stood above her bed now, half wobbling, covered entirely in the thin firm coating of the creature. She knew what would happen next, the feeling of helplessness crashing over her, she felt her face flush. She now knew she had no choice, and thing was going to take her again, roughly and thoroughly, for at least a few hours.But eventually, it would let her go again, right? Right?

She felt it enter her, as the phalluses started forming in her pussy and ass, and this time there was one in her mouth as well. As she started to squirm due to the intruders and their touch, her knees started to give, forcing her to kneel, and with that, her legs began to merge together, forcing her ankles to press against her thighs, trapping her in a frogtie. And there she writhed. Trapped in the dark, with intruders in every orifice, moving agonizingly slowly as she was slowly fucked. Still moving towards an orgasm that was gradually coming closer, she wondered how long this "session" would last.

Would it ever quit?Her thoughts became more and more scattered as she approached the precipice, she got a bit afraid that it would stop again this time, leaving her panting and unfulfilled again. She dreaded the thought, only realizing a few moments later that it was the least of her troubles. But this time this fear of hers would not be realized, as the felt the creature quicken its pace suddenly, making the pleasure almost too much to bear, tipping her over the edge, making her convulse in ecstacy. It would not relent however, but slowed its pace, again to the slow and steadily building rhythm, giving her no time to recover.

Oh, god, I don't think I can take this for much longer, she thought as the assault continued, only to take her over the edge again and again, as muffled moans and grunts filled the corridors of the small Antarctic base.

She opened her eyes, groggily looking ahead at what appeared to be the underside of her bed. Slowly awakening, she found it was fully bright outside, and realizing she was on the floor. For some reason, she thought she had had a dream about a blanket fucking her. Looking down at her body, she squealed with surprise, as she remembered the events of the night.

The strange suit was still covering her from top to bottom, stopping at the base of her head, like a skintight turtleneck. The intruders had retreated, and the suit wasn't tormenting her in other ways at the moment. She tried pulling it off at the neck, but she couldn't quite get a grip on it to be able to pull it. It dawned on her, that if it covered her, she couldn't escape it, were it to resume its "work". She blushed heavily at this, knees growing weak for a moment, as she realized, there was no escape from it, as long as she wore it. She shook away a slight smirk that had formed on her mouth, as she realized that she had to get it off, as she had no idea what it was doing to her, or was going to do. She had to find a weakness, something she could exploit. Did it's behavior change? The first encounter, she had stumbled upon it, while the second, it found her. And this strange suit didn't form the first time. Strange. She'd have to examine it further.

She wasn't cold, which she kind of found strange, though she ached here and there after having slept on the floor. She grabbed a labcoat to walk around in, so not to feel completely naked, and some low heeled shoes to work in. The suit hugged her curves quite firmly, and seemed to keep her warm. Thinking about it, she awoke on the floor of an Antarctic base. She should have been cold. She made a mental note of it and continued.

She figured that since the rest of the bacteria samples had been found in the underground lake, and since it was a part of that batch, it must have come from the lake. That didn't help her much. Did it live in water then? I wonder what it fed of down there, when it can't get perky scientists? But when they found it, it had been dormant, had it not? Just a black and purple spot. What made it change? The temperature? Pressure? A number of different factors could have made it awaken, or was it simply biding its time?

There was no time to lose. She had no idea when it would begin again, and if it did, she'd be in no position to find out how to get it off. She thought about cutting it off, but as it was skintight, she could end up cutting herself. She settled on finding out as much as she could about it before trying to cut it off. She spent the better part of the day going through the notes, that Howard, their Biologist had left behind, taking breaks in between to try to contact anyone else. She was having a hard time reaching anybody, ever since the storm began, and could only hear static on the line. As the day dragged on, and she couldn't find anything that could help her in her plight, more crude methods started to occur to her. She thought to cut it slightly, to see what would happen, along with being able to do experiments on the cut off part. She sat down in the lab with a scalpel and tried cutting a small piece of the suit off. As the knife sunk into it, she could feel it tense sharply up, making every movement harder for her, like the entire suit had just become twice as thick.

It's fighting back. She thought. I wonder if I hurt it? Why isn't it just covering me up now, since I woke it? I might have to use harsher methods.

With the suit fighting back, it was hard for her to hold the scalpel well enough for her to be able to cut it off without cutting herself.

“If I could get 1 hand free, then perhaps I could cut the rest.” She thought out loud, while she walked down to engineering to formulate a new plan.

If cutting it would cause it to tense up and make it harder for her to take it off, she would have to attack it all at once.

And it was going to hurt.


Here she was at home. She ran the sample drill and some of the other equipment from this area, along with a drone program, that was supposed to help with meteorite spotting on the ice. She was bound to find something she could use for her plan. She was looking for a cruder solution. The suit was starting to tense down, while she searched the shelves for something useful.

Aha! This’ll do nicely, she thought, as she took one of the battery pack from the spare drones. She carried it to a workbench, and started fiddling with it until she was happy with the result. She fit two wires from it into a vice, and checked the electrical output of it. She had made a makeshift taser. She held it hesitantly, moving it closer to her hand, then backing away.

This would hurt like a bitch. She figured she’d try one of her hands first, to try and get it loose. She bit her teeth together, and pressed it against her shoulder, and activated it. She fell down, dropping the taser, squealing in pain. The creature also moved, the suit going imp around her arm, and down her side, no longer constricting her, but the rest of it tensed up like never before, threatening to choke her out.

Shit, I think I made it angry, She thought as she lay there on the floor in what might as well be a concrete suit, save for her Left side, which she could technically move. She could feel it getting firmer there, but not fully, like it was damaged.

How long can it hold me like this? It tensed down earlier, this must be taxing it somehow. Could I possibly just outlast it? If I just make it hold me like this until its exhausted, maybe I can crawl free of it? She felt something stirring within the suit.

Oh, nonono, it’s starting up now? But it didn't start with full gusto this time. It started out slow, caressing, and teasing, slowly, with the slow movements of someone getting out of bed in the morning. She felt the previously damaged arm of the suit start to get a bit tenser, like it was healing. The suit started to tense down, and she felt she could try and move again, if much more distracted this time. As She felt the intruders start to return, though only in form, as they did not move with as much gusto as she had felt them last night. She looked at the now spent jury rigged battery, talking to herself, "if I zap myself now, from the top, it should...Ahhhh...." she paused as a small moan escaped her lips. "It should go fully limp, and I could crawl free." With great effort, she stood up, pushing herself against a wall, until vertical, walking in shaky steps towards the workbench, she started taking another drone apart, being slowed down considerably by the now slowly moving intruders. It was now quite late in the day, and it took her half an hour of work to make another one like it. Working furiously with the screwdriver, she attached the battery pack to the jury rigged device, and grabbed it, when the suit tensed up considerably, and to her surprise, she felt a shock stemming from just about everywhere at once. She dropped the device, as the pain overtook her, kneeling down on the floor. She tried grabbing it again, and was shocked again. "Shit, it learns? How is it doing that?" The movements of the suit were growing bolder, and the unyielding presence of the slowly moving dildos was starting to have an effect on her. If She moved closer to the device, she would get zapped again, but the suit was only upping its ante. She looked around the room, trying to find something that could help her in her plight, but she could not concentrate well enough to form some sort of plan. She felt it becoming more aggressive in its movements, twisting, pinching, and moving was becoming almost impossible. She tried to keep her limbs separate, as it seemed to join them together when it had the chance, but eventually she misplaced her hand, landing on her thigh, and the other limbs were soon to follow. She ended up sitting on her knees, with her hands stuck to her thighs, as the movements of the creature pleasured her in various ways.

It really was getting better at this.

As she submitted to the creature, and it began enveloping her again, she looked at the clock in engineering, noticing that it was just about half past 10 in the evening, trying to remember it, so she could know how long it would hold her, if it released her this time that is. She glanced at the large window, looking at the now darkening storm outside.


The sun was just going down. It went down slow these days, and it took a while to get fully dark. Its nocturnal! That's why it stopped in the biolab, and why it attacked her while she was sleeping, and why it seemed dormant otherwise. We had it for weeks, but it wasn't dark enough for it to do anything until it got properly dark.

Oh no. Oh... no. A terrifying realization dawned on her.

The Antarctic winter was just days away and it'll just be me, and the creature. It won’t stop at all, for weeks. It’ll keep me bound and just keep fucking me, over and over. She got a little lightheaded at this, as the premise both terrified and aroused her. As the suit covered her face, and filled her mouth, she struggled and squirmed with renewed vigor as this consuming thought took over. Her struggles were in vain, as night made its entrance.

While Helen pondered her demise at the hands of the puddle, the creature finished covering her. It was getting bigger. It started working on its victim, every part of it groping and kneading her pliant body, making sure to limit her movement as much as it could. She had hurt it. It was not about to let her do that again. The intruders returned, twisting and moving inside her, never allowing her to get used to the feeling. It had already been teasing her while twilight reigned, but now it was fully dark, and there was nothing to hold it back.

It switched positions, parts of it becoming semi-solid, raising her up, fastening her hands up against the wall, while parting her legs. First squirming, she tried to resist the creature, but while covering her, it overpowered her easily, with both strength and distractions. Her squirming hips soon started thrusting in unison with the ever moving intruders, and her mind began to get hazy. Only the oncoming orgasm mattered. Succumbing to the ever-heightening sensations, screaming into her gag, she came, twitching in her bonds, tugging at the black threads that bound her. She was lost in ecstacy, slowly humping the air, losing what she had left of her strength leaning heavily on the wall.

The intruders did not stop however.

Overstimulated, a mist descended on her mind, as the creature changed positions, curling her into a ball, and continuing its work.

The next few hours were a blur of orgasms. The creature moved her forcefully, changing rhythms and positions, as it fucked her into submission, and any resistance from her had been beaten down a while ago. She was only partially aware through the fog in her mind, of the creature slowing down. Her arms were fastened to the ceiling by an appendage of the creature, holding her half slumped body up. She felt the gossamer like thread that bound her hands to the ceiling slacken slightly. Scrambling like a newborn deer, to stand, her hands slumping to her sides as she leant against a large shelf. She felt the same tension building up in the suit, when it had tried to restrain her when she had tried to cut it. This time however, it was forming something more. She felt the suit drawing her hand behind her back, and then enveloping them in a single sleeve, that attached to the rest of the body.

“It’s tying me up?” She thought groggily as the creature continued, retreating from her mouth, leaving however a solid unmoving phallus, instead, keeping her silent. The suit it left on her was thicker than the last one, especially at the joints and lower torso, making it harder to bend and move. The sheath trapping her arms was fastened in between her legs, attaching to the suit in the front, fastening her arms to her body and making every tug that she did on the sheath to transfer directly to her crotch, moving the dildos slightly. They were the next thing to be replaced, as the live ones slid away, only to be replaced with large rigid versions, no doubt to cause distraction while she was tied up. It tied her legs together, with only a short strand of material between them, allowing only small steps to be taken by her now high heeled outfit. Which she had no idea why it kept her on high heels. Maybe it was a remnant of the slightly heeled shoes that she was wearing today, before it bound her, she thought, as the transformation was completed, and she was left alone in the middle of engineering, now securely trussed up.

She slumped to the floor, exhausted. She had worked through the day, into the night, and now spent several hours being the victim of the creature. She lay on the cold floor, still breathing heavily after the ordeal, her mind returning to her slowly. As she regained her bearings, she tried to move around. She finally took in how bound she was. She wouldn’t be able to get out! She’d be trapped like this until the next night, and then it would start again, and the next one and the next. Her thoughts were frantic, slipping into hopelessness, as she shook and twisted in her bonds, desperately trying to get out of the unyielding binds, eventually tiring herself out momentarily.

No! Not yet! She told herself after a few minutes of panic. It was too early to give up. She had learned something. It may have a weakness. It thrived in the dark. She only had to bring light to it. The clean room! It would have an Ultraviolet light for disinfection. If it became dormant in full sunlight, perhaps the UV light would have a similar effect. She could stun it, and contain it there. She'd just need to keep the UV on until rescue arrived.

Now, there's just the matter of getting there, she thought, as she looked down at her severely bound body, and hope it doesn't figure out what I’m doing.

The clean room was at the other end of the compound, and quite a way to go, for someone as impaired as she currently was. After having severe trouble standing up, eventually leaning against a wall, and pushing herself up, she started trodding along the corridors, but as her legs were tied together, she could only take the smallest of steps, making her hips sway in rhythm with her tiny steps. This in turn made the intruders within her move and distract her, making her need to stop every few steps, to lean against a wall, while she calmed down. Her eyelids were getting heavy, it was looking better and better just to lie down on the floor and go to sleep, But with sleep, things would only get worse. The creature would have more time, and she less to recover. She had to do this now, or she would run the risk of being at the creatures mercy for possibly the entire winter. She shuddered at the thought. As she staggered through the long hallway, she wondered how the creature learned. It could clearly know when something was attacking it, and could feel other stimuli as well. It got better and better at pleasuring her, better than her previous lovers, at least. Did that mean she liked its attention? The thought troubled her. She shook her head, and focused on what she had to do, half staggering, half hopping down the vacant hallway, towards the Clean room.

The Clean room

After an inordinate amount of time hopping along the hallway, she managed to get to the airlock type doors leading to the clean room. Now she only had to open them, step in, and light up, and the creature should retreat... oh... hell. It was light outside now, shining in. The creature would just remain in its dormant shape, and she'd still be fully bound. She'd either have to fully block out the sun here, or wait until it was dark. And the night was far away. She didn't want to risk turning on the UV just yet, as it was apparent that it learned, and she wanted to take it by surprise.

She sat on the floor, waiting for darkness to come, thinking if she should hop back and lay down in a bed for a little while. She involuntarily started nodding off. The all-nighter she had inadvertently pulled was beginning to weigh on her. Leaning against a corner, resting her head, she felt herself slipping into sleep.

I guess a little nap won't hurt anyone, she thought to herself unconvincingly, as she rested up against the cold glass wall. Even with the serious possibility of being stuck here as a sexual plaything for this creature for the entire winter, if she even lasted that long, her exhaustion took over, and in only a few minutes she drifted off to sleep.

It was after her. Corridor after corridor, she ran through the endless maze that the dreamscape base had turned into. The corridors were endlessly long, but she somehow managed to stay ahead of "it". She turned a corner, and at the end of that corridor she could see a white door. Sprinting towards it, she grasped the handle, recoiling back as she found the handle icy cold. She grasped it again, opening the door, feeling the cold enter her whole body, as she looked out, upon the icy wasteland. She was alone. Utterly alone. She stopped in the doorway, looking back at the warm darkness behind her. It slowed down, and stopped before reaching the doorway. Stuck between the cold and the dark she thought, and then awoke.

Half aware she had been dreaming, she groggily wondered why she kept dreaming about this creature as she remembered her current predicament. Still restrained by the strange suit, she stretched as much as she could, her arms were starting to ache, and she felt horribly stiff after sleeping bound up against a wall. As she stretched she could feel her limbs a bit better, but it would take more that the small movements she could manage to feel properly good again. She noticed that the room was slightly darker than before, as the light was fading outside. Which meant she didn't have much more time. It should also be waking up any time now, which meant that she needed to get ready.

She rose up with difficulty, eventually succeeding, and stepped into the UV chamber. She'd have to turn it on when the creature was fully awake for her to be able to attack it. Which meant that she would have to wait for it to begin it's nightly fucking. She felt a twinge down in her crotch. In a way she was looking forward to it.  She didn't have to wait too long. After only a few minutes the suit began its work, kneading and pinching, tightening around her, and slowly starting to manipulate the dildos within her, in an agonizingly slow fashion. She only had to push a large red button on the wall for the UV to activate, but she had to wait a bit longer. She hoped that it would let go of her arms for this, otherwise she wouldn't be able to get loose, she'd be back to square one. It seemed that it learned, so this trick probably would only work once.

She didn't have to wait long for it to begin in earnest, as the suit came alive, more so even than the last few times. It must feed somehow off of her. Some kind of parasite. She didn't feel worse for wear though, unless exhaustion counted. Maybe it got worse over time. Her thoughts were cut short by her gag coming alive, thickening and filling her entire mouth. The rest of it followed suit, tightening, and thickening all over her body, the rigid bonds melting away, into the creature. But she was not loose. It was more like the bonds being replaced by the firm hands of a lover, holding them forcefully in place. To her surprise she felt the gag in her mouth secrete something. Some liquid, but she didn't have time to dwell on it, as it writhed around her.

This was the time. It was fully liquid. She stumbled as she was pleasured towards the red button in the small UV chamber, and kind of fell on to it, and lights filled the chamber.

If curdled milk could scream.

It wound and unwound in ripples around her, not exactly making noise, but moving like the environment was burning, quickly shrinking, and taking solid shape. She tore and ripped and grabbed as she tried to get loose from the rapidly shrinking creature, so not to get lost in its grasp. Detangling her from it, she was victorious. What looked like a dried up torn clothing lay on the floor. She backed away, now naked, and quite exhausted from the endeavour. She stretched, she had been tied up for hours now, nearly a day, she had kind of expected to feel worse, but she felt fine, a little stiff, but that's about it. She made sure that the UV chamber was on, found herself a blanket, and sat through the short night, keeping an eye on the creature. She didn't want it to get loose again.

As light entered the room, she felt less tense. Her muscles were recovering remarkably quickly, the aches and bruises barely bothered her anymore. Her stomach growled at her though, and she acquiesced to its demand, tip toeing into the kitchen for some well deserved food.

In the UV chamber the creature was still, and unmoving, as the storm entered yet another day, showing no sign of letting up. The snow was now piling up quite high against the outpost buildings, and the temperature was falling further every day.

The radio mast shook in the gale outside. As a strong blast of wind hit it, it groaned, and a bolt on its base came loose. The mast rattled and swayed around, frightfully off balance.



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