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The Entertainment Center

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2004 - Alexis - Used by permission

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It was the dog days of August, but I was already beginning to get excited.  Soon the leaves would begin changing color and football season would be here!

I enjoy being outside in the summer, and don’t much care for baseball, the NBA Playoffs, NASCAR, tennis or golf, but I love to watch Pro Football!  There is nothing better than spending Sunday with the NFL.  Not to mention Monday Night Football, and the occasional Thursday or Friday night game on ESPN!

I was especially looking forward to it this year, because I have recently purchased a soft leather recliner and a 60 inch Sony plasma television that cost me $10,000.  My wife bitched of course.  She is a beautiful woman…. but she is still a woman…. and so she just doesn’t understand.  Finally, for the sake of my peace and quiet, we made a deal.  If she would shut up about the TV, and let me watch as many games as I wanted without a peep out of her, then I would give her a new kitchen.  Custom cabinets, a Viking range, granite countertops, the whole nine yards.  I hoped that would be enough incentive, but…

It wasn’t going to work out, I thought to myself, lying in bed that night. She just can’t help herself!  Earlier tonight was the first pre-season game, the Hall of Fame game from Canton.  Yeah, it is pre-season, but it is still football, and we have a deal.  To her credit, she didn’t nag about the TV, and yes, she was trying to be helpful. But…

 No, I didn’t want to take a walk. 

 I didn’t care that the stars were out. 

I didn’t care what we were having for dinner. 

 I didn’t want to hear about her day. 

 What part of “quiet” does the woman not understand?

It came to me in a dream that night.  The old 30 inch TV sat unused in the entertainment center.  It was a beautiful piece of furniture… heavy, massive, natural cherry with solid brass hardware.  It was so pretty, in fact, that we kept it in the family room, even after the flat plasma set was bolted to the wall.  I smiled to myself, and rolled over.  Soon I was asleep.

The next day I rented a furniture dolly, and moved the entertainment center into the garage, where I had a modest woodworking shop.  After a visit to Lowe’s, and several other stores, I got to work.  “What are you doing, Honey?” my wife asked.  She had to park in the driveway, since my project occupied the space in the garage where her car normally parks. 

“Just a little idea I had,” I answered.  “I’ll show it to you when I am finished.”  She disappeared through the door, and into the house.  She had girl-stuff to do, and I doubt she even heard me.

I worked on it evenings for several weeks before moving it back into the family room.  Sara was glad to have her parking place back, but other than that she made no mention of my project and showed no more interest than she had while I was working on it.  That would change!

The first regular season game was tomorrow.  It was time to get moving.

“Honey, come here and sit down for a moment.” 

 “Yes, Dear?" Sara replied, sitting on the sofa beside me.

“You really have your heart set on the new kitchen, don’t you?”  I asked. 

“Oh yes!”  She gushed happily.  “I have been looking at cabinet styles, and colors, and everything.  I can hardly wait!” 

“Then it would distress you if anything came between you and your new kitchen, huh?” 

 Her brow furrowed in a frown.  “Oh yes…”  she answered, flustered.  “Is anything wrong?  Money?”

“No, nothing like that,” I answered.  “It’s you”, I explained. “The fact is, our deal calls for you to be completely quiet and not bother me throughout the entire football season, and I don’t believe you can do it.” 

 “What do you mean?” she asked.

“I mean that if I wanted, I could call the deal off right now.  You have been prattling in my ear during each of the pre-season games, but up to now I decided let it go.” 

“I have?” she asked. 

 “Yes, dear.  You have….constantly.”

“What do you want me to do?” she asked.

“Nothing,”  I answered.  “Do nothing…that’s the whole idea.  Don’t walk through the room, don’t ask me to go somewhere, don’t ask me questions, don’t offer me something to drink, don’t vacuum in the next room, don’t run the washer….. JUST…. DON’T….. DO.... ANYTHING!”

“I….. I don’t know if I can, Honey.” She answered pensively.  “I have stuff to do, and I like to talk on the phone, and you know that I like to look after you.”  A tear came to the corner of her eye.  “Do you want me to leave?”

 “No, of course not,” I replied.  “I love you, and most of the time I like having you around, being with you, listening to you….. but now during the NFL season.”

“Well,” she answered.  “I want to please you, and you know how much I want the new kitchen.”

“I know, and I believe I have a solution.”

“What is that, dear?” she asked.


“B…..b…. bondage?” she exclaimed.  “You mean like when you tie me to the bed and screw me?” 

 “Sort of,” I answered.  “But tighter… so that you can’t move.”  I watched her reaction closely.  “Also a gag… to keep you nice and quiet.” 

 “You are going to tie me up and gag me?” 


“For the whole game?”

“Yes,” I answered.  “Sometimes for two games… maybe longer.”

 Sara sighed, seemingly resigned to her fate.  “If I don’t do this, I won’t get my kitchen?”  she asked. 

“No, I answered.”  If you are quiet and leave me totally alone for every football game between now and the Super Bowl, then you will get your kitchen.  The thing is, I know you can’t do it.”  He took her hand.  “Honey, I really want you to have the kitchen, and this will help protect you against yourself.” 

“Well,” she whispered, “I really do want the kitchen, and if this is the only way………”

The first game started at 1 P.M.  There was a double header on CBS, and then a night game on ESPN.  I didn’t tell Sara that!  She was instructed to bathe, use the bathroom, and be naked.  “Why naked?” she asked.  “It might be hot,” I answered.

At 12:30 she stood naked and trembling in the family room, while I opened the entertainment center.  A gasp escaped her lips when she saw it for the first time.  The doors looked much the same, but the hinges were stronger, and all gaps were sealed so the doors were airtight and the interior was pitch black.  The doors locked from the outside.  The inside was totally insulated using the honeycomb sound deadening material used in music studios.  There were small air holes on the backside of the cabinet, and they were baffled to keep light from coming in, and sound from escaping out.  Inside there was a hard wooden seat with a six inch long, two inch thick rubber plug mounted near the center.  Another plug, thicker, longer, and adjustable, was mounted near the front of the seat pointing inward.  Heavy leather straps were mounted inside the cabinet.  A variety of wires, springs and fittings were mounted on several places on the inside.  The insulation on the back of the cabinet was cutout and shaped into an approximation of the human form.

“Oh Bob!” she whimpered softly.  Her eyes plead

. “Do you want that new kitchen?” I asked. 

“Y…y……yes, but…”

“No buts…. now stand still.” I encouraged.

The best way to quiet a fractious filly is to blindfold her, and that is the tact I took with Sara.  Two foam pads were quickly taped over each eye.  Suddenly blind, she stood dead still. I pressed my advantage and temporarily handcuffed her wrists behind her back.   I could hear her ragged breathing, and her luscious breasts quivered from the rapid beat of her heart.  “Open.” I commanded.  Sara licked her lips and tentatively opened her mouth.  “Wider.”  She complied, and I quickly pressed the blunt end of a thick leather plug between her lips. 

“Mmmph!” she exclaimed as her jaws opened wide to accommodate the leather invader, and her lips stretched tightly around its girth.  She choked slightly, and coughed, shaking her head in rebellion as I buckled it tightly behind her head. The gag apparatus had a number of straps, and a softly padded built-in blindfold.  I buckled the blindfold behind her head.  The foam pads sealed tightly over her eyes, blocking out all light.  Another strap held the blindfold against her face, crossing over the top of her head, and buckling into the gag strap at the nape of her neck.  Another strap buckled under her chin, forcing her jaws to clamp down on the plug in her mouth.

Sara stood sightless as she tried to get used to breathing while gagged.  I squirted a large glob of KY onto my hand, and reached behind her.  She screamed and twisted against the handcuffs when I smeared the jelly around her anus, and thrust a slippery finger inside her.  I also lubricated the plug sticking from the seat inside the cabinet. “Into the box.” I ordered.  Whimpering, she allowed me to guide her backward.  Once positioned I held her firm ass cheeks apart and lined up the plug with the pink, puckered opening. 


My prim little wife was introduced to the pleasures of anal penetration for the first time.  She groaned as the plug wedged her open, and slowly sank itself into the dark, pink hole.  “All the way,” I ordered.  In a moment her cheeks were firmly against the bench seat, and the entire plug was inside her.  Quickly I buckled a thick waist strap, then bent her forward so that I could reach behind her to remove the handcuffs. 

 I secured her left hand with a leather cuff on one side of the cabinet, and her right hand on the other side.  Knowing that she was secure, I was able to take my time.  Another strap was buckled tightly around her chest above her breasts, and a second just below her breasts.  I watched the two magnificent globes rise and fall, framed by the tight black straps.  Whether from cold, excitement or fear, her nipples were stiff, and begging for my attention.

More straps attached her tightly to the cabinet……. finally she was totally secure, and unable to do anything but wiggle slightly.  Shiny black leather dug into her pink flesh at ankle, knee, waist, above and below her breasts, and around her neck.  The tightness of the various straps drew her deeply into the human shape of the cutout foam.

Almost done.  A short cable dangled from the top of the cabinet, and this was attached to a ring sewn into her harness gag at the crown of her head.  Once tightened, her head was drawn upward and rigidly held.  I knelt and began to insert the plug at the front of the seat.  It had adjustments up/down, in/out, and angle.  It was an easy matter to slide the plug deeply into Sara’s dripping snatch, and tighten several wing nuts.  Sara’s nipples were already red and stiff, but I enjoyed playing with them for several moments before attaching the clamps to each throbbing bud.  A soft “Urrffmmpp.” Escaped her gagged lips as the little teeth bit into each tender nubbin.

“Ok Baby, now you are about set.”  Sara fluttered her fingers, and moaned softly.  “We have two games this afternoon, then it will be time for dinner.”  Another soft whimper.  “Of course, the ESPN game starts at seven o’clock, so there is no sense in having to fix you up again, so I guess I will grab a burger before the game starts, and then release you when it’s over… about 11 P.M.”

“That’s 10 hours!” Sara thought to herself.  She fought her bonds, and tried to scream, but only a soft moan escaped her mouth. 

“Bye bye.”

I shut the doors of the entertainment center, and turned the lock.  Reaching around the side, were two switches that Sara had not noticed.

I flipped one switch, and an almost imperceptible vibration coursed through the cabinet.  Of course deep inside the cabinet,  before it was dampened by the mass of heavy wood and the absorbent foam, the vibration was far from imperceptible!  The plug up my wife’s ass throbbed with a deep, low frequency resonance, while the larger plug in her pussy buzzed with a high pitched vibration.  I flipped the other switch and a high voltage low amperage current surged through the wires and into the clamps biting her tender nipples.

Inside the control box, a devilish little computer chip activated the vibrators, turning them on and off randomly for various lengths of time.  Another chip controlled the electric shock to her nipples… both duration and intensity ranging from momentary pleasant tingling to uncomfortable to minutes of biting pain.

Time stood still for Sara inside the entertainment center.  She sat, straps holding her ass firmly against the wooden seat, with plugs plundering her tender holes.  Relentlessly the tight straps held her, unable to move, unable to straighten her legs, arms captive, numb fingers fluttering.  The gag strap dug into the corners of her mouth and her lips were dry, stretched around the huge, black plug.  It became hot and wet inside the box, and the air whistled in and out of her nose in ragged gasps as she fought the straps across her chest for each lung full of air.  The little teeth bit into her poor nipples, and she her muscles tensed whenever the deepest shocks coursed through her breasts……….


The relentless stimulation of the vibrating plugs turned her sensitive pink holes into wet, seething pits of sweetly agonizing erotic feelings.  For the first hour the program was careful to keep the duration of stimulation below the point of climax, so that she was repeatedly taken to the brink, than brought frustrating back down from the peak. 

Later, about every hour the system would cycle up for at least fifteen continuous minutes.  Sara wept with relief, her blindfold soggy with sweat and tears, as she crashed into the first of many climaxes.  By the sixth hour the stimulation was almost continual, pounding her flesh into a hot, steaming pudding of exquisite sensitivity.   Her engorged nipples were hard, red fingers of flesh as they responded involuntarily to the electric shocks.

Eventually the stimulation became too much, and she could orgasm no longer.  Instead, she cooked and bubbled at a heightened level of arousal…. nearly there, the fever building within her, but never able to go over the edge.  Sweet torture.

Bob watched the first game, made himself some popcorn, had a coke, took a shit, watched the second game, went to dinner, came back, watched the late game, yawned, and put on his PJ’s  He had totally enjoyed his 11 hours of peace and quiet.  He reflected on his poor, helpless wife for a moment, embarrassed that he had spent so many hours uncaring about her plight or condition.  “I wonder if I will have a problem getting her back into the entertainment center tomorrow night for Monday Night Football,” he thought.

He yawned, and looked at the clock.  “Bedtime,” he thought.  “Better let her out.”

Bob walked to the locked entertainment center, and turned off the two switches.  He unlatched the door, and stood in slack jawed amazement at what he saw.

Sara sat motionless except for the rise and fall of her lovely breasts.  Air rasped noisily through her flared nostrils as she took long, gasping breaths.  She was bathed in sweat, her hair plastered to her face.  Drops of sweat dripped from her nose, and ran down the valley between her breasts.  Her lips were dry and cracked from being stretched around the gag.  A thin stream of drool dribbled out of the corner of her mouth around the tight gag strap, and down her chin.   The lips of Sara’s pussy were bright red.  They were stretched around the black plug, and glistened with the wet spend from cum after cum.  The copious wet, slippery secretions had flowed down her thighs and onto the wooden seat where they mixed with ooze from her distended anus.  The combined slime covered the seat, and dripped in thick, ropy strands onto the floor of the box near her tightly strapped feet.

Bob quickly unfastened the chain holding Sara’s head.  Once it was released, her head hung slack on her chest.  He reached behind her and unbuckled the blindfold.  After the total blackness, she blinked at the sudden light, and sweat stung her eyes.  She slung her head from side to side to rid her eyes of the sweat, then looked up at Bob.  It was obvious that she was tired, but her eyes shined brightly, and crinkled at the corners as she tried to smile around the gag.  Bob quickly unbuckled the gag strap, and a torrent of drool accompanied the plug as he pulled it from between her lips.

She moaned in pain as she exercised her jaw.  Her face muscles were cramped, and she could barely close her mouth after the long hours her jaws had been jacked apart.  She licked her lips……

“Are you sure you don’t want to watch college football on Saturdays, too?” she asked with a shy smile.


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