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Emma's Entombment 2

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2015 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; archaeology; digsite; tomb; sarcophagus; strip; silkgown; cuffs; collar; belt; encased; assault; bond; rope; drug; force; cons/nc; XX

story continued from part 1

Part 2

Had Emma not just used the toilet she’d have wet herself! “Quiet missy!” came the harsh instruction as she’d started to squeal. The other arm now across her own, stopping her reaching up to get it off her face. The unknown assailant wrestled the youngster into the inner part of the tent then pushed her to the floor.

A stunned girl looked up to see a surprised looking Professor Cline staring back at a very naked and now blushing senior researcher as Emma tried to cover her chest one handed, the other over her midriff. Foolishly she tried to make a dash for it rather than explain herself having been asked what the hell she was playing at and the guy reacted faster than she expected, forgetting he was an Army self-defence instructor from years ago before academia came knocking.

Grabbing Emma’s arms and twisting them behind her back, pushing her back to the floor again this time face down. To her shock he lashed her wrists together with the cord from his bathrobe before lifting her up and throwing the girl onto the camp bed!

“Stop struggling or it’ll get worse!” he snapped as she wriggled and tried to get up. Eyes widening as his own looked her over and again Emma flushed as his face broke into a grin at the sight of a naked and bound female in distress.

However Miss Lewis disobeyed his order and soon her ankles and knees were tied with plastic cable ties normally used to secure the exhibits for packing. She still tried to move and he chuckled, emptying his canvas washbag onto the floor and coming close to her, undoing the drawstring to it’s widest extent then popping it over Emma’s head and tugging the cord till she felt it tighten around her neck. THAT made her calm down and she quietly broke into sobs at what had happened. Half-expecting him to start touching her all over before being raped.

Though she was relieved when he rolled her face down to stop her arms being crushed and a sheet or blanket was laid over Emma’s trembling body from feet to head as Cline paused. Saying he was going for a walk first to gather his thoughts before ‘he interrogated her’ and she shuddered more now.

The longest half-hour or so of her life followed before she heard Cline returning. The guy made a drink then removed the blanket, telling the deeply frightened girl to roll over onto her back so he could lift her up. This time Emma obeyed, trembling as his hands went under her armpits and she was manoeuvred into a sitting position leaning against the tentpole that normally stopped his pillow falling off, arms and legs still bound mind and the bag remained on too.

His bed lurched as Cline sat alongside her. The girl hoping that… “Please don’t… ” she began as a hand rested on her knee, until he cut the cable-tie off but left her ankles secured. The blanket was replaced over her midriff, he even tucked it around her waist and that ‘relaxed’ her a little. Well she was still hooded and bound… and naked but it was an improvement. He started the questioning but she refused, saying she’d only answer if the hood were removed!

A hand landed on her torso and she felt him lean in as it slid up… touching her left breast. “It’s not in your best interest to be making demands young lady… now talk!” he murmured close into her ear. His fingers now brushing her nipple and to Emma’s shame he took hold and rolled, feeling it hardening and Cline grinned, doing the other too as she squirmed and wriggled, but didn’t ask him to stop it!

“Shall I get one of the guards? They might enjoy this even more than I am,” he asked and she could hear the smirk in his voice. Emma jumped now, shaking her head no, before he paused then running a finger down her front. Sliding it around her hip as the blanket was removed, others joined in then tracing his hand across the top of her thigh and towards her…

“Stop, please… don’t do that, I’ll tell you everything… ” she said, just as his fingers touched her there. The girl trying desperately to hold her composure as he continued, one digit dipping in and she gasped in shock as he kept going! Easing first one, then another finger slowly in and out and despite her best efforts Emma began feeling wet and soon he realised she was getting turned on!

His other hand parted her legs, allowing him easier access and she trembled violently now… but STILL said nothing when he began moving faster. Her body was reacting, glistening with sweat and he chuckled. “Emma Lewis, you are a naughty girl… aren’t you?” she groaned and nodded, finally begging him to stop. Sighing with relief as he did so and got off the bed. That only lasted a minute as he undid the drawstring on the bag then wrapped it around the pole and tightened it. She quietened down and said nothing… again on being asked to reply.

“OK missy, seems you want to play games with me, so we’ll try another tack. I’ll fetch Abdul, the fat one… ” Emma jerked, the noose round her neck tightening as he’d intended. Her squeal cut off as his hands clamped across her face. Miss Lewis really struggled now and Cline waited a few seconds before undoing the cord, thus allowing her to breathe properly. Slumping against the pole, her impressive chest heaving as she tried to force oxygen into her lungs.

“You bastard,” she swore, wincing as her face got slapped. His hands soon returning to her nipples and this time he squeezed harder until she squealed...

Another round of fingering and this time he stirred her closer to orgasm then stopped, seeing she was trying to cum now. The little slut, he grinned, knowing there was no way she’d report this to anyone, not now. There MUST be something she’s trying to keep quiet to put up this amount of resistance. He needed to change plan, getting off the bed and leaving her there, gasping for breath, that erotic groaning making him hard too!

Leaving her stranded he left the tent and went to hers. Quickly finding her camera bag and returning with it to see her exactly where he expected. Head slumped forward though Emma did move when he came in. Opening the bag and extracting the camera. Well schooled in these, especially as he had one the same it didn’t take long to find out what she’d been up to. Quietly downloading them onto his laptop!

“Tell me about your secret playroom here Emma,” he said at last and grinned as she froze, her shoulders slumping. How the hell did he know? Her mind stormed, then she chilled. Hearing camera beeps and knew he was looking through her photos and the game was up.

“OK, you win, but please, please unhood me… ” she said sadly. He smiled, reaching down to her midriff and doing that. Ignoring her gasps as he began toying with her button. “Not that, the bloody… noooo… ” she murmured as too soon he was working her over. When he stopped for the umpteenth time, just as she was about to blow it was a surprised Emma who found she was begging him to continue!

Soon the girl’s muffled squeals echoed through the deserted campsite and before long she was out sparko. Tony Cline freed her bonds, wrapping Emma in blankets and leaving her on his bed to sleep it off while he walked around the site trying to work out where her secret room was. A shame it was dark now but they still had all day tomorrow before the others came back.

Joined an hour later in the corridor by a blushing and thankfully dressed Emma Lewis. Clad as expected in long-sleeve blouse and black trousers, even though it was dark now. She even smiled wryly as they shook hands. Cline apologising for what he’d done to her. “Doesn’t matter, been a while since I had any of that, to be honest I rather enjoyed it actually,” she murmured then went even redder as he stared at her. “Oh. You’re one of that type?” and she grinned then nodded.

“Right, please young lady, put me out of my misery… where the hell is… ” and stopped as she smiled and rolled away the little stone, pointing along the passage. He bent down, flashing his light up…

“You’re kidding? We checked this… well I’m sure SOMEONE must have… ” he spluttered as Emma crouched down then began crawling up, telling him to follow. “Shut the door mind, just roll it across,” she called and Cline obeyed. Coming behind that cute ass and emerging into the blackness of the chamber.

His torch shone round the wall and Emma watched as his mouth flopped open at the sight of the hieroglyphics. While this wasn’t a major dig there had been little reward for what they’d found so far. No tombs, precious little in the way of antiquities yet now… in a daft mistake the stuff had been there all this time.

“Well I’m impressed Miss Lewis, and thankful too. I was about to call a halt to the dig apart from that other chamber at the far end. We’ll keep this our secret for the moment, yes?”

Emma nodded and led him closer to the sarcophagus and he stared at its face. “Bit like you eh?” he chuckled and she blushed. Opening it up then showing him exactly what she’d been doing. “Yeah, you do look rather good in that thing,” he said absently, feeling the dress as Emma held it to her chest. Waiting for him to ask her to put it on!

Cline did no such thing. He was far more interested in the hieroglyphics and the sarcophagus rather than the sexy blonde standing there. Despite what he’d done she thought herself lucky. He really could have hurt her back then, some might say he’d assaulted her anyway but making an accusation like that would end with her in more trouble than him. Miss Lewis watched as he looked up at the wall again and she smiled. Slipping next door into the smaller room and got changed, doing the ties as best she could, arranging her hair then silently walking back.

“Tony… ” she said and he turned, torch flicking round and she smiled when he almost dropped it!

“Wow… I’m… ” he spluttered, coming closer as she stood, hands by her sides, looking so innocent, her eyes now glinting in the torchlight.

Tony Cline stared at her for ages then placed the torch on the ground. Hands trembling in front then she moved forward… into an embrace as both of his slid over her hips and onto her butt. Their lips meeting and she made no attempt to resist now!

This lasted a while then they broke off. Each apologising to the other about what had happened and Emma could see he was kicking himself about the events in his tent.

A place she became aquatinted to that night after they’d left the dig. Cline waking the snoring guard who jumped to attention, while giving Emma a look that made her blush and turn away!

“Well you do have that effect on people Emma,” he said while they dined later on. The girl noticing he’d not called her ‘Miss Lewis’ since freeing her earlier.

“Yeah, guess I’ve… well I suppose you Profs gossip down the college bar and my reputation precedes me?” she sighed and he looked, then nodded.

“Indeed, Patrick and the others did mention it. But up until this afternoon I thought I was going to be the exception. How… well I assume most red-blooded guys would have reacted the same when you burst into my tent stark naked!”

She laughed at that, accepting a cup of tea and they ended up discussing her adventure in detail. Emma wanting another go and said so. “OK, tomorrow afternoon then. Egypt play Senegal in the football at 2pm, guess Abdul and his mates will want to watch it in the canteen. Gives us a clear run, yes?” She was happy at that and made to leave, shaking hands first… but then unable to resist they had a hug and kiss afterwards!

“See what you mean about reputations… ” he chuckled, Emma bridling at that before blushing.

“Actually Tony, you might as well know it’s only been two of them despite what people say, James Clark and Terry Jones. Anybody else tells you and they’re lying. Terry I knew from school… and I was seventeen… AND he’d left six months by the time we got together. We dated for two years before he moved to Canada. As for Mr Clark… well I’d rather not go there if you don’t mind. I’ll write that one off as… ” and she looked a little sad now and went silent. Tony Cline wondering if Jimbo’s legendary boozy nights with his students while away had seen him and her…

He stared at her and she nodded. “We were both pissed and I guess I had it coming. Teasing him… ”

Tony placed his fingers over Emma’s lips and she paused. “Enough… I don’t want to know any more. I used to get on with Jimbo but there was always the odd time I’d catch him looking at a student… When he died there were a few girls who looked relieved when the news broke. Guess you were the same?”

She nodded and broke down in tears. Saying he hadn’t raped her, she’d said ‘go on if you must’ but it’d been close enough and the guy had only stopped at the last minute on realising this wasn’t proper consent.

“OK Emma. I understand. It puts me in a spot considering what happened earlier. But I promise I’ll never do anything like that again. I’ve never touched a student, ever. Not even had any of that for nearly five years now with a lassie. Gonna kick myself enough.” and she did. Patting his arm and saying it was time they both turned in.

Sunday morning was all business, the pair working hard packing up the exhibits to go to England. Emma dressed demurely as expected, she even wore a headscarf, but as it was 130f in the shade he guessed that was the obvious reason she wanted to cover up. The afternoon however was different. Tony Cline suffering a bum-pinching session as he’d crawled down the passageway in front of her before scuttling ahead as she’d stopped, laughing too much to continue. Waiting for the girl to emerge whereupon he grabbed Emma’s waist as she came out, lifting her up to get revenge and she squealed, that wasn’t fair, being ambushed like that.

They grinned and came together for a hug and smooch and he stared into her eyes and saw something he liked as they twinkled back. “Work first, then playtime, yes?” She grinned in reply and sat on the sarcophagus catching the notepad he tossed to her. Now he had his first proper look at the hieroglyphics in daylight. Emma writing down his thoughts in shorthand as he’d dictated them. It took half an hour then a return to the camp for coffee and wee stop before they came back again. Lifting the sarcophagus up and wedging it against the wall. He opened the front then looked across at Emma and pointed to the dress.

She smiled broadly and he turned away to examine the sarcophagus, sneaking the odd peek as she changed into that robe. Turning on being told to and she saw his eyes lighting up at her figure, those nipples proud against the silky fabric, below visible too as he glanced down. She walked closer, hips swaying with that cheeky grin surely now just for him. They embraced and he gently stroked her torso all over, feeling Emma trembling a little now.

Tony lifted out the restraints then looked into the sarcophagus to see the pins, now marvelling at the design and workmanship on them. “They’re three thousand years old, forged from heaven knows what yet you’d think they were made yesterday.” Opening the collar and seeing the mechanism inside. Closing it and hearing the ‘click’ as the lever snapped flush into the groove. The belt and cuffs got the lookover as Emma waited patiently nearby, before he put them all back into the right places. “Front can be locked as well,” he said and her head shot round at that. “How? I never saw… well I never really looked round the side, more interested in the face,” as he waved her closer.

“See these four little discs hidden on the side, turn one clockwise,” he instructed. Emma obeying and her eyes widened as a hasp slid out of the side of the sarcophagus just below the head. Cline pointing to the front where a groove and lip was placed, another by the chest, one at the widest point and the last just above the ankles. He twisted them all out and back then closed the front and did it again. “Try opening it now” and she couldn’t.

Tugging hard proved it really was secured. “Oh heck, that could have happened when I was inside… I could have got stuck… ” and she really shook now. If it had, she could have… well, never been seen again! Her chest was heaving now and Cline saw she was a little scared so patted her arm. “OK, we’ll leave it. Only wanted to see what all… ”

“No it’s alright Tony, I was just a little concerned for my own stupidity. But as you’re here it’ll be fine. You can get me out afterwards… yes?” He stared in surprise. “You mean you want to go in there… and be locked in?”

She smiled and nodded. “Yes please, well I’ve been in there twice already as you know. But those hasps would just take it to another level.” He thought about it, looked at his watch then nodded. “OK, I’ll let you have… half an hour. The match finishes in 40 minutes then Abdul will be back on post and he might wander round the dig first.”

Emma nodded and gave him a hug, no surprise when her hips and ass got stroked. Letting go then climbing into the sarcophagus and turning round.

Tony Cline’s heart was pounding like hers as she told him to close up the leg cuffs then do the belt. Emma lifted her hair away as the collar was closed then she placed her wrists into position. The loops enclosed her arms and the job was finished. Now she couldn’t resist he stepped in and kissed Emma’s nose then twiddled her nipples. Chuckling as she wriggled helplessly, her smile one with genuine warmth now!

“Right, here goes. But Emma, if you think you’re running out of air just call ‘ want out’ and I’ll free you. I’ll close the door, you test your voice then I’ll check before locking it, understand?” she agreed and the front was closed up. He listened carefully…

“Want out… ” she said eventually, her voice surprisingly faint and he opened up. “Oh, you did hear that then?” she asked, a curious look on her face. “No, was quieter than I expected”. Her eyes widened at that. “Wow, I was shouting at the end. I said it four times, quiet, medium, loud and foghorn!” Demonstrating it again and he winced at the last.

“Right, well you better stay with the foghorn,” he grinned and she laughed then told him to lock her inside. He closed the front and turned the discs. Each hasp making a ‘thump’ as it engaged onto the lip.

“I’m really locked in a sarcophagus!” she murmured after the fourth thump and his fist rapping on the side. Trying not to breathe too quickly, she wanted the full half-hour. In fact she was so relaxed Emma nodded off, startled on hearing the hasps undo and a gap appearing, Tony warning her to shut her eyes before he tugged the front open. His hands met hers, feeling Emma shaking now with emotion. “You OK?” he asked and she nodded, asking to be released now please. Moments later she stepped out and got a long smooch as reward, and an ass grope too. “Right, get changed as we’ve only got ten minutes. But Emma, once we’re out of this room, strictly business please, next weekend we’ll have another session, yes?”

She hurried to comply and it was a smiling pair who walked out of the dig, Abdul seeing them laden down with books and maps. Couldn’t they ever have an off day like the others? He grumbled seeing the blonde girl pacing beside her companion. The guard had a thing about her, the only woman on this team of foreigners and he dozed off, dreaming about a day when she’d be naked in front of him, on her knees begging to be screwed!

Time passed so slowly that week and it was torture for Emma as she tried to ignore Tony when he was around if the others were present. Craig, one of the youngsters noticed and asked her if she was coming to Cairo next weekend for the party or is ‘his master’ requiring her presence again. That earned the kid a glare and a rollicking for being cheeky to a senior member. Cline eventually heard about it but did nothing, Miss Lewis playing her part in their deception.

But nobody went to Cairo as on the Tuesday serious riots broke out after the civic elections and within a day had spread across the nation. Professor Cline called a meeting at the camp and warned the party that he’d received word about this from their Oxford base and the faculty wanted them out of there. “We’ve got twenty-four hours to pack everything away and break camp”. The kids all thought this was over-reaction but Emma could see real concern on his face when he called her back for a minute at the end. A brief hug then Tony told her he wanted Emma to go first with the exhibits but she refused. Saying as group deputy leader she was equally responsible for the party, like him.

“OK, your choice. We’ll send everyone bar Craig and Geoff on the trucks with the stuff. Peter’s sensible enough to lead them, and he speaks Arabic. You get the other two packing tents, I’ll make sure Abdul and the other guards know. They’ll be coming out with us.” Patting her ass and wishing she hadn’t been so stubborn. Having Emma in a potential conflict was not gonna be fun. “Equal opportunities mean zip here, you’re in the pooh,” he joked and that earned him a raised-finger before she left.

He was seriously impressed as Miss Lewis briefed the youngsters and barely eight hours later two heavily loaded trucks departed with all the exhibits, accurately listed and all their research documents. “Good work missy,” he called an hour later seeing most of the tents and the canteen were being packed into the last of the wagons. Only their own two, plus the guards quarters were left, the three Egyptians all out on the escarpment keeping watch. One of the kids had phoned Cline just after they’d left saying he’d seen two tanks and a lot of scruffy looking soldiers a mile or two down the valley road that passed the narrow entrance to their site.

Emma looked scared for the first time when Tony told her. He’d heard genuine fear in that student’s voice as he’d asked for details and knew this wasn’t a prank. “Trust a bloody revolution to break out whilst we’re here!” She was smiling wryly at that when one of the younger guards came running down the hill. Waving his arms… “Oh shit, this means trouble.”

Breathlessly the guy said they were NOT troops, but rebel fighters and they were coming closer, down the track!
He was ordered to fetch the others then everybody would hide in the dig until it was safe.

Emma was sensible enough to have grabbed water and food before they hid in the caverns. Making sure she shared everything with their guards and the three men were grateful, even though she hated the way Abdul kept looking at her. At one point they could hear shouting outside, then everyone had frozen at the sound of gunfire and explosions that went on for a while!

Tentatively they emerged next morning to find the camp had been wrecked, tents full of bullet holes and worst of all the truck had been destroyed, judging by the stuff laying about it’d been looted first. The jeep nearby looked intact though he knew it was very short of fuel. Even the keys were still in the ignition! No sign of rebels and as Cline and Emma both had their phones contact was made through the Cairo Museum and the Egyptian army agreed to send a helicopter. Plus a time to be on the escarpment as it would be getting dark so it was considered safer to land there.

Barely ten minutes before the chopper was due one of their boys who’d been up on the ridge came racing down screaming that the rebels were coming back. Cline was about to phone the museum to let them know when loud bangs were heard too close for comfort. He’d heard that before and knew… “Incoming fire, take cover!” he yelled, grabbing Emma and Craig, pushing them towards the dig but seconds later the first shells landed on the roadway, spraying the area with shrapnel.

Even fat Abdul was running faster than Cline thought possible but the Professor’s blood chilled on hearing a scream from behind. One of the young guards was down on his back, waving his arms weakly, the other nearby and he wasn’t moving. Tony had seconds to think. Interrupted as the helicopter swept over them and heading up to the top. Quickly Craig and Geoff broke cover and raced over the ground through the dust clouds, grabbed the screaming youth then dashed for the path.

Remarkable courage for two scared kids and he turned to look for Emma and Abdul, seeing they were coming out of the dig entrance as he grabbed the other guard who was groaning but least he was alive. Yelling at the pair to follow him Cline was running for his life when another shell landed in the campsite.

Emma was struggling to push Abdul up the hill, the fat bastard too unfit to manage it alone when the explosion came. Needle sharp shrapnel tearing into rocks all about them before one bit hit her on the ankle. The white-hot pain made her scream and Cline, a hundred yards ahead looked down to see the pair being covered by dustclouds. Dropping his man Tony began to head back when he heard Abdul yelling at him to go on. He’d drive Emma out in the jeep when it calmed down. Waving the Professor on then he picked up the screeching girl and headed back down the slope before vanishing into the dig.

Cline knew they’d never make it but was helpless as another shell landed between them and the Professor was appalled. Had the pair followed him that one would have killed them both. Soon he had to decide what to do and made it. Rushing up the path to the waiting helicopter and clambering in. It lifted seconds later off but young Craig knew they were two short. “What about Em?” he yelled and a sad look from the boss spoke volumes.

Landing in Cairo they were met by soldiers and people from the Museum and some British Embassy staffers. Cline was all business once the injured were ferried away, his training evident and he demanded that if the jeep was not here by nightfall then any rescue mission tomorrow he wanted to be involved. “She’s my responsibility. End of.” He said to some suited chappie, who turned out to be the Military Attaché. Cline was still in the Army Reserves, even the Oxford guys didn’t know that and after some delicate negotiations it was agreed he could go at first light.

Back at the dig the place was relatively quiet, apart from Emma. Still wailing in pain because of her ankle. Abdul had got her to safety inside the site but she wanted painkillers and bandages from her tent. After an hour of her pleading for them he went nervously out, and finding the place empty decided to carry the girl there so she could fix herself. He had no idea how to dress wounds anyway. Coming back he lifted the moaning body up and took her outside.

Just the fact he was TOUCHING bare legs was making him hard. She was wearing shorts today so there was plenty showing. It was so smooth and warm, even if a little dusty. Carrying her across the silent camp he went into the tent where the boss had lived and dumped her on the bed. Ignoring her when she said it was the wrong one. But hers was wrecked anyway, least this one still had a roof so he snapped at her to shut up and be grateful. He went outside to have a smoke. Miss Lewis paused then shrugged. A smile emerged however on seeing a red First-Aid box on Tony’s desk and it soon had the girl hopping awkwardly across and grabbing it.

Abdul returned carrying water and what little food remained. Sitting at Cline’s table and watching as she tried to bend forward and apply the bandages. Trying not to make her realise that every time she did that her shirt billowed out a bit and he could catch a glimpse of those breasts. Emma eventually flopped back with a groan. The ankle was too damn painful to rest it on her other leg. It had to be straight so that meant…

“I’m sorry Abdul, could you please help me,” she said at last. Pointing to her foot where a trickle of blood flowed from the wound. He groaned and slowly lumbered off the seat. Emma managing not to grin as she saw the frame of Tony’s chair was now bent, knowing fat boy would collapse it if he sat down again! The guy grabbed some tissues and none too gently wiped the mess away, ignoring her yelp.

Emma gulped down some tablets while he worked on, actually doing a decent job and soon the wound was clean. The painkillers kicked in and she was relieved, guiding him as he wrapped the foot first, then over the big pad and last a little way up her leg. Tying it off and sticking a pin… though he did miss and poke her limb first. A faint groan earned a grumbling apology as he finished up. Getting a tired ‘thank you’ from her as she lay back. Abdul seeing her lovely body now there… as her eyes closed.

He waited a few minutes then woke Emma up, offering some biscuits and water. Not saying he’d ground up more of the tablets into the glass. She munched away then knocked the drink back in one. Flopping back again with another moan… dozing off before even saying thanks this time.

Soon she was snoring like a trooper. Abdul had never heard a woman make noises like that. But it also meant she was now… He waited what seemed ages then began. His hands trembled as they touched a button on her shirt and oh so carefully undid it. Another followed and soon he was down to her navel, folding the material back and exposing that che…

Emma’s eyes flicked open, the girl shocked to see him kneeling by her waist, his hands… doing WHAT! Her mind screamed and she shuddered. A piercing shriek erupted from her mouth as she jerked. Abdul jumped then a look crossed his face and Miss Lewis froze… Before she could react the first of a barrage of slaps landed on her jaw and soon she was out cold.

Now he could get to work and stripped Emma naked, grabbing some cords from a pile by the door and tying the girl how he wanted her to be. Now it would be good examination time and the guy looked at the best example of a white European female he’d seen since his time guarding beaches. She was flawless, well apart from that leg but the rest… wow. He grinned and began to touch those nipples, flicking each with his fingers. Smiling at the way they wobbled about. But there was also ‘that’ and soon he was crouching over Emma’s midriff and… nice…

His bony fingers touched Emma there but there was no reaction, which to him was a shame. He wanted to hear the girl scream, the way they do in the films he watched when alone at home. Those dodgy imports that could make his life a nightmare if the police had ever found the stash. Now he had the ‘star’ here so with the bitch asleep but safely tied he decided to wait for her to awake.

It took longer than Abdul imagined. He occasionally played with the body, touching the skin, those breasts received a lot of groping but that midriff was his target, he spent a long time working his fingers in and out. Waiting for a reaction and it was many hours later that she finally showed flickers of life, groaning in pain… then…

Suddenly Emma was awake; tugging pathetically on her bonds as the stunned girl discovered what was happening. Abdul was just leaving the tent to go for a wee when the first screams hit his ears. He turned, seeing the woman’s eyes wide open and he grinned, grabbing some cloth and advancing on her, straddling Emma’s waist then flopping down hard.

“NOOuuugghhh!!” she gasped as his full weight landed on her. Abdul smacking her a few times enough to sting, grabbing her jaw and stuffing the cloth into that squealing throat to shut her up. Tying it tight around her head then he began working on those pert breasts again.

Emma was terrified now, screaming in pain, tugging her bonds made the ankle flare and she was soon in agony. But it seemed to stir the guy to greater levels of cruelty too so she quietened down. Whimpering as he got up briefly then she saw him start to undress…

Tony Cline whipped open the flaps of his tent and rushed in then stopped… his eyes barely believing what he saw. Emma was spread-eagled across the floor, her wrists and ankles lashed to the poles that held the ragged canvas up. Her mouth stuffed with a rag, eyes streaming with tears as Abdul lowered his bloated body onto her waist and started slapping her waterstained face. That once sexy voice screaming at him not to do this before she saw Cline there.

It was the last thing he’d expected to see when the helicopter had landed at dawn and he’d noticed the jeep was still here. The night had passed SO slowly for them all at the base. Geoff and Craig, good lads had stayed with the boss, keeping him supplied with coffee and food… but no information was forthcoming. So at first sign of light he was in line to board the machine, knowing if they got this wrong then it could endanger everyone.

The flight had taken half an hour and when it landed Tony Cline was in full Rambo mood. He wasn’t even allowed a gun, just a knife, the soldiers could see he’d be as dangerous with that as a firearm. In fact the leader of the team decided to let the foreigner go first. After all it was HIS fault they were out here anyway. “You search first, we come later,” he was told. Rushing down the track he soon saw a faint light in his tent, and stopped. A look round and apart from that one the rest of the camp was silent. Then he heard… muffled female cries…

Something must have alerted the Egyptian, possibly Emma’s eyes widening as her saviour arrived. He turned and tried to get up but Cline was taking no chances. Two savage blows to the fat bastards’ face more than enough and he slumped across his victim who gasped under the weight. Tony rolled him off and produced that flick-knife given to him by one of the soldiers and Emma’s bonds were sliced away, the girl weeping as she tried to cover herself with the sheets from the campbed.

“No time for modesty sweetheart, just… hobble… ” he said seeing blood streaming from the bandages on her shrapnel torn ankle. Somehow she found the spirit to grin through the tears as Cline grabbed a couple of towels then her, seeing Emma stagger and knew she couldn’t walk at all. Flipping the girl headfirst over his shoulder and running outside. She clutched his waist from behind his back as he rushed towards the helicopter. Telling the advancing men this was their target and they could go. Throwing Miss Lewis bodily into the dust-churning machine then him. The beast roared away from the ground and after a few minutes of low-level terror through the valley climbed to safety.

Emma couldn’t see this, now wrapped in the towels and an Army blanket, her face buried in Cline’s chest as she wept with relief. “It’s OK… honey, I’m here now. I’ll never leave you again Emma Lewis, that’s a promise, you understand that?” and the girl cried even louder, nodding vigorously, fingers gripping his back so hard it’d leave marks for days.

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