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by Mikel

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Storycodes: M/f; Sbf; bond; straps; cuffs; gag; corset; chastity; toys; permanent; metal; statue; encased; reluct; nc; XXX

Kate had taken the job at the electroplating plant out of high school wanting to get away from her abusive father and oblivious mother. After learning what the company did it didn’t take long before she started to wish she could encase herself in the thick layers of the metal used in the dipping process. In Kate’s mind if she could become a statue it would solve all her problems and make it so she would be able to forget the fears and worries she felt daily all while keeping her constantly aroused by the permanent bondage. The biggest problem was the process was activated by applying electricity into the solution which would electrocute someone if they were in it. After years of working in the plant dreaming of being encased in the metal she had been able to “dip” pieces of the molds she made of her body making herself a full body case. Kate had made the case by molding her body in stages then casting each and getting a metal shop to fuse them all together leaving her with an almost perfect formed case that she spent every night inside. When the company introduced a low voltage system that could be controlled to exactly match the thickness and density of the materials needed Kate quickly began studying the machine and its capability to see if she could use it still dreaming of being a living statue. 

Each night while Kate was bound and gagged in her small apartment she dreamed about how it would feel to be a life sized figurine using her time bound to think up solutions and additions to her encasement. Kate immediately began planning how to enclose herself just as part of her fantasy knowing she would never be able to truly encase herself since she would surely die in a few days, that is if she survived the process. Kate had been using the company’s computer to plan her fantasy leaving them in an obscure file nobody ever opened entering all her thoughts and solutions to different problems as she thought of them. Kate worked constantly on improving her design adding ideas as she came up with them until one day she found her ideas had been reorganized and sorted. There were several notes pointing out that she could in fact be encased and kept long term, several added details she had not come up with before. As she read the notes looking at the attached links to things like breathing control and muscle stimulation Kate realized someone had found her secret, someone that not only understood her desires but could help her.

She searched for days, finally locating the desk the additions had been entered from, and started carefully watching the man she found sitting there; checking his personnel file and asking about him to others in the office. Kate found he was about her age having only been with the company for a few months, but everyone seemed to like him and said he was a nice guy. After a few weeks of the two collaborating anomalously on her project Kate found her dreams of being a living statue were within reach and now fought daily with the idea of how her life would change if she moved forwards with her desires. When she finally confronted Tim he just smiled and asked why it had taken her so long to contact him.

The two began spending their off time together, with him locking her in her case for the first time one evening as she explained she had always wanted to be locked inside it. Kate told him how she had never had anyone she could trust or who understood how to treat her once inside. Tim began leaving her trapped first for a few hours then for days at a time using the vibrators she would put inside herself to tease and torment her never letting her climax until just before he released her and only then if she begged him hard enough. Every time she was freed of the case they would make love with her still bound and gagged as she had been when encased making Kate desires to be bound and controlled grow even stronger. Each time she was encased Kate’s desire to be permanently enclosed inside the hard steel plating grew, driven by the incredible orgasms being so helpless caused.

When Kate blurted out she wanted to do it, Tim just smiled agreeing with their plans telling her he would take care and maintain her once she was encased. They had discussed her being cut out with both of them finding several techniques that could be used to open the case finding one was available at the plant. Tim experimented with the machine that did the cutting showing Kate the results showing her that all though there were small places where the dummies skin was damaged they were all very minor meaning she could be cut out when or if she desired it. The duo discussed her encasement for weeks covering everything from her waste and feeding to her attire with Tim pushing her to agree she would be dressed as fetish inspired as possible to allow him to set her in his home with the rest of his fetish collection. Tim had been very successful, having already purchased a large home that he had decorated with a fetish theme, also owning a large collection of bondage equipment and fetish attire. Tim had already suggested that Kate move in with him since she was staying with him most nights and weekends already so he could dress her and keep her bound and gagged as she truly wanted her to be.

Kate agreed she was staying there more than her apartment saying once her lease was up she would move in with him. Tim had used all her time bound and encased to learn her limits and tolerances learning he could control her orgasms easily when she was helplessly bound. Tim enjoyed her deep rooted desire to make him happy and used it to control her introducing many new tests and torments she would be forced to endure each day. Experimenting with the plating Tim found that every detail of whatever it covered would be seen and wanted her to look as “kinky” as possible dreaming of having a bondage model statue on display permanently. He convinced Kate she should begin corset training telling her once she got her waist to sixteen inches he would encase her for however long she wanted.

Kate reluctantly began her corset training quickly learning she loved being laced tightly and was forced to wear a corset every day. During her evenings Kate began adding other items so she could get used to them exciting Tim who helped guide her into ever tightening restraints and clothes. Kate began planning how she would explain her extended absence desperately trying to decide how long she could remain a statuette. While wearing a gag and ballet heels to go along with the stiff collar she would be encased in, Kate typed out her explanations to her boss, plus a few close friends, and wrote letters to her property manager to set up a lease for a small storage unit. Tim had convinced her the chastity belt was necessary to hold the items to be used to tease and torture her as well as keep her body functions under control. Convincing her that she should get used to it as well promising her many long orgasms once she was encased knowing full well once dipped the chastity belt would become permanent since the locks would be full of the plating even if he decided to free her from her encasement.

Now Kate was wearing an incredibly tight corset, tall high heels and the steel chastity belt twenty four seven. Each night and weekend she donned the tall posture collar and ballet heels. For months she remained locked up, each week Tim would adjust the corset, never removing the chastity belt for more than a few moments, binding her tightly before stuffing his cock into her gaping mouth. Every day at work she longed to lace the boots on and lock the collar tight around her throat desperately wanting to wear all of them and the mouth spreading gag forever relishing the feelings of being completely helpless gave her. Each night Tim would tie her arms carefully in a different position as she continued to train herself.

Tim was making plans for her to be his permanent display having a special gag built to completely silence her with its tube down her throat to be used to feed her. He also had a leather body harness made to keep all her sensors and tens pads in place to keep her muscles from atrophying. The harness was made of one inch wide leather that was triple layered with steel rings to enhance her outer appearance, each strap was designed to be closed with a special tool that pulled the strap exceedingly tight then closed it with steel rivets. Tim was planning on using the sensors, probes and tens pads to torture her as well. Once encased Tim had planned on keeping her as his statue forever, imagining himself enjoying her muffled grunts and hisses as he tortured her using the data he got teasing her in her case to never allow her to orgasm again. Kate had no idea she had allowed herself to be convinced by Tim while he was concealing his devious and demented desires for her to be his permanent statue or his true desire to have and keep a beautiful woman as his own property. 

As the months went by, Kate became more aroused and frustrated; she was convinced that the only way she could ever feel satisfaction was to become his kinky figurine, and begged Tim to encase her soon. Tim could see his owns dreams beginning to come true but wanted to extend her current torture for awhile longer suggesting she go ahead and send out her letters and continue her training full time to show him she was sure. Kate leapt at the opportunity to move forwards with her fantasy and a few days later had contacted everyone and moved her remaining items into storage. As soon as Tim arrived home he found her standing in her bedroom wearing her gag, collar corset and boots staring at the shining steel around her waist before saying “Ok, let’s get started.”

Kate smiled around the gag, unaware this would be the last time she would be able to speak or be free of her restraints. Tim quickly pulled the laces to her ballet boots much tighter tying them in two knots before cutting off the extra telling Kate “Those won’t be needed again” then locked thick steel cuffs around her ankles essentially locking the toe boots on her feet. Tim added a short chain between her ankles then moved up to her thighs taking the thigh cuffs for the chastity belt and squeezing them tightly around her thighs locking them in place.Tim had already removed the liners from the thigh cuffs knowing she wouldn’t be moving at all soon and ran the flat chains up to the belt snapping them into their holders.

Kate couldn’t look down but could feel the tighter boots and the thigh cuffs and moaned into her gag at her growing helplessness wishing she could feel like this forever. Tim locked her wrists together with a pair of English Eight cuffs, adding another pair around her elbows. He pulled them in close together getting another groan from her gagged mouth as he grinned, knowing how painful this will become for her. With her helpless Tim connected her wrists to a thin rope running from the ceiling yanking her wrists up high stretching her shoulders to their limits. Kate was still relishing the added restraints when she felt the steel belt loosen and him yanking and pulling on the corset laces.

Kate had been at the required sixteen inches for weeks and knew there was still about two inches for the corset to be closed but had thought he was planning on leaving it open slightly. Tim had never planned on leaving the corset open and roughly closed it, making Kate whine and gasp around the gag as the air was squeezed from her lungs. As soon as the corset was closed Tim adjusted the belt to its smallest settings removing the liners inserting the special phalluses he had ordered for her. Kate was whimpering as she felt him stuff her ass with the plug and felt him routing the hose through the belts crotch strap them moaned loudly as he repeated the process with her pussy.

As he wrestled the much tighter belt around her waist Kate was humming from the large insert in her pussy desperately wanting to try to stimulate herself as she struggled to breathe. Tim had to squeeze the belt so hard to close the lock it compressed her waist considerably more making her moan again as he mumbled to himself “Finally,” and was able to lock the belt. With his prize locked and helpless Tim stepped back to watch her dangling on the rope ordering her to turn for him enjoying her struggles to move in the small circle. For the next hour Tim watched his victim turn in slow circles and her eyes go from quiet arousal to large circles of desperation as the pain from her restraints increased leaving her moaning and staring at him while her hands flailed uselessly behind her.

Tim finally walked out of the room leaving Kate to stand and struggle by herself, wondering what was going on, hoping he was just teasing her with the uncomfortable position. When Tim returned he was carrying two boxes setting them on the floor in front of her Kate could look into them from her bent forwards position seeing several masses of leather straps. Tim picked up one and stood in front of her straightening the straps out. “If you make a sound you’ll regret it.” He started to remove her current gag. Kate was actually enjoying her treatment still thinking he was teasing her so she remained silent as he prepared the long tube covering it in what looked like lube before telling her to open wide. He squirted something down her throat and bluntly said, “it will be easier if you start swallowing now.” Kate barely had time to begin swallowing before he started feeding the tube into her throat passing her tongue, she could only feel a slight pressure as the tube slid down her numbed throat. Tim fed the mouthpiece into, her snapping it behind and around her teeth, spreading her mouth wide as it filled it.

Kate could now feel how wide her mouth was and tried to utter her safe word, but found she could no longer make any noises. Tim spent twenty minutes closing the harness around her head using the special tool that pulled the straps tight then crimped the rivets closed. When he was finished, Kate’s head was squeezed tightly under the cage of leather straps; they had pulled so tight her scalp was squeezing through them. Kate tried to moan at the tension as he pulled her hair into a tight ponytail asking if she liked her new head gear. Kate shook her head, getting a hard smack on her bare ass as he explained to her about the harness and that it not only enabled him to feed her but the wide straps concealed the hoses. “You’ll see it will be perfect” he said, scaring the helpless Kate as she watched around the harness straps him pick up the next harness and began to apply it to her body.

As Tim worked he told her the body harness was for the same reason, to cover the hoses and wires coming from her body since the steel that would be covering her showed everything and he didn’t want anything to ruin the perfect look, of her being bound and gagged. Kate was still struggling to breathe as he applied the body harness using the same method of the head harness pulling each strap extremely tight before riveting them closed. It took Tim another hour to get the harness completely closed on her, lowering her hands so she could stand straight up while he closed the straps over her shoulders. Tim left her wiggling on her toes to go get a mirror returning and saying “See, Perfect.”

Kate stared at her bound body first noticing her extremely small waist pulled in even further by the tight steel belt encircling it. She looked at the straps around her thighs seeing two pulled tightly around each above and below the thigh cuffs, the straps did not connect her thighs they wrapped around each digging in deeply causing her skin to bulge around each. Even as scared as she was she admitted to herself the straps did look sexy as she continued to inspect what he had done. Her eyes drifted upwards again seeing the circles of steel connecting the leather straps of the harness seeing her breasts and gasping as she studied them seeing each was circled by a steel ring attached to the harness straps with several bars crossing over them forcing them to try and squeeze out of the bars. Kate wanted to scream as she saw two small rings around her nipples forcing them to protrude proudly. Kate could see her breasts already turning a dark red and knew they should be hurting and looked questioningly at Tim.

Tim was smiling as he saw her look at him, knowing she had been staring at her tits. “Wondering why you didn’t feel anything?” getting a body nod from her. “The same numbing spray I used on your throat, I sprayed your tits with it. Cool huh?” Kate looked back at her darkening breasts hearing him add “Don’t worry it won’t last long, soon you’ll have full feeling back.” He sounded as if he was trying to be reassuring, but really was just tormenting her. Once the shock of her squeezed breasts wore off Kate looked at her face seeing her gaping mouth was covered by a large panel, leaving her lips stretched tightly around it but sealing her mouth completely.

She thought, he’s right, the straps to cover the hoses perfectly, still hoping this was just a test, having not noticed there were no buckles anywhere on either harness. Kate turned her head as far as her collar allowed looking at the harness when Tim excitedly said “Oh wait, there’s more!” Tim laid the mirror on the floor and dashed out of the room returning with another piece of leather and quickly removed her collar replacing it with another. Kate tried to moan as she felt the thick leather being wrapped around her throat then tried to struggle as he continued to tighten it forcing her head back as he did.

With the collar tightened Kate was thrashing violently, feeling she was going to choke to death as he closed the dual straps with the tool again and standing back watching her struggles as he pulled his cock out. While Kate struggled twisting and turning on the line Tim stroked his cock until he exploded and stood gasping. As he looked up he saw she had turned towards him and had been watching him stunned at his enjoyment of her choking. Tim tucked his shrinking cock away quickly spinning her around as he grabbed a blindfold and slipped it over her eyes telling her, “I hope you like this because this is how you will remain as my sculpture.” Kate tried to understand what he was saying as she tried to stop choking only realizing sometime later she was unable to hear him anymore and spent the night bound and gagged standing on her toes as her arms were held slightly above her waist by the anchor rope. Kate had no idea how long she had been left alone until she heard “Honey I’m home!” and felt his hand on her ass and left breast. She had been struggling with the pain in her body all night and wanted out waving her bound hands trying to get him to understand she was in pain. Tim ran his hands all over her caged body muttering how perfect his statue will be, arousing her slightly as she relished his touch and the thoughts of being enclosed in the steel.

Tim lowered her arms before removing her blindfold cheerfully telling her to meet him in the kitchen so he could feed her. Kate almost collapsed when her arms were lowered but was desperately hungry and thirsty so she began struggling towards the kitchen planning on telling him all her concerns when he removed the gag. Kate shuffled slowly fighting the short chain between her ankles as she was forced to look up, finally making it to the kitchen finding a chair and trying to sit down. Kate was shocked when she felt the tight harness keep her from bending as she tried several times to lower herself to the chair. Kate heard laughing behind her and pivoted on her toes to see Tim laughing then listened to him tell her that the harness was designed to keep her rigidly straight, “Statues don’t need to sit, silly,” he said gleefully. Kate felt weak and started to shake, feeling herself begin to fall when Tim grabbed her and lay her on the floor. Tim never stopped smiling, each time she could see his face he was smiling making Kate think she had never seen him this happy and hoped it was because of her. 

Tim filled a large syringe with the ‘food’ she would be fed from now on rolling her onto her side and attached the syringe to one of the hoses saying “Ready or not here it comes.” Tim slowly squeezed the contents into the hose listening to her making her muffled noises as she realized she couldn’t taste or feel anything but her compressed stomach expanding from the liquid. Tim used an empty syringe to push the last of it down her throat into her stomach. He knew it would take awhile for her to accept she couldn’t taste or chew her meals but her body would adapt and enjoyed listening to her struggle to grasp what was happening. Kate was dejected, her hopes of being able to speak to Tim had been dashed and she knew she had no hope of escaping unless he freed her. As the helplessness washed over her she hung on the verge of an orgasm and started to struggle desperately trying to push herself over the edge.

Tim watched her struggles knowing what she was trying to do and waited until she lay gasping before telling her, “The machines we need will be available this weekend so this is perfect timing,” he continued, “I know it only gives you five days to get used to your new equipment, I had planned on a few weeks but I think you would agree when the timing is right we should just do it.” Kate couldn’t believe he was going to leave her like this for a week still not grasping she was to be encased as she was as Tim explained some more about her equipment. “Once the computer is all hooked up everything will be easier, it will help with your breathing and take care of your feeding and other needs automatically.” Kate stared at him standing in her eye line as he continued “It uses the sensors and pads to keep you healthy and fed and maybe when you are very good it could let you cum but I’m sure you will keep it busy with your punishments since we both know how much you like those.”

Tim left her lying on the floor while he made and ate his dinner, finally helping her to her pointed toes and telling her she could lie on the couch with him or go to the bedroom and lie down. He would be in later to prepare her for the night and tomorrow. Kate slowly shuffled to the bedroom shocked at her predicament and wondered what she had done to deserve this treatment. Kate had barely laid back before going to sleep only to be awakened roughly as he pulled her to her toes and began pulling on the D-ring on her collar.

Kate struggled to keep up with him as he led her to her room tying her head harness to the rope from the ceiling and pulling it tight. Kate was still trying to speak or scream as she felt him hoisting her aching arms upwards again stretching her shoulders painfully. With her head harness attached to the ceiling Kate couldn’t bend forwards to relieve the pain in her shoulders desperately trying to make any noise as she felt him strapping her feet and ankles together tightly. Kate’s world went black again as he slipped another blindfold on her before groping her trapped breasts awaking the pain from them making Kate jerk and twist on the ropes. Kate was left alone again unable to judge time passing until she heard him yell he was home again, all day Kate had struggled to breathe as the pain in her shoulders and jaw increased.

Tim groped her tortured breasts for several minutes before leaving her alone to suffer in absolute silence while he prepared his dinner and ate. Returning later Tim lowered her arms tying her wrists to her waist then wrapping several coils around her upper arms crushing them to her body. Kate felt herself being lowered to the floor relieved to be off her throbbing toes until he rolled her onto her trapped breasts quickly yanking her ankles towards her ass and tying them tightly to her cuffed wrists. Kate was flailing as she tried to roll off her breasts only small hissing noises could be heard as she fought to ease the pain only to have Tim tie her bound wrists to the ceiling rope and pull it keeping her on her stomach.

Kate fought until she was exhausted lying motionless on her throbbing breasts, wishing Tim would come back to free her and tell her it was all just a test. Kate lay on the floor alone in the dark until hearing him announce he was home again unaware he was only telling her he was home every other day. Each time she thought a day had passed it had been two but being helpless and blind she had no way of knowing how many days had passed. Tim continued her mistreatment for three weeks, each night sitting silently watching the helpless woman struggle in whatever new position enjoying listening to her muffled hisses as she gasped for air.

Tim finally spoke to Kate after she had been standing on her new platform for seven days, each day he had forced her to strike the pose he wanted his statue in making her hold it as long as possible and now she could hold the erotic pose for hours. Kate no longer fought Tim just doing as he asked, relishing him stroking her trapped body and trying to moan when he tormented it. Friday night Tim told Kate “Tomorrow is the big day” getting no visible response from her.

Tim stroked her lovingly telling her how proud he was of her for withstanding all his punishments and tests and that he hoped she didn’t hate him for putting her through it all. Kate couldn’t answer but her eyes teared up as she listened to him explain he wanted to make sure she was ready to become her dream and that he only hoped he could make it come true for her. Tim asked if she still wanted to become his living sexy statuette, something he could display proudly and care for the rest of his life. Kate was suddenly allowed to see again as he removed the blindfold in the darkened room for the first time in three weeks and told her to blink once for “Yes” she wanted to go through with it or twice for “No” she wanted it to stop. Kate stared at his face above hers and thought about her time bound and gagged. Almost all of her pains had eased, even her breasts had become accustomed to their steel bra as her body had adapted to the tight corset and the steel cuffs around her wrists and elbows.

Kate blinked once, Tim sighed deeply then told her to close her eyes and he would prepare her for the big event. Kate closed her eyes still believing he intended on releasing her in six to eight weeks as they had agreed. Tim placed two strips of thin tape over her closed eyes sealing them but smoothing the tape out so it would still show the details of her eyes under the steel. Tim had already sealed her nostrils a few days ago letting Kate get used to the breather doing its work so he knew she was ready.

Once she was blind again Tim lowered her into the long box he had made with thick insulating foam inside it tucking more of the material around her before screwing the lid on and standing her up. The pedestal she had been secured to by bolts running into the toes and heels on her boots contained a computer controlled breathing and feeding system along with her waste control, he had modified her toe boots allowing him to run bolts into the toes and heels keeping her legs spread slightly showing the thick spreader bar between her ankles. He checked the readouts seeing everything was working properly then drove to the plant. Kate had no idea what was happening but could feel herself moving and figured she would soon be immersed in the plating machine and hoped everything went as planned.

Tim uncrated his captive, standing her next to the large vat he would be using tonight, adjusting the system to its lowest settings with highest metal content so she would not need to be dipped more than three times. When he was ready he reminded her when she felt the bump inside the tank to strike her pose so she would be held in the correct position. Tim attached the lift to her head harness and to the shoulders of the body harness knowing he could grind off the D-rings afterwards. Kate felt herself being lifted, having gotten used to the harnesses being made tighter and waited until she felt the liquid swirling around her calves’ then knees, the machine forcing her to take a deep breath as her head went under the surface.

Kate had been forced to practice holding her breath and could now hold it for several minutes before panic set in and as soon as she felt the base hit the bottom of the tank she held herself in the pose she had practiced for so long. The pose had her arch her back slightly leaning her head back while forcing her breasts into the steel cages. Her hands were held a few inches from her back with her fingers outstretched like she was desperately reaching for something. She had already lost some weight so when she tightened up her muscles around the straps and steel it really made them stand out and show how tight all the straps were.

Kate stood in the tank for six minutes, feeling the current flowing through her body and could swear she could feel the particles of metal attaching to her body. The breather had allowed her to take one breath during that time before she felt herself being raised again. Kate felt herself being lowered to the floor, afraid to move, not wanting to ruin her pose only relaxing her hands slightly feeling the steel had already formed around them and began to get excited about living her fantasy. Tim quickly cleaned and ground off the slag that had formed before carefully cleaning up any details on his statue before lifting her into the tank again for her second treatment. Kate no longer had any choices on breathing being completely sealed inside the metal skin not feeling anything other than movement that she could no longer tell which way she was moving. Tim dipped her four more times, two more than he had planned but it was going so well he wanted to make sure Kate could never break any part of her entombment . After the last dipping he cut her loose from the lift, sliding her into the moving crate wheeling her to his truck. The final grinding would be done at his house safe from any prying eyes.

Tim slept deeply in his bed while his stature waited in his truck being exhausted by all the moving and the anxiety of completing the project. Kate had finally relaxed, finding she could now stand limply in her bonds and be held rigidly upright by the steel she had finally been encased in and wondered how she looked from the outside hoping Tim would take a lot of pictures to show her when she was released. The next day Tim spent grinding and cleaning his statue until he was happy with her appearance stopping to tap on her face and head watching her heart rate and other vitals each time he did it. When she was cleaned thoroughly Tim rolled her to her place of honor in the living room setting her in place and sat staring at her for hours before deciding he should test her stimulation system and see how well it worked. Late into the night Tim set playing with Kate’s tortures shocking and vibrating her multiple times until her readings indicated she was ready to orgasm or black out, then stopping. Kate was unable to stop her treatment stunned by how well she could be aroused to the verge of orgasm then shut out. Each time she would be left gasping as the computer thinned her air the more she actually needed it.

Tim set the programs to keep her on the edge but to never let her cum and set it to punish her for twelve hours then pleasure her for two minutes. He set the program to randomly use the pleasure cycles so Kate could never get into a rhythm and never orgasm and left her to suffer while he went on with his life. Kate would continue to be punished for the next few months, never getting a chance to rest or sleep. The computer could adjust the settings when it spotted the desired effect, keeping her in a constant state of confusion and desperation. Tim enjoyed watching the screen on his computer interpreting each input as her reaction especially when he would change the parameters letting her get closer to an orgasm before adding more pain.

Kate was forced to endure in her dark, almost silent world for a year each day believing she would be allowed to orgasm as he had planned, never knowing how much time had passed. On her one year anniversary Tim placed some headphones over her steel coated ears asking if she could hear him each time he tuned up the volume until he noticed her heart rate spike. Once it had stabilized he asked again turning up the volume and could tell she could hear him. Kate was confused at first thinking maybe she was being cut out, not believing she had already spent the agreed upon time encased, then as it got louder she could finally make out what was being said

“I know you can hear me, I don’t know if you can still understand me or not but I wanted to say happy anniversary. It has been one year since you became my most beautiful statue.” Kate listened barely comprehending. “One year.”

Tim went on to explain that he hoped she liked being his statuette because he had decided to keep her as she was for the rest of his life. Kate slowly comprehended what he was telling her thrashing wildly inside the steel before calming herself feeling the last climax she would ever have slam through her body as she realized she was now living her dream having no worries or cares and being cared for by someone who loved her completely and would never hurt or betray her.


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