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Edge of Heaven

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2010 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; lycra; bond; trunk; enclosed; breathplay; toys; mast; climax; cons; X

In Memory of Diane, my soulmate, who sadly passed away after her fight with cancer and is sadly missed. I hope in leaving this legacy to your readers that they can appreciate how much fun we had in acting out these fantasies.  

Ian looked longingly into Diane’s eyes, that knowing look of lustful desire and deep love, trust and respect. The passion was clear to see and a heavy tension filled the air as they held each other in passionate embrace. For a moment all thoughts of who was the master or the slave where gone; just two people joined in total oneness and an overwhelming sense of loving. Already aroused, the two undressed and Ian prepared the equipment to be used, slowly and carefully. Diane lay on the bed and prepared herself mentally; assumed the role of the submissive, happy to be dominated by this man, totally in his power, but without trepidation or fear. All kinds of thoughts ran through her head as Ian laid out the things neatly on the bed. Occasionally he would stop and give her a reassuring peck on the cheek or bend over to tweak her nipples. The erotic tension was building already and she felt the first dewy drops of moisture on her pussy lips.

Ian put his arm into one of the stockings and stroked her gently from head to foot, very slowly and in every nook and cranny. She closed her eyes and wallowed in the intense pleasure her master was giving her, knowing he was enjoying it as much. He then proceeded to blindfold her with one of the scarves; her senses on full alert now, as she had to rely on touch and hearing now. He fitted the mouth gag in place gently kissing her as he did. She murmured softly and her thoughts drifted off to that special place. She wriggled her legs slowly together in anticipation of what was to come. Ian took the first pair of tights and wafted them teasingly over her lower body, down her legs and along her feet, before easing them onto her silky soft legs. He smoothed them down with his hand as he finally pulled them up to her thighs and buttocks. Next he put on the upper body pair gently lifting her head and putting it through the hole in the crotch. He pulled it down tightly over her heaving breasts and caressed them as he did. Her whole body was on fire now, and this was just the beginning.

She heard him open the bedside drawer and knew that the dildo wouldn’t be far behind. He held it tantalisingly near to her ear as he greased it up ready to be inserted in her already soaking pussy. Once in place he tugged up the tights pressing the end of the dildo further into her silky wetness. Her pussy muscles began to work on it almost immediately. Next he put the first tie around her slender ankles, making sure it was tight enough, but not too much to stop the blood flow. The next above her knees, running his fingers up the insides of her thighs as he did so, tempting her and making her squirm with delight. Finally he put the thick leather belt around her upper thighs, its heavy buckle resting agonisingly against her clitty button. She wriggled some more as the dildo was sucked right into her moist dark recess. The tights pulled to the waist now, Ian put the finishing touches to the ties with one around her middle, the two halves of the tights meeting perfectly and forming a lovely soft body stocking. Trapped and encased in Lycra totally now, the feeling was too much for Diane, as her mind began to wander off into space.

Ian kissed her again softly whispering in her ear words of comfort from her master. He then got the stocking and stretched it out so it would fit over her head. Gently he eased it over her face, making sure the gag didn’t foul. Diane could only pant for breath now through her nose, the material of the stocking making it difficult but not impossible to breathe. Her pussy was on fire and she could feel the first orgasm building within. It took her all her efforts to stop herself from coming right there and then. Ian completed the headgear by placing the thick leatherneck strap around her delicate neck. This served two purposes, one to form a good seal around the neck with the upper body tights and also meant that Diane could not move her neck around. She moaned with ecstasy as the final strap was secured just underneath her chin. Every nerve and sinew was on maximum alert now, as Ian brushed down past her breasts and into the vee of her pubes with his firm hands. He surveyed his handy work for a moment, pausing to stroke his already hard cock back and forth gently. He wiped the precum juices along her legs and began to get so excited.

Diane just lay there motionless for a while savouring every moment, she knew what was going to happen to her but tried not to dwell on it too much or she knew she would certainly cum big style before she was ready to. Ian now got the third pair of tights and lifting her legs slightly he eased both legs into one, covering the previous bindings snugly. Gently he eased the tights up her legs, past her claves and knees, up over her thighs and finally around her buttocks and bum. One final pull and they were fully in place; her legs secured tightly together, almost mummy like. Again Ian stopped to look at the scene and was all of his strength not to wank off right there and then. He lifted her up off the bed and held her for a while. He could hear her deep breathing as he gently rested her head on his shoulder. Once again giving her comforting words and reassuring her that her master loved her.

He rested her gently against the headboard propped up, the dildo changing position slightly as she sat up. In this position it was difficult to move at all for fear of falling over, all she could do was wriggle her toes slightly and lift her knees to counteract the balance. She found that if she raised her knees enough the bindings forced the dildo intruder even deeper into her. God she badly wanted to cum now and soon. Pools of juices were running down her inner thighs, the heat was unbearable inside her pussy, clenching and relaxing over and over. Ian knew that she was close to her first orgasm too, so he whispered it was ok for her to. That was all the signal she wanted from her master. The first wave hit her, jeez it was powerful. Without moving an inch she came forcefully, her pussy muscles contracting violently trying to force out the dildo, but couldn’t. She shook and shuddered, knowing there was more to come. Ian played with himself too more and knew he would love to come all over her body given the chance. That would mean the master giving in and he wasn’t going to let his little slave girl know he was weak.

Diane’s heart was beating faster now as she heard Ian wrestle with the old trunk from the wardrobe. Her mind began to wander again and she knew the most intense orgasm was yet to come. She listened intensively as the catches were opened; she knew that sound so well. Then it went quiet once more until she felt Ian’s strong arms around her, helping her to the edge of the bed. He stood her up and helped her hobble down to the bottom. The old trunk had a soft lining in it and Ian always placed a soft cushion in the bottom. The overriding sense Diane had of the trunk was its sides were cold and hard, and it had its own distinct smell. Musty almost and the well worn leather sides oozing the most wonderful aroma. Now Diane knew she was totally in Ian’s hands and at his mercy. She trusted him totally and always knew at the back of her mind the signal to let her go whenever she wanted to.

Ian helped Diane’s legs over the side of the trunk and eased her down so she was kneeling up. There was little room for manoeuvre inside the trunk, her toes touching the back and her knees pressed firmly against the front. The sides brushed past her thighs as she squatted down into position. She was really aroused now, juices flowing like rivers from her already sopping pussy. It squelched slightly as she sat down on her haunches; it wasn’t uncomfortable at all. In fact the position meant the dildo was at the perfect angle inside her for maximum stimulation. It was squashed in now fully, trapped by the tights and belt, but also by the weight of her own body bearing down on her upper legs. The sensation was indescribable. Again she held back her orgasm as long as she could. Ian kissed her again once more and told his slave she was safe and no harm would come her. You had to have that kind of trust or the whole thing would become less erotic and more frightening. As it was the feelings of being trapped in that trunk were just too great for words.

One final hug and a pat on the head and Ian lowered Diane’s upper body down so her head was going down in between her legs and her shoulders eased into the sides of the trunk. She could not move up or down or sideways now. Her breathing becoming heavier. The trunk did have holes in the sides so she knew she would not suffocate, however the position of her head and face meant it was almost pressed into her knees. She could smell the aroma of her own juices now, strong and pungent but very erotic. She could almost feel the juices from her leaking pussy on her chin as they continued to dribble down her trapped thighs. God this was so damm erotic thought Diane, even though she had been through it time and time again. Each time she felt more and more intense and her orgasms almost threatening to burst her out of that tight trunk. Her body could not move an inch now and the final excitement was yet to come.

She felt the trunk lid pushing her head down that little bit further; suddenly it was pitch black and silent. No sound but her own frantic breathing, and the sound of her heart beating fast. She heard the catches shutting one by one, and her masters tap on the lid to say all was secure. She could hold back no longer, her pussy muscles tightened sharply again and again until she thought the dildo would disappear completely, then the release. Wave after wave hit her, her tightly bound and squashed body twitching but not moving. Coloured lights like a thousand fireworks exploding in her head as she rocked the trunk from side to side. Ian was wanking himself into oblivion watching the trunk move from side to side knowing his captive was coming. He did too, his juices jetting out like a fountain all over the trunk lid. He stood there and trembled as he felt his balls emptying. He felt the pleasure of release as much as Diane did too and he heard her muffled moans and groans sound what was to be a long and heavy orgasm. Then the box went still again, that was the signal to open it and extract his spent slave from her captivity. Diane filled her lungs with fresh air once more as he helped he up from the trunk. She was almost too weak to stand, as he carried her over to the bed and untied her bonds.

He then cuddled her tightly, kissed her passionately, patted her head and told her what a good obedient slave girl she was. They held each other for ages, just wallowing in the excitement all over again. Diane loved her master and he loved her. That old trunk would have some tales to tell if it could talk she thought. She drifted off into a deep restful sleep, with thoughts of the next time, Ian’s strong arms around her and the warmth of each other’s bodies to comfort them.


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