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The Box

by Andrea

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© Copyright 2008 - Andrea - Used by permission

Storycodes: F+/m; trunk; locked; encased; cuffs; stuck; bond; hogtie; tease; cons/reluct; X

Kate had been the latest addition to the house-share. She was in her mid-twenties, reasonably attractive, with a good figure. She always dressed casually in blue jeans and casual tops. Brad and the other housemate, Andrea, had chosen her for the house only a month earlier. In that time Brad and Kate had got on passably, but had had disagreements on a number of subjects.

Kate had in her room a large very solid wooden box, which Brad had had to help carry up the stairs when she arrived. The box was made out of oak, with brass fittings and had a number of small holes drilled into the sides.

One Saturday morning, Brad came into Kate’s room to pass on a telephone message. The message was somewhat cryptic in form; a girl called Anna had called and promised to ‘get Kate back’ for the trick she’d played with the box. Kate could tell from the tone in which Brad had delivered the message that he wanted to know the story.

"What’s that about," he asked innocently.

"Oh, I stopped her from going on a date with some unsuitable guy," she replied casually.

"How," he asked.

"I locked her in this box," she replied as she pointed to the large wooden box.

"Right," laughed Brad, not believing the story. "Anyway, I’m sure Anna wouldn’t fit in there"

"Oh she did… and so would you," Kate offered.

"Yeh right," Brad dismissively said, as he turned to leave.

"Again proved wrong," Kate snapped, determined to win the somewhat pointless argument.

"OK, I’ll prove it, if you want," Brad replied, again rising to challenge his housemate.

Kate smiled, opened the box lid and indicated for him to climb inside.

"Take your shoes off first," she insisted Brad did as he was instructed and climbed into the box.

He could now understand why it had been so heavy; it was made of thick oak and had steel supports on the inside.

"Lie down on your back," Kate hissed as she pulled his legs to ensure he complied.

The box was just long enough for Brad to lie down with his legs bought into his chest above him. As he lay there he realised that the box probably was large enough to take him, and that he might now be in trouble.

"Let’s just see if the lid will close", Kate hissed as she forcefully pushed the lid closed.

With just an inch of daylight remaining between the box and the lid, she sat down on the wooden top and the lid banged shut with an ominous thud. It was suddenly very dark and very enclosed inside the box.

"OK, OK, you’ve proved your point!" he cried. "Now let me out of here!"

All he heard in reply was a low laugh. Brad started to push up from inside the box, however, given his awkward position, he was unable to exert much pressure. He certainly could not provide enough force to counter the weight of the jeans-clad arse that held the lid firmly closed. He struggled for several minutes before conceding that with Kate sitting on the lid, there was no chance of escape. He would have to try and talk his way out.

"Kate," he called timidly. "Kate?"

"Yes?" came the reply.

"OK, you were right, I could fit in here and I’m sure you did trap your friend in here."

You’re certainly sadistic enough, he thought.

Kate just laughed.

After a few moments he ventured, "Are you going to let me out?"

"Sometime …" she replied.

Brad just lay there wondering how long she might keep him imprisoned in the box. "Please..." he replied, desperately trying not to annoy her, knowing what a temper she had.

"Say one more word," she threatened, "and I’ll turn this key and leave you locked up all day … maybe all weekend".

Brad was terrified and didn’t say another word. Kate sat there on the box and started to read her book. Andrea, one of the other housemates, came in briefly to pass on another message. Brad didn’t dare say anything, as he believed that Kate certainly could be cruel enough to keep him there all day. Even if Andrea did try and help him, what could she do once Kate had locked the trunk and pocketed the key?

Anyway, what was to say that Andrea would help him anyway?

She’d probably take Kate’s side and also sit on the box.

After about half an hour, Kate finally stood up and threw open the box. She then turned away to look into a mirror as Brad struggled to sit up. Brad looked across to her perfect arse that had incarcerated him for the last half an hour. Kate could see him watching her in the mirror. "So how did it feel to be held captive by a woman?" she asked.

"OK," he replied, as he wondered why he wasn’t as angry as he should have been. The two housemates talked for a while and for once didn’t argue. After a while, Brad asked hesitantly, "Would you lock me in the box again sometime?"

Kate smiled and replied, "Of course, what about this evening?"

* * * * *

Later that evening, Brad came back to Kate’s room. Kate was wearing a tight, pale-coloured mini-skirt and top and was ready to go clubbing. "You sure you want to go through with this?", she asked.

"Sure!" he replied, excited by the prospect.

"OK, hold out your hands," she demanded.

"Why?" he questioned.

"Because I thought we’ve have a little more fun this time… we’ll start with these handcuffs," she replied.

Although he wasn’t quite sure about the new development, he held his hands out as requested. He watched as Kate fastened the solid handcuffs around his wrists. Unlike the handcuffs he’d seen before which were operated with a standard key, these locked with a cylinder lock, to which there was obviously only one key.

"These aren’t standard cuffs," Kate explained. "There’s no point in even trying to escape from these."

"OK, now your ankles," she continued, as she fitted and double locked the feet cuffs.

"I’ll leave the key for the box in the key hole," Kate explained. "In an emergency, you can try and attract Andrea’s attention, and she can release you. Although the keys for the cuffs I’ll take with me, just to make sure you don’t have too much fun this evening." With that, she put the cuff keys into her purse.

"OK, climb in," she ordered as Brad was still inspecting the cuffs around his wrists.

After helping him in, Kate closed the lid and sat down.

"Right, this is it", she said as she turned the silver key in the front of the box one turn to the right.

She then stood up, finished getting ready and then left for the evening. Brad tried to get comfortable in the box, knowing that he’d be there for at least the next six hours. He heard Andrea moving around in the hallway outside and wondered whether he was going to have to ask her to release him before the night was up. Five minutes later, however, he heard the front door close and Andrea leave the house. Now, even if he wanted to escape, there was now nobody to turn the key and let him out.

The hours passed slowly as he fell in and out of sleep. At about midnight, the door opened and someone came in. However, the footsteps went past Kate’s room and entered Andrea’s bedroom. He’d now experienced being locked up by his housemate, he thought, and he was starting to ache, locked up in the small space. As Andrea came back down the hallway he called out. Andrea heard the muffled cries and came in.

"Why are you in the box?" she asked.

"Kate …", was about all she could hear in reply.

She laughed. "Why has she locked you in there?"

"It’s a long story," the voice replied. "Can you just unlock the box... Please?"

"Now maybe this is a good time to discuss housework," she said as she sat down on the box. Within five minutes, Brad had agreed to do most of the jobs around the house.

"Well that’s sorted then ", she smiled, "Oh, and by the way, whatever Kate’s reason was for locking you in here, I’m sure it was a good one … so I’d better keep you in there".

"No please," Brad pleaded. "This is agony in here, please just turn the key!"

"Sorry Honey," she replied. "Girl power and all that you know."

With that, she stood up and left the room, leaving Brad still under lock and key. Brad lay there unable to believe how cruel his supposed friend had been. He pictured her lying comfortably in her bed, just meters away from him, wearing innocent white underwear, while knowing full well that he was locked uncomfortably in the box. All she had to do was to turn the key and he would be free, but she had deliberately left him to suffer further torment in the box and who knew what when Kate returned.

Brad lay in the box for another two hours until the front door opened again; this time it was Kate with her friend Becky. The two girls made coffee in the kitchen and then came up to Kate’s room. Kate sat on down on her bed, while Becky sat on the box in which Brad was imprisoned. Becky was stunningly attractive and Brad had been trying to get a date with her for a long time. He certainly didn’t want to be found locked up in her friend’s room, that would just require too much explanation.

He lay in his prison quietly, just wishing he was on the outside of the box, talking to this girl. He kept thinking about how her perfect arse was just inches from his face. So near yet so far. Brad could hear Becky aimlessly playing with the key in the lock to the box. He could hear her turning it; locking and unlocking the trunk. At last, he thought, the box is unlocked, but now there’s a third women sitting on top!

Becky sat there talking, totally oblivious to the guy she was imprisoning beneath her. She just continued to turn the key, which was just beside her thighs. After half an hour or so, Kate showed Becky to the spare room and lent her a sleeping bag for the night. As soon as the two girls had left Kate’s room, Brad tried to open the box, but by chance, Becky had left the key in the locked position. He pushed and kicked at the box in frustration, but there was no way it would budge. He now had to wait for his sadistic housemate to return, to see if she would show him any mercy.

Kate came back into the room and locked the door behind her. "So Becky decided to keep you locked up did she?" she smiled as she sat back down on the lid.

"Its just not my night," Brad replied.

"You’ve been in there over six hours now, you must be in some pain," she giggled.

"Yes, please let me out," he begged.

Kate just sat there running her fingers up and down her thighs, very turned on by the power she had over her housemate.

"Please", he repeated.

Kate finally felt some pity and unlocked the box, stood up and lifted the lid. Brad climbed out slowly fighting against his painful joints and the cuffs he was still wearing on his hands and feet.

"Did you have a good evening?" he asked ironically.

"Very nice" she smiled. "And you?"

Brad looked down on the cuffs still restraining him. "Can you unlock these?" he asked.

Kate giggled, "Not really". Brad waited for the explanation. "You see, I’ve put those keys in the bottom of my sleeping bag," she explained. "Which I’ve lent to Becky..."

Waiting for his reaction, her smile widened. Brad couldn’t believe it. His opportunity to chat up Becky while she was at his house was somewhat scuppered. The only keys to unlock the restraints binding his hands and feet were in her sleeping bag, probably resting right now between her thighs, he thought.

"What if she knocks on my door tomorrow morning and finds me like this?" he demanded.

"You could ask if she has the keys", Kate suggested jokingly.

Brad just sat on the floor pulling hopelessly at the steel restraints that Kate had locked so permanently on him.

"Anyway, I’m going to shower and go to bed," Kate smiled. After a pause she continued, "You really ought to keep out of Becky’s way in the morning. You know I will turn the key to lock the box before I go to sleep… just in case you need a place to hide."

Kate left the room walking deliberately close to Brad, so that her thighs almost brushed against his face. Brad was starting to enjoy the power she had over him. He climbed back into the box, lowered the lid and waited. When Kate came back into her room she turned the key in the lock, removed the key and slipped it inside her knickers, where it clinked against the handcuff keys. She had all the keys, she had all the power.

Part Two

Kate woke the next morning and felt the keys against her skin. "Mmmm," she purred to herself as she remembered the events of the night before. She climbed out of bed and walked past the box that was still firmly locked. Still just wearing her knickers she sat down on the lid. "Good morning," she said, tapping the front of the box with her heel.

"Hello," came the reply.

She stood up and wrapped her robe around her.

"Please," the voice continued, "this is really uncomfortable in here."

Kate just smiled, left the room and went downstairs to make some coffee. Andrea and Becky were already sitting at the kitchen table.

"Morning," Kate smiled as she brushed back her long dark hair with her hands and started to think about breakfast.

Andrea smiled at her housemate, "I was just telling Becky about someone I found in your room last night," she said clearly waiting for an answer.

Kate smiled, "Yeah and he's still there."

Andrea was clearly shocked, "What still in the box?"

Kate just leant against the working surface and started to sip her coffee.

"Is he alright?" she asked again somewhat concerned.

Kate pulled the key out of her knickers and held it up. "Yeah, but you can check if you want."

Becky reached out and took the key. "And this is the only key to release him?" she enquired.

Kate smiled. "Aha, he's all yours". Becky slipped the key into her jeans pocket and smiled to herself.

Ten minutes later Becky walked into Kate's room and sat down on the box.

"Please Kate!" came the voice from inside.

"Good morning" Becky purred.

"Becky?" the voice replied.

"Yes" she replied, "how are you?"

" Please can you get the key from Kate?" he begged. "This is agony in here."

Becky felt the key through the denim resting against her thigh. "No, I have the key now," she said.

"Oh good, can you let me out?" he asked.

"Well that all depends," she replied. Becky picked up the end of the security chain, the type that was usually used on a front door, but which was attached to the front of the box. She attached it to its other bracket on the lid of the box.

"OK," she said, "I'll unlock the box."

While still sitting on the lid, she took the key from her pocket and turned it in the lock. Inside Brad heard the welcome sound of the lock mechanism turning. He pushed up but the lid remained in place.

"I'm so sorry," Becky smiled as she stood up. Brad pushed up but to his dismay, the lid only opened 3 inches before it was held on the chain. Becky crouched down to see her captive. "Good morning," she smiled.

Brad, with the few inches of freedom that she'd given him, sat up a little and looked out to her tanned face with its long dark hair. "Hi," he replied, grateful that he could now adjust his position.

"Do you always spend the night under Kate's lock and key?" Becky asked.

He smiled, "Hardly, just a game which went a little too far" he replied.

"Good," she smiled, "in that case maybe one night when you're not locked up we could go out for a drink?"

He smiled back, "I'm hardly in a position to decline. Any chance of being let out?" Brad asked.

Becky's dark eyes just watched him as she shook her head. Brad reached his fingers through the gap to try and release the chain but soon realized that the box had to be completely closed before the chain could be unhooked. "Please!" he begged as she looked on with increasing amusement.

"Why should I?" Becky asked, "Like this, there's no chance of you misbehaving." She pulled the key out of her pocket.

"No!" he pleaded.

Becky smiled and stood up, her long denim covered legs towering above him. She turned and sat down on the lid. It banged shut with a loud thud and he was once again confined in the dark. He heard the fear-provoking noise of Becky turning the key in the lock before standing up and leaving the room. With the key again tucked safely in her pocket, she returned to the others downstairs.

"Well I have a date for tonight," Becky said as she sat down at the kitchen table with Kate and Andrea. "And I didn't even have to let him out."

After half an hour, Kate went upstairs to shower and change. "No point begging to me now," Kate said to Brad as she dressed. "Becky has the key, she is your captress now."

By 10 o'clock, Kate had gone out for lunch and Becky came back up to Kate's bedroom where Brad was still incarcerated. "Should I unlock you?" Becky asked rhetorically.

Brad who had now almost given up hope of the women ever releasing him didn't answer.

After a few minutes more delay, Becky finally took out the key and unlocked the box and this time there was no chain or arse keeping it closed. Becky opened the lid and started to help Brad out of the box. "Hey what are the cuffs for?" she asked as she saw he was shackled both hand and foot.

"Just Kate taking no chances," he smiled back as he held his hands out for Becky to unlock them.

"Where are the keys for these?" Becky asked.

"Come on!" he smiled back.

"No really" Becky continued, "Kate didn't give me the keys for those."

Brad, still wearing only his boxers and Becky searched the room for the keys.

"Little bitch," Brad concluded as he finally sat down on the bed.

Becky smiled, "Oh well, there goes my idea of lunch if we can't get you out of those."

The two friends went back downstairs. Brad had to shuffle along and had to go down the stairs on his backside one step at a time. By the time he reached the kitchen, Becky was talking to Andrea. Andrea who was wearing a very short summery skirt and top stopped and looked at his as he came in. "I didn't realize you were manacled as well," she smiled as she looked at his semi-naked body.

"Yes and thanks for your help last night" Brad replied.

Andrea laughed, "I was seriously tempted to take the key with me and leave you totally stuck, so think yourself lucky."

Brad didn't feel particularly lucky at this point. Brad prepared some lunch for Becky and himself as best he could. After lunch Becky and Andrea went out for a drink leaving him struggling with the washing up when Kate returned. She looked stunning in her tiny denim skirt and top, with her long dark hair tied up. "A manacled man doing the dishes," she smiled. "Perfect."

She then took out her keys and unlocked one of his wrists, but as she did so, she twisted the other handcuff so that it cut into his skin. Desperate to stop the pain he couldn't resist as she bought his hands behind his back and cuffed them back together. As she did this she pushed him and he fell forward on to the floor. Sitting astride his back she pulled his feet up and slipped a padlock through both the handcuffs and foot cuffs. She had obviously done this before and it had all happened too quickly for Brad to prevent.

"Hog-chained," Kate smiled as she pulled up a stool and sat down above him. "One of the most secure and inescapable means of bondage. You are now totally helpless and unless you can pick high security locks with your bare fingers you have no hope of getting yourself free." Kate then took the keys and hung them on a hook in the hallway.

"This time I'll leave the keys here," Kate smiled, "that'll give you a better chance then when they were tucked in my knickers." With that she kissed him and left the house.

Andrea was the first person to return home. She saw Brad chained up on the floor and the keys on the hook. "Well, well, well, you seem to go from one misfortune to the next," she smiled. "It really doesn't do to annoy Kate."

"Yes but at least now we have all the keys" he replied as he motioned for her to unlock him.

She knelt down by his head and rolled him on to his side. "I really could get you to do anything right now," she smiled as she weighed up her options.

He knew she was right, the holder of those keys had immense power over him.

"But maybe another time," she concluded as she finally unlocked him from the restraints.

* * * *

Later that afternoon, Andrea came into Brad's room. "I've just been speaking to Becky on the phone. She suggests that as she's having dinner with you this evening as I'm having a drink with her now, that I make sure you don't forget about your date by locking you up and giving her the keys to release you later. You know how girls hate to be stood up!" she joked.

Knowing that this was more of a request than a suggestion by Becky, he followed Andrea into Kate's room. "Strip to your boxers," she smiled as she picked up the handcuffs.

"I've always wanted to do this to a guy," she smiled as she ratcheted the handcuffs closed around his wrists shortly followed by the foot cuffs around his ankles. She helped him into the box before locking the two sets of cuffs together with a padlock. She stood deliberately close to the box so that he could see her toned legs and right up her short skirt to her white underwear.

"Have fun tonight," she smiled as she lowered the lid and sat down on top.

She turned the key in the lock and attached the security chain for good measure. She wondered what it must be like inside the locked box as she put the keys into her skirt pocket and went out for her drink. At the pub, Andrea took the keys from her pocket and slid them across the table to Becky.

They reached as far as Marika who picked them up. "Whose are these?" she asked innocently.

"Oh they're mine," Becky said, "but I don't have any pockets in this skirt. Could you look after them for me until we leave?"

"Sure" Marika said as she stood up in order to squeeze them into the front pocket of her jeans.

Later that night Marika returned the keys to Becky and she went back to the house. She let herself in and went upstairs to Kate's room.

She sat down on the box and smiled, "Would you like to go out with me this evening?"



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