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The Box

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2013 - Restricted - Used by permission

Storycodes: FF/m; FF/fm+; D/s; bond; fem; boxed; costumes; maids; inf; cots; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

“Oh look at that poor man sitting in the bus shelter. He is soaked to the skin and looks so dejected!”  The two women stood in the doorway of a shop opposite. The rain continued falling like stair rods. 

John looked over at them. He couldn’t hear what they were saying. Their words were drowned out by the rain. But he did see that they were looking at him. John shivered, but that was because it was just above freezing. He was cold, wet and hungry.

“Come, on. Let’s go home. We are not going to get much business tonight and he obviously cannot afford to pay us!” Jackie said to Pam. These were two street girls trying to get custom from any passing male that fancied doing business!

Pam replied, “Okay. This rain has killed everything tonight!” But the two women looked over at him and each other and Jackie proposed they take him home for a hot coffee and a chance to warm up.  Pam agreed. Jackie went over to him and asked if he wanted to go with them. John said he could not afford their fees. “Don’t be silly. This is just to dry you off and give you a chance to warm up” John reluctantly agreed to go with them.

Pam brought the car round and the two climbed in. John sat in the back!  The girls said they did not work where they live. Everyone thinks they are respectable sisters living together. If only they knew. They all introduced themselves to each other!

John told them his story that he was a qualified carpenter. His firm had gone bankrupt by the self assembly flat pack kits everyone buys these days! He had lost his house. He had no family to worry about thankfully.  “A carpenter eh? Well, we might have a proposal!”  Jackie said. But Pam said that it should wait until they got home. 

Pam went on to explain that they have got this house they live in and want to stop working the streets and go into full time working as dominatrices. They were only working the streets until they have enough money to complete the house and they would be able to pack in woorking as ladies of the night! it was not a safe occupation on the streets anymore.

The car was warming up nicely by the time they reached their Victorian detached house. Pam drove into the driveway and Jackie opened the street door. Soon all three of them were indoors drinking a cup of hot chocolate!

Jackie told John to take a shower and put one of her dressing gowns on! John looked at her. “Don’t be silly. Who is going to see you but us two? We have seen it all before!” Pam said. John had the shower and put on Jackie’s thick toweling dressing gown that was warming up on the radiator!  He went back downstairs!

The women told him he could sleep in the spare room for the night, but as he was a stranger to them, they would have to take precautions. John agreed.  They showed him his room. The bed was a wooden bed with thick posts at each corner.

“Take the gown off!” Jackie said. John said he was naked underneath. “For Pete’s sake, don’t you think we have seen enough of those things in our time? We are working girls!” Pam butted in.

John took the gown off and lay on the bed. The girls tied his arms and legs to each of the posts. He was spread-eagled and could not escape. “We won’t gag you. And we will leave the door open so we can hear you!”

The two women covered him up with a duvet and left him there. He heard them call out goodnight to him and he called out goodnight back.

By the next morning, John’s arms were aching from being held in the position all night. But at least he was dry.  Pam came in and released him. They were soon having breakfast together.

John asked where his clothes were as he could not walk around with the duvet wrapped round him all day. He had to get going. “I am afraid we went to wash your clothes and they sort of, well, got a bit ripped. I will stitch them up later. Put this on for now” Pam said. She held out a dress for him to put on. “I can’t wear that” “Better that than naked!”

Reluctantly John put the dress on. “Our proposition. We buy the wood and you make our furniture for us. In return we will feed you and let you stay here. And we will get you some clothes as well. We can’t be any fairer than that!” Jackie said.

“Okay, that sounds a good deal!  But I don’t have the tools”

“Write out a list of what you want, unless you want to go as you are and get them yourself”

“Give me a pen and paper!” John wrote out the list.

Jackie sketched what they wanted.

Over the period of six weeks, John had made them new beds and wardrobes. He had fitted out the kitchen and had made a three piece suite for the lounge. He even built them two large cots. He painted them white and put pink transfers on them. But the girls wanted one more thing built. John asked them to sketch it for him.

John didn’t take any notice of the dress he was wearing any more. He just got on with it. The fact it was a dress, women’s clothes, did not bother him one bit at all!

Over lunch they sketched it out. John looked at it. This was simple. It consisted of a stout wooden box with a seat in it. Arm rests included. The box was to have the front fitted in a slot. There were to be three “shelves” that slotted in. These had to have shapes cut out of them.

The top of the box was to be in two halves. Both halves were to have a hole that matched when the two halves were put together.  The front half would slide in place as well and be held in place, like the shelves by the front of the box when this was slid down the channels for it. The front was top have a hole that was covered by a flap.

The drawings showed there was smaller top box that clipped onto the main box. This would have a small flap at the top. There were to be small breathing holes in each side.  John figured out what the box was for. It was to hold a prisoner. “Surely people don’t want this sort of treatment?”

“Don’t you believe it! There is more money made from this than from sex!”  

“Okay, give me three days!”

“That is handy. We are thinking of holding a party at the weekend and would like to show it off”

“I will start this afternoon”

By the Saturday morning, John had finished it. It was highly French polished and looked every part a piece of furniture.

He had a shower and Pam took the dress away! He dried himself and Pam told him to try his box out.

John did not want to do this, but their argument that as he had built it, he should be man enough to try it first could not be argued against. John asked for something to wear.

“No one is going to see you are they. Try it as it is intended to be used”

John sat in the chair and Jackie and Pam strapped his hands to the arm rests.

The bottom shelf was slid into position holding his feet still. The next shelf held his legs. The third one held his stomach. The front of the lid was slid into place holding his neck still. The front was slid into place. Now he was stuck with just his head showing.

The small box was placed over his head and clipped into place. “We are just off shopping now. We won’t be long!” John heard in a muted voice through the breathing holes. 

The women returned. John could hear them busying themselves and he thought he heard other people as well. He was right. By the sounds of it, there was crowd in the room with him!

He heard Jackie barking out orders, “Slave, strip!” A man’s voice answered. “Yes mistress. Thank you for letting me remove my clothes”

Pam ordered another slave to strip. “Yes Mistress Whip. Thank you!” another man answered.

The flap at the top of the box opened and some cotton wool was shoved into the box and the flap was closed.

The cotton wool was soaked in perfume and John found it rather heady. With the restricted air supply and the perfume, he felt he was getting drunk.

He heard Jackie bark an order, “Why are you not in your French Maids uniform yet?” A girl answered this time. “Sorry mistress, I am a lazy maid. It won’t happen again!”

“You are going to be punished. Get these two babies ready for bed”

In his mind, John was imagine two fully grown men being pinned in a nappy and dressed as baby girls before being put to bed. He heard the men complaining that they did not want to go to bed that early. It was only six o’ clock!

Pam barked an order “Maid, give her a hand. And your uniform is a disgrace! Your seams are not straight. Your apron is not ironed with enough starch. As for the cap, well you need to put it on straight.”

A girl answered “Yes mistress. Thank you!”

The men carried on moaning. They were promised with a punishment that they would not like. The girls were getting nervous now as they were being threatened as well. John could hear it in their trembling voices!

Jackie told the men they could stay up a bit longer, but they had to take their punishment. The men agreed. “All four of you. On your knees!” There was a sound of people getting o the floor.

John was getting really heady by now. His head was starting to spin. But then the flap at the front opened up and John found a pair of lips encircling his penis and a tongue flipping against his glans. Soon the lips were going backwards and forwards. He could not help it. It did not take long before he shot his load into the mouth of the person giving him the blowjob.

But it was soon over. The girls were ordered to take the men to bed. John imagined them in their cots he had built.

Jackie released him and he blinked as the light hit him. He focused his eyes and saw the two girls standing to attention there on front of him. One gave him a towel to wrap around himself.  She curtsied as he took the towel.

But this left him wondering. Was it one of these girls or one of the men upstairs in their cots who had given him the blow job?  John asked the two women, but they just said it would be better he never knew.

He asked if the women were worried about being raided by the police. Pam answered, “No. Upstairs sleeping like babies in your cots is the local police inspector and one of our senior judges. So they will stop any investigation!”

“Are they okay?”

“They are fastened nicely into the cots by their reins. They can’t escape. They have their bottles and the girls did a nice job of pinning their nappies up. They look so cute in their baby girl outfits with the frilly plastic panties, that we sent them to bed like that! Hopefully the net petticoats will chafe their legs for them making them most unconfortable. That was a nice idea of Fiona’s here to tuck a dolly and a teddy bear into bed with them" One of the girls curtsied, "Their blankets are pulled down extremely tight. They have got straps attached to them, so there is no chance of escape” Pam said.

John got dressed and took his leave of the women. At least he had some new male clothes to go out in. He had to get out and find somewhere else to stay now. He knew their secrets and had to go. Pam told him where to find a cheap hotel and gave him some money! But they had set him up with a business. He had started to make bespoke bondage equipment to order for all the working girls in the area. Carpentry was not a dead art after all!



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