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The Crate Part : For the love of honey

by Edward Quadrio

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© Copyright 2009 - Edward Quadrio - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; D/s; bond; mast; toys; cons; X

The Crate Part 5: For the love of honey by Edward Quadrio M/ff; D/s; bond; mast; toys; cons; X

continued from part four

Part 5: For the love of honey.

Ed looked to Maryann and said, "Go to your room and put on your wrist and ankle leather cuffs. Also get a nice soft secure choker".

She smiled at him and said, "Yes sir".

When she came back he had a couple of lengths of chain in his hands. "Come and stand in front of me". Quickly he connected about a 2 foot chain between her and cuffs and locked it in place. Next a 2 foot length of chain between her wrists cuffs in front of her. One more small link from the wrist chain to the ankle chain.

Maryann was smiling, "sir it is so comfy, but I feel like the perfect slave girl in them".

"Good!" he said as he clasped a 2 foot leash from her choker and just let it hang down in front of her.

"Now let's get to work on Robin". Standing her up he told Maryann to take her skirt off. Next he gave her a pair of scissors and said cut the blouse off. Robin moaned behind her gag. Ed could hear her starting to breathe quickly as if to start to cry. Ed put a finger through the clasp of' her posture collar and said, "Obviously you have a submissive streak in you. You need to learn if you put yourself in a position where you have no control you need to do it with people you can trust. On Maryann's back porch you put yourself in danger. Anything from a pervert to a guard dog could've hurt you. So now you would get to feel what a guard dog is like".

Maryann stopped suddenly and stared at him. He winked at her. Saying aloud so that Robin could hear him he said, "Our next-door neighbor as a 125 pound guard dog and you are going to get to play with him. Or really he's going to play with you!"

Maryann did all she could do to keep from laughing. The dog was a middle-aged black lab and would nuzzle and lick the burglar before he would ever bark at him.

They were surprised to find a heavily boned corset under Robins blouse. Ed asked, "How did she get herself into it as tight as it is?"

Maryann replied, "Metal clasps down the front, she doesn't have to lace it each time she puts it on".

Ed looked at Maryann and said, "You know this because?"

"Sir I have one".

He turned to her and said, "I think when we're done with her will have to get yours on. You can show me how you put on and then I can tighten the laces".

Maryann replied, "The tighter the better sir".

Once Robin was she striped to her thigh highs and heels Ed got out some soft cotton rope. Looping it around her upper body he drew it above and below her nipples. Each nipple lies between the ropes. Pulling the ropes tightly it tried to crush her breasts. It was almost a vicious rope braw. With the exception of the nipples standing out between the ropes.

"Maryann get me some long straps from your bondage bag and meet me in the backyard". Ed picked up and put Robin over his shoulder and started out the door.

In the backyard he put her down in a lawn chair. It was chilly out and Robins skin was covered in goose bumps. Her nipples also were erect. She moaned as the rope braw pinch them. Marianne came out with the straps. "Strap her down so she can't move". Maryann got a kick out of applying straps to her around her waist went one across the shoulders another went over thighs then another.

Meanwhile Ed was calling for Spike. Robin froze and became very very nervous. She could hear the deep bark of the dog. Ed leaned down and said "good dog". He also turned up the control of the vibrators in her. Robin started to moan and breath in shallow breaths. Ed grabbed the ring on her collar. Speaking to her, "Which has you going more fear or lust?"

- O -

Ed told Maryann to hold onto the dog and he would be right back. Robin could do nothing but sit in fear.

He wasn't gone long in coming back with a clear plastic jar of honey. Taking off the top and tipping it he led a dribble down the tops of Robins breasts making sure it's soaked into the ropes around her nipples. Then dribbling some down her belly. Going back to the nipple ropes one more time and applying a little more. Maryann realized what he had set up.

She knew the dog. He didn't have an ounce of viciousness in him. But he did have quite a loving tongue.

Ed said, "Maryann pull out your fingers". She did and he dropped some honey on them. "Let Spike taste it". She did and then led him to Robin. Of course the dog was more than willing to lick all of the honey he could smell. He quite happily started to poke his nose and lick Robins breasts. As he did Ed turned the vibrators up to max. Robin started to shake, her head rolled in circles and her breathing became faster and faster. They knew she must have been approaching what could only be described as a super orgasm. The dog was doing a wonderful job even poking his nose between her legs where the honey had dripped. Just as they thought she was going to come Ed turned the vibrators off. She tried to scream 'no let me finish!'

Maryann held the dog as Ed put on a new layer of honey. Speaking closely to her ear he said, "You and he will be good friends by the time he's finished and you have had an orgasm. But for right now it's a bit cold and I and my sub are going to snuggle by the fire. Maryann let the dog go". He grabbed the leash attached to Maryann collar and they went towards the house

But Ed was not done yet. Waiting until Robin appeared to get herself sexually aroused again he gently pulled the dog away from her. She screamed into her gag. Shaking her head and trying to wiggle her hips you could see the let down in her body language. She must have been close. When her breathing slowed and she seemed relaxed he led the dog back to her. And of course it was more than happy to clean the rest of the honey from her.

"Sir I don't think I have ever seen anything so scary to her, and deliciously enticing at the same time".

"As I told you things can be interesting for you if you are with someone you can trust".

"Sir how long will you let her go?

"Actually not much longer, by now she realizes spike will not hurt her. But soon spike will have finished most of the honey and as she tries to raise her desires he will be licking less and less. Besides Spike needs to go home soon. You know he's a working dog".

"Working? You mean at this?"

"No my friend Rick his owner takes him to children's wards in hospitals, convalescent homes, and retirement homes. That dog is incredibly popular. I don't think there is a more loving tender animal I have ever heard of or have met. I would not do this with him unless I was sure that dog was so tender. Also I had you tie her thighs to the chair so she could not spread them. His best work is done on her skin."

"Sir why have you not introduced me to him in that way?"

"Do I detect a little bit of jealousy? Besides I will have him lick your breasts when I am in you at the same time."

About two hours later Ed and Maryann came out to get Robin. Spike was lying at her feet quietly, as if keeping watch. Even though it was chilly out that night Robins hair and upper body were covered in sweat. Apparently the event had really worked her. Maryann released the straps that held it to the chair and Ed picked her up and carried her back into the den.

"Sir she looks like she's done".

Ed came into the room and said, "Not quite yet". He had a warm washcloth in his hand. He gave it to Maryann and said, "Clean her up but make sure you spend some time with a cloth around her nipples and between her legs. But you're not to let her come".

Maryann took her time and Robin responded. Soon Robin was trying to push her body where she thought Marianne's touch would be. Maryann finished and took the washcloth back to the kitchen. Ed was thinking how wonderful it was to watch her walk. Her heels and leather cuffs made her look super sexy.

Once again Ed picked up a Robin and took her to the spare bedroom. Maryann followed and pulled on the bed sheets. "Get me a couple of long straps". When Maryann returned Ed put Robbins legs into a hogtie and ran the strap over her thighs and under the arch of her high heels. Buckling it tightly she was now stuck in a rather strict hogtie. He pulled the blanket over her and said goodnight.

The next morning Maryann went to work and during her break brought home the keys to release a Robin. Robin was extremely stiff and of course needed to use the bathroom. Sitting at the kitchen table drinking orange juice she looked to still be in a daze. Maryann got her a cup of coffee. Sipping it slowly she looked at Maryann and said, "I don't believe it!!!"

Maryann said, "Don't believe what?"

"When you said he was different I didn't think much of it. Now well!!"

Maryann said, "I know. Robin are you all right?"

"I think so, it's just that everything seems different. When we spoke online I did have a master and I thought he was good to me. Is that how ED acts when he is angry at you?"

Maryann reply, "Yes and sometimes I don't know if he could take me any higher and yet he does. The thing is he very rarely if ever gets mad at me or mad about anything. And if you think he takes you to a new place in anger you can't imagine what he does to me out of caring".

Robin saying, "I just don't know anymore".

Maryann saying, "I need to get back to the office. I'll drive you home."

"Oh no thank you, I think I need some time to think. And we'll talk tomorrow about things".


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