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Denise In A Tight Spot

by Gromet

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Storycodes: M/f; F/f; fpov; dungeon; gibbet; cage; ironmaiden; collar; scolds-bridle; public; display; rom; cons; X

The castle had stood for several centuries, a local landmark for many years and lately a much-loved tourist destination, thanks in some small part to the skill and management that had turned a loss-making enterprise around into a much more profitable one. The new owners had come in with their background in entertainment and had some knowledge of the way that theme parks had been run, so they managed to keep the place open and attract new people to come and visit.

Having known the owners while growing up, they had been friends of my parents and had allowed me to work part-time during my school years, but now that part of my life was behind me, they were incredibly pleased to offer me a more permanent role. The staff inside the castle wore period costumes, and like them I was very happy and willing to dress up for my part in running the castle.

Though the uniform that I wore did manage to raise a few eyebrows, as it revealed more of my cleavage than some others would have, I like the way the dress fitted me and suited me, I had been offered less revealing dresses or costumes to wear, but I always reverted back to this one, especially when we had a more adult audience on the evening sessions.

Helping out in every part of the castle, I was happy to put in the extra hours and effort to make the whole experience enjoyable for the patrons, and certainly the male customers liked the way that I was presented to them. I hadn’t yet taken on the full-time role of tour guide, I was learning from the others, so I would mainly walk around the castle playing my part as a maiden of olden days, doing tickets sales and helping out in the shop when the tours ended.

One of the main drawcards was the dungeon area, this had been set up to give the customers a full-on experience, with animated scenes of torture and torment that was supposed to go on in these places, not that there was much from the history of the place that seemed to have happened in this particular castle, but the audience loved it and commented on just how realistic it all looked. The racks worked to pull and stretch the limbs of its victim, but only so far as it would break the mannequin model should it go too far, as has happened in the past, and arm or leg would fall off, much to the horror of the guests.

Other exhibits showed their victims being tortured or branded, the animated models moving to show what may have happened in the past, the recorded screams shocking some, but they had all come to be entertained, and I think some of them wanted to be in the place of the models. The last exhibit was my own personal favorite. I loved bondage, having tried it on my own and with another, and I had come to like the thought of being kept and used by someone, and then in my fantasies put away.

This last scenario of the dungeon tour was held in one of the lower dungeon cells, and it gave the guests a perfect view of the fair maid that had been placed inside a gibbet cage for some crime or other, the cage hanging there from the ceiling by a chain, the track on which it ran cleverly hidden, during the demonstration it would move the caged damsel to her final resting place, the iron maiden, it looked incredibly real, the gibbet certainly was I had been told and had come from some Scottish castle to be put on display here.

The iron maiden, while it may or may not have been real, had to have some modifications to allow the cage to fit inside, and the door to close behind it, all of course done with the animated soundtrack, the caged victim would scream as she moved to her final ending, the door of the iron maiden would then close behind her, the last screams as the spikes on the door as it closed making contact with the poor maid inside. A pool of red blood spilling out of the base of the door.

It all looked so realistic, the screams went right through you, that is until you got used to it happening several times a day. As soon as the audience had left to see over things on the tour, the machinery would be reset and placed the caged maid back into position ready for the next group who would again watch her final moments.

Coming in early one morning I was helping one of the tour guides, William with setting things up in the dungeon, I was already in costume, as was he. It was something that I did from the moment I arrived until the last guest had left for the day. I would remain costumed and sometimes even continued to wear it long after my day had finished, but that’s another story.

I had a crush on William, I had since I had worked here part-time, now that I was here as part of the staff he treated me more like a colleague, though I wanted more from him but I was still young and shy, I didn’t know how to break the ice with him, though I guessed that he was waiting for me to signal to him that I wanted to be more than a friend. I just didn’t know how to, other than hang out with him around the castle and help with some of the chores that he did every morning.

Today down in the dungeon, we were cleaning up some of the models that were used in the displays and checking them for damage. The owners didn’t like it when one of the limbs fell off during a display and requested a daily check to make sure that it didn’t happen again. Guest fainting at seeing the sight of the torn limb didn’t go down too well, so we had to make sure that things worked well, and the models were up for another day of torture.

We then got to the final display, the poor maid inside the cage had seen better days, her clothes were dirty and unkempt, her hair was a mess, and she looked like she’d been in the dungeon for many years. As the clothing had been worn out with the constant rubbing against the metal of the cage it was time to change the outfit that she was wearing, we had done it before, so this shouldn’t take too long, as the first guests would be arriving soon.

Unlocking the cage that held the model, we started to remove her from the tight confines of the device, only to find that with all of the movement that the animated model was subject to several times a day, that her neck had a crack in it. And in moving her that crack had gotten larger, she was about to lose her head, and if we hadn’t found it in time it would not have looked good to the paying customers.

But this was a one-off model, the thing moved inside the cage, its mouth moved, and it made it all look very realistic. We wouldn’t be able to fix it right away and the exhibit, one of the most popular, would have to be closed until the model was repaired. We both looked at each other, and we knew that we didn’t want that to happen, so I suggested that I take her place until the repairs were made. I know it would be frowned upon by the owners, but I couldn’t think of any other way of keeping the exhibit working.

Speaking with William, I said that while he repaired the model that he should put me in its place, which he rapidly rejected, he told me that it may take a while for that to happen, and he was sure that the owners would object to having me inside their exhibit. But I replied about the times that I had been on display during the Halloween shows, mentioning the time that I was bound and gagged by his own wonderful hands, and placed into the stocks.

He recalled that memory, the look on his face told me that he had enjoyed doing that to me. “I just wish that you’d taken advantage of me that night.” I said, much to his shock, and mine in blurting it out.

“Well, William, seems like the cat is out of the bag,” I finally said, “I really like you and would truly want to see where we could go.”

“Oh, wow!” he stammered, “Me too.”

“Plus, it felt really nice when you tied my hands and feet, you were so gentle but in control, I liked that part of you.” I blushed as I spoke.

“I enjoyed tying you up as well, you certainly seemed to be very accepting of it.” He replied, “I didn’t know that you liked bondage.”

“Well, yes, especially when it's with you,” I told him, “but that’s not going to help here, is it?”

“Well, no, but I don’t think that the owners would like to have their prized maiden stuffed into one of the dungeon exhibits.” He said, “especially you.”

“But we don’t have to let them know, it’ll only be until the model is fixed, it shouldn’t take too long for you to glue its head back on, and then you can free me, and well, maybe afterwards we could…” I said suggestively with a sweet smile.

“But we’d get into so much trouble…” he started to say.

“Look, I don’t mind, and I’ll explain to them that it was my idea if the owners find out, plus we’re running out of time, the guests will be arriving very soon, and I hear that we have a busy day ahead.” I replied. “And it’s only for a short while. And trouble is my middle name…”

Finally managing to convince him that this was the only way to keep the exhibit running, he reluctantly agreed and helped me change out of my busty maiden outfit, slightly shocked that I wore no underwear, and taking in the sight of the naked female standing there before him. I must admit that did I tease him a little and undressed more provocatively than I would when just changing my dress, his open mouth let me know that he appreciated what he saw.

The rough dress, already dirtied up and prepared for the model that we were going to dress her in, was held up by him and I climbed in head first, the dress falling over my body and covering my nakedness. He quickly closed up the rear of the dress, as the laces closed in when he pulled them tight, the dress closed in against my body, slightly restricting my breathing, like a corset would have. I felt his hands shaking at being this close to me, which was nice. But I didn’t have time to take it any further, for now.

Walking over back to the gibbet cage as it hung from the chain in the ceiling, it all appeared and felt very real, menacing in the way it looked. Maybe the stories about this were true and it indeed was very old, and from that old castle, it certainly looked it, close up. The sturdy metal bands were rusty and showed signs of wear from years of use, the hinges creaked when he opened the door which formed part of the cage. I turned and gave him a quick kiss, to thank him for helping me.

When he asked what that was for, I just smiled and said it was just thanks for doing this for me. I guess that he was coming around to the fact that I had wanted to try this out for myself but needed his help. Well, a girl has her dreams and fantasies after all. He helped me step back into the rear of the cage, fixing my feet in place with a metal bracket that would stop me from moving them in the cage.

Next, he closed the metal bands on either side of the cage around my wrists, my hands were now stuck in place until he freed me later. The metal collar that would hold my neck in place was fastened to the cage, even with the cage door open I could not get free, even if I wanted to, which at this point I didn’t. He adjusted the dress so that it wouldn’t get caught in the door, and satisfied with the way that I looked, he asked again if I wanted to go through with this.

“Yes, please William,” I meekly replied, “And Master, could you replace the padlocks to seal this poor maid inside the cage to await her fate.” I smiled at him. “And don’t forget the gag too.”

Reach for the scolds’ bridle as it was called, he placed it up against my mouth, and after he commanded me to open, I did and he pushed part of the gag in my mouth and adjusted it to fill it, forcing my tongue down, it felt painful and seeing me wince slightly eased it off a notch. My face was partly obscured by the metal gag, so he told me that he doubted that anyone would notice that it was me inside the cage. Closing the door of the gibbet, the rusty hinges squeaking as it did, the finality of me being encased inside felt all too real.

I began to wonder if I had made a mistake in doing this, had my thirst for my fantasy taken me to somewhere beyond where that should be, just something in my own mind. But it was too late for that now as I heard the first padlocks closing on the outside of the cage, I was truly a captive damsel now. The last of the four padlocks were finished off by him, and the gibbet was now back in place inside the dungeon complete with the distressed maiden, its victim.

Telling me that doing any run though couldn’t happen, he had wanted to test things out, but the first guests had already arrived and had started their tour, they would shortly be down in the dungeon watching the displays put through their torments. He did check though on the iron maiden and the spikes inside, after all he didn’t want real blood to be spilt, but the spikes in reality never touched the model in the cage, it may have damaged it in doing so, and they retracted each time the door closed.

Now that I was secured inside the gibbet, and the display looked ready, he grabbed the model that needed to be fixed and headed upstairs to the workshop, putting the model down inside the workshop he started to look for something to fix it, when he was interrupted by one of the owners, Kate, who required him for fill in on another tour that had been booked, that guide’s car had broken down on the way to work, so he needed to stand in for them for the day.

Seeing the model on the bench, she commented about it and asked if that was the one from the gibbet display, thinking that he didn’t want to give the fact way that he currently had Denise bound in the cage, he quickly said yes, but that he had found a replacement while this one undertook some much-needed repairs, showing her the damage.

“Well leave that for now, that can be fixed later on.” She told him, “Your tour will be arriving shortly, best get ready.”

Knowing not to give away any hint that he’d placed a live model in the gibbet, he quickly left and headed to the main reception to start his tour. The owner quickly looked over the model and thought to herself that maybe this display needed renovating, after all it had been working down in the damp, dark dungeon for a couple of years now. She rang the company that had made the model and asked them to pick up and update the display, which they did that morning.

Meanwhile down in the dungeon I was getting used to being bound inside the gibbet, the tight confines of the cage felt great to me, I had often dreamt of being held inside this cage and had many lovely nights exploring my fantasies of being kept inside here. My thoughts were interrupted when the lights came on in my part of the dungeon, the tour guide must have reached this part I assumed, it was showtime and I best be ready to play my part.

Listening in on the speech that the guide was giving the guests, I knew most parts word for word, so I knew when the machine would start. While he was speaking, I started to wriggle as best I could against the metal bindings inside of the gibbet, my body shaking the cage as I did, the soundtrack of the squeals and screams of the victim playing covered my own, this felt wonderful to me, just how I had imagined all those times alone in bed, my fingers seeking out delightful feelings from my body.

Feeling the cage move from the spot that I was hanging from, I had to pretend that I was afraid, the look of fear on my face as I was moved by the machine over to the iron maiden made some of the audience gasp. Some commented on how real the model looked, even the guide was impressed with whatever changes had been made. It all timed perfectly with the machinery and the soundtrack; the gibbet moved easily towards the iron maiden with its bound maid trapped inside.

The cage took me backwards towards the maiden, I could only watch the faces and reactions of the guests as the gibbet moved back to the final conclusion of the display. Feeling the cage connect with the iron maiden I put on one final display for the guests, and for my own delight, it all seemed very real even to me this first time. I looked out as the door closed on the iron maiden, those lethal looking spikes getting closer and closer.

Finally, the door closed, sealing me inside the darkness, I heard the screams on the soundtrack, and also a couple from the audience watching, thinking it real, I guess. Then unseen by me the flow of fake blood oozing out from the base of the iron maiden. Inside the spikes had come close but hadn’t touched me, I was undamaged from them, everything had gone to plan. The guests had loved it, and they made a comment to the owners on the way out just how good everything was, especially the dungeon.

Meanwhile, once the guests had left, the tour guide tapped a button to reset the display, the doors of the iron maiden opened and my cage was moved out along the track to the reset position, ready for the next tour group. The dungeon again in darkness, it felt slightly eerie, spooky even to be the only living soul down here, isolated and locked away in the cage. But I wasn’t alone for very long as the next tour was entering the first parts of the dungeon, soon I would be on display again.

After the next three tours had been through, I was starting to love the way that I was kept as part of the display, the guests thinking that I was just a model for their entertainment, it sparked a deep, warm feeling deep down inside of me. Did I like the bondage, or was there something else happening here? Did the fact that I was helplessly encased have some part of it? I guess it did. I felt more turned on each time a group went through, and it must have shown, as more comments were made upstairs to one of the owners.

After seeing such a difference, it made her wonder what had changed down in the dungeon, and she followed behind another guest tour, watching what they were seeing. When they came to the gibbet, the tour guides already having seen the reactions of the guests played it up more about the maid that was caged, giving her more backstory and telling the audience that she deserved her punishment, which when I heard it, I guess that I did and wanted more.

So, after the guests had left that part of the dungeon, Kate walked over to get a closer look at the replacement display model that William had installed. As the display reset again and the gibbet was brought out from the iron maiden, I saw her standing there looking, watching the display to see what was different. I tried to stay as still as possible when I saw her, but I was shocked at seeing her face and she saw my eyes moving. But then the dungeon went dark again, ready for the next tour.

So, she left to find out what had happened from the one person that she knew had the answer, William, the tour guide. When she confronted him, he confessed that he had replaced the model with me, but insisted that I had agreed to help as we didn’t want the exhibit closed. In fact, he told her that it was my own idea, and that he had only gone along with it to try and please me.

“So, you have a thing for our little Denise then?” She chided him, “About time.”

“What, you knew?” he gasped,

“Of course, you two act like silly teenagers when you’re together, who could fail to see that you two are destined for each other.” She said to him, “And it’s about time that someone took Denise in hand, she needs some control and discipline.”

“Oh, but I thought…” he started to say.

“That I would be angry at you for placing her inside the display, well yes of course, I would be very cross that you may have placed her in any harm, had I not known that she is probably loving being down there.” She spoke, “Her mother was the same, they seem to share the same tendencies and desires.”

William was stunned to hear this, but relieved that he didn’t seem to be in trouble.

“But while I commend the two of you for your commitment to the castle and the guests, I should have been consulted before you went ahead with this crazy idea.” She told him, “And I will be having words with Denise later, once the guests have gone. But for now, you have another tour waiting, better get out of my sight and see to them.”

William quickly left, knowing that he had managed to dodge a bullet, at least for now. She watched as he left, and then turned and headed back down to the dungeon, there was a certain maiden that she needed to speak with. Again, she had to wait, out of sight of the maid in the gibbet until the display had run its course, then once the reset had happened, she headed over to the hanging caged female.

“Well Denise, seems like you like being inside there,” Kate said to the caged female.

With the gag in place, I could say nothing, I had been busted by the owner and now faced the embarrassment of Kate getting me free from the cage. But with her hand running up the side of the cage and touching parts of the dress and my body underneath, she didn’t seem to be in any hurry to free me, nor did she seem to be that surprised to find me here.

“You seemed to share more than good looks with your mother Denise.” She said, which shocked me, and continued, “Yes, your mother loved being held in this gibbet when we first bought it, she has spent many hours bound the same as you are, though naked, and locked away inside. Though she didn’t get to experience the iron maiden, I’m sure that she would love it. Like you do it seems.”

Feeling her hands on my body did feel nice, her touch softer than William, she checked on the way that the metal bands held me in place, and reached up and adjusted the scolds’ bridle, tightening the screw and making the gag larger inside of my mouth. “There much better,” she said, satisfied with what she had done to me. “Well, I can’t hang around all day, like some I know, there are guests to see to, and the next tour will be here soon.”

Her hands left me, it seemed that she had no intention of freeing me at this moment, and the thought that she had my own mother bound in this cage made me wonder about her. And her relationship with my family, I didn’t know for certain my own mother liked to be bound like I seem to, but had seen some signs, I especially recall now seeing some very tell-tale marks on her wrists. It pleased me to know that we are closer than I realized.

“Oh,” she interrupted, “I’ve had to send the model away for repairs, and they say it won’t be back for a couple of weeks, so I guess you’ll be filling in for the model until it returns and maybe longer, seeing how things are going with the guests.” She told me as she patted me on the rear, leaving me hanging there in the cage, the room back in darkness and waiting for the next guests. As she was leaving, she told the tour guide that as this was the last group through the dungeon today to not hit the reset button and leave the model where it was, something about keeping the dust off of it.

And so, I spent the first night locked away inside the gibbet, enclosed inside the iron maiden, alone in the dark, with the castle now closed. Stuck where I was, locked away in the dungeon, I was just another part of the display, and the guides had treated me that way, which I found that I loved. At some point William came down but was under strict instructions not to interfere with the display. He apologized and said that had no choice but to leave me there.

The castle gets really quiet after dark, with all of the guests and staff gone, the place feels like it had drifted back into centuries past, the ghosts of the previous occupants seemed to venture out, and locked away in my cage, encased inside the maiden I’m sure that I heard whispers during the night, maybe it was the owner, Kate coming to check on me, maybe she’d brought my mother down to witness the spectacle.

But that wasn’t to be, Mistress Kate had her bound and gagged somewhere else inside the castle, in their private quarters, teasing and tormenting her, before both she and her husband took advantage of her naked, bound and available body. She had laughed when she had been told where her daughter had been all day, and that I was still there now. “Seems like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” she had said.


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