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My crate was built the only thing left to do was put my plan into motion. I called Craig, my ex-boyfriend and asked him if he would be willing to help me move a large crate from my house to the new house out in the county that I had just bought.

"Hi Craig, I really need your help." Craig had always been a push over while we were dating and still is even after I broke up with him. He was always willing to do what I wanted. That was the whole reason I had broken up with him. As fun as it is to boss him around, what I really wanted in guy was someone that would just grab me and make me do something. You can probably understand why I enjoy self bondage so much. Realistically the only reason I had started dating Craig was for his looks. He was six feet tall and two hundred pounds of pure muscle.

 "What do you need?"

 "I'm almost completely moved into my new house out in the county, but I have one crate left sitting in my garage that is too big for me to move. You still have you truck right? Because I would really appreciate it if you could come move this for me." I knew he would do it seeing ever since I left him he'd been trying to get back together.

 "Sure, are you there now?"


 "All right, I'll be right over."

 "Ok bye." With that I hung up the phone and went to work. I knew that it normally took Craig at least twenty minutes to get over to my house, so I knew I had at least that amount of time before he showed up. Since he wasn't prepared to come over I figured it would take extra time to get over here. Before I made the phone call I had dressed up in the clothes I was planning on wearing. I was dressed in all black. The outfit consisted of thigh high leather hooker boots with spiked heels, a skirt that went down to my mid thigh, just short enough to show about an inch of skin below it and the boots. I also had on a corset that pushed my boobs up making them look a full cup size larger. There was a posture collar wrapped around my neck, which had a D ring on the front of it. I had put on my makeup before as well. I had bright red lipstick and heavy eye shadow caked on. My hair was done up in a pony tail and was now hanging down my back. 

I had always been fascinated by stories of girls being packaged up and sent out as slaves or dolls. Out of all the stories I have read the ones that involve sex dolls have always been my favorite. So this was the look I was going for today. I wanted to look the part and I would have to say I nailed it. If you took one look at me you would know the only reason for me to be here is for sex. Imagine a five foot eight, twenty two year old, brunette with a trim waist and a C cup bust. Now picture that girl dressed like I am and you'll have a pretty good idea of how I look. My only regret right now was that I had packed up my only full length mirror so I couldn't see the completed image. 

Step one was to leave a note on the front door. The note was for Craig telling him that there was an emergency at work which I had left for. That would explain why I wasn't there. In the note I said that the side door on the garage was unlocked and that if he could deliver the crate to the front door of my new address I would really appreciate it. To add incentive I put in the note that if he did I would make it up to him once I was free. I left it like that and hoped he would presume I meant from work but I couldn't resist the added thrill. The thought of him sneaking a peek inside my crate and finding me gave my stomach butterflies. The thought of him finding me locked in the box was really getting my insides wet. But I was on a timetable at the moment so there wasn't time to sit and fantasize. With the note taped to my front door I walked out to the garage, which wasn't an easy task in these heels. Before I locked myself away in my crate I took the time to check and make sure the side door was in fact unlocked. Finding it was, I turned and approached the crate. 

The crate had taken quite a bit of time to build but I was very pleased with the finished results. It was two feet square and stood five feet tall. Everything I needed from this point on had been carefully laid out in front of the crate earlier. Knowing time was limited before Craig got here I decided I couldn't waste time admiring my handy work. Step one was to silence the doll. Taking the gag which lay on the top of the pile of items into my hand, I placed the ball behind my teeth, then took the two side straps and buckled them around the back of my head. A Y-strap that was connected at the bridge of my nose then went up over my head was buckled in the back to the other straps. The last straps ran up under my chin and to the top of my head to connect to the top strap. At this connection point was a D ring. With the gag in place I was ready to climb into the crate.

The crate itself was actually a metal box frame two feet by two feet by five feet that had wooden side panel which could be locked onto the sides from the inside of the box. Each panel of wood had bolts that connected to the metal frame on the inside part of the frame. This way a person inside the box could loosen the bolts and take the panels off to gain freedom. The bottom part of the box was already connected since it had some special features mounted on it. In the center of the panel was a fucking machine that I had just purchased off the internet. The fucking machine had a pole coming out of it with a dildo attached to the end of it. The device would produce a thrusting motion. I had it set at its lowest setting so that while it was running I would have to bear having a dildo slide in and out of me at an agonizingly slow pace. I planned to torment myself for a couple of hours. 

The fucking machine would be powered by two power packs. I had purchases two emergency power supplies that people plug their computers into. When the power goes out the power packs automatically kick on and let you run your computer for up to eight hours. I had one power pack connected to the first and the fucking machine connected to the second. When the first pack went dead the second would automatically turn on. I knew that one power pack should more than be able to power the fucking machine for today’s session but I also had other plans for the crate. The crate was going to make a great self bondage prison and with two power packs I could start doing some extended length sessions. The power packs were on the front and back side of the fucking machine so that all of it would be positioned between my legs. I had padded the bottom panel where my knees were going to be resting so that it wouldn't be too uncomfortable since I would be kneeling down in the crate. 

I got into the crate from the front since all the other panels were locked in place already. Delicately I entered the crate backwards on my knees. I had to hike my skirt up to get the dildo underneath and lined up. Once I was positioned over the dildo I started to lock my legs into place. First I put straps around my legs above and below my knees. The straps were anchored to D rings that were welded to the bottom cross beams. This held my knees wide apart and kept me from lifting them up as well. Once my knees were done I picked two leather cuffs up and placed one on each ankle. Once on the cuffs were tied off to D rings welded to the back vertical beams on the inner box frame. My ankles were now securely held up to the back corners half way up between the back panel and side panels. With my legs securely in place I made one last adjustment to the dildo. The pole that connected the fucking machine to the dildo had an extender on it. I had shortened the pole as far as it would go so I could get in and now needed to adjust the height. I extended the pole till the first two inches of the dildo were buried in me. The feeling was amazing as I pushed it in place. It was a life-like dildo and I could feel the veins as they teased my swollen clit as the first two inches slid by. I wanted to push the dildo all the way in and crank the machine to full but knew Craig could get here at any time. I locked the pole in place and went back to work connecting myself to the box. 

The rest of the gear I was going to need to finish my setup was already in the box and attached to their perspective places. Leaning out I picked up the front panel of the crate and positioned it. Each of the poles on the frame had holes drilled through them. Each panel had bolts on the outer edges of the panels and lined up with the holes in the poles. Once the panel was on I could put a nut on each bolt to secure the panel on. I used a wrench to tighten the bolts. There were three bolts on each side length wise on the panels and one on the top. I didn't put any on the bottom since I didn't want to be kneeling down on any of them. I had put a small zipper pouch on the top panel where I stored the wrench. It took my eyes a little time to adjust to the new darkness. The top and bottom panels were made out of solid wood pieces so there was no way that light could come in from there. The bigger side panels were made out of two by fours that ran vertically. There was a small gap between each two by four that let a little light in but more importantly allowed air in. On the out side of the boards that were running vertically was several short two by fours that went horizontally and connected all the other ones. I screwed all these boards together making sure I screwed from the inside out so no one would be able to open the crate from the outside. 

With the last panel securely in place I then went back to the task of securing my body inside my now completed shipping crate. At each of the bottom corners of the crate were leather straps. I pulled each strap up and connected it to D rings imbedded in the bottom of the corset. The D rings were on the right and left of my front and back. Pulling the cords tight I secured my waist so that it was being pulled downwards towards each of the bottom corners. The top corners of the box had the same thing. Those cords were connected to D rings on the top on my corset. The cords connected to the D rings using curved locks that have the little bar that slides back to let you hook something on then have a spring to hold them closed. With the corset connected to the top and bottom of the box my upper torso had become completely immobilized. With the corset finished I now had to move on to securing my head harness. Mounted to the bottom of the top panel were two eye bolts. I lined the D ring on the top of my head harness up between the two eye bolts then slid a bolt through all three. The bolt went through all three rings and secured the D ring on the head harness to the top panel. Placing a nut on the end of the bolt I hand tightened it enough so I wouldn't have to worry about it coming loose on its own. The last thing to do was to secure my hands. 

Reaching down I picked up a pair of leather cuffs. I put a cuff on each wrist then prepared to lock myself in for the ride. Towards the bottom of the crate, about a foot and a half from the bottom, on the left and right side were horizontal bars with some special locks that I was going to use to secure my arms to the sides of the crate. Before I lost the use of my hands I reached down between my legs and flipped the switch to turn on the fucking machine. Once I felt the fucking machine start to work I quickly slammed my wrists into the locks on either side. The fucking machine extended the dildo three inches then withdrew four inches then thrust four and so on. The machine had a four inch stroke leaving one inch in me on its withdrawal stoke and filling me with five inches of the dildo on the thrust stroke. I could feel the veins of the dildo rubbing my clit as the dildo slowly moved in and out. My pussy was on fire to start all this and this was just adding fuel to the fire. But it was going far too slow to get me off only tease. All I could do now was wait in frustration for time to run down.

As it stood right now my hands would be free in one hour. The special locks I mentioned before really are special. Not to mention expensive. I read a story once about someone placing themselves in a self bondage session in which every time they moved their arm the timer holding their arms apart would reset. If they could hold their arms steady for a couple of minutes the timer would hit zero, a motor activated and lower their arms. After reading the story I searched the internet looking for a company that produced something similar. I found one company that produced electronic locks that could be unlocked by a remote signal. I decided to contact them. What I wanted was a lock that would unlock when a timer counted down to zero but could have time added to it if it received a signal. The signal I wanted to use came from an idea I got from Craig. It was probably the only thing I got from the relationship that I really liked. Craig has a dog; to keep him in the yard he uses one of those invisible fences. When the dog goes over the buried wire the collar it wears receives a signal which in turn shocks the dog. What I wanted was locks using a timer connected to one of those dog collars. If the receiver from the collar goes over one of those fences then it will tell the locks to add time. 

The company produced the locks for me at a healthy price. The final product was very impressive. The lock could be set to start with a certain amount of time on it and the dog collar receiver could be set to add varying amounts of time on. For today I had it set so that once the locks closed the timer would start with an hour on them. I figured there was a chance Craig wouldn't come so I wanted to be able to get out if I was just going to get stuck in there. I set the receiver to add two hours on when it passed over an invisible fence. I figured it would take most of the hour for Craig to come over and pick me up, then he had to drive over to the new house, which he had to find first using my instructions. Without traffic I figured it would take him an hour to get over to the house. It was eleven in the morning when I started this so I figured that it would take the better part of two hours to get there. This is where one of the other fun risks comes into play, in the driveway of this house is an invisible fence so once we leave here there will be two hours added onto my time. At the new house in the driveway is the same thing. If we get to the house after the time on the locks runs down I will be able to free my hands and not have to wait an extra two hours. If I am still locked in when Craig delivers me to the house then two more hours get added on and I will have to sit and wait for two hours outside in the open. It was even more exciting to know I would be all alone out by my front door. 

In and out the dildo was the only thing that could indicate the passing of time. That passing of time seemed remarkably small when I heard the familiar sound of Craig's truck pull up. He had gotten here far quicker than I expected. I could hear two people get out of the truck and slam their doors. Craig must have brought a friend to help him move me. I heard them walk towards the front door then strained my ears to hear an indication of what they were doing. Finally I heard them start walking back and coming around the garage. One of them came in through the door and suddenly my dark box was better lit as light poured in through the open door. The garage becomes even more brilliantly lit when they opened the garage door. I was getting more and more excited as I heard them moving around me. I was really about to be shipped over to a house in a crate dressed like a sex doll. My pussy was positively drooling from the excitement while the fucking machine continued its slow and constant torment. Suddenly my whole world moved as I was tipped. They were each carrying an end of the box and I was looking straight up. My hips had shifted slightly and now the dildo was pressing even more on my clit. 

 "Man this thing is heavy, what on earth do you think is in here," the friend said.

 "Who knows, she always did like to collect junk," Craig replied.

If only Craig really knew what was inside. Me, the girl he still desperately wanted, dressed like a sex doll, all boxed up and ready to be shipped and used. They continued to talk back and fourth but I wasn't paying much attention. The whole situation was just making me hornier by the second and I could barely focus on anything at the moment. I was brought back to reality when I was dropped into the back of the Craig's pickup. I heard them shut the tailgate of the truck then get in and start it up. Well I guess I am going to have at least two more hours in here. Unless Craig finds some serious traffic, I doubt that I will be getting my hands free before I get another two hours added on at the new place. Craig drove through town and I knelt there listening to every sound there was. I tried keeping track of where we were by the turns but quickly found I was completely lost. The excitement of knowing I was locked in a box dressed in leather getting fucked by a dildo all while people were all around was adding to the fire that was furiously burning in my loins. 

Time and locations were completely oblivious to me. At this point I was surprised when the truck stopped and I heard Craig get out. I heard Craig walking towards the house while I heard his friend get out and drop the tailgate. I heard Craig knock on the door then wait then knock again. Apparently I wasn't home, where on earth could I be. I wasn't actually ready for the ride to end; I was really enjoying driving around the town. Let me tell you, you can never appreciate or love a pot hole till you have a dildo buried in your twat. Well, I still have at least two hours of waiting around here at my house. Who knows maybe something will happen. I was really starting to come down off of my high that I had built up from all of the excitement and was getting a little disappointed that it was over but still very frustrated at not being able to relieve myself. I also wasn't looking forward to the two hour wait I had to face while the time counted down.

 Craig came back to the truck. "She didn't answer; she must still be at work."

 "Ok, let’s just come back later and drop it off," his friend replied.

 "Well the note did say to just to leave it at the front door."

 "Yeah but wouldn't you rather deliver this when she is here so you can get some pussy!"

 "Good point."

 "Thought so, let’s go see a movie and kill some time. We'll come back and drop this off tonight."

With that they drove off with me in the back of their truck. To make things worse when they left they had to drive over the invisible fence which added another two hours on. That meant I had at least four hours to go before I could get free. They drove over to the mall which was loaded with people. I don't know what movie they went to but it felt like it took the entire day to get over. People were constantly walking by. Some passersby’s would look at my crate and ask the person next to them what they thought was in it. None of them were right. A few were even bold enough to try to look through the cracks to see what was inside. All I could do was hold my breath and hope they didn't hear the sound of the device between my legs. I can tell you that the movie was less than four hours since my arms were still locked at my sides. When they got back they hopped in the truck and started driving. When the truck finally got to its destination I heard one door open and then the friend yell back at Craig.

 "All right so if she isn't there, just drop the box off and come back here and we'll go out for beers. If she is there then take her up on her reward and park your dick in her slick." 

With that he shut the door and Craig started backing away. Well I can tell you Craig definitely can't count on parking his dick in my slick, which at this point was very slick. As Craig pulled out I could just make out the friend saying "max down". It didn't even hit me at first but when it did it was like a ton of bricks. Max was Craig’s dog which means Craig just dropped his friend off at his place, the one with the invisible fence. That just added four hours onto my time. Craig got to my house and again found I wasn't home. He moved my crate over to the door and set it up against the wall, thank god with my head up. I started calculating the numbers in my head. I started at eleven with an hour on the cuffs. I had gone across the invisible fences six times which adds two hours apiece. That meant I wasn't going to get free till after midnight sometime. It was probabily only about five or six now which meant I still had a long ways to go and there was going to be plenty of battery life left to run the machine between my legs.


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