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Cold Storage

by Alexis

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© Copyright 2003 - Alexis - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; Sbf; bond; encased; boxed; transported; toys; cons; X

“Gosh, I love winter!” I thought to myself as I watched my wife Peggy pass in front of me as she walked from the kitchen to the bedroom.  She was 23 years old, fit, beautiful, and completely naked.  The nipples of her “C” cup breasts were hard and erect from the chill, and I had to restrain myself from dragging her onto my lap and giving an inviting brown bud a not so tender bite.  She could not have done much to stop me, since her hands were cuffed tightly behind her back, her ankles were shacked ten inches apart, and her lips were stretched around a three inch ball gag buckled tightly behind her head.

We had played around with bondage since we were dating, and in our year of marriage her periods of bondage had become both more stringent and more prolonged.  Very seldom was time spent around the house together that she was not restrained in some way or another.  Tonight’s bondage was typical of weekday evenings.  We both worked, and in the evening housework we take care of household chores.  They have to be done sometime!  I do the grocery shopping, while Peggy goes straight home, affixes herself in chains and a gag, and does the laundry, vacuuming and dusting with her hands cuffed behind her back.  I will prepare dinner while she was finishing her chores.  Sometimes, if we were having pasta or stew, I make her eat doggie style with her face in the bowl and her hands cuffed behind her.  Other nights I leave her cuffed, but feed her bite by bite, while other times I relent, and reapply her cuffs in front, so she can feed herself.

Since we are still newlyweds, we have sex most evenings.  Peggy will most likely find herself tautly spread-eagled on the bed while I torment and tease her beautiful body. She always sleeps handcuffed, but after multiple orgasms from strenuous sex, she never has trouble sleeping.  Neither do I!

On weekends, we spend time with friends or outside enjoying sports, and of course she is free from restraint during those times.  Weekend evenings, rainy days and Sunday afternoons are the times when she endure more severe bondage, as we experiment with new and different bonds, gags and positions and equipment.

This, by way of background, brings the story to the present. 

We live in Detroit, and have been talking about going up in Michigan a couple of hours to ski this weekend.  We had not decided on Iron Mountain, or a little further up to Boyne.

“Honey, are you about finished?” I asked as she shuffled on hobbled feet into the bathroom with a scrub brush in hand.  “Ymmpp” she nodded affirmatively.  “Good, I want to show you something in the garage.”

In a couple of minutes she returned, and followed me expectantly to the garage.  It is cool in the house, but the garage is just above freezing, and she shivered, nipples becoming even harder.  I could not resist!  I grabbed her shoulders and quickly bent down, and grasped the rock hard bud between my teeth.  “MMMMPH!” she squealed.  She struggled, but I held her tightly, giving the nubbin a warm, moist kiss, then another playful bite before releasing her. 

“You have the most beautiful breasts, Babe,” I whispered in admiration.  Her wrinkled her nose at me, her eyes twinkling. 

“Look here,” I requested, leading her to my SUV. 

There were two new Thule ski carriers on the roof.  Each carrier was fiberglass reinforced with a steel frame, and had a sturdy lock at each end. I opened one of the carriers for her inspection.  It was foam filled, with depressions cut in the foam to fit two pairs of skis.  “See? Long enough for my 230 cm skis, and wide enough for two pairs.”  Peggy’s brown furrowed, and she made an inquisitive “mmmmrrrfff??” sound through her gag. 

“Ah…smart girl.” I complimented.  “You are wondering why, if a carrier can hold two pairs of skis, why did I buy two of them?”

“Nuuhh hunnnh,” she answered, nodding her head.

“Go inside,” I command, “and I will show you.”  Quickly she scampered back into the relative warmth of the condo, while I unfastened the ski carrier from the roof of the car, and lugged it into the family room.  She was waiting expectantly as I laid the fiberglass tube in the center of the floor, keyed the two padlocks and opened the lid. 

This carrier was foam filled, but unlike the other carrier, the foam was a solid, uncut block.  My naked wife suddenly realized the implications, and looked at me with wide, frightened eyes.  “Yes, Babe.” I nodded, “You are going inside the second carrier.” 

Mrrrrggghhhhffff!” she complained, stomping her shacked foot for emphasis. 

“Now behave.” I admonished sternly.  “Every time we do mummification and sensory deprivation scenes you wind up with a hot wet pussy, so don’t play coy with me.”  He took her by the arm, and forced her to the floor.  “Now, lie down in the center of the carrier, so I can trace your outline in the foam.”

With a deep sigh Peggy stretched out in the coffin-like carrier.  It was plenty spacious for her slender body.  Once she was positioned I took a magic marker, and followed the contours of her head, trunk and legs, marking her outline. “Ok, now get up.”  Peggy rolled off the carrier, and struggled to her feet as I took a sharp knife and began to cut a depression in the foam for her body.  “Let’s test it out,” I ordered, “get back inside.”  Peggy quickly complied, and wedged herself snugly into the foam.  I had cut an extra deep area for her arms, so she could lie with her hands and arms behind her.  “Arms Ok?” I asked.  “Mmm  hmm.”

I gently closed the top until the foam came in contact with her face and body.  Marking the outline of her head, I reopened the carrier, and cut out a shallow depression for her face.  I didn’t cut a depression in the foam above her body, I wanted the tightness and compression to hold her totally helpless and immobile.

I closed the lid again to check the fit.  I met resistance when about half way closed, then had to press harder to close the lid and latch the locking hasps.  My wife was helpless trapped, bound, gagged, and locked inside an innocent looking, but coffin like ski carrier!  I knocked on the fiberglass.  “Comfy?” I asked.  I could hear Peggy’s muffled whimper from deep inside.

I only left her inside for a couple of minutes, and it was no surprise to me that her eyes were smiling when I opened the fiberglass lid.  Also present was the unmistakable scent of feminine arousal.  “Ok, girl.  Out you come.” I said, helping her to her feet.  “We will leave Saturday morning, and you will ride all the way captive on the roof of the car.”  He swatted her ass playfully.  “If you are a good girl, I may let you out when we get there!”  Peggy squealed through her ball gag, and tossed her head spitefully, but I knew that she could hardly wait!

The alarm went off at 7 A.M. on Saturday, and Peggy scampered into the shower while I packed the car. All pink and freshly scrubbed, she was standing naked in the family room when I came back into the house.  “Ready?” I asked.  She nodded eagerly!

The first thing I did was place a leather blindfold with soft sheepskin pads over her eyes.  I didn’t want her to be able to see what was going to happen to her.  Next I picked up her supple leather single glove.  “Hands together, palm to palm, and interlace your fingers,” I ordered.  Quickly I slipped the glove up her arms.   I tugged until her hands reached the bottom, and then laced the straps over her shoulders and across her chest.  I pulled tight until her shoulders were drawn back and her lovely breasts were beautifully thrust forward with pink nipples stiff and hard at their tips.  I laced the glove from bottom to top, and then buckled a strap around her wrists.  A second strap drew her elbows tightly together. 

“Oh, Honey,” she murmured, “that is really tight!”  Blindfolded, she could not see me smile.

Deciding to continue with the leather theme, I selected a muzzle gag with a thick, long leather plug.  “Open.”  Peggy groaned softly when she felt the gag against her lips. 

“Oh God,” she tried to say. “Not this gag today, please!”  It was too big.  It jacked her jaws to the point of dislocation, and stretched her lips until she thought they would split.  The plug was long… so long that it touched the back of her throat.  She always felt about ready to choke from the tickle and the saliva dripping down her throat.  Peggy had no chance to articulate a complaint.

“OOORRRRMMPPPHHH!” was the only sound that escaped as I wedged the huge wad of leather into her mouth, and buckled the strap tightly at the back of her neck.  Peggy moaned, and tossed her head blindly like a filly fighting her bridle. 

“Stand still, and spread your legs.” I commanded.  Peggy whimpered softly in reluctant compliance.  The insides of her thighs were already glistening with evidence of her excitement.  “You are such a bondage slut, aren’t you?” I teased. 

“Mmmmmm…”  The dildo was large, but it slid easily into her slick juicy hole.  I buckled a wide belt tightly around her small waist, and then drew the saddle strap between her legs.  I took special care to insure that the strap bisected her plump pink lips before I drew it tight and buckled it firmly at the front of her belt.  The strap drew the dildo deeper inside her.  Blind, Peggy could not see the thin electrical cord snaking out between her legs to the control I held in my hand.  She would find out soon enough!

“Feet together.”  Two more leather straps.  One cinched her ankles and the other held her knees.  “Ok, now kneel.”  I helped Peggy to the ground, and then maneuvered her onto the ski carrier.  Her single gloved arms fit nicely into the custom cut depression in the foam.  Her gagged and blindfolded head was firmly controlled, and her stretched out torso and legs were held snuggly.  A final touch of bondage was a black leather shoelace, which I used to loop and cinch her big toes together.  Peggy moaned softly as the rawhide bit into the tender flesh of her toes. 

I took a long, admiring look at my helpless wife.  I could see the tension in her jaw from the huge gag.  Already she made humming, throat clearing noises as she tried to control the uncomfortable feeling of the gag pressing against the soft, slippery tissue at the back of her throat.  Lying on her back, all she could do was swallow the saliva that formed around the mass of the gagging plug.  It was that, or choke on it.

“Bye bye.….” I teased as I closed the cover.  Foam cradled and compressed her helpless form. 

Peggy shivered when she heard the click of the two padlocks.  She tried to wiggle, but was held tightly.  She could not even twist her head.  Her jaw was already beginning to ache from the gag, and she felt twinges in she shoulders from the harsh bondage of the single glove.  Soon, she knew her muscles would begin to cramp.  She took a deep breath, and sighed, her breath whistling through her nose.  “Well,” she thought to herself, “it’s only 3 hours to Iron Mountain, and only a little further to Boyne.”  She was confident that he would release her at their destination.  Keeping her in bondage made him as horny as being in bondage did her.  She was already looking forward to heavy bondage sex.  She felt the carrier being pulled out to the garage, then lifted and fastened to the rack on top of the car.

I went back into the house, and took my shower.  After a cup of coffee and a donut, I was ready to leave.  Peggy, of course, was right were I had left her.  I tapped on the fiberglass near her head.  “Honey, can you hear me?” I asked. 

“Mmmmmph.”  I could barely hear her answer, muffled as it was by the gag and foam surrounding her head. 

“Good….we are going to go now.” 

The wire from the dildo deep inside her body lead out of the carrier, through a slightly cracked window in the car to the control which lay on the console beside the drivers seat.  This particular vibrator had two options.  It could be operated with “D” cell batteries lasting about three hours, or run indefinitely by being plugged into the cigarette lighter in the car as I had done. 

“Let me give you a little something to keep you occupied.”  I switched the vibrating dildo to medium. 

“Have a nice ride.”  I said.  “By the way, I don’t really like Midwestern skiing this time of year…it’s too icy.”  I paused to let my meaning sink in.  “We are not going up into Michigan…. we are going to Aspen Colorado for a week!”

I thought I could barely hear muffled screaming as I drove off. 


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