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Cindy's Mud Bath Weekend

by Underdog

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© Copyright 2010 - Underdog - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; buried; mud; encase; tease; torment; toys; mast; climax; cons; X

Chapter One

My wife of 3 years, 26 year old Cindy and I had talked extensively about her wildest fantasy… that of being buried and unable to dig herself out. We agreed that this very summer, when the weather was warm, we'd pursue this, I just hadn't devised the exact details yet, and Cindy was driving me crazy to do this.

We were driving home one night about 10PM when we passed an abandoned building project. We stopped to stare sadly at what could have been a nice little shopping center, when Cindy spotted something lying in the rubble.

"It's a form" I explained… "Used to pour concrete pillars"

What Cindy saw was a heavy cardboard tube about 6 feet long, about 3 feet wide.

"I want it!" she giggled… "That's it… that's how you're going to bury me!!"

We discussed her idea that night and I had to admit, it was not only exciting, but very practical. The next day I dug the hole, right in the center of our back yard, no more than 15 feet from the back patio and sliding glass doors. We sat down and agreed on a few more details, then decided that the next morning, I would give Cindy her wish.

By 8AM, Cindy was literally dragging me out of bed. I managed a single cup of coffee before she led me into the back yard and stood next to the hole, about 3 feet deep.

"First, socks" I said...

She refused stating that she wanted to be able to feel and wiggle her toes in the mud... I was going to fill the hole with.

"OK… but you'll want panties" I said next.

After giving herself a couple enemas earlier that morning, Cindy pulled on a skimpy pair of thong panties. I handed her the first devices she would be wearing during her burial.

First she slipped one of two vibrating eggs into her pussy... the second one nestled in her panties right up against her clit. a third egg went into her ass… all three were controlled by separate controls which I rewired to lengthen the cords to about 10 feet.

I wrapped Cindy's ankles together with an elastic bandage, then a second one went around her knees holding her legs tightly together. Now I helped my anxious young wife into the hole. She stood here with her head about crotch height to me, and she smiled!

"Is my face down here for a reason?" she teased...

"Wait till you're totally helpless... you'll see" I smiled back!

At this point I wrapped Cindy's wrists together behind her back, and pulled her elbows together a bit and wrapped them.

"What do you think your shoulders are going to feel like by this time tomorrow?" I asked...

"I don't care" she smiled back… "Just... keep going!!"

Cindy was a real trooper, she loved her bondage, and held a wonderful tolerance for pain. I looked at her shoulders already pulled back and her luscious young breasts sticking out, and just nodded!

Now it was time for the tube. I raised it high over her head and lowered it into the hole, around her beautiful naked body. It stopped right under her chin, my measurements were perfect. The tube was barely 6 inches wider than her shoulders, giving just enough room for a nice cushion of mud around her entire body.

Cindy watched as I mixed the cleanly sifted dirt from the hole in an old cement mixer I had. When the first batch was thick and gooey, mixed with hot water to keep from refrigerating her in cold wet mud, I shoveled it in around her. It only went up to mid-thigh, and she kept giggling at the sensation, and demanding for more!!

The next batch covered her to mid-tummy, the third was up to her breasts.

"One more will bring it up to your neck" I explained.

I mixed the next batch but before shoveling it in, I added something I never told Cindy about. I taped two more vibrating eggs to her nipples! Cindy had the most sensitive nipples, I could almost make her cum just by sucking on them.

"OH...NO!… you can't!… oh no!… don't you DARE!!" she complained!!!

"What are you gonna do about it?!" I laughed!

With all the cords to all the vibrators on and in her running up and out of the tube, I shoveled another load of warm thick mud up to her chin and right to the top rim of the tube!!! I placed a half circle of plywood, cut just larger than the diameter of the tube, like a lid, on top of the tube and under her chin. This held her head up and gave her something to rest her head on.

"Well... how is it?" I asked…

"It's warm... and gooey, I can feel it pressing against my pussy and my tits... it... it's so heavy... I'm being squashed inwards all over!!!"

I packed left over dirt all around the outside of the hole, and Cindy, was solidly encased!!! I picked up the vibrators remotes and started my part of the fun.

As soon as her nipples started to vibrate she started to grunt. Her breathing increased and she gritted her teeth.

Next I turned on the two vibrators in and against her pussy. Cindy's eyes grew wide and in about a minute, she announced she was going to CUM!!

"When?" I asked.

"NOW!" she grunted back.

"Now?" I teased… …

"YES!… FUCK!… NOW!… UGH!… I... I'm GONNA… CUM!!"

Suddenly I turned off all the vibrations and Cindy's eyes about popped out of her head!

"WHA… WHAT... OH!… NO!… DON'T… DON'T STOP!… WHAT!… ..!!

I could see my wife trying to wiggle around, searching for the vibrations but unable to move even an inch in the 6 feet of mud surrounding her body.

"PLEASE!… PLEEEEEEEE!... oh... please... baby.. please, turn them back on ... I… I was soooo close!!"

"YES… you were" I chuckled… "I could tell...!"

I turned on the vibrator in her as and she grunted softly… then I turned on the one inside her pussy, but not the one against her clit.

"MMMMMM... oh... yesss!... more!... more baby… make me cum!… please!... make me cum!"

I dropped the controls then and turned to go inside.

"Simmer a while first!" I whispered… "I have something else for you!"

I returned a moment later and Cindy's eyes got wide again! I placed a single hand on her forehead and as her head went back, her mouth yawned open so I could stuff the red ball gag in her mouth!!

"MMMMMNNNPPPHHHHHHHHH!!!" she angrily grunted…

"You did mention the word... HELPLESS didn't you?" I teased… .

"This weekend I'm going to have fun too… you wanna cum?… OK… CUM!!"

I turned on all the vibrators then, on her clit, and on her nipples too.


I just stood back and watched a minute... it didn't take long… the whole solidly packed tube was shaking as Cindy reached her first orgasm… the second and third came right after! I went inside for a while and returned after about 30 minutes... by then Cindy was in agony after too many back to back orgasms to count!!!

I unzipped my pants and pulled out my hard cock. As Cindy fought to breathe again, I started to masturbate right in front of her!

"You look so HOT like that!" I groaned… .

Cindy just watched me stroking myself... it was one of her favorite things to do. Minutes later when i couldn't hold back anymore, I stepped closer and exploded all over her face!!! Thick globs of cum covered her right eye and nose, it dripped down over her lips and the ball gag before it stopped and started to dry there!!!

"MMMMMPPPPFFFFFFFFF!!!" Cindy grunted!!

"More?… oh there will be more... I have all weekend!"

"MMMFFFFF… MMMFFFFFFF!" Cindy squealed!!

I looked up at the almost 12:00 sun then. I reached down and inverted a plastic bucket, with two eye holes cut in it, and placed it over my wife's head!!! I turned on the vibrator in her ass... and the one against her clit, and walked away listening to her grunting screams!!!

About an hour later, I returned, just to jerk off all over her face again, then replace the bucket. The batteries in the vibrators died so I turned on the others, the ones on her nipples and the one in her pussy.

Around 4PM, I removed her gag to give her some water but all she could do was cuss at me for the condition of her face!! Her eyes were pasted shut with dried cum, and I'm sure her jaws hurt! I replaced the ball gag with a leather bit, with a small hose poked thru the middle of it. Once I replaced the bucket over her protesting head, I attached the feeder hose to a 2 litre soda bottle… half full of my piss!!!

"Drink it... or not" I instructed…

"Either way, it's going in your mouth!!!"

"You have a good night" I then whispered.

"I'm going out for dinner with your sister (whom Cindy was EXTREMELY jealous of because she kept flirting with me)... I'll be back about 10… with fresh batteries for your little sex toys!!!

I left my wife, enjoying her fantasy, and a fresh orgasm... and turned off the back yard light!

story continued in part two


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