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Cindy's Revenge

by Wingco

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© Copyright 2006 - Wingco - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/ffff; FFFF/f; bond; casket; buried; nc; XX

Cindy’s Revenge is a sequel based on the characters used in Beauty in Repose by Evil-Dolly

I'd known the day for Cindy's burial was not that far away by the fact her grave next to mine had now been fully dug out. The shiny scarlet coffin prepared and her headstone, currently and conveniently covered by a drape had been placed at the head of the shallow pit Harriet had dug to my left. Now there would be four of us in there. Carrie, Jessica, myself. That’s Charlotte by the way…glad I can still remember my name and then her. I'd said before in a morbid sense I was looking forward to watch her swan into the shed in her wedding gown looking so me. Be gently coaxed into her me. Then suffer the awful shattering truth as the game was played out to its bitter me.

To my surprise this time I'd actually seen my betrayer, Mrs Harriet Eldrick lie in the coffin herself, me praying for it to suddenly slam shut, lock itself and cast her into the pit of hell the way she'd done to us. But of course I knew that'd never happen. Miss Robinson would join us under the grass and who would be next? There was room here for at least another two, one next to her and the last would be next to the giggling Carrie who I'd never heard utter a sensible word since I'd first heard her painfully quiet whispers. Not surprising as she'd been here for three years already with countless more to go. Countless more to go eh, that made me cry the first time I'd thought about this once I realised Cindy would be joining us, having unknowingly blown her chance of the good life. The faint hope that one or more of us might be dug up and released though really it was never going to happen. Could our captor and former lover suppress the fighting spirit I'd show once that lid was opened. The searing light burning into my eyes for the first time in a year…probably not actually I’d just scream.

The thing that amazed me when I’d first clapped eyes on Cindy Robinson weeks after my burial was the fact she was dark haired. Jessica and myself were both blonde and Harriet had never told us that much about Carrie. I’d not learned that much from Jessica either on the few occasions I’d been allowed to speak to her. Harriet had monitored our conversation then cut us off when our questions got beyond what she’d liked. Really it was hello, who are you and vanilla stuff like that. Only when Jessica asked me what I thought of how we’d ended up here did everything go dead. Our punishment for that was we lived in the dark for the next week. Profuse apologies offered once we’d been switched on again were enough to make Harriet establish normal contact. So what we said in future basically was confirming our shared love for Mrs Eldrick and so on. Whether she believed it was up to her

Cindy was different in another way too. The fact she appeared to ENJOY the bondage games right from the off. Just two days after I’d first seen her she and Harriet were making love with the youngster strapped to the bed and Mrs Eldrick working her magic over the girl. Much the way I and probably the others had too before we ended up below ground in her shed. Why Miss Robinson liked this I didn’t know but she certainly kept Harriet busy, but strangely it also made her more agreeable to us as well as their relationship blossomed. When I’d asked a few months ago if she could put up more cameras around the house she asked why. I said it was because I was lonely and wanted my dearest Harriet to be where I could see she’d be all right. That made her smile and tell me like so many times that she loved me, that was why I’d been hidden away from the brutal world. My thoughts in return were sadly not so nice…but can you blame me?

She’d complied and remarkably allowed me, by using that switch in my right glove to keep flicking around the various views of her house and gardens. This allowing me to see the changes of the seasons and secretly waiting for the moment when the shed door would open and Cindy would appear in her finery to start what Mrs Eldrick promised to be a magical weekend in her coffin. Harriet never seemed to leave the cameras off now and it certainly stopped me making a fuss, especially as the new ones had great microphones and I could hear birdsong. All those sounds and images she’d told me to appreciate on that last fateful walk. As I was now happier so was she and things continued as the days grew longer.

Ah yes the coffin. Not the simple black one in the room next to the bedroom they, and I had shared but the new red one out here that had arrived several months ago but had sat off to one side, also the grass under which we lay had remained undisturbed.

A few weeks ago, the pair had a bit of a barney. Harriet and Cindy were making love in the usual boisterous way when Miss Robinson accidentally tore her silk dress down one side. Harriet was furious and smacked her repeatedly across the face and breasts until the youngster pleaded with her to stop. Then Mrs Eldrick informed the girl that as a deserved punishment she’d have to sleep in the coffin tonight rather than the bed and duly led her next door. I followed this on the camera and watched, as she was strapped in, given the briefest of kisses on the nose then locked in for the night. As expected Cindy seemed to like this idea and there were no screams. I’m sure she had a smile as the lid went down. If only you knew honey…if only you knew I thought as Harriet went back to her room alone.

She’d had a few sessions in there before once Harriet had asked her, the first she just jumped in and the lid was closed but not secured. The next time it was locked and that lasted while I counted to three hundred minutes. I’d followed all of those on the cameras watching as the sessions grew longer but Cindy kept on smiling. One of those she was allowed a vibrator and I heard her moans of passion as she brought herself off in the dark. As long as it ended with a kiss and cuddle, Harriet telling her she was loved so much that was enough to keep the girl happy. This time the next morning when she was freed a tired Cindy got out and after a good old stretch immediately dropped to her knees and begged forgiveness, offering to repair the little rip in her dress. Grudgingly this was given then they kissed and after a giggle the girl happily skipped off to run Harriet a bath and do all the stuff a servant should do.

Two sleeps later it happened again and it was Harriet’s dress that got damaged. Not much but a tear all the same and it was her fault too for rushing, but of course she was the boss here. Again she was angry and slapped Cindy hard but this time told the sobbing girl she’d spent more than a night in there if she wasn’t more careful in future. Then Miss Robinson uttered the words that would seal her fate. Putting both hands on hips she childishly said “You can lock me in there all weekend if you want”. Even I in my coffin shook my head at this, wincing as the piercing in my ears pulled at the posts making me sob. Harriet stared at the girl for a moment then smiled in a way that made me want to scream NO NO NO Cindy don’t say THAT. You foolish foolish child.

“Are you really wanting me to shut you in there for a weekend then honey…you’ll play my games for a little longer then?” Cindy looked all doe eyed then dropped her head and agreed, saying actually it was a bit exciting too and she’d never want to disappoint her. Mrs Eldrick beamed and my heart sank as I saw ‘that’ look that Miss Robinson had missed.

My fears were confirmed when Cindy accepted she’d spent tonight in the coffin in here and was duly locked in but no strapping again and that surprised me until the lid was closed. Then I saw despite the lateness of the hour Harriet strip off the dress, get her gardening clothes out of the cupboard then head purposefully away from the room.

Straight to the shed she came, almost skipping down the path as I clicked the various cameras till she arrived in her secret place and didn’t she have a smile I can tell you. Harriet locked the door from the inside then came over and lay down on the grass just a few feet to my left and I knew then that’s where Cindy Robinson was going to be laid to rest after all, her chance blown. True to form by dawn the next day she’d dug half the hole and then went to bed, only getting up about midday to release Cindy, telling the girl she’d be in there again tonight. The youngster got her kiss then a smack on the backside and ordered off to make a brunch for the two of them. And yet she still laughed at the situation!

The next night Harriet completed the grave and over the following two prepared the bier and placed the headstone marked Cindy at the top, though as yet there was no date carved into it. Our headstones were all covered up the way I’d seen them when I came in here for the only time. It was heartbreaking to see these preparations going on knowing what would happen in the end but also the fact Cindy STILL THOUGHT THIS WAS A GAME. That she’d be released early on the Monday and life would carry on as before. I watched the last bits be done and Harriet went off with that smile I’d seen but not realised it’s importance till just before my lid went down.

Harriet never spoke to me that week and I knew why, because she’d guess I’d plead for her not to do this to Cindy. The girl loved her just the way we had…maybe still do too sometimes as well despite our situation. She’d certainly been good to Harriet but was about to earn a terrible reward.

I did get a treat tonight though it also made me cry as finally she came down and spoke to both Jessica and myself. I don’t know what was said to her but I waited patiently for my turn. As if there was a choice and then finally came her voice that I loathed yet loved. “Charlie my love. I suppose you can see what is about to happen with dear Cindy. No I don’t want you to say anything,” she said as I’d tried to interrupt. “I know what’s best for her, she does too and she’ll be here soon. Now this, my beloved is a wee warning. When I buried you I heard your screams. When Cindy comes you will remain SILENT. I don’t want a peep from you or Jessica or there will be pain felt like you’ve never felt before. Do you understand me”. I knew what that’d mean if I said no. She might cut off our food water and air leaving us to die in agony. Reluctantly I agreed and she knelt and kissed my stone. “I’ll always love you and you’ll love me…yes?” I replied yes I did love her, making her chuckle when I said I’d never leave. It got her in a good mood again and she paused.

Then to my surprise Harriet gave me a treat, telling me that as today was my ‘first birthday in my new life’ what would I like as a present? I almost wept for a moment having realised I’d been down here a year, also knowing if I said freedom she’d go nuts. Instead I asked her if I could be allowed to cum. Harriet stared for a minute then nodded and struck a couple of keys on her laptop. Almost immediately the vibrator pad within my panties began to throb and just for once after what seemed an age I felt the onrushing express train as my first orgasm erupted and I rocked in my bonds. I squealed in ecstasy while she’d winced at the noise. After I’d calmed down and apologised I told her again how much I loved her and she bid me sweet dreams, then the lightswitch went off.

A day or so later I knew Cindy’s time was due as I saw Harriet holding a wedding dress that was as good if not better than the one I was wearing now. It looked so wonderful and I knew Cindy would think her punishment was actually going to be another treat. She hung it up in a cupboard seconds before Miss Robinson arrived with cups of coffee for both of them. “Cindy my love” I heard her say as she slipped an arm round that slim waist, “Do you want to do your weekend very soon then?” I almost wept when she agreed that yes she would. Best get the ‘punishment’ over soon enough she said with a gentle laugh, coming in for a kiss that was duly given. “Right, how about tomorrow then. Footie starts next weekend and I’m sure you don’t want to miss lying in my arms by the TV set, no?” Cindy agreed and they had another kiss.

Mrs Eldrick smiled and I silently said no don’t do this. All too soon I saw Harriet produce the same stunning white silk nightdress I’d worn for my last night and helped Cindy into it as by the clock it was bedtime. Zipping her up at the back then running both hands all over her. “Now make love like it was your last time on Earth” she said and they did. Both of them were worked over by the other with vibrator, strap-on and their fingers and I admired their stamina though Harriet had never done it quite like that with me or for so long. Each time they said just once more and again they played while the other shrieked in the throes of passion. Again those words I’d heard made me shiver and this time I wept for hours till by the light of the camera I saw them entwined in the others arms. Just like I’d been.

Early the next day I saw Cindy go and make breakfast for them both as Mrs Eldrick got out all the stuff Cindy was going to wear and it looked depressingly familiar. That special suit, the lovely underwear and the stunning bridal gown that I definitely thought was better than mine was. Lucky cow I thought as Cindy came in with the toast and jam, staring at the gown saying it was the most beautiful thing in the world. She asked where it had come from and Harriet replied that was what her business was, selling bridal and eveningwear and that was the first time she’d ever spoken about her job. Once they’d eaten Cindy was ordered to put on a kimono and led outside and I followed them on camera, seeing Miss Robinson in that silky nightgown, the hem swishing so seductively round her ankles. A feeling that I’d loved since I was a little girl but would sadly never feel again.

Once more I saw Harriet showing Cindy round the garden she’d actually tended this year and at least she’d made a better job than I’d done. I saw the rather baffled expression on the youngsters’ face as she had things pointed out even though she must know them so well and they were out there for a very long time. Occasionally they kissed and once I saw Cindy with her head buried in Harriet’s shoulder and crying too it was probably Mrs Eldrick giving her that same pep talk we’d all received. Yes it appeared so as they returned to the kitchen hand in hand and Cindy cleared up all the stuff used this morning then began to make the lunch. Miss Robinson having been told to imagine this was her ‘last ever meal’ and I wept at the thought, Cindy however just laughed and got some stuff out of the freezer.

That was a surprise and a break from an assumed routine. Harriet had given me lobster as my last meal. Cindy as an apparent footie fan wanted nothing more than a plate of pie mash and mushy peas rather than fine food that would be ordered in. She was a good cook and the outside stuff had gradually been replaced by what Cindy made. That made Harriet laugh though I smiled on seeing her look of dismay at eating mushy peas once the plate had been laid on her mat. They are an acquired taste that seemingly she didn’t have but gamely she put them down then tucked into the dessert. After that was cleared away Cindy was ordered to bathe and wash her hair so she headed off while Harriet came down to us. Again we were warned not to say anything or else and once more Jesse and I assured her we would not. When your life depends on it there ain’t much else you can do and we watched silently as Mrs Eldrick tested everything, the hoist and all the electric’s and the screen that she placed in Cindy’s coffin lid. .

Meanwhile up at the house her newest victim was shuddering at the thought of wearing that gown and I saw her fingers running all over it. Admiring the high neck that mine didn’t have and the sleeves that would encircle her wrists right above where the discrete handcuffs would be applied. Having got her hair almost dried she began to get dressed, slipping on the pure white lingerie. Though I could already see she’d totally forgotten about the ‘skin-suit’ hanging by the door and this would get her into trouble. Harriet came in as Cindy was struggling with the finely boned corset and immediately spotted the mistake. “Cindy love please stop right there, you silly girl you forgot the suit.”

A shame faced Miss Robinson stared then her eyes went down and she burst into tears. “It’s all right honey, I won’t punish you for that” she said, soothing words and an outstretched hand rubbed the trembling shoulders. Cindy quickly stripped off again and reached for the suit but Harriet got there first. Mainly because the catheters were still in the cupboard and she got them out. Cindy’s eyes bulged as she’d only worn them once and hadn’t really enjoyed the experience. I’d give her that and I could feel the pair that were embedded inside my body, one of which was giving me aches and pains that I was planning to use as a ploy to get Harriet to dig me up so she could adjust it. While up of course I’d do my best to escape and then free Jessica and Carrie and then... sorry I was just hoping there. 

Oh so carefully they were inserted but the ‘lucky’ bitch got a proper vibrator too. I saw Cindy wince as the food tube was placed up her nose and down the throat, causing her to cough and I sympathised. She asked why this was necessary then agreed that she didn’t want to starve this weekend. Next came the suit that I heard her be informed was an orgasm one, allowing the victim to ‘endure’ countless climaxes generated by the machine whose wires were leading out of the suit’s side and would be plugged into the coffin. “But there are no plugs in that” Cindy said, pointing to the door that led to the black casket. I shuddered when Mrs Eldrick replied with a beaming smile that she’d bought a new…very special one and dear Cindy had the opportunity to be the first (and only I thought) to have a go in it. Because she’d be in there for a while this one had all sorts of things to keep Miss Robinson happy. “Oh thank you,” she gushed coming over and smothering Harriet with kisses.

Gradually the lingerie was applied and I winced at Cindy’s expression when that corset was laced up. This was something I’d not been given and there was a brief burst of jealousy from me. It gave Miss Robinson a truly stunning hourglass figure that I’d love to have had on myself and now never would. Finally Cindy smiled as Harriet helped her into the gown, her eyes glistening as Mrs Eldrick drew up the zip almost to the top. And there she ran into a problem, as Cindy was wearing the golden necklace she’d always worn since the day of her arrival. Apparently this was the only thing of her mothers’ that had been given to the girl after her parents were killed and she’d sworn never to take it off.

Cindy was running her gloved hands all over the dress saying that Mrs Eldrick was so clever if this was what she made. That made Harriet smile and then asked the youngster if she was interested in doing a bit of modelling. “What wearing things like this. Well yes I would, it does feel so good” Mrs Eldrick smiled and a deal was struck that next weekend she’d bring a selection of dresses home for Cindy to be photographed in. Harriet was good with a camera so they’d be no danger of a stranger being on the premises. Thought my heart was breaking at the way Mrs Eldrick was spinning Cindy along. “Could you take one of me now?” she asked.

Harriet knew the collar in the coffin would not fit around Cindy’s neck with the chain there. Also the top of the Victorian style dress would cover it. Taking a deep breath Harriet gently told her that the necklace was a problem and what could be done about it. Cindy paused, her fingers shooting to the chain and rubbing it. “But I never take this off” she said eventually and even from here I could see tears beginning to well up. “Honey this weekend was to have been so special. Now I don’t think you can do it. Such a shame too” Harriet said, an easy way of persuading people swung into action, just the way she’d coaxed me too and once more it worked…damn her. “No…I’ve got it” Cindy said suddenly and then amazingly she took the chain off. Then her hands reached out and Harriet never flinched when Miss Robinson put it round her neck.

“There, you’ve given me so much these last few months,” she said, eyes running over with tears, “Now it’s my turn to give something back. Just promise me you’ll look after it the way you’re doing to me”. That was the most amazing thing a person had ever done to Harriet Eldrick and this time it was she, who burst into tears, so she was human after all. Cindy licked them away and they had another kissing session before Harriet looked at her watch. “Right missy,” she smiled “time for your treat of treats” and the dress was done up to the nape of her neck. That making me grimace as her mind went back to the plan of burying Cindy next to me.

Cindy Robinson looked stunning once her heavy make-up had been applied, her toes and fingernails, now under the suit had already been painted a glossy black rather than my dark red, also hers didn’t seem to be hurting so that was interesting. I even wondered if Harriet was only going to give her the weekend, rather than the years I was about to endure. Long silk gloves were applied over her sleeves and she found the button that would operate the cameras that she didn’t know existed. Harriet fobbed off her question saying it was the override switch for the orgasm suit if it got too much. Once more Mrs Eldrick skilfully lying to ease her charges into a false sense of security. Just like she’d done to us and actually I admired the nerve required to pull this off for a fourth time.

Last for Cindy was a pair of white stiletto shoes with an ankle strap that Mrs Eldrick applied. Also taking the time to slide up a blue garter up her leg and stroking her finely honed thigh. Making our now blushing bride shiver and a smile of almost ecstasy crossing her pretty face. “There my love…you’re almost so perfect”. That making the youngster frown. “But a bride is always perfect on her big day, even if she is to end it in a coffin” she replied. Harriet chuckled and said normally that’d be the case but the finishing touches were to be done ‘At the graveside’. I wept at that knowing a death mask was waiting somewhere in the shed and Cindy would only find that out once she was strapped in…probably screaming too though I doubted it. This lassie was unreal at what she’d endured over these last few months. Now she was about to take the plunge deep into the unknown…

…Well all three or four feet of it anyway.  

Unlike myself Harriet didn’t cuff Cindy in her bedroom but made the lassie wait while she slipped on a scarlet full-length gown that matched the coffin awaiting her victim, again being complemented on her dressmaking skills. Once dressed the couple embraced but didn’t kiss as Harriet said she could spoil such a lovely bride. She took the requested photos and they came downstairs, Harriet first, taking shot after shot as Cindy ‘made a grand entrance’. Sweeping downstairs in her gown and along the hallway. With that they walked out of view and I frantically flicked through the cameras till I caught them outside coming down the garden hand in hand towards the shed. All the time Mrs Eldrick was talking and I saw Cindy pause, as the gate was unlocked with a key that came from an evening style clutch bag being held by the older woman. “But you said I could never…” she said having not followed her up the path so Harriet stopped and went back to the gate. Taking Cindy so gently by the hand and leading her her doom.

The expression on Cindy’s face was probably like mine had been on entering as the shed was still chock full of flowers. “Always wondered where these came from” Cindy said walking round the rows of shelves by the door, pointing at a row of pot plants that were the same as she’d been given last week to plant in the Rose garden, her nose went right up and sniffed. “Hmmm they’re lovely” she said, her voice almost dreamlike. “Yeah well I do like the odd surprise love. And here is your own my Princess. What do you think of that then?” Mrs Eldrick exclaimed having put the spotlight on, showing a scarlet coffin in all its glory. “Oh wow. It’s wonderful. Simply wonderful and…all mine?” Cindy said with the first trace of nerves that I’d seen.

“Yes my lovely. It’s all yours for this…very special weekend.”

Never did I want to scream more at that moment and I imagined Jessica watching next door, wondering if either of us would crack or try to call out a warning. But nothing happened and I saw Harriet smile as Cindy reached across and patted the thing that would soon hold her captive forever. “Hmmm it looks very nice inside” she said, her hand touching one of the straps and patting the thick satin cushions that lay from end to end. I was now in tears as I saw her eyes gleaming at the idea of being tied down in here. The suit and vibrator giving her countless orgasms as she helplessly thrashed about…well she would think that wouldn’t she?

Harriet was preparing a small posy of silk flowers that she was about to hand over but then paused. I saw those eyes gleaming again and knew Cindy had less than an hour left above ground before her lover betrayed her. “Come to me my love” she said in that hypnotic voice and like us before Cindy obeyed and was told ‘her scene’ was now ready to enjoy. Miss Robinson smiled and they embraced, hands stroking the other, kissing passionately for what seemed like ages before they broke off. “Now your lippy is in a state” she was told and Harriet reached for her bag and reapplied the strangely black lipstick that Cindy liked and had requested just like her now hidden nails.

“It’s time honey for you to start your eternal rest” she was told and I was quietly weeping in frustration as she was so carefully laid out in her coffin. “Oh that’s so good” she gushed, wriggling around for a moment as Harriet stood there, probably unable to believe how well this one was going.

Mrs Eldrick leaned in and began her tasks. Plugging in all the tubes that would keep her victim alive then moving on. I cursed as she briefly got in the way of the overhead camera but I’d already seen Cindy’s bindings were different from mine. There was a thick white steel collar with its broach. Then there were the two for the ankles, and thighs. But first to be done was one that thankfully I didn’t have. This one was brought round Cindy’s slim waist at the narrowest part almost like another corset, it looked like white leather with satin pads over the top and steadily Harriet began sewing the laces upward. “Ouf that’s so tight” Cindy said, looking down and actually holding the edges closer so her ‘captor’ could make it better and finally it was done to just under the bulge of those breasts she’d loved toying with. She made the bow tight and gave the nipple on each side a tweak. Cindy squealed and wriggled a bit with a broad smile on her face. It also proved to Harriet that with this binding on there’d be no trouble from her prize now.

Miss Robinson’s gown had already been altered and Harriet’s hands vanished up the dress and attached the thigh bindings and I could see Cindy already trembling. “Oh yes, “ she moaned softly as her legs were caressed, she was certainly enjoying this and then her ankles too were secured. She was told to move and did try but said it was almost impossible as Mrs Eldrick arranged the dress. I saw a brief scowl and guessed Harriet had forgotten her needle and thread as she’d looked around for it. Next in was the one I feared most, the collar and even from the tiny microphone I heard the clicking as the two inch thick steel band encircled Cindy’s neck.

There was another moan of joy and Harriet leaned in and kissed the end of her nose, asking the girl if she was enjoying herself. She nodded with some difficulty due to the collar and told Mrs Eldrick it was a little too tight. Harriet pressed a little button and it popped open again. Second time Cindy said stop when it was tight enough not to be uncomfortable. She was asked if that was any better and soon got an agreement, then said the words Harriet secretly wanted to hear. “Hmmm this is so good I might want to stay in here for a wee bit longer. It’s just so perfect. Please Harriet, will you let me? I want to make you happier than you’ve ever been before”. She reached up and gently touched Harriet’s face hoping for an agreement.

NO NO NO you stupid stupid child I wept hearing this and I assumed Jessica was doing the same next door as our silly girl talked herself out of her freedom. Even Harriet paused for quite a while, the satin covered handcuffs in her hands. “Are you saying this just for my benefit or yours?” she was asked, a smile breaking over the older woman’s face as she kissed Cindy’s gloved hands.

Tears once more prickled Cindy’s eyes as she told Harriet how much she’d enjoyed these last few months. They’d been such a change from her life in the cesspool of London and then she went further into her story. How thankful she was when Mrs Eldrick had got her out of that sex club. Bringing her out to the suburbs. Why she’d allowed Harriet to tease her and start playing the bondage games, though not as viscously as had been done in the club where things had frequently got out of hand. She was just thankful and these games, plus acting as her servant and secret lover was a way of paying Mrs Eldrick back for what she’d done.

“You saved my life Harriet and I’d do anything for you, like this we’re doing now. Like the dress photo session next week. It’ll be fun too wearing these gowns, as this one is so beautiful. I wouldn’t suggest putting a photo of a dress like this however” Mrs Eldrick chuckled and sat by the head of the grave and began stroking Cindy’s torso, caressing her breasts and spoke in that hypnotic tone again. “So if this weekend is alright you’d do this again…yes” Miss Robinson replied she would love to and I groaned quietly. “How long then?” came the unspoken challenge “ three…four days or what? Maybe longer perhaps?” and I cringed at the reply.

Miss Robinson stared for a moment. “Well at the moment it feels so good that I’d like longer…much longer but I know you want me to finish planting those garden beds next week. If that goes well and the modelling session is done then we’ll see. But really it’s down to you. You’d be the lonely one in that big old bed without me, and who’s going to make your breakfast and do the washing and all the other stuff? Plus the grass needs doing at least once a week if not more. Are you prepared for an outsider, man or woman to come in and start poking about your place? You didn’t even trust me at first!”

That made Harriet really laugh and she vanished from Cindy’s view for a moment. I was horrified to see a bag and assumed it contained her death mask. Whatever Miss Robinson had just said really she was going down for good and today. Firstly the secret cuffs were applied and locked around her wrists. Harriet checked they were double locked like mine and I was weeping as she handed over the posy and arranged it to cover up the fact her bride was handcuffed. Then she leaned in and did up the first of the arm bindings, these were much thicker than mine and stretched from elbow to armpit with a buckle at each end. Again once both were done she asked Cindy to move around a bit but smiled when the reply was “Sorry I can’t now. Not a muscle”.

Now she was told be quiet and did so though I was surprised, I knew Harriet hadn’t done her sewing bit yet so Cindy obviously wasn’t finished. But she was getting out the glass and wine that had made the maudlin talk that had upset me so much. As expected over the next few minutes she told Cindy about death and why it made her so sad to see such a beautiful young woman cut down on her wedding day. Miss Robinson was well into the act and her eyes were closed while Harriet stopped and took a couple of photographs. “You looked almost perfect my Princess, but I’ve got something to fix that right here” she murmured. That made Cindy’s eyes open for a moment and she moved her head a bit, something I knew was about to become impossible as Harriet reached for the velvet bag that lay by the top of the bier.

Cindy apologised for breaking the image and said there was something digging into her upper back and could Harriet get it out. Mrs Eldrick turned away and I thought she scowled, thinking that Cindy was about to back out of the deal after all. She stopped and looked down while Miss Robinson twitched and wriggled her left shoulder though I had to look hard to see any movement. Again she pleaded, saying it would surely only be a moment then she’d promise to be still again, then smiled as Harriet touched the collar button. But it seemed she was telling the truth. Once she’d freed both arms and neck Cindy tried lifting enough, scrunching her shoulder forward for Harriet’s fingers to find the offending object and it was eased out and examined. “Only a bit of gravel love,” she said, tossing it away and Cindy lay back and sighed, “Oh that’s so much better. Thank you,” as she shuffled a moment. The collar was clicked around again her neck and checked by Miss Robinson for tightness. “It probably came off your shoes” was the reply and I guessed she was right as the path outside if I remember was covered in the stuff.  

“A bit like the Princess and the pea eh?” she giggled and Harriet smiled as she refastened the first of the bindings. “Yeah a Princess alright, who is about to go to sleep forever…yes?” Cindy smiled again and then she sighed, saying how happy she was, now she was pleasing Harriet by doing all this. That earned her another kiss on the nose and tweak of nipple. However I was amazed as to what happened next. Harriet’s hands had the other binding and were just about to fasten the upper buckle when to my amazement a mobile phone began to ring in her handbag. I didn’t know she even had one, she’d always denied having a telephone here but now the truth was out and she’d joined the technical revolution after all. She let it ring and then it stopped. So she reached in to bind her victim when the annoying trill came again and this time Harriet really cursed.

Cindy giggled and said something like ‘just for once you could put pleasure before business’ Mrs Eldrick did pause as it stopped but didn’t carry on with securing Miss Robinson. There was a groan of frustration from Cindy, her trying to persuade Mrs Eldrick to finish up. “Come on” she intoned, flexing her left arm to indicate this should be strapped. Then a smile when Harriet reached towards her again and tweaked her nose, saying she really was a naughty girl and should be properly punished today. “Maybe I should go the whole hog and bury you as well. Would that do?” she said and I shuddered. It made Cindy stare in shock for a moment but the phone went off again before anything else was said.

Abruptly she dropped the binding and stood up and now she definitely was scowling, as the bag was pulled open and the offending phone was extracted. She looked at the number on the screen and almost dropped the thing in shock. Stabbing a button she began to talk quite loudly and I felt sorry for the poor person on the other end.

“Dawn,” she snapped, “I told you to never, ever call me at home on a Friday. You know I always have things to do on that day and I…” she said then paused, as the girl at the other end must have interrupted her. Be careful love, I thought or you’ll end up in here with us.

“WHAT,” she squealed and dropped the glass which shattered on the path, making Cindy’s eyes open again and I swear she jumped too. “But what about the building, you mean there’s…oh my god…yes I’m sorry I snapped at you honey. Yes I’ll come straight away. Bye hon” and with that down went the phone and she stood there actually dithering for a moment. I’d certainly never seen her act this way before and even Cindy looked up in surprise at what happened next.

“Cindy love,” she said at last, “I’m afraid I need to dash off for an hour or so. There’s been a fire at the shop and the place is damaged. Can you wait here”. That made Cindy chuckle, “Yeah I can do that, hope things aren’t too bad at the shop. All those pretty dresses gone?” Mrs Eldrick said it appeared so. “But if you just do up the other binding before you go…” But Harriet interrupted her. “Thanks love but not yet. Sorry but I’ve really got to dash” She hurried over to the bench and grabbed her handbag and a device that looked like the TV remote. Coming back she slipped it into Cindy’s fingers and told her it was the control for her vibrator. Miss Robinson could have a bit of fun while she was out. “Couldn’t you pleeeaase finish the binding first then shut the lid. It won’t take more than a minute” Cindy whined but Harriet said no as there was much more than that to do, making me groan as the stupid girl talked away. Mrs Eldrick did agree to close the top but said she couldn’t lock it just yet. “Oh ok then, that’ll have to do” Came a resigned sigh.

Down it went and then she hurried out, not even stopping to lock the door. I flicked through the range of cameras and chuckled seeing her trying to run in her gown and heels. Doing what so many women eventually do and kicked off her shoes and leaving them there, lifted the hem of her dress then sprinted away. A turn of speed that did impress me, just wish I could run again and it wouldn’t be into her house either. Into the residence she went and up to the bedroom. The dress was hurriedly removed, flinging it on the bed and she brought out her usual smart trouser suit, this was applied and then down she came and vanished from view and I assumed she’d be racing away in one of the classic Astons she owned.

Silence had fallen on the shed though I was delighted that a thrush was singing away outside. I could hear it’s call and almost imagined myself walking through the garden in a long summer dress with it swishing round my bare legs. Feeling the hot sun on my face and admiring the place that I’d inherited. Knowing that Jessica and Cindy were free, safe and happy living here with me, my two wonderful girlfriends sharing our lives and my bed. Helping to nurse poor Carrie back to good health. All the time while Mrs Bloody Eldrick lay ‘in repose’ in her own shed. Just a shame it would never ever happen…

…Or so I thought.

A squealing from Cindy’s coffin interrupted my reverie; I assumed the cow had got the vibrator going and I listened in envy as the whole thing rocked, seeing it sway on the bier. Just for once I imagined a warm cock driving into my body and incredibly felt myself becoming wet. Gradually I began humping my back a bit and despite the discomfort of not having moved for so long my body began to respond. Faster I went and although the posts pulled my earlobes badly I was soon getting towards a moment of magic, then it came… Oh that was wonderful as the sensations erupted through my body for the second time in a week and I silently thanked Cindy for getting me into the mood.

A mood which was waiting for Mrs Eldrick to return and give Miss Robinson the news. But as it got darker I wondered where Harriet was. She’d promised to only be an hour or so and eventually I went off to sleep rather disappointed. Waking up the next morning with the sunshine pouring in through the open door I checked the cameras and Cindy was still above ground. Harriet obviously had not come home so I assumed the fire was more serious than the caller had said and she was sorting it all out.

All that day I waited, listening in envy as Cindy rocked and squealed her way through enough orgasms that I really felt envious. How could one girl be so lucky? Though having broken my duck I did have two more during the afternoon though my ears were burning like hell from the stretching.

It was as night was approaching that I suddenly saw movement from Cindy’s coffin, with the amazing sight of the lid rising up and her torso now miraculously free from the bindings, the collar open and her face looking around for the absent Harriet. The lid dropped open fully and she reached down, hoiking her dress and the copious petticoats up, freeing both thigh bindings then moving down to her ankles and moments later she was getting out with some difficulty due to the handcuffs.

I just couldn’t believe how she’d done it, then remembered that her left arm hadn’t been strapped down like the other. Somehow the contortionist in her had reached over despite the cuffs and released the other side. With that done she’d found the button to get the collar open, undone the lacing on the coffin corset and finally get the lid up. How lucky was that I thought, but wondered what Mrs Eldrick would do on finding out Cindy had ‘escaped’. Stupidly however it never occurred for me to scream because I assumed the laptop was still recording and we’d be punished when Harriet returned.

She looked around after a long stretch and espied the handcuff keys on the bench and I watched as she tried to free her hands. The clever girl soon realised the cuffs were not that flexible and put the key into the vice on the workbench. She got the padding up and moments later they fell off her wrists and she began to rub them. After that she looked around the room briefly, walking around and that dress did look so good on her as she sniffed a few flowers but didn’t pay attention to the humps that lay under all the cloths. Then she turned off the spotlight and walked away. I followed her back to the house, she picked up Harriet’s abandoned shoes and I watched as she went to their bedroom and got undressed. Hanging everything carefully away then she went into the bathroom, only emerging a long while later.

Cindy Robinson then looked for ‘that’ nightgown, the girl smiling on finding it and having got herself dressed she brushed her long black hair, easing it into a ponytail then lay on the bed. With the vibrator in hand she lifted the hem and proceeded to give herself one hell of a session that I watched and then came myself. Having cleaned up again she grabbed the big teddy bear that sat on the spare sofa. It was almost as big as her, then she dressed it in Harriet’s purple silk nightdress then slipped under the duvet cradling the thing in her arms, no doubt wanting Mrs Eldrick to be there holding her. How sweet I thought wishing that were myself.

The following day dawned and Cindy stirred quite early on, yawning happily as she got up and made the bed like the good servant she was before going downstairs and doing her breakfast. Just as she’d finished her head shot up and I saw her move towards the hall. Cindy hurried up and unlocked the door and I was amazed to see two police officers there. She bid them enter and they followed her back into the lounge. There she sat down while the lady came across and was soon beside her. I was simply horrified when the man told her Harriet’s car had crashed on the way home and she was now critically ill in hospital.

‘Oh my God NOoooo’ I thought, selfishly worrying about the machines that kept us alive rather than her. All sorts of questions now were flooding my brain. was there enough food and water to keep us going and would the air machine ever stop? I began to cry and this time I actually heard Jessica scream too, imagining her thrashing helplessly in her bonds. The first time I’d ever heard her directly through the five feet of earth that separated us and she wailed for what seemed hours before her voice faded. The lady, who said her name was Susan, was comforting a sobbing Cindy. She asked the girl what relation she was to Mrs Eldrick and got the reply that she was her live-in servant and there were, as far as she knew no living relations. The officers told her they needed a signature of consent so operations could be done on Harriet and Cindy said gladly. She’d sign anything needed to keep her boss alive.

Cindy got them to tell her how bad Harriet’s injuries were and I cried when it appeared Mrs Eldrick was in serious danger. They told Miss Robinson they’d wait while she dressed then take her to the hospital to do all the paperwork. This was agreed and she clattered downstairs in one of Harriet’s smart dresses, small heels and a handbag that was likely to contain very little apart from a purse and usual stuff. It was rather embarrassing when the officers asked about keys and Cindy admitted she’d not left the house all year. They stared at the lassie then shrugged their shoulders and told her they’d detail someone to keep an eye on the property as it was unlocked.

The house was silent for the next day or so, certainly two nights passed then I awoke and saw Cindy in the kitchen weeping hysterically, head in hands at the table. My heart chilled and I assumed Harriet was either dead or so badly hurt she’d not be home for months. That really was it, we three out here were doomed to die unless we could somehow attract Cindy’s attention. But how on earth would that be possible? I assumed like us Harriet had warned her never to poke her nose in here, that gate was always locked anyway. Also the way she’d stopped there when Mrs Eldrick had brought her here.

All that day I kept thinking those damning thoughts, the slight noise of the fan blowing air into my coffin and I listened intently in case there was any change. Worst of all while flicking through the cameras again I saw Harriet’s clutch bag on the chair next to her, the one she’d had while taking Cindy to her grave. Also there in a black case was the laptop that controlled our lives and I prayed she wasn’t about to switch it on and start playing with the systems.

To my horror that was EXACTLY what Miss Robinson did, plugging the electric cable into the power socket nearby then hit the on button. It flashed up and she tapped in a password. I was curious, how the hell did Cindy know Harriet’s stuff? If the woman were that badly hurt she certainly wouldn’t be able to tell Miss Robinson anything. She bashed away on the keyboard for a while then began playing what looked like a game and I breathed a sigh of relief.

Cindy played for an hour or so then switched off and made some lunch and it looked a damn sight better than the liquid protein we received. But then having cleaned the kitchen and done some other chores she returned to the computer again. Waiting for the thing to warm up she settled down with a coffee. Once the screen was glowing I saw her flicking through various files and knew that she must find our system bits surely?

Quite suddenly she touched a key and my face flashed up on the screen, my real face that is, not this damn mask that’s been clamped over it for the last year and I trembled. If she pressed the wrong key now its bye bye Charlotte. She stared at my face for a moment and I wondered whether to try and talk to her.

“Hello Cindy” I said quietly.

Talk about the proverbial ‘jumping six feet in the air’. Cindy leapt to her feet in shock and her pretty face went white rather than its gorgeous tanned colour. She looked at the laptop cautiously then my heart trembled when she leaned in and spoke.

“He…hell…hello”. She replied, “Who…who are you?”

I almost died with relief. If this went well We’d be FREE! Yippee I thought but I knew this had to be done so carefully. If I said the wrong thing she might think this was a sick joke and cut me out and turn the machine off and we’d all die.

“Cindy my name is Charlotte Smith, I’m a friend of Harriet’s. Can you tell me what’s up with her? I’ve been waiting for a phone call from her for a couple of days now”. She paused then told me about stuff I mostly already knew but not the fact Mrs Eldrick was on life support and in a coma. That was it and I again heard Jessica screaming next door though thankfully it wasn’t loud enough for her to hear. I continued our chat then she suddenly asked me how I knew Harriet. Now came the crucial point.

“I used to be her housekeeper for about a year or so” I replied, and that actually was the truth though I hadn’t done that good a job. “Yeah,” she replied, “That’s what I do now…amongst other things” I smiled in the coffin and then wondered if she’d enlighten me and happily she did. “Oh yeah, like what? Dear Harry still playing her games?” I said in jest and saw her stiffen for a moment. “Charlie…” she said slowly, “Did Harriet ever…no actually I shouldn’t” she paused. “Are you about to ask about those ‘games’? You seem to know about them” and this time she hugged herself as I chuckled then a gentle smile appeared and I knew the ice was melting. “Hmmm yes, you know about them yes?” I replied I did and she said how strange they were but she enjoyed them because it made Harriet happy when she took an active part.

“They were a bit weird though, all that death stuff but I do enjoy them. Only yesterday Harriet and I were…” and there she stopped and I saw her head go down. “Come on love, don’t be shy. I understand all about them because I used to play too”. “You did?” she squealed and now there was a beaming smile. “I don’t suppose you’re close to here are you? Could you come round? I’d like to meet you face to face, and then I’ll take you to see her in hospital. If you know her that well it might make her better”

My heart was really going for it now and I imagined Jessica might be feeling the same way, as she was no longer yelling. “Tell you what love I’m a little ‘tied up’ at the moment” I replied and I saw her head droop and knew I had to get her down here damn quick. “But you could do me a massive favour” and she looked puzzled.

“What did you say you were doing yesterday? Was it the old coffin routine again?” this time she gave a laugh and I knew I’d done it now. We were safe.

“Yeah it was. She dressed me up in a gown. Very nice one too,” she said and I confirmed yes Harriet was a dressmaker and a very good one too. “This time we were going to play in her shed. The one that I and I assume you weren’t allowed to go near”. “The green one with the black gate?” and she nodded.

“Sounds about right. I was only allowed in the once,” I said and now there was a flicker of interest. “Did you have a nice dress on?” she asked and I confirmed that, saying it had been a very pretty bridal outfit and that making her smile again with a sigh. “How far into the game did you get?” I asked and she told me about all the strapping down, ending with the phone call that had interrupted the session at the crucial moment. I was trying to think about how to get her to come when she said something else.

“I think I did upset her after lying down however. She had to free a binding ‘cause of some gravel. I think she thought I’d want out. To chicken out from the weekend altogether. All she did was shut the lid and leave me there in the dark. Was fun though ‘cause I had a vib…” she stopped with a laugh and squirmed in her seat. “Hmmm sound’s like Harriet hasn’t changed then bless her, it was fun when I did it too”.

Now she really was interested and asked me what was the longest I’d ever played the game and I knew we, Jessica Carrie and myself had reached break point. “I tell you what love there’s something I should tell you,” I said but it was her turn to interrupt as she carried on her tale. “Actually Harriet did get a bit upset with me. She joked at one point that I’d been a real naughty girl and she’d bury me. It got me a bit scared but then the phone had rung and off she went. Because she didn’t finish the binding I was able to get out, then Friday the coppers came to tell me. That’d be a bit much, to be there for more than a weekend. I did say I’d like longer but really I’m not sure. How long was the most you did?”

Crunch time.

“Cindy, can I let you into a secret. One that you shouldn’t tell Harriet that you know till I’ve spoken to her myself after we’ve been to the hospital” She nodded and now was my chance. “Take the laptop very carefully down to her shed. Plug it in to a power point then we’ll talk again…can you do that love. It’s very important”. Cindy thought for a moment then nodded. “Yeah I can do that. I’ll shut down then bring this to the shed. Yes?” I agreed but made sure she selected my icon rather than the other two. “I’ll tell you about the others when you’re there Ok?” She acknowledged and I saw her shut the little laptop down and head off.

With the machine quiet I yelled in delight, tears streaming down my face and I assumed Jessica and maybe even Carrie were doing the same.

Down she came, almost skipping in joy at the fact one of Harriet’s friends was about to get her through this crisis. She dashed in and hurried to the bench and plugged in the laptop, switched it on and I waited patiently managing to control myself as she tapped my icon.

“Charlie,” she said quietly, “Are you still there love” and I replied yes, her head bowing slightly in relief “Now why did you want me to be here rather than the house. This isn’t right. I was specifically told never to come in here on my own” I paused for a moment. “Cindy it’s really vital that you do as I ask. Can you do this please honey. I promise you’ll never get into trouble yes?” and she nodded. “Ok then. Describe what you see in front of you. What do you see there”. Startled she eventually said it was a rather messy shed with a grass floor, footpath round the side and with her coffin on a little platform. 

Having done that I asked her to look at her coffin a bit closer and she did, caressing the sides and I saw her smile at the memories of yesterday. “Now look underneath it” I ordered and again she complied. “Oh wow,” she gasped, “It’s hollow under there. I don’t think it’s the six feet but there’s a space there. I don’t understand this,” Cindy said and now I saw her shaking. “This is a bit weird, she joked that she wanted to bury me because I’d been a naughty girl. I was only supposed to be locked in the coffin for a weekend. But this looks…looks a bit more…oh my god…no…no way” and now she started crying and I let her work it out of her system.

“Charlie, this is worrying me now. It looks like this was a permanent thing. Did she really mean what she said about ‘eternal rest’ and so on. That she wanted me in here for all time” and again she started to sob, those tears flowing faster when I replied it appeared so. “Oh no,” she wailed, “That’s so horrible. I cannot believe this. She was about to betray me” Cindy flopped down on the floor and banged the grass in anger. “Perhaps I ought to torch this place so she never can. I’ll leave it blazing then run away and go…I don’t know where”.

“NO Cindy,” I yelled, “For gods sake don’t do that please. Please love I’m begging you not to do that” I pleaded. “Why,” she replied, “This is a hateful place and deserves to go. Maybe I’ll do the house as well. But Charlie, why not?” I paused and knew this was it. “Cindy I played out there once like you, though we went further ‘cause Harriet didn’t have a phone back them. I wore a pretty gown like you did, but we did go further, much further. Harriet did bury me, we did the whole routine like you were about to”

Now she was curious rather than angry and she picked up the laptop and cradled it in her arms. “How long was it before she dug you up. A couple of days or a week or what?” I was seconds from breaking down at the thought this was about to end. “Even longer, surely not?” she eventually said.

“Cindy love…Harriet never did…I’m still there. Strapped down in a coffin and buried alive”

It was almost too much and she screamed in horror and the laptop wobbled alarmingly. “Oh no,” she screeched, “That’s horrible. How long then, ‘cause I’ve been here nearly a year and not… NO. Don’t tell me you’ve been there a YEAR!” There was a pregnant pause then I calmly replied. “Yes love, Harriet buried me over a year ago. She did the full routine the way yours is going. I’ve been watching it all on a TV screen on my lid. I’ve watched your relationship develop. The start of the games and all that was leading up to this weekend. Your last weekend as the free, happy, very pretty girl that I know you are” and as I went on, we were both in tears that lasted till she dried up.

“I’ll sort this out, I’ll rescue you love” she said, a note of purpose in her voice, “Tell me where you are. Is it close?” I had to laugh as she was actually sitting on top of me. “Yes love, shift your butt forwards and lift that sheet to your left” she did and uncovered my headstone. Then she moved across and did the one where her coffin was. “Oh god,” she shrieked, reading ‘CINDY’ in those carved letters with last Friday’s date and again she shook with anger. “The cow, I’ll get her for this” and so on.

I managed to break her tantrum and warned the girl that exhuming me wasn’t going to be as easy as it sounded. For a start she had to be careful where the shovel went or she’d cut the wires and kill me. The only thing at the moment that’d stop me in my tracks was the fact she’d check the other two stones in the row, see they’d been there even longer and try to rescue them first. Selfishly I was only thinking about me and the fact if she dug Carrie out without warning the shock would kill the girl. Cindy might have second thoughts and assume we were ‘damaged beyond saving’ and burn the place as promised.

“Get a pen and write this all down,” I ordered and she complied and I told her exactly what she had to do. That she should carefully pull back the turf and store it because once free I was planning to rebury the emptied coffin. Harriet would be thinking nothing had changed but the communications would no longer work. “Oh I can fix that” she said but didn’t elaborate. She did as ordered though she did strip off her dress first and I made her chuckle on saying she had a lovely body. Cindy even did a twirl for me and now she was happy that a good turn was being done. The turf was stacked away and then got to work with a shovel. Being very careful to pile the earth on a sheet where it’d not show marks on the path. Finally I could actually hear the digging till there was a thump and scraping on the coffin lid, and it sounded so good I can tell you. I burst into tears and so did she again.

Cindy was shocked but she diligently worked on, resting now and again as I ordered, saying I’d waited so long another few minutes wouldn’t hurt. She laughed at that and I hoped Jessica would know her turn would be soon. Miss Robinson eventually cleared everything from the lid and now paused, trying to work out how to get the thing up. Hunting around she found some straps and managed with some difficulty to get her hands down the side and feed them round the handles. She took her coffin off the bier and moved the whole things across and attached the straps to it. “OK love, here goes and she pressed the button. I squealed on feeling the thing move and my heart leapt as the TV screen showed the magical sight of my coffin rising out of my grave. By now I was in tears again and heard the thumping as Cindy stuck the wood underneath then shut down the power.

She was about to open the lid when I yelled “No!” That made her jump and she asked why. I told her that the sudden light on my eyes after virtual darkness for so long would cause huge problems. I told her to wait until it got dark. “But that’s hours away. Can you wait that long?” Again she laughed when I replied another half day wasn’t going to hurt. So we stayed there just a few inches apart just talking and I learned a few more things about her and this time we didn’t need the laptop as I could hear her voice through the air vent. Though she was surprised at how much I’d picked up about the way she liked playing in the coffin.

Eventually I sent her off to get herself some supper and she vanished. Once she was safely in the house I shouted to Jessica that I was out. She could just about hear me and yelled back, it was great news that she’d seen it happening and saying well done too. I told her to be patient and we’d free her and Carrie too. Jessica said she’d be ok if it took a while, even a week or more would be fine. I yelled that I loved her and she did the same then we both cried again. “Have faith girlie”.

Amazingly Cindy came back an hour later with of all things the wedding dress, her high heels plus the vibrator! “I hope you don’t mind but as this is the last time I plan to do this so want to make it a good one,” she said heading for the red coffin. I watched enthralled as she got changed, she already had stockings on but not the bodysuit. Burying the vibrator into her panties then slipped on all the petticoats and gown and zipped it up, lastly putting her shoes on. Then she jumped in, strapping her ankles and thighs up really tight. Did the corset till I could see it digging in then did the neck collar too. She did try doing the arm bindings but a squeal from me saying she’d dare not get stuck there stopped that, nor did I allow her to handcuff herself and they got dropped outside. Finally she grabbed the remote control and slammed the one-piece lid closed. My heart flipped when I saw the brass crank at the bottom move across, praying it hadn’t just locked and entombed her thus dooming us in the process.

Minutes later the thing was rocking and the squealing was something else. On and on it went for nearly an hour before I saw the lid twitch. You can imagine my shock on seeing the crank move again and my heart stopped when she screamed for a moment. “OH SHIT CHARLOTTE, I’m stuuuckk. Oh Noooo!” she yelled and I was already sobbing at being so close yet so far. Then thankfully after another rocking session it moved right back and the lid flew open and her rather red and tearful face emerged. This time she almost leapt out of the thing, stripped off and lay down beside me, crying and doing her very best to apologise. She could hear the pain in my voice as I’d yelled and knew she was in trouble with me.

This went on for a while till she dried up again. I promised that once I was free we’d play together but do it safely. Then she could have a good time yet always have a ‘safety’ at the end, that earned my lid a kiss and she told someone she’d not yet met that she loved them! We patiently waited until it got dark now came the moment of truth. I’d already warned her about the mask I wore saying hers was in the velvet bag and she dug it out then tried it over her face and strapped it on. Her shaken expression on taking it off was a picture and I knew that she’d have struggled frantically when Harriet tried to place it there for all time.

Finally with her watch approaching eleven PM she told me it was time and turned all the lights off. I heard her turning the crank above my head. Then with a horribly loud craaack she slowly opened the lid. Even the pale moon shining through the door was bright and I squealed, thankfully she saw this, sliding a bit of paper over the mask. The smell of flowers was so good and I burst into tears joined by her as well. “Oh Cindy,” I wept, “Oh thanks love,” and I was shaking as she reached in and touched my torso. Never had I cried so much with her hand gently stroking me, a squeeze of a nipple made me jump but at least I was being touched by a human.

Now she had another job to do and oh so carefully she released the nylon straps over my arms, wincing as I screamed with the pressure being lifted after so long. Ankles and thighs too were done and she said how stupid she’d been just now but I refrained from scolding her. There’d be time for that later and she worked on, pulling the hem threads out and that was it down below. Last to do was the painful one and that involved snipping the posts off either side of the earlobes. I’d worry about getting the debris off once I was out of the coffin. She lifted the mask away and gasped at my face. “Oh Charlotte you’re so pretty anyway. How could she do this?” And I smiled through the tears and told her why Harriet had wanted the mask, saying I’d eventually age and not look good. Now all I had to do was try and move. She’d forgotten the collar and quickly eased the buckle open and the job was done.


Of course it wasn’t going to be that easy and I screamed the first time I tried to move. Eventually I told her she’d best go to bed and I’d gradually get my muscles into working order. As expected she refused and said she’d sleep here alongside me though she did dress again in her wedding gown, even lying in her coffin though this time she didn’t strap herself in and the lid was definitely left OPEN. “You are a bondage…slut” I said and she grinned at me then laughed and it was the best sound I’d heard for ages.

Gradually the dawn came up and my eyes adjusted to the light though it was shockingly bright. Cindy awoke and quickly undressed then hurried off and fetched me some sunglasses and water that she rubbed on my parched lips. This were great and she slipped the shades on then tenderly gave me the first kiss I’d had in a year and I wept as our lips met.

After a lot of painful stretching I felt it was time to try and get out but Cindy realised I needed a lot of help and time too. Gradually over a few hours I was eased into a reclining position and the pain as I expected was dreadful. All this time she remained there telling me her life story and so on. We shared the odd kiss and I made her dress up at one point then prance around. She even did a striptease and I found myself getting a bit wet and told her. “Who’s the slut now” she crowed. Finally as night was falling she said it was time I came right out. She’d take me up to the house in the wheelbarrow!

Not my first choice of transport and after a lot of groaning, screaming and suchlike I was aboard and left the shed for the first time in a year. The garden was much as I remembered, my eyesight was so blurred and I could only distinguish stuff within a few yards though this would improve. I told her about my last fateful walk, her replying yes Harriet had done the same and I told her again that I’d seen it happen on the TV set. Apologising for not trying to warn her by screaming when she’d settled in her coffin.

Into the kitchen we went then I asked her to stop. She did and gave me a glass of water that my throat almost rejected at first. Now she knew how seriously ill I’d become, saying maybe we better call the police in. Startled I said no but refused to elaborate, saying they would be asking too many complicated questions. Cindy was a lot stronger than I assumed and virtually carried my helpless body upstairs then sat me down at the dressing table. I wailed as I looked into the mirror, the sight of MY face was too much and again the tears came.

That night Cindy nursed me constantly, taking nearly an hour to get me undressed and into a bath that never felt so good. My skin was in reasonable condition thanks to the ‘living’ suit but my arms and shoulders ached like hell. Some crushed up painkillers would sort that out and the muscle power was already returning. I was able to remove the catheters though I did ask her to gag me first with a towel. Easing them out caused me agony but finally the last vestige of Harriet’s plan was removed as my ears had already been cleared of the debris. I wept uncontrollably at this and she wiped the tears away as she washed my body from head to foot.

Incredibly my legs were ok after the bath and with her help I very unsteadily got to my feet. Though I walked out of the bathroom I had little control and stumbled forward but thankfully landed on the bed, weeping as the pain tried to finish me off. Cindy was a godsend and carefully towelled me down then found me a dress to wear but I declined it, asking instead for the white silk one on the door. She looked a bit crestfallen, planning to wear that herself till I told her this was the one I’d worn for the ‘last’ day of my old life. Thus I wanted to wear it for the first time in my ‘new’ as well. She agreed then helped me into it. I was already sobbing as the zip went up to my neck and I was ready to go to sleep a free woman. Gently she settled me down and tucked my aching body up then slid in alongside me, saying she’d be there if I needed her. She leaned in and we kissed long and slow before the light was knocked off

I slept like a log that first wonderful night and actually felt pretty good first thing the next day. Despite the limited movement in the coffin I’d managed to keep myself taut, stretching the muscles where possible and the benefits were now paying off. I was able to reach over and touch Cindy’s body. She awoke immediately and smiled at me. Oh it was so good as she wriggled closer and our lips met. Her arms too came and wrapped me in a loving embrace and I began to cry as the emotions got too much.

We kissed and cuddled each other for hours and it felt so good but I also knew Jessica was waiting.

“Time to get up,” I said, determined to do it today but my body betrayed me and I flopped backwards, wincing at the pain but needing to get up all the same. I realised I was bloody hungry but the chance of my stomach accepting solids was remote. Cindy said she’d go food shopping and buy some ‘build-up’ supplements that dieters use. High calorie stuff and it’d do me the power of good. I agreed and she escorted me downstairs amazed I could walk almost unaided and finally setting me up in an armchair. My first cup of tea went down great and I knew that at least she’d have no problems with my digestive systems. The only thing that puzzled her was when I asked her to power up the laptop and leave it here. She obeyed then set off out the door. “See ya Charlie” she said, blowing me a kiss and I thought what a lovely girl.

Once she’d gone I contacted Jessica and didn’t we have a good old chat once our tears had passed. I didn’t know she’d heard everything but giggled when she said ‘that Cindy was something else’. “Yeah, she’s a lifesaver and tonight, once I can walk properly we’re coming down for you” But she said no, get yourself fully mobile first and get me out at the weekend because I’d need more help than you. I wept at this but she made me promise, telling me she loved me. That’s great, I thought, two women who love me already. We agreed that it would take a concerted effort from all three of us to get Carrie out, how she would react was yet to be thought of. I also warned Jessica about the pain, telling her to start flexing what muscles she could and that it was going to hurt anyway. “OK got it love. Keep the faith and I’ll see you for real on Saturday.” I heard her blow me a kiss then I shut the system down just five minutes before Cindy returned. The only other thing on the laptop I’d worked out was the intercom set and was able to get Jessica’s and Carrie’s communications paired up. It sounded strange but Jesse said she’d use the next few days trying to alert the other girl that freedom was close. 

That week was one of pure pampering and love from Cindy and she hardly left my side apart from doing the chores and two visits to hospital where Harriet’s condition was not improving. “At least I’ll get the others free first” I murmured to myself. I was now eating omelettes and other soft food type stuff. Apart from one vomiting session early on I kept it all down and the experience was going to be so useful when the others came up. We even managed to make love on the Friday night and by golly it felt good, apart from the fact I was out of practise I think she enjoyed it too.

On Saturday morning we went out for another long walk, as my legs were now strong enough that I could go right round the grounds. I wore that long summer dress I’d promised and it did feel so sexy, the warm wind blowing up my skirt! I cried a bit but Cindy was always there and we kissed a few times and cuddled a lot more. Then she led me back inside for another build up plus sandwiches. But I knew I’d have to tell her soon and the time came after our lunch. She’d been out shopping that morning and I had taken the chance to call Jessica and warn the girl that we’d be in contact straight after the meal.

Having not spoken to Jesse for three days I’d firstly asked if there was any response from Carrie. I was thrilled on finding out Jessica had broken through Carrie’s rhymes early on day two and now ever so slowly the poor girl was responding. After a day of non-stop calling Carrie had suddenly begun talking almost like a normal woman, having realised this was not Harriet trying to trick her. Her TV set had stopped about three months ago apparently and Mrs Eldrick had refused to dig her up to replace it but at least she was still with us. Now three days later was almost normal again. Jessica explained what was about to occur, warning her to move what muscles she could. Amazingly like Jesse had said to me earlier Carrie told Jessica and myself to get ourselves fit first then she’d be ready to be freed too. “She even said I love you both and bye love. It’s wonderful. I guess we’ll soon be wanting her to shut up!” Jesse said excitedly, then had a quick weep and we knew things were now going better than we dreamed was possible.

Sitting in the lounge, her hands stroking my bare legs Cindy suddenly said I’d been talking in my sleep last night. I’d mentioned the name Jessica twice and she wanted to know who she was. I paused then told Miss Robinson to fetch the laptop and set it up. This she did and I ordered her to click the icon with Jessica’s name on it.

I almost thought Cindy was going to explode when I told her that there were two more women waiting to be rescued. Jessica broke in and told her to belt up and listen. Miss Robinson glared daggers at me till Jesse said to her that she was the one who had told me to wait until I was fit. Cindy apologised to both of us and then we chatted for a while longer. Then my heart flipped when another much quieter Scottish voice broke in and I suddenly realised this was Carrie. I’d not turned off her comms and she’d heard our little chat. She spoke for a long time telling us her story and so on. Cindy was heartbroken to find she’d been there THREE years and I saw in her face a very determined look. “Don’t even think about it honey,” I said, knowing she wanted to get Harriet about this, “Let’s get these two up then we’ll have a girlie chat, yes”. They all agreed and Carrie said she’d be ok to wait another few days.

With a sleepless night ahead we got the house tidy then settled down for a rest, lying as expected in each other’s arms, doing our best to get some sleep. The alarm woke us at eight and by nine we were hard at work in the shed. After another chat to the girls we’d got down to the top of Jessica’s coffin and just three hours after starting her lid was opened shortly after midnight. It was a horrible sight knowing she’d been like that for so long and all three of us had a cry. We did the same routine that Cindy had done with me though thanks to the warning Jessica didn’t feel that bad once her restraints were off. She was totally unable to move however and again Cindy was forced to spend the night there. I’d wanted to remain but the pair could see I wasn’t feeling that good and insisted I got more sleep up at the house. Being out-voted I had to leave and spent the rest of that night totally crashed out and realised that I was a long way from the healthy twenty-one year old that I’d been twelve months ago.

I brought the laptop down and spoke to Carrie, who was thrilled Jessica was out and we all had a good chat once I’d returned at six, in time to see Miss Cuthbert already sitting at an angle. She smiled and we shared a weep and a very careful kiss and a cuddle. I sent Cindy off for her sleep shift and spent the next few hours gradually massaging Jessica’s arms and the lower parts of her legs. Once Cindy came in that evening with some build-up stuff for both of us we started the painful journey back to the house. It took another three hours to get Jessica into bed having got the girl cleaned up and this time she wore the white gown for her first freedom night. There wasn’t really enough room for all three of us so I came back to the shed to keep Miss McElwe company.

Jessica Cuthbert was a bloody tough cookie and incredibly she was able to walk the following night. Two more days of nursing by the pair of us was enough and then we were ready to get Carrie. She too had done her exercises and barely three hours after the first sod was lifted we opened the last coffin to discover a stunning redhead. And a lot of red hair it was too as having not been cut for so long she was almost smothered in the stuff. Over the next day we took it in turns to nurse her, Jessica relieving Cindy and myself once she felt OK.

The only problem we had was Carrie’s eyesight and the first day we’d had to blindfold her because the pain was so bad. This lasted till the following day and after a few false starts we were able to dispense with that. Cindy also had to keep going to the hospital to check on our captor in case she came round. Our fear being she’d ask for her laptop so she could check on our status. Quite how she’d think of getting Cindy to top up the food and liquid bins for the coffins without alerting her to our predicament we didn’t know. It was incredibly worrying to think of what would have happened if the accident had occurred with Cindy below ground and helpless. We all had a cry together on knowing we’d have died if that had been the case.

A month later and all four of us, now fully fit and active got some news. The medics were preparing to bring Mrs E round and Cindy was worried about what would happen next. She was there diligently waiting as Harriet rejoined the human race and like the budding actress she’d been did a fine job of over-emotion as Mrs Eldrick came round. She was shocked to find how long she’d been out and Cindy on her return told the three of us she thought Harriet assumed we were all dead. “I could see the pain in her eyes” was the report so maybe she did have some humanity after all.

Now we had to decide what to do. Should we tell her the truth or was Carrie’s plan of getting a “Wee bit of revenge” going a little too far. All four of us had a vote and unfortunately the three of them won. Thus it was assumed that Harriet would, once recovered carry on her plan to bury Cindy in the shed then start looking for a new victim. However this needed some ‘bait’. Carrie’s camera would be out of commission both audio and visual, Jessica’s would be visual only with a dummy replacing her body and mine would be the only fully active one.

I assumed she’d want a dummy in there too and we three would all be hiding in the house somewhere to ambush Harriet at the last stage. However Jesse, Carrie and Cindy knew she was cleverer than that. “Sorry honey…you know what we need you to do” and I wept buckets on realising what Miss McElwe was insinuating, knowing…knowing that I’d…


“No…no…no way,” I wailed as the others sat there looking impassive. But I knew it was the only thing to do. Jesse had been there for two years, Carrie for three so really it was going to be all down to good ol’ me. “Yes love I’m so sorry but yes.” Jessica said and took me into her arms for the longest kiss and cuddling session I thought was possible. Cindy was tightly holding Carrie and they too were in tears. It had been her idea and now even she was regretting it. “Well maybe I could set something up on the computer but if she asks a dummy to move then we’re in the shit. There’s no alternative,” she said at last. “When, then?” I replied, relieved when Cindy said another fortnight would be OK. Harriet was barely strong enough to lift her arms at the moment but soon she’d want her laptop and that meant…

My last fortnight above ground was a relatively gentle and calm one with lots of love and attention showered on me by the girls. Cindy apart from her acting skills was a whiz with computers and had totally reprogrammed Harriet’s laptop. She’d explained to us how she got fired for hacking into her boss’s computers. How she started working as a barmaid in the sex-club before ending up as one of the acts too. Now her hard work was done and I had one last night, dressed as before in the white gown.

This time all the girls made love to me and I was a tired bunny as I lay wedged between them, a hand stroking my silky clad body and I tried not to cry, knowing I’d not feel a human touch me for maybe months. They’d promised if nothing happened in six months time they would come down and confront Harriet anyway. We’d all signed a document saying that once Mrs Eldrick passed over the deeds to her house instead of us contacting the law then I’d get the place, as long as they could live here with me as one happy family. This I readily agreed to and we’d all signed under our names. “Six months max love” they said kissing me.

The following day I slept in trying to put it off but eventually they came shortly before lunch. It was Cindy who took charge and it was she in the lead. “Come on honey,” she said, “You know it’s time”. I nodded with a heavy heart and reached for the bathrobe. My last bath was a sad affair then the others came in with the stuff I’d need for my incarceration, all of them saying how proud they were for me to do this. After that it went quickly and within an hour I was once again resplendent in my wedding dress and standing above my ‘old home’ again. Jessica and Carrie were almost in tears as they helped strap me down, place the cuffs over my wrists and slipped the death mask over my face. I certainly was, glad we’d left off the makeup this time but thankfully all they could see was the perfect face.

We’d already buried the other caskets and Cindy had shown us the results and we were impressed. No way would Harriet find out about this till it was too late. The only things different were the fact I had a proper vibrator inserted deep within me and only I could operate this through a new switch in my left glove. We’d worked to convert Harriet’s loft into another bedroom where Carrie and Jessica could keep an eye on all of us through the system devised by Cindy, who by now was well into her element. She alone provided all the technical whiz stuff that would enable the girls to use the cameras without Harriet knowing. Also and most sneakily I’d get five seconds warning that Harriet was firing up her laptop by a vibrating pad built into the mask so I’d shut up and not talk to the girls all the time. We repeatedly tested all of them till I was happy enough then had come the last day.

They all gathered round for a last cuddle then I’d stepped in and they’d prepared me. Everything was the same except the bindings weren’t half as tight and the mask was only strapped round my head and not pinned with the two posts through my earlobes. I would just have to be damn careful that’s all. I was still crying with both eyes shut tight as I heard the lid being locked then the sickening lurch as the damn thing was lowered in. My TV set was on but I dare not watch it for the fear of having a complete breakdown. Having suffered a year of agony I was devastated to be back here just two months later.

It didn’t matter that all the girls could talk to me when they wanted, it was just the helplessness of my plight. All this just to get even with our ‘captor’. They worked incredibly hard that afternoon getting the place back to how it was. We had another full system check and I got the first ‘dose’ of that stuff that Harriet had dared to call protein. After that the lights were turned off and Jesse and Carrie retreated to the house. Cindy wouldn’t leave bless her and she stayed all night, lying in her coffin that too had been replaced on its bier. All we had to do was wait.

Wait we did and finally eight weeks later Harriet came home accompanied by the ever faithful Cindy Robinson. The lassie was doing a wonderful job caring for Mrs Eldrick and even I laughed quietly as she made a right old fuss of her employer. I felt rather sorry as Harriet limped around needing two walking sticks and guessed I might be here for the full six months. However another seven tortuous weeks went by then it appeared that the boss was going back to her old ways when Cindy spent a night in the coffin, though I did notice she’d asked. I assumed she wanted to get this all over with and get me out of the grave. What a great girl she was. Jessica and Carrie were like church mice and you’d never know there were two more people in the place than Harriet thought.

I heard the pair chatting one day and got the full story of how the accident had happened. But the one thing that concerned me was the fact HARRIET HAD STILL NOT CONTACTED ANY OF US. It was very clear that she thought we were all dead. But I misjudged her and the day she sent Cindy down to do some shopping in London for the weekend I was amazed to see her with the laptop. My mask gave its warning buzz and I waited, watching as she tried calling Carrie first, her frowning at the unresponsive computer. She scowled then realised that the battery had run down, assuming that four months off had ‘killed’it, not knowing that Cindy had let it go like that. She plugged into the mains, got the battery charging and tried again.

She shook when the screen was blank for Carrie McElwe, gasped on realising there was no response from Jessica either, then I tensed when she clicked on me. Her face was a picture on calling Charlotte there was a pause then I replied in my iciest tone. “Yes, I’m still here. Trapped and buried, now where the hell are you. Do you know how lonely it’s been for me?” She breathed a sigh of relief then burst into tears and again I felt sorry for her…but only a little.

“Oh God Charlotte I’m so sorry. It’s just that I…” I stopped her in mid-sentence saying that I was fully aware of what had happened, these new microphones were that good and I knew. She smiled in relief then came a faint frown when I pleaded with her to get me out, saying I’d be happy to help Cindy look after her. To my complete shock she shook her head. “Sorry love but I can’t. Cindy doesn’t know what is going on in that shed, nor will she until it’s her turn. I can’t raise the other two for some reason, I’m coming down now to sort it out”. I yelled at her, calling her some nasty names but she just waved a hand and shut me off. This time she clicked off the screen too, the cow. However I thanked the clever Miss Robinson and used another switch in my left glove and secretly followed her down to the shed.

Once down there she plugged in again and I apologised, weeping pitifully and she grudgingly accepted them. I told her what I’d seen and the fact Cindy had worked so hard in keeping the place going. “Yeah she has done a great job. Perhaps I will dig her ‘up’ after the weekend. But I’m sorry love but you will not. No way can I have you here with Cindy. You Charlotte will remain in repose for all time”. It was like having a death sentence passed and despite the fact I knew rescue was weeks away it didn’t stop me screaming at her. Doing a great act that she listened to impassively as I tried to persuade her.

“No way my love” she sighed then turned and scowled when again I begged her to let me go. “Those cuffs will ALWAYS be locked around your wrists and that collar round your neck. Those straps around your shapely legs will NEVER be freed nor the ankles. That pretty face you wear will not change one iota. DO YOU UNDERSTAND!” she yelled and I knew she’d totally lost the plot. I wailed, begged, pleaded and promised but nothing was going to sway her. “You must understand I love you dearest Charlotte. I don’t want you to be hurt by anyone outside my walls nor by my love for Cindy. She’s been so good these last few months and I cannot permit this. Rest In Peace my dear and farewell”

With that she shut me off and I waited a moment then clicked again to see her working so hard to get the others to respond. I saw her top up my food and water unit so at least I’d remain alive. But it was so hard when the door was closed, locked and she strolled away sobbing, as she’d had no luck with either of the girls. Cindy was by the house door having just arrived back. She looked puzzled and took the weeping woman into her arms and they retreated into the mansion.

I don’t remember much of the next few days, too devastated even to call the others, ignoring them when they called me. I knew rescue would come but it was so hard hearing her cast me into the dark because she’d found someone else. A week later Harriet came down and called me but I refused to answer. Only when she threatened me with cutting off my air did I reply, again pleading with her with the same result. She stormed out and slammed the door. That night after she and Cindy collapsed with exhaustion from a marathon sex session Jessica called me and was relieved I was still going strong and confirmed what Harriet had said to me, unaware that part of Cindy’s program allowed them to hear it all too. “I fully agree with what Carrie planned now love,” she said watching the pair romping away for the umpteenth time. Her wondering how Miss Robinson had so much stamina. “Just keep the faith and it’ll be over by next month” Oh God, I thought wondering if I had the strength to get through it

A fortnight later Carrie called me out of the blue during the evening advising me that Cindy might be getting her weekend soon. The girl had caught the pair chatting about it, Harriet asking Miss Robinson if she still wanted to play. She reported that thankfully Cindy had replied straight away that she would, thus not alerting the older woman that she knew that something was to happen. “She even said she’d waited in the coffin that first weekend and Harriet appeared to approve and they’d had a session. Thank goodness her reprogramming of the laptop has held out” Jesse said later that night when she too spoke to me. I got a wee rollicking for being in a sulk last month but they did understand why this was. “Soon be her turn love. Just hang in there”

So it proved and just three days later Cindy Robinson was seen being dressed in that lovely wedding gown. She was playing a dangerous game but at least she knew she’d be rescued. What I wasn’t aware of was the girls in the loft had recently changed their minds about when to confront Harriet. Now they were filming the whole thing as evidence but Cindy didn’t know this and assumed they’d burst in before she was buried. It was not to be and I saw her coming down the path and into the shed, this time her wrists handcuffed behind her back almost like a shotgun wedding. Harriet helped her into the coffin without that much of the normal kisses and cuddles and I could sense Cindy starting to worry. She also noticed this was a black one and different from the red one now sitting alongside the workbench. It had a metal frame and there were latches all over the thing. Truly a horrible device and Carrie said this was the one Harriet would end up in after this weekend.

Harriet Eldrick was in a hurry, she had Cindy’s legs and ankles bound before removing the handcuffs. She almost pushed the girl down into the coffin and now Miss Robinson really was in a tizzy. She tried at first to assist with the corset binding but Harriet snapped at her, till she realised the youngster was trying to help. Then the arm restraints were done up and the handcuffs were locked on again, this time being attached to a hook protruding from the corset so she couldn’t move her hands at all. Then she was ordered to lie back and had the neck collar put on. “Aren’t you rushing a bit. Plus these are much tighter this time” Cindy asked then paled when she was told to be quiet. I hoped Jesse and Carrie were getting all this on tape. Having secured her at the ankles, thighs wrists waist and collar she began the final preparations with her needle and thread and soon it was done. She told Cindy to move and again came the complaining that the bindings were much too tight.

Only after that did Harriet apologise and our restrained actress did a good job of accepting it. Though I could see that she wasn’t looking forward to having the mask fitted. Harriet leaned over and this time she did kiss Cindy who responded as always, thanking her when the collar was freed a notch and we saw Mrs Eldrick relax then get out her bottle of wine. Once more came the maudlin talk but this time she went further and prattled on for hours. Telling Cindy how sad she was at the way things had been. The loss of her shop despite the insurance paying up last month. But she really laid it on thick and I could see Miss Robinson looking up at the cameras and now very scared. Perhaps thinking that Jesse and Carrie were asleep, it was well after midnight by the time Harriet returned to the subject in hand.

“I really don’t want to do this,” Cindy said at last knowing from our chats this was what had pushed her over the edge when we’d all said the same thing. “Can we try again when you’re not so pissed,” that did get Mrs Eldrick smiling, knowing she’d have the great sight of a helpless bride struggling against her bonds and so on. It probably got her wet and Carrie, who was commentating to me, said just that.

“No love, you escaped once but not tonight. This is the right time and you know it,” Cindy began to cry and Harriet leaned in with a tissue. “There…there my lovely, there’s no need to cry. You’ll soon look so good for your ‘eternal rest’ my Princess”. Cindy snorted in disgust making Harriet scowl and she now reached for a velvet bag containing the mask. However on pulling it out I was shocked to see it wasn’t the normal one as this had the eyes painted in with no holes. The mouth too had a gap and it got us all talking quietly. I don’t know how she did it but Harriet somehow managed to persuade Cindy to let her put it on and I shuddered as the thing was strapped round Miss Robinson’s head. She certainly yelled as we’d done when the earlobes were abused and the mask strapped down at the top as Harriet fitted a new tiara and very thick veil assembly over it

“Isn’t this a bit much for a weekend? Also I’m begging you to loosen the restraints a bit. They’re way too tight. My ears hurt like hell too. This isn’t funny” Cindy said and now Harriet, with her victim safely blinded was able to smile broadly. “Well my precious. You recall you said about the fact it was so good you wanted a bit longer” There was a long pause then a nervous reply. “Ye…yes I did. But not like this. It hurts”. Mrs Eldrick beamed and I could imagine the girls upstairs getting prepared to come down. “Well I’ve decided you will. You did a wonderful job looking after my house…but not so much for me. The nurses told me you only came once or twice a week while I was ‘out’. What were you doing the rest of the time? Playing. Or maybe you were hoping I’d not recover?”   

Cindy was shocked into silence for a moment then she gave Harriet a serious verbal battering, this would unknowingly seal their fates though Mrs Eldrick didn’t know this yet. It appeared so and I watched as a penis gag was stuffed through the hole silencing Cindy in mid rant, even pumping the thing up so nothing audible could be heard apart from a faint mewing. Now she struggled, thrashing away in her bonds but hardly moving as the restraints had been done much tighter, no wonder she was complaining as I couldn’t detect that much movement. Harriet told her that for the moment she’d spend the time like this but only when Cindy asked her properly would she be freed. Of course with a large inflatable gag now in place that was impossible and Miss Robinson realised she WAS going to stay here…forever.

Her gloved fingers began twitching, letting go of the flowers and Harriet slapped her across the chest. Another set of mitten style gloves was slid over and those fingers wrapped into a ball and the string tied off. Now she genuinely couldn’t move a muscle, only a pathetic wailing from her throat gave the indication this body was living. Her chest was heaving with exertion then slowed as Harriet ‘passed her death sentence’ telling her victim she was about to be buried for all time. The loudest wail yet heard came from Cindy then the girl had some plugs forced into her ears before the veil came down over the face. Harriet took some more photos then set up the camera showing her closing the lid, locking it and putting ten huge steel padlocks all round the coffin. The keys were already in the casket, Harriet had told Cindy that would prevent her from ever being released and I heard Jesse saying this was going to be a nightmare to get her out.

Soon the secretly hidden girls and I were all sobbing as the casket was lowered and within an hour the turf was being laid out and the job finished. Harriet smiling as she laid down on top of Cindy’s grave then brought herself off in a series of shattering orgasms. After that she returned to the house and having got cleaned up then made a call on her cellphone that shook us to the core.

“Hello Dawn love, my housekeepers’ just bailed out on me. Do you want a job? Live-in, good wages and so on” she said, giving herself a thumbs up as it appeared her former employee agreed. “Great, come and see me next weekend with all your personal stuff sorted out and we’ll have a chat.” With that the call ended and I heard Jessica cursing that ‘She’s not wasting time. Sit tight love we’ll be coming down either tonight or tomorrow” I agreed but suggested they better dig Cindy up first, the lassie was so distressed and I didn’t want her hurt anymore. “Charlotte Smith you are a love” she said blowing me a kiss.

Harriet went out not long afterwards and didn’t return till the following night. I imagined the terrified Cindy weeping in her grave thinking us three had betrayed her and had a good cry over it. Our captor finally came home and went off to bed. Just a day after Cindy had ‘died’ I saw some movement on the cameras in the corridor outside her tormentor’s bedroom. Both Jesse and Carrie were dressed in black from head to foot. It rather showed their outlines and I wondered where the hell these suits had come from. Jessica was in the lead and holding the chloroform cloth, Carrie holding what looked like a pair of scissors. She apparently was wearing a headset so I could tell them what was happening in the target room, Jesse didn’t have one but they’d practised with hand movements. She couldn’t speak back but least they’d get warning if a problem occurred. Tonight it certainly wasn’t as Harriet was making the biggest mistake in her life. She’d got dressed an hour ago in one of the wedding gowns and the rest of the stuff. High heels, stockings, corset, you name it she wore it. But crucially she’d also put herself in bondage.

A set of cuffs over both ankles and a white belt round her waist to which she’d put some handcuffs with the key on a string to her right wrist. A vibrator had been inserted plus she’d gagged herself too. How lucky was this I thought describing this to the others and only then had they told me to stand by. Lastly she’d jumped onto the bed, laid herself out and having put the blindfold on and got the control in her hand had clicked the cuffs shut. I told the others to wait a while as she began, minutes later her body was shaking in the first of many orgasms that had us shuddering too. After the second that had her screaming into the gag I told the girls to move in. They silently entered the room and watched enthralled as it began again, coming to stand either side of the bed. Carrie leaned over as the body began shaking in her climax and carefully snipped the string that held the safety key. “Oh yes, great stuff” I said then apologised as Carrie’s hand twitched in annoyance to shut me up.

The keys were removed and laid on the dressing table and we all waited for the event to come. Finally after the fourth climax was fading I saw Harriet’s hand reaching for the string. It ran through her slim fingers and then came the magic moment. She felt the end of the cord as it dawned that the keys were no longer attached. She began cursing through the gag and tried to roll over in case the keys had gone underneath her, though this was so difficult because of the length of her dress. I couldn’t help smiling as her now frantic fingers began trying to move the belt round as the buckle was at the back. Just then Jessica decided this was the moment and moved in, knocking the bed and making Harriet freeze. She sat down and Mrs Eldrick began to scream through the gag at the horrible realisation there was someone else here. The cloth was slapped against the struggling ‘bride’ and moments later she slumped back totally out of it.

I began crying with relief and a thumb came out, then the lights were fully turned up and I saw the girls kiss and embrace. Now Harriet was ‘out’ Jessica was able to speak, thanking me for the warnings. She said this stuff would last about three hours. If both girls came down to free Cindy I had to watch in case the effects wore off sooner. I agreed and saw them leave and having flicked the cameras caught them at the shed door before going back to my watch though I did check every now and again. Two hours later the coffin was up and Jessica was using a set of bolt cutters to chop off the locks. A sobbing Cindy was thus released from her bonds and soon being kissed and cuddled by the others, the poor love was in hysterics and only my shout into Carrie’s ear alerted her of the first signs of movement. Get back there and give Mrs Eldrick another ‘zap’ I ordered. She left and two minutes later a groaning Harriet got the good news.

They brought Cindy up and having got the girl sorted left her in charge with the cloth. The others came for me and it took barely an hour. Like before I had to be careful and it was late the following day that all of us were helping to dress Harriet. We got the woman down to the shed, did all the stuff then as the coffin descended we all had a kiss and cuddling session. Carrie and Jesse filled in the grave while I covered the name on the plaque and Cindy painted a new wooden one with Harriet’s name and today’s date on it. We set the whole thing up and had just finished when there came a series of faint coughs from the laptop.

We disconnected it and hurried back to the house where we’d prepared the coup de grace. Four lovely wedding dresses, the one’s we’d worn while buried were soon being applied and each helped the other with make up. Four chairs were set in front of the camera and Cindy had already checked all Harriet’s systems were working. We could hear the groans as she regained her faculties and we’d just slipped the masks over our faces when we heard her first call of ‘help’. Ignoring her for the moment we all sat down in front of the camera looking at the screen above that showed Harriet’s face in her coffin. Again came that call and finally after the third time Cindy switched on the screen that would flicker into life. We saw her eyes widen as it dawned on her what had happened.

“Oh Nooooo…..” she wailed as we simultaneously removed our death masks to reveal four pretty girls that she thought were safely buried for all time. “Oh Carrie, Jesse you ARE alive…but how oh God I don’t noooo…” she cried and for a moment I felt a brief twinge of sadness. That lasted till Carrie began to speak, telling Harriet how she’d suffered three years of hell in that grave, how I’d alerted Cindy to our predicament and how it was Miss Robinson who’d rescued us. We saw her eyes narrowing for a moment, then it was her turn to start begging to be freed. But no way were we going to fall for her way of persuading. We flatly refused her pleas and told the shocked woman what we wanted as recompense for our lost years. She refused, cursing us loudly so Cindy shut the screen down and we saw the fingers trying to claw their way out. Though of course being tightly strapped down she couldn’t even touch the lid. We left her to stew for the night and having gone upstairs to the main bedroom descended into a four-way orgy of silk, satin and lace that had us gasping at its intensity. After that we all shared a long shower then dressed in pure white nightgowns and went to bed in one happy girlie heap, knowing it was all over.

It took a month before Harriet capitulated and we reluctantly dug her up. The lid was opened and her collar removed. She was devastated that her girls had ‘turned’, sobbing in a way that normally would have tweaked our hearts but it was her fault. She offered to sign the documents at the house but Cindy declined, saying it would be done while she was still strapped down. Another refusal would see her go down again and she quickly relented. The cuff on her right wrist was released and she scowled as a pen was put into her trembling fingers. Harriet was weeping as she read then signed away the bulk of her fortune and just a moment later we four girls were millionaires.

It was Cindy who’d discovered just how rich Mrs Eldrick was and she was the one who’d drawn up the documents giving us equal shares of the money. As expected the girls wanted me to have the house, I was the one who’d got Cindy to rescue us and this would be my reward. All they demanded was the three of them live with me. Just the way my long held dream had wanted, things were agreed and we’d signed our ‘charter of rights’. Now we released our former captor and having cuffed her frog-marched the woman back to ‘our’ house. We helped her strip off then got Harriet fed bathed then ordered her to start packing. Any trouble and she’d be overpowered and ‘sent down’ again.

Harriet didn’t come out that badly on the deal after all. She had three Astons not counting the one she’d wrecked. We allowed her to select the most expensive one, pack what clothes and trinkets she wanted most and could legally get in the thing then she’d be allowed to go. There was no animosity now, she realised what would have happened had we gone to the police and the outcry that would have seen her name in ruins for all time. Probably with a long jail term too. Cindy gave her one of the bigger bank accounts too so she still had well over two million pounds to keep her going.

All she’d really lost was six million, plus the house, which she admitted while packing her stuff she wasn’t that keen on anyway. It had been her settlement from a divorce and really we were doing her a favour. She even managed to kiss us all goodbye, we didn’t mind now and a few tears were shed, surprisingly by all of us, she had rescued us from our various situations then put all of us in far worse. Earlier Cindy was the only one who said she might miss Mrs Eldrick but had got herself a good tickling session from us as ‘punishment’. But now it was farewell and having cooked her a final lunch we bid our former captor goodbye.

Once the gates were locked we fled to the bedroom surprisingly in tears but another orgy soon put paid to that. Cindy received the most awful session from the three of us but she didn’t mind. The only little grumble was once that was over she had to start cutting the grass, pretty damn hard while cuffed to the handlebars, strapped to the seat and wearing a ballgown and strappy stilettos plus a vibrator buzzing away inside her. But hey its great fun watching her drive one-handed trying not to crash as orgasm after orgasm tore through her. “You make sure those lines are damn straight girlie” we yelled, sobbing with laughter as she went up and down. We could hear her groaning over the noise of the machine. The fact she was also grinning about it made us realise how much she was enjoying herself now.

Other than that Jessica and I would run the household between us, Carrie would help Miss Robinson outside and we understood why. Having been incarcerated for so long being able to walk with the sun on your face is something than can only be treasured once you’ve lost it.

The End



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