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Cindy Lovedoll

by Gromet

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© Copyright 2004 - Gromet - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; sexdoll; boxed; Sbf; latex; catsuit; toys; caught; bond; kidnap; bagged; cartrunk; sex; anal; cons/nc; X

continued from part one

Cindy had spent many days enclosed inside the love doll, she had become more like the doll in many ways. Now she even had the box to be stored in...

Part 2: Bagged!

As I’ve said in my previous story about how I’d come back early from a trip to find a latex sexdoll in my boyfriends bed. I’d had the overwhelming urge to become the sexdoll, I just had to be “her”. My boyfriend had used me without realising that I’d replaced “her”, and then in the morning, I had revealed my secret. We had progressed until one weekend my partner had surprised me with a present, a box to keep his love doll in! I was in heaven and quickly found just how much I enjoyed being bound in the box and kept for his pleasure.

After spending that first weekend mostly in the box, bound inside the latex doll, I’d come to love or should I say crave being kept this way, maybe I was becoming too much like a doll and not as a living, breathing, thinking person. I didn’t seem to care, I was his to do with as he pleased and I was loving every moment.

The next weekend came and went in a blur, most of the time I was kept enclosed in the love doll as ‘Cindy’, strapped down inside the box as he had to work at home. He’d come in and check on me, shake his head and wondered about how I’d come to like being his toy, a mere plaything. Whilst in real life I was a head strong woman, business orientated and an executive with my company, responsible for millions of dollars. Yet, here I was bound in a box, looking for all the world like a plastic sexdoll.

My boyfriend or should I say partner, used me a couple of times that weekend, mostly after he’d spent many hours working on his project. I think I was just some sort of release for him, he’d unstrap me from the box, pick me up and carry me over to the bed and climb on top of me and use me for his own pleasure. He didn’t make me come all weekend, although I had some minor orgasms whilst tied in the box. But I was happy, I was his sex toy and it gave me great pleasure to see him enjoy me.

On Sunday morning he insisted that I come out of the doll and relax, he said that we needed to talk. I was feeling a bit edgy about what he’d want to say, maybe he was getting tired of me, that keeping me in the box was becoming boring for him. I sat on the stool in the kitchen drinking the coffee he’d prepared and waited with dread what he’d say. As it turned out my fears were groundless, he’d wanted to say that he loved having me this weekend and that maybe we should spend more time together. My fears eased and my stomach stopped flipping, I smiled at him and said that I’d love to be here every weekend if he’d have me.

He then said that maybe we could go out more, but that I would still be his ‘Cindy’ lovedoll whenever I wanted to be. I moved over to him and placed my arms around his neck and kissed him. He smiled, picked me up and carried me to the bedroom where we made love for the next hour or more. I drifted off to sleep, dreaming of dolls and boxes, whilst he left me to return to his work. When I awoke and walked out naked into his study, he smiled and said, “You look lovely!”

I said that I’d look lovelier covered head to toe in latex, ten minutes later I was ‘dressed’ back in the doll and tightly strapped back inside the box. I remained this way until early evening when he released me from the box, carried me out to the kitchen where he placed me on top of the table and entered me from behind. He pumped himself into my rear, it felt exquisite, I moved slightly on the table, my breasts pressed hard against the table’s hard surface. He held my head down with one hand and my waist with the other. I was in sheer bliss and waited for the inevitable to happen, he was soon spurting his seed within my rear as I felt his member grow within me.

He left me on the table as he withdrew himself, zipping himself up and walking over to the coffee percolator. I was satisfied and very happy, I still couldn’t move, it was if my body couldn’t respond to commands to move, not that I had any desire to move. I laid there for fifteen minutes before he came over to check on me, I smiled at him through the latex that covered my face and thanked him for using me, telling him how much I’d enjoyed it. The weekend ended when we left to go to a restaurant for a meal, he took me to my home by taxi and left after I’d entered my apartment building.

We spoke several times during the week by phone, but because of work commitments we wouldn’t be able to see each other for the rest of the week. During the week I again explored the latex catsuit that I’d purchased recently, I loved the soft, slinky feel as the latex covered every inch of my body. The hood covered my head completing the covering of my body, replacing mere flesh with smooth black latex. I looked at my reflection in the mirror and admired the way my body looked, it was as though someone had poured black liquid all over my body, covering it in a shiny surface, without blemish.

I loved the way I looked and felt as my hands run over my latex clad skin, feeling through the latex gloves just how my body felt, it’s warmth seeping through to my fingers as they ran over it. I moved over to the bed and began preparations for the night. I picked up the dildo and after lubricating it push it home into me, filling my love hole with its girth, slowly warming to my body temperature. I tested the vibration by turning the switch, it came to life within me, the intruder gently vibrating, throbbing within my inner being. I could have laid down then and there to allow the pleasure to wash over me, but I wanted more. I needed to be tied.

After switching the vibrator off I picked up the butt plug and gingerly placed it within my rear passage, the feeling of fullness as it sank deeper within me. Now I had both holes filled, again the desire to lay down and enjoy myself came over me. I quickly picked up the leather cuffs, I was in a hurry to tie myself up, I wanted to be bound and helpless. First, came the ankle cuffs these were placed and locked on, I connected them with a small lock, my ankles were now bound together. Next came the wrist cuffs, these were locked on with small padlocks and I had another lock to help connect them behind my back when I was ready. 

Picking up the gag I opened my mouth, willingly awaiting the invader to my parted lips, the thing that would take away my ability to call out, to speak, I was to become it’s slave and suck on it’s length within my mouth. Fastening its straps behind my head, I could feel the hard member in my mouth, pressing down on my tongue, I imagined it was real and that I’d been forced to suck and pleasure him. A tingle went throughout my body and a mini orgasm shivered through me as my knees went weak.

Regaining my senses, I lay down on the bed and picked up a belt to tie around my knees, keeping my legs together and leaving me less movement. I was a slave to bondage and my other lover latex, both of them had taken over my body and used me in whatever way they saw fit. I moved myself into the middle of the bed, I didn’t want to fall off if I moved too much during the night. With the gag in place I couldn’t call out for help, not that anyone would be able to hear me through the walls anyway. I went through my mental checklist, doors locked, power off, answer phone on. It’s amazing what runs through your head, one minute your deep in sexy thoughts then mundane things like 'have I turned off the power'. 

I settled myself down on the bed and rolled over to lay face down, I wanted to secure my arms behind my back, it makes me feel more helpless and pushes my breasts forward into the bed, my nipples harden and rub against the bed covers. I placed my hands behind me and held the lock in place, the connection was nearly in place, the moment of no return, should I do it and have to wait until morning to find my keys or should I just stop and pleasure myself. I quickly closed the clasp of the padlock securing my hands and arms behind me. Now fully bound, I had no choice but to lie there and enjoy myself until daylight when I would be able to see where I’d thrown the key.

I pushed my breasts deeper into the mattress, I loved the way they felt as the latex covering them stretched slightly, holding them firmly in it’s grasp. The vibrator within me was now busy working it’s magic on me, the rear plug was being squeezed by my anal muscles as my body worked in unison towards the ultimate goal and heaven. I was deeply involved in what I was doing and never heard the front door to my apartment open. All the rooms were dark as they moved through the hallway towards my bedroom, their footsteps making little noise as they continued to approach the very room where I lay bound and enclosed in my self involvement, too engrossed to hear any noise other than the small groans that I was making as the pleasure within me intensified.

The door crept open slowly but my head was turned the other way, even so my eyes were tightly closed and wouldn’t have seen the opening of the door. They came into the room and were greeted by the sight of a black clad figure of a woman tightly tied and thoroughly enjoying herself, moving around on her bed, her hips gyrating and her bottom moving deliciously within the latex, a lovely sight to see. They watched as the black clad creature moved more intently and came to a dramatic climax, the earth seeming to move for the woman, slight noises coming from behind her gag which muffled her groans as the orgasm overtook her with it’s intensity. 

Coming back to earth I’d just experienced one of the best orgasms of my life, the combination of the latex and the bindings pushing me over the abyss. As I lay there coming back to earth I was overtaken by the feeling of another presence, that feeling you get that someone is there watching you. I quickly turned my head to see if my feelings were right and there stood before me in the semi-darkness was a figure staring at me laying here, maybe they were still trying to take what vision lay before them. The whole world seemed to stop at that moment, when it suddenly hit me that I was tied up by my own hand with no means of escape, with someone standing beside who could do anything they wanted to at that moment.

I was quickly held down to the bed as the intruder made his move; his hands moved onto my latex covered body and with their strong grasp held me down. This was quickly followed by his body landing on the bed, one of his hands roaming over the latex and my body, feeling its way around. He checked on my bonds and satisfied himself that I was secure and wouldn’t be able to resist whatever advances he desired to make of me. I tried to scream but only a muffled sound came out past the gag, it’s length in my mouth ensured my silence. I had enjoyed the feeling of having three penis’s within me and my pre-orgasmic dream was being used by three people at once, taking me for their own desire.

He moved his body around on the bed, his hands moving over me, still feeling his way around when he found the zipper to the rear of the suit. A feeling of dread overcame me as I heard the slow sound of the zip being opened, my fears turning to one of expectation, what was I thinking. How could I enjoy being used by this total stranger, my body began to betray me as I felt yet more moisture build up between my legs. As the suit opened and gave way, the hand moved inside the latex and found my anal lover firmly in place. I could feel the fingers move around the edge, tracing the outline of the butt plug. I found myself torn between wanting the stranger to rip it out of me and the safe feeling I had that it was in place and nothing could remove it. 

It took mere seconds for the plug to be withdrawn, the empty feeling as it left my warm body, quickly turning to fear of what would happen next. I felt his body move on the bed and he climbed onto me, pressing me into the bed, his weight holding against the mattress. Then I felt his hard member push up against me, my already wet hole was about to have the real thing pushed deeply with it, not mere plastic but real flesh. I prepared myself for the inevitable as his penis parted the fleshy hole and entered me. Pushing himself deeply within me and bringing more of his body weight onto me, I was going to be used by him for his pleasure and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it.

Laying there on the bed as he pushed himself within me, I began to feel my pussy start to grip tightly on the vibrator still enclosed within it’s wet folds. Was I starting to enjoy this? As he continued with his assault on my bound body I felt the beginnings of an orgasm start to well up within me. The feelings in my rear became more intense as his member began to expand as he got closer to orgasm, this in turn turned me on more bringing me closer to climax. Just then he came within me and continued pumping into me as his orgasm continued, I then felt myself being overcome with my own as my body shook in response.

I lay there with him still on top of me, his penis still held within me, my muscles still clasping involuntarily as my orgasm subsided. He held still until I finished and then rolled himself off of me. I began to come back to my senses and again realised my predicament, alone, tightly tied with no escape I was at his mercy. It was then that he moved, he quickly got off the bed and began to wrap the sheet around my body until I enclosed within a cocoon of the satin sheet. I could now no longer see and what limited movement I had was now gone. I was tightly enclosed within the grip of the sheet, as he continued to roll me over and over until he could not get the sheet any tighter. I then felt him tie something around my ankles, waist and shoulders, tying me within the sheet. All I could do was lay there and await the outcome.

He moved around my apartment, going through each room. I hoped that he was a burglar and would take whatever he wanted and leave me. But this was not to be. I heard him move back into my bedroom and go through my cupboard; he moved things around until he found whatever it was he was looking for. What happened next is beyond what my fantasies to date had ever hoped for. I was moved off of the bed and onto the floor, the sheet was untied and I was unrolled from it’s tight confines. I was rolled over until I was face down to the floor, still tied with the leather cuffs. Next he rolled me over and grabbed my ankles bringing my knees up to my chest, he ran rope around the back of my thighs and around my back, holding them in place.

My legs were held tightly against my chest as he tied me into this position, I feared that I would have trouble breathing with his weight bearing down on me, but as he finished tying me he moved off. My feet then felt something wrapping around them as he began tying them tightly down against the back of my legs. I was then rolled over onto my front and my knees, I was tightly tied in a frog like position, with my arms still held behind me by the leather cuffs. I felt like a Christmas turkey just waiting to be stuffed, but then he’d already done that to me.

He moved around me and placed something beside me, I couldn’t quite make out what it was in the darkness. He then picked up my bound body and carried me over towards whatever it was on the floor, as he placed me in it I realise that it was a large gym bag that I had in the cupboard. I tried to struggle but to no avail as he pulled the sides of the bag over my body and quickly began to pull the zipper closed. My fear was that I was now being kidnapped and would never see my family and friends again. I cursed myself for being so stupid as to tie myself up and make such an easy target.

As the bag closed around me, sealing me within its black interior, whatever light was available was now gone. I was just a package now, people would just see a bag not the person within. He could take me wherever he wanted and there wasn’t a thing I could do. I felt him pick up the handles of the bag and carry me to whatever fate had in store for me. He moved me out towards my front door and placed me down, I couldn’t move, I was his to do with as he wished. Again my body started to betray me as I began to feel the stirrings within my loins of pleasurable sensations. Why at a time like this would my body want to behave the way it was, maybe I wanted this, after all I did enjoy being my boyfriends love doll and bound into the box.

The box that I would likely never see again, I was to be somebody’s real love toy, I would have to submit to their whims and there didn’t seem much hope at the moment that I could do anything about it. I was brought out of my thoughts by the bag that enclosed my still latex and tightly bound body, being picked up. The gag still silenced me and the vibrator was still moving within me, only the anal intruder was missing from my self bondage session. The bag closed around me each time he picked it up, he’d unzipped it before leaving and dumped what must have been some of my things inside with me. These combined with the gag silenced whatever noise I could make.

I felt myself being carried out of my apartment, at this point all hope left me, but my body became more aroused. His footsteps close to my ear as he walked down the hall towards the elevator. The familiar ‘ding’ as the lift arrived, a sound that I thought I may never hear again. He moved into the lift and placed the bag onto the floor, the doors closed and I was off to wherever he was taking me. The lift doors opened and I thought I heard more people get into the lift, I tried to make some noise but it didn’t seem to bother them that a woman would be tightly enclosed within a bag.

The next sound I heard was the outside street noise as he moved out of the building. He walked swiftly to the roadside and hailed a cab, I was then dumped in the trunk as a piece of luggage. The sound outside drowning out the instructions he gave to the cab driver. The cab moved off and I began to feel every bump and pot hole in the road, I can tell you travelling in the boot is not a comfortable way to travel, especially bound tightly within the confines of a bag that barely contains my female latex-clad body.

We had travelled some distance when the cab stopped and I heard the boot lid opening, this was my last chance at freedom, I had to let the cabbie know that I was here. But alas it was he that collected my bag from the boot, he’d paid the driver and then the boot was opened by remote from the driver. Curse modern technology. Now I knew that I was his. He moved into a building and again we went into a lift, so it was an apartment we had entered, this gave me some hope that I could contact someone. The bag again rested on the floor of the lift. Again more people entered the lift as we rose up the building. I tried to make contact by moving in the bag, but a gentle nudge with his foot told me to stop whatever I was doing.

The lift stopped and we had arrived at his floor, I was picked up and carried the distance to his apartment. He opened the door and my fate was sealed, from now in I was his. He placed the bag down and must have removed his coat, because I was left near the door, he walked away leaving me, well after all I was just a package now, something that he could take his time to deal with. I heard through the bag him moving around, then a door closed and nothing, was he going to leave me this way. My legs were starting to hurt being tied the way I was and the gag was beginning to push towards the back of my throat. 

I’m not sure how long he left me there on the floor in the bag, I must have drifted off, my dreams of being bound and abused whilst kept as a latex slave. The sound of the zip opening woke me from my dreams, cooler air flooded into the bag, I must have been very musky by now. All that sex and no shower, plus the latex causing me to sweat. He pulled me from the bag, I could see that it was daylight, my eyes were at first blinded by the sudden exposure to the light, I had spent what remained of the night within the bag. Then a sudden realisation hit me, I knew this apartment, I had been here before…

Story continues in Part Three



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