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Cherie in Glass

by Stany Swav

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© Copyright 2011 - Stany Swav - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; sbf; kidnap; cartrunk; bond; gag; casting; fibreglass; stuck; sex; climax; nc; X

"Your money's still no good here", I said, putting another 15 dollars down on the bar and ordering two more from the bar-tender. As under the influence as He was, He didnt protest, enjoying the buzz I had already been providing the last 2 hours. He didnt complain while I drank my Lite cal beers. We had started out the evening by my explaining my onset of diabetes left me with little recourse but to drink those horrid malt beverages. It shouldn't have mattered any way as it appeared I had downed about 7 of those already. Another brown bottle would make the trip to the bathroom with me to have half of it poured down the urinal and then topped up with tap water. Sort of like eliminating the middleman, I suppose . .

I surveyed the bar in front of Jake and all of those little plastic spears that used to hold the olives for his called Belvedere martinis. Getting myself drunk wasnt what this was about, even if I could "afford" to drink, getting Jake drunk enough to lose his judgement and reflexes was more the plan. Eventually the talk turned back again to the ladies and romance, finally after a couple more minutes his cellphone announced a text message had just arrived, "from you know who" ..

I knew already. The ringtone for her was an eagleeye cherry tune called "sex and candy". I had spent the last 4 months enduring its sound at the office where I had taken a temporary job in writing software code. It was a bore, but its what you do to get close to someone you want to "knock -off" to get at what you really want. What can I say, I'm obsessed with her, My Cherie .

"Well, it looks like I had better get going!" He said lurching and practically falling off the bar stool.

I sprang up off my seat and stopped him tipping over, also startling the bartend who might have thought my now 30 pound lighter frame incapable of holding its liquor as it once did in healthier days. I snuffled something about catching us a cab to avoid driving and guided Jake out the door, past the full length mirror, reflecting a gaunt drunk holding his stout partner up and somewhat straight. Once out on the street, Jake predictably protested He could drive himself. Understandable as his next stop was to be to Cherie's arms in the cheap hotel across town. I knew the routine, it was too familiar by now. Only this time the sting and burn of 20 months of rejection, were replaced by the excitment that Her body, her soul, were once again within my grasp.

I had a few moments to admire the contents of his brief case as He sat passed out in the car. A nice professional set of hand cuffs, a pair of JT's stockroom bought leg shackles. Those items confirmed what I suspected from aiming the "magic ear" listening device across the cheap hotels parking lot and front facade. The sound of Cherie's unmistakeable giggle and squeals. All of it indicated she was still somewhat a "freak" preferring her orgasms in a bound position. One final touch, his car keys in the ignition, followed by a 311 call to the local police, the imitation of an inebriated Jake asking which gear to shift his car into, as he was too drunk to figure it out himself. I waited a while with an open cell phone to make sure, the 911 locator tracked his phone accurately . Finally I, "replied" to Cherie's text that "I" was on my way. Her original text saying she would be a bit late, I still might beat her to the tryst.

I was in the hotel bathroom with the shower running when she opened the unlocked door and slipped in the darkened room, her small talk went unanswered as I snorted and wheezed my imitation of Jake taking a shower. She went on with their usual routine, dropping her clothes and placing the leg shackles around her ankles. The warm humid air from the shower mixed with the jasmine overtones of her perfume. She plopped face down on the bed, legs bent at the knees and spread as far as the leg shackles allowed, waiting for Jakes suggestive groping of her ass before the spanking would begin.

The look on her face was priceless when I jumped her on the bed pressing her down to the mattress with my body weight while the chloroform rag across her face did its work. The road out to my place retraced the earlier trip, past the bar. The Red and Blue party lights confirmed that the police had another inebriated guest to sleep it off at the county bars. I might have 24 or 36 hou rs to cover my tracks before he made bail.

I travelled out of Michigan city, along the Iron Brigade Highway, up into the sleepy resort villages that lay just across the Indiana / Michigan border. 14 miles later I was pulling into the driveway of my hideaway, the fallen leaves crunching under the wheels of my non descript sedan. Too ancient to have the trunk / safety latch as a standard fixture, it held Cherie without release. The garage door opened via the remote and I backed the car into the garage, shut the motor down and listened to the thumping and yelling coming from the trunk.

Handcuffs and shackles don't make for a very fast getaway or a fierce fight, she soon was standing on her tiptoes, naked, with her hands stretched above her head, hung from the garage rafters. She sobbed thru the duct tape, when she recognised her captor, realised that after 20 months she was no further along then when she had last seen me.

Quick as that, she was pleading, the words not understandable thru her muted lips. I took my time, viewing her, touching her up, thrilling to the warm moistness of her sex and enjoying the firmness of her tits and bottom. I never left a mark on her, when I had her before. I wouldn't leave a mark on her now, it would spoil the "presentation" I had planned. It might have even been Deja Vu for her. She pleaded. " AHW 'low Ewe"... "anee'eengh n" ..

I replied , "Well thanks for the offer but I have different plans for your mouth this time" .

Her eyes were wide with fear, she had guessed the scene I had to leave incomplete those months ago would be finished now. I started with the Intrusions, first probing her sex, then fondling her tits, finally starting with one finger then two stretching her asshole. Freak that she was it must have ignited the flame inside her as she moaned a low noise thru her gag, I could see her sag under the weight of her body hanging from her arms. Finally I brought the board out into her view. It was a simple enough device, a 3/4 inch thick piece of plywood about 5 foot by 3 foot rectangle, the four corners had "two hole" conduit straps screwed to it.

Her eyes widened at its implication. The question in her mind must have been, tits up? or tits down? She protested loudly thru her gag. Soon four cuffs were attached to her helpless arms and legs, the snap hooks locking the buckles in place. I slapped her feet mercilessly and she was obliged to lift them for just the instant I needed to slide the board under the soles of her feet. Spreading her the snap hooks soon stretched her ankles and legs wide. Handcuffs are merciless when tightly snapped on tender wrists, with those pressure points I easily manipulated her bent at her waist down to the remaining two conduit straps and at last she was bent double, with her ass in the air and all four corners trapped. She was panting. I dabbed at the cum dripping from her crotch and took my time with braiding her long hair.

"Since we parted, i've been at doing odd jobs" I started. From behind her I brought an ass hook into view, her eyes widened and a muffled shreak filled the air. Soon it was firmly installed and the tie off to the rafter above her secure. She couldnt move an inch now. I continued, "So I've been doing some software development, but its really not enough to keep the wolf at bay, so i've been filling odd jobs at the boatyard and Marina".

I got out the petroleum jelly and started applying it from her neck, down her back, her ass and legs, across her drooping tits and still flat belly. I continued smearing on the jelly, then took a safety razor to her cunt and around her asshole, under her arm pits, stripping off all the body hair I could see. "Would you like a drink of water ?" I asked, adding, "No-one is around so please don't piss me off by screaming".

Her eyes, now smokey and distant from arousal even if unwelcome only followed me as I removed the duct tape. She whispered, "Thank You, but please let me go. I promise I will give you the greatest blow job you've ever had, if you let me go."

"I'm sure", I said holding the water bottle to her puffy lips watching her suck down the fluids, "A great blow job?" I said, "Well that's something anyway but I dont trust those teeth of yours!"

I stuffed a couple of tooth wedges into her mouth, disabling her ability to bite down. Wheezing her breath thru her now open mouth and drooling she must have thought about the only negotiating point she had left, she wriggled her ass suggestively and gave me a wanton look, but that was not to be.

'Was she greased well enough?' I wondered. The only way to tell was to train the garden hose on her and be sure the water beaded from every part of her skin I wanted covered. She panicked and moaned, the cold water beaded up in almost every place I had in mind, but still a touch up was required here and there. The look was breathtaking, Cherie glazed, the skin shining under that petroleum sheen and a prelude of things to come. I circled her for a good ten minutes, watching the goose bumps develop from the cold water and night air . .

"You know I learned a thing or two about being a boat-wright while we've been apart. Let me show you!"

She couldn't turn her head very far, but she could hear me turn on the air compressor, I put the "Paint "sprayer in her range of vision, so she could guess at its use.

The fiberglass cloth was next. I wound the 6 inch wide strips in one overlapping layer from her fingers up her arms to her shoulders, I wound another strip criss-cross across her chest and back. Wrapped her torso. Her tits were bare, but now her neck and back were covered to the base of her spine, her ass was left exposed but framed as a triple layer was run along the outside of her hips to be tied into the wraps on both her legs. A glass cloth cats cradle and stockings, if you can imagine.

"Warmer Now?" I asked .

She was trying to say something thru the panicked ragged breathing, pleading I guess. The gallon of resin and the pint of hardener were mixed together in small batches, to a thin consistancy, and were fed into the spray gun. Once I started, there was no going back as the gun would gum up and jam if the mix was allowed to stop flowing. I set to work soaking the fiberglass. Going over a section at a time to be sure the glass cloth was saturated and translucent, finally finishing at her toes. I could touch and feel the elevated temperature of the fast curing mix, assured that she at least now wasn't unbearably cold in the early morning air. She stopped struggling out of despair, long before I had finished sealing her fate. Crying herself into unconcious delirium and fume induced sleep.

The morning sun was creeping thru the cracks in the garage walls. I brewed a pot of coffee and ate a hardboiled egg, then came out to see my new creation, my new Fuck Doll, "Cherie under Glass "

Those pouty lips and firm tits, that magnificent pussy always so tight, and that wonderous ass available to any abuse I might dream up. She was still sound asleep. I released the snap hooks and cuffs, quietly and then gently nudged her off her feet and hands, she landed on her side with a hard knocking sound that woke her up. She tested her captivity. She sobbed as I placed her on her back, and then knelt down between her legs my stiff dick at the ready. Enjoying her warm pussy for the first time in a long time, listening to her moans. I said, "Now, now its not as bad as all that, I will strike a bargain with you, one day for every month we've been apart. Provided you keep that pussy and ass of yours as tight as you can. No complaining, or an extra day is added, then the Shell comes off".

I stopped mid stroke and grinned as I saw the frustration from an interrupted climax wash over her face, a freak after all , in a few seconds I started again and in a few minutes felt her heat and sloppy juices. Time to put away my new toy for a while. I wondered if I should go after her ass or mouth next time .


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