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Caught in the Act

by Restricted

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© Copyright 2006 - Restricted - Used by permission

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Chapter 1 – The sackings.

Trevor Lansdale was a difficult man to work with. He had been brought in to sort out the company. He had put it back on its feet, but God help anyone who crossed him. He would sack them without blinking and eyelid. He thought he was the bees knees. A right trendy type with long wavy black hair.

This day in particular, he was having a bad day, a very bad day indeed. Orders for the packing cases his firm made had been cancelled and he had to make up the loss of income or his fiddle would be found out. He had been siphoning some of the firm’s money into his own account. He had been clever. Not even the auditors had spotted his clever bookwork fraud.

The firm made any type of packaging that is required. From cardboard boxes to great wooden crates.  “Any size, any shape”. That is the motto of Peter’s Perfect Packaging Co. They even made crates for transporting animals with bars at the end of the box.

Now Trevor had to think hard. But he was in luck. The phone rang and there was a good order made. He was saved.  His secretary Tracey took the order. 200 wooden boxes. 4 feet by 4 feet by 2 feet high. The firm had no interest in what you put in them, they just wanted to sell boxes.

The order completed, he was satisfied. He called Tracey into his office. They had been having an affair for some time. “I am off to the pub for a bite of lunch. Just tell anyone I have gone to a meeting!” Tracey hated the fact that she did all the work and he got the glory.

She sat at her desk taking more orders as they came in. When it was time to go home, Trevor had not come back. He must have gone straight home, so she took all the orders invoices and put a copy of them in his office and laid them on his desk. She noticed one of the drawers open in his desk. She opened it. There was a list of people to be sacked. Her name was on the top of the list! “Oh he thinks he is going to get away with that does he!” She shut the draw and went home. All that night she thought of all the sex sessions they had been having in his office. She had worked flat out literally for that job and she intended to keep it.

Once home, Tracey started to look on the internet for ways of getting even. She turned to the internet based auction sites and saw the ideal thing. She was intrigued and looked even more. Tracey went through handcuffs, chastity belts, “I could lock him in one of those and destroy the key in front of him! That would ruin his love life!” She thought, but she decided against that. She would be on a loser with that idea. He would have her charged with imprisoning him. There must be other ways of dealing with him. So she turned to stories of bondage. She knew Trevor was into bondage. He had asked her several times to let him tie her up in the office and she could do the same the next time. But she had declined. Now she was interested.

Tracey was not very well liked by the other girls in the typing pool. Especially Shirley Williams! Shirley had thought she was going to get the secretary’s job. She was far more experienced than Tracey but was passed over because she would not succumb to Trevor’s advances. They all would like to have the chance to put Tracey out of harms way. Shirley loved bondage and had all the equipment.

She had a chastity belt which she used to lock on at week ends and post the keys to herself. She loved it at Bank Holiday weekends. This meant she had to spend more time locked in the belt pretending that she was the prisoner of Glenn Harris the film star. He would undo the belt and have his way with her and lock her back in it again until the next time he wanted to take her. Her imagination and the vibrators worked wonders for her.

She loved the handcuffs. She would lock them on and spend hours watching the television with her hands behind her back. If she wanted to change channels, she had to use her nose. There were lots of rolls of bondage tape. She quite often wrapped her legs up and handcuffed her hands behind her back after leaving the key up in her bedroom.  She would have to hop to the stairs and sit down and back up the stairs to get to the keys.

Shirley had gags and masks of all shapes and sizes. When she was handcuffed she would often lock the gags into her mouth making her a silent captive who had been captured by some evil slave traders who were going to sell her off to the far eastern whorehouses to be used by everybody while she helpless to stop them.

But now she had to get on with her life. It was a cruel blow coming down to Earth when she had to return to work on the Monday. She only dreamed of getting her own back on Trevor and Tracey. What more could she do?

Chapter 2- The bondage session.

Tracey had an idea. She would get even with Trevor. All she had to do was buy some handcuffs. She made a bid for 4 pair of handcuffs with only moments to go. She was the winner. She paid by her credit card and would have to wait for the post to arrive.

A few days went past and the package arrived. She opened the package and saw the 4 pairs of handcuffs all shiny and new. There were 8 keys all identical with them. Tracey tried all the keys in all the handcuffs and found they all fitted. Now she had work to do.

The next morning, Trevor was very happy. All the orders had been completed and his bonus had gone up! “His bonus? I did all the work!” Tracey thought.  She started to tease him, but he resisted. All day long Tracey teased him.

Shirley noticed something was going on. She was the supervisor and had to keep going to the office. She knew Tracey was up to something. But she had no idea what it was.

Two days went past. Tracey had put the handcuffs in the drawers of her desk. She was going to get him before the weekend. Shirley not to be outdone had told all the other workers about Tracey and Trevor. But the bitter blow came when the two of them were at a meeting. Shirley crept into Tracey’s office and found the handcuffs. Under them was a copy of the list of those to be sacked. It amounted to half the workforce.

Those who were left would have to work twice as hard for the same money or join their colleagues out of work! She saw red. Now she knew what Tracey and Trevor was up to. She took a copy of the list and put the original one back under the handcuffs. Now she showed the rest of the workers the secret list. Tracey’s name was at the top of the list.

“She is going to work on Trevor to keep her on!” Shirley told the crowd. They all knew what she meant. All were agreed that something would have to be done about it. “Strike brothers and sisters!” one man shouted. “No, that would mean we lose orders and the firm may go under and we would still be out of a job. Let us catch them at it and compromise them!” “That is blackmail!” “Yes, good isn’t it!” “What have you in mind?” “keep them busy for today. Tomorrow afternoon we will set them up. I need some crates. I will give you the sizes and specifications!” Shirley told the men what she wanted. As Trevor and Tracey were still at the meeting in Redditch some 75 miles away, they had time to make what she wanted.

She told the girls she needed their help and that she would bring in all that is needed. The girls agreed to help. “Payback time!” as one of them said “for all the dirty tricks she has played on us to have our money docked!” “She will not be docking any more money now!”

Trevor and Tracey turned up late in the afternoon. They had stopped for lunch on the way home and Tracey had started to make advances towards Trevor again. He was beginning to thaw. But the workforce kept them busy so they had no time together.

At clocking off time, Tracey and Trevor went home before the rest of the factory. The factory workers saw them leave. Tracey to go to her flat and Trevor home to his wife.

The next day saw a lull in the orders so Tracey made an advance again on Trevor. She was ready to snap but knew she had to keep quiet about her name on the list of sackings. She went into his office. Today she was wearing a tight miniskirted suit. With a starched tight white blouse that showed her bra though the material, and a small silk scarf around her neck. 4 inch high court shoes and a matching handbag completed the ensemble.

She made sure she bent over and let him see she was wearing stockings and suspender belt. Trevor re-acted quickly. He rushed up behind her and put his arms around her and cupped her breasts. She felt his erection through his trousers. She turned and asked “Do you like it?” “You bet! Are you up for it Tracey?” Tracey said she had a surprise for him.

She left his office and went back into hers. She removed the handcuffs from the drawer and put them in her handbag. Now the Venetian blinds were twisted so they blocked out the office from the rest of the factory. She locked the door and went back into Trevor’s office. She closed the blinds on that as well before locking the door behind her. “You would find it more comfortable if you took your clothes off!” she told Trevor. “I will if you will!” They both stripped naked. She removed the silk scarf from around her neck. I think you would enjoy what I am about to do to you if I blindfolded you. Trevor stood there in anticipation with an erection like he had never had before.

Tracey took the scarf and blindfolded him. He asked what was going on. “Wait and see!”

She got one pair of handcuffs out of her bag and “Click” she clocked one half of the handcuffs around the base of his balls. “You are mine slave! You will do my bidding as I wish” She asked him to put his hands behind his back. He refused. “Oh well, little more pressure would not hurt I suppose” and squeezed the handcuff one stop tighter. Trevor got the message.

He put his hand behind his back and she put a pair of handcuffs on his wrists. Now he was at her mercy! She led him to his chair still blindfolded. It was a big old fashioned leather captain’s chair with a couple of holes in the back. Tracey found that she could slide the open handcuff through one hole and back out through the other and lock it.

“What are you up to? You stupid woman! Supposing someone comes in!” Tracey never answered but rolled up one stocking and shoved it in his mouth. She used the other one to tie around the back of his head holding the stocking in place. “I am off shopping. I will not be long. You are going to buy me an Armani dress. It is very expensive. I cannot afford it. But you can. I know where your wife shops and that you have bought her luxurious dresses from there before. They will not suspect a thing! Don’t run away!” “NNNNTHHH!” The door closed and locked leaving Trevor standing there, naked and chained to the chair.

Chapter 3 – Payback time.

The girls’ watched Tracey leave. Shirley went to the emergency key cupboard and broke the seal. It had every key for every lock in the factory. Shirley told everyone to be silent. She and a half dozen of the girls crept into Tracey’s office and then into Trevor’s.

What greeted them stunned them. Shirley held her finger over her lips telling everyone to be quiet. She found the keys to the handcuffs in Tracey’s drawers and went and undid the cuff that was locked around the chair back. She slid it out and gave it a yank. Trevor felt the tug with a sharp pain. “AAASEEEE?” (Tracey?)  Shirley said nothing but led him out of the office down to the factory floor. One of the girls locked the office doors behind them.

People knew that something was going to happen that day and had brought cameras in to photograph what happened. Trevor was locked to a pole at the end of the factory and boxes were stacked all around him. Shirley took out a tape measure and measured his chest.

Now he could not be seen from the office. “Now for Tracey! That will teach her to keep quiet when she knew all along that he was going to sack half of us. She was hoping to keep her job! Well I have a job for both of them!”

Shirley asked the girls to run along to the uniform shop along the road and get what she had written down on a piece of paper. Other girls were sent to the market to buy some tights, a corselet and a panty girdle with long legs, plus some nice knickers. “And do not forget the nice feminine petticoat!”

 The others could not wait to see what was on the list that they were taking to the uniform shop. Shirley had put it in an envelope so it came as a surprise for them.

Two of the men went to the local hardware shop and bought 60 yards of nylon rope. They soon returned with it. All the girls came back. The girls from the market showed what they had bought with the collection money the knickers were nylon satin directoire knickers. The girls from the uniform shop had told them what they were up to and were given a staff discount.

They watched as Tracey came back and went up the stairs to her office. She called out. “I am back Trevor. It is a lovely dress you bought me. £150. Quite cheap really. You will love it. I will put it on for you and wear it when I come into see you!”  Shirley told the others to wait. “Be ready for when she comes down the stairs!”

Tracey unlocked the door to Trevor’s office and walked in. She was visibly shaken. Trevor had gone! She got changed again and rushed down the stairs. “Anyone seen Mr. Harding?” she asked. But nobody answered. She heard a noise behind the boxes and went around to investigate. She saw Trevor standing there with his hands behind his back and handcuffed to the pole.

“Now!” The girls rushed in and grabbed Tracey. They soon stripped her. Some duct tape was wound around her head to gag her. Shirley got out reels of white bondage tape and they wrapped Tracey up. Only her eyes were showing. Her nose was covered but they had left her nostrils clear.

It did not take them very long to have her well and truly wrapped up. “With those white tapes she looks like an Egyptian mummy!” Now they repeated the process with white carpet tape. This strengthened the bonds so there was definitely no escape. It did not take them long before Tracey was wriggling on the floor looking at Trevor still standing there attached to the pole.

They left her wriggling away getting nowhere. Nobody took any notice of her muffled pleas for help. They just walked off and left the two there. Trevor’s turn would come later.

Shirley and some of the girls went up to Trevor’s office and went through the books. “The crafty sods!” “What!” “Every time they docked our wages, they never entered it into the books. They have been fleecing us and robbing the company at the same time!” “Why dirty rotten rats. Let’s go and kick them!” “No. Stick to my plan!”

Shirley phoned the head office and asked for them to send someone down as they had to report the fraud. Someone would be there the next morning.

Now they went back for Trevor. He was released from the pole and the handcuffs were removed. He rubbed his wrists as they hurt after being held for so long. But he was grabbed. He was pushed to the floor and the directoire knickers went on first, followed by the tights. The long legged panty girdle was shoved over his feet and pulled up. Shirley put some plastic gloves on and shoved his manhood so it was tucked between his legs.

Now the girls pulled the corselet over his arms and head and pulled it down. One of the reached below him and pulled the back down. The hooks and eyes were fastened at the crotch and quickly one of the girls sewed the two halves of the fastenings together so it could not be released and it removed over his head. He would have to step out of it.

Tracey was still wriggling around the floor. She had managed to get out of the square of boxes and was headed towards the office. But no one took any notice of her. They were more interested in Trevor. He was stood up and the petticoat was pulled over his head and smoothed down. The stockings were removed and shoved into the breast cups of the corselet. “You lot are fired for this!” he shouted at the crowd, but they just laughed back at him. “It would be worth it!”

Now the parcel from the uniform shop was opened. Trevor watched as a black maid’s dress was produced. Shirley held it up. “I think this would look lovely on you!” His arms were lifted and it was pulled down over his head and his arms went into the short sleeves. The studs were fastened. They sat him down and put make up on him with bright red lipstick. His hair was given a page boy style haircut and the little white maid’s cap was clipped onto his head. One girl removed her clip on ear rings and gave them to Shirley. She ran up to Tracey’s office passing the wriggling white worm on the way.

She found what she was looking for. “Superglue” She rushed back again passing the form of Tracey all wrapped up in tape trying to escape, and glued the ear rings in place.   A nice white apron was tied around his waist and a cute little bow was made to finish it off. Some flat women’s shoes were brought out and put on his feet. Shirley was good at guessing the size of people’s feet and this time made no exception. They fitted Trevor perfectly.

Now they were ready for the packaging. Two boxes were produced and Trevor saw what they were up to and tried to make a run for it. But they grabbed him and held him while the men started to tie his feet together.

The ropes went around his ankles 4 times and were tied off.  The rope was cut Now they went to just below his kneecaps and 4 times it was wound around his legs and tied off again. Again the rope was cut.  The next 4 coils went around above his kneecaps. He could feel the dress and petticoat being tightened around his legs. He could also feel the elastic of the directoire knickers around his knees and waist. 

They handcuffed his hands behind his back again and to make sure took 4 turns of the rope around his arms above his elbows 4 times and tied it off. They cut the rope again. Tracey’s scarf was brought out of the office and tied in his mouth to gag him.

A box with a wire grill end was brought forward and Trevor was lifted into it and laid down. He was at least able to stretch out. The men quickly nailed the lid down. He was well and truly caught. Now it was Tracey’s turn.

One of the men went to get her. She had reached the door of the factory but could not open it. He saw her trying to get up to undo the lock somehow. He laughed, walked over and slung her over his shoulder. The crowd roared with laughter when they saw the man walk back with a wriggling white worm slung over his shoulder.

Another box was produced. Tracey was laid into the box. This had wooden ends with a few holes for air. Trevor watched through the grills as she was laid into her box. He watched as the men nailed the lid down.

“All we have to do is label them for delivery and wait for the results!” “Where shall we send them to?” “Trevor has to go to his wife. I think she will need a maid in the future!” Especially if she is not paid any wages! Now Tracey, send her to our depot in St. Ives, Cornwall . That should be far enough away!”

The boxes were labeled ready for collection for the next day delivery.  Trevor “NNNNPPPHHHHD in his cage. He knew it would ruin him if he turned up at home like this. Tracey was busy kicking for all she was worth on her box.. It was a case of mind over matter. They didn’t mind, and she didn’t matter!

Shirley said “I am going early. I have to call in on Trevor’s wife. She is lovely. She does not deserve a bastard like him for a husband!” She went and got the Armani dress from Tracey’s office, borrowed one of the digital cameras and loaded all the photographs of Trevor and Tracey into the printer and typed up Trevor’s e-mail address. She found this in his diary. She picked up all of his clothes and put them in a bag that one of the girls gave her. Then she pressed the “send” button on the computer. The e-mail went to Trevor’s house.

Shirley found the house and knocked on the door. Trevor’s wife answered it and said Trevor was not in. “It is you I have come to see!” She told her of the affair Trevor and Tracey were having and how they had robbed the staff and the company. “You have a surprise package coming tomorrow. Trevor will be not be coming home tonight. He is a bit tied up at present!” She showed her the Armani dress. “He bought for Tracey!” “The bastard. Wait until I get my hands on him!” “Oh I rather think he will not be in a mood to talk! You will need a claw hammer to open the lid of the package. I have instructed the men to put it where you want it!” She gave the handcuff keys to her and said “Oh and you will want these!”

The next morning found Shirley in Trevor’s office. She showed the Director the fiddle Trevor and Tracey had been systematically carrying out. “Even the Auditor did not spot that!” He offered her the job of manager and said they would pay for her to go on a management training course. He would look after the factory while she was away.

Down in St.Ives a box turned up and no one heard the struggling because of the noise of the lorries and boats. The box was put at the back of the warehouse. “It says we are to open it!” “We are too busy at present. It is not going to run away.  We can open it later tonight!”

At Trevor’s house, the doorbell was ringing.

Chapter 4 – Trevor’s new life.

Trevor’s wife Jeanette was in the garden cutting up all his clothes and burning them when she heard the doorbell ring. “Oh blast. It would be now. Just when I am having fun! I wonder what they have sent me!” She answered the door and saw the two men there with the long box. She remembered what she had been told. The men took the box and put it in the spare room. She thanked them and they left her with the box.

Now she had to get the claw hammer and removed the nails from the box. She lifted the lid and saw Trevor lying face down with his hands tied behind his back! “Well, well, what have we here? Someone got fed up with you?” She got a knife and cut the ropes around his ankles and legs. But she left the handcuffs on for now. She helped him out of the box. “How do you explain this?” “nnnnphhh” (Undo the gag and I will tell you!)

Jeanette removed the gag. He sat on a chair. “Undo these handcuffs!” “Not until you tell me what is going on?” He told her. She picked up the phone and phoned Shirley at the factory. She told her what had happened. “Thank you Shirley! Now I know exactly what to do”

She took the keys to the handcuffs and she put it in the pocket of the black maids’ dress. “There you are. You can hold the keys yourself!” “Let me out of these handcuffs!” he shouted. Jeanette simply put the gag back in.

“I am off shopping. I am taking that dress back you bought Tracey and getting one I like!” She walked out leaving him there to stew. He tried everything to get the dress to turn enough so he could get to the pocket, but it would not. The little white apron firmly fixed it in place.

Jeanette took her time. She was in no urgent need to rush. She even called into the factory to thank Shirley and the others. Shirley offered her the job of personal assistant and she accepted it.

Jeanette told her she has some shopping to do. Shirley asked if she wouldn’t mind her tagging along as she had to do some as well. They walked past the uniform shop and Shirley told her that is where Trevor’s maid’s uniform came from. Jeanette went in the thank the girls. Shirley came in and they recognized her. “Why didn’t you bring him in? We could do with a laugh!” “Do you need a maid around here?” “We keep moaning we could do with a cleaner as we have to do it ourselves!” “I will send him in for 2 days a week” Jeanette told them. “You had better have another couple of uniforms for him to change into! Leave one here for him to get changed here!” “I have burned all his clothes. If he wants to go out, he goes out dressed as a maid or nothing!” The girls laughed but gave Jeanette a staff discount for 2 more complete uniforms for Trevor.

They called into a shop and Jeanette ordered a folding camp bed. It would be delivered that afternoon!

Shopping over, Jeanette and Shirley parted company back at the factory. “See you tomorrow, Jeanette!” Jeanette went home.  She found Trevor rather disheveled where he had tried to get the keys to the handcuffs. She shook her head and left him. She went up into the loft and tidied everything up. They had converted it into another bedroom and it was never used as he did not want guests staying there.

Jeanette took out the extra uniforms and put them on the table. “I have bought you some more clothes! Those will not stay clean for long!” She tied his feet together and took the handcuff keys out of the pocket and released Trevor. Now she ran to the car before Trevor could get his legs released.

She locked the handcuffs in the car boot so he could not lock her in them. Now she told him. “I have been given the job of P.A to Shirley. It pays well. You can stop here to become my full time maid! We will be going shopping for some more knickers for you later”

The doorbell rang. “Answer it. It is for you!” Trevor argued he could not go as he was, but Jeanette pushed him to the door and opened it. The man stood there with his mouth wide open when he saw Trevor. Trevor signed for the package and closed the door. “Take it up into the loft and assemble it!”   He did as he was told. “It is now your bedroom. I will call you Theresa from now on. We are off to the uniform shop soon. I have got you a job 2 days a week cleaning there!” Trevor did not like what he was hearing. But he had no choice but to accept his new role in life as a maid. He would not be paid. All money coming in would go to Jeanette and she would make sure he had no money to buy male clothes with.

She started to phone her friends up to call round for some coffee. He knew that they were going to rag him something terrible. “I expect a nice curtsey when they come to visit and every time they talk to you and you have to answer them. And you will only answer yes miss or no miss! You will not speak unless spoken to. And your new bedroom is up in the converted loft where all servants should sleep. I, of course will be taking lovers in. You will cook for them and clean and press their clothes as required!” 

Chapter 5 - Tracey escapes from the box.

Down in St. Ives, a package was stirring. One of the lads went to undo the package and had got the lid released when the fire alarm test went off.  Tracey saw her chance. She threw herself at the side of the box and as it had been placed on top of something at an awkward angle, it tipped over. She rolled out of the box. Now she had to get out of the warehouse and find a way to escape.

Everybody was in the grounds outside and never heard the crash as the bells were still ringing.  Tracey saw that there was a small gap between some boxes and wriggled between them. The alarm stopped ringing and she kept wriggling her way further down the gap between the boxes. She heard all the men coming back in. “Whatever was in the box isn’t in there now!” She heard one man say. “Look for whatever it is. It cannot be that small!”

Tracey heard them coming her way and as quietly as she could she wiggled her way around a corner behind a box. The men just looked down the gap and said “There is nothing here! Keep looking!” One of the men found a letter in the box. It was addressed to the depot manager. If they had opened it and read the letter, it asked him to phone Shirley at her warehouse.

The search continued and Tracey had a hard job of hiding. She could not move all that fast, but she had found a spot in the corner of the warehouse behind some boxes. To look at the boxes, you would never think there was a gap between them and the wall. It was only because when they had taken over the warehouse there was an air conditioning ducting at the bottom of the wall set into the brickwork. The ducting had been removed and with the boxes stacked against the wall, Tracey had a perfect hideout for a while.

The afternoon went by and Tracey was able to relax. The depot manager came in at last. He had been out all day. “Oh I will leave the note until tomorrow. I am in a hurry now!” He put the envelope on his desk and went home after locking up the warehouse.

Now Tracey could find a way out in peace. She slid out of her hiding hole. If she could locate the office, she might be able to find some way of cutting herself free. She wriggled her way over to the doors and found that she could not open them. She could not even stand up with her hands fastened by her sides.

So now she had to look for the offices. The warehouse was different from hers. But she spied some stairs and guessed they were up the top of the stairs. She slithered over to the bottom of the stairs and rolled on her back. She lifted her head and placed it on the bottom stair. It hurt. The stairs were iron open plan stairs.

She pushed with her feet and lifted her back. But she could not get up the stairs. So now she went for the second stair. This gave her the chance. She pushed with her feet and managed to get her back on the bottom stair. Now she had to repeat the operation. This was taking time.

Her head on the third step, she pushed again. Her bum was on the second step. Her head on the fourth step and she repeated it time and time again. It was taking her ten minutes to get up one step at a time. But eventually she got to the top of the stairs. She saw the clock. It was 3.a.m.  She had 5 hours to get out of the warehouse.

She slithered over to the office door and found it was locked. She should have realised it as she always locked her door whenever she left the building. “The emergency key cupboard!” she thought and bumped her way back down the stairs once more.

She found the cupboard okay, but it was 5 feet off of the ground. She was unable to reach it. So she turned around and lay along the floor against the wall. Tracey put her legs out and with all her strength managed to put herself in a sitting position. Pushing with her legs she stood up. She saw the seals on the cupboard and realised she was never going to be able to open the door.

Hopping around, she managed to get so far before she fell over and winded herself. It was now 6.a.m. Only 2 hours to go. She wriggled her way around the outside of the floor examining the entire walls for a vent or hole. But she found nothing. She thought she had better head back for her hiding hole. But she had lost her sense of direction and was wriggling her way across the floor when the doors opened.  It was the depot manager. “What the hell?” He rushed over to her, but realised he could not undo the tape. Her wriggling had crushed it on too tightly. So he went to the office and saw the envelope.

Tracey realised the main door was open and started to wriggle her way out of the building as fast as she could. He opened the envelope and read the note. “Please phone me at my depot”, and gave the number he required. He phoned the number and Shirley answered the phone. She explained what had happened and how Trevor and Tracey had been robbing the staff and the company. The depot manager never liked Trevor or Tracey anyway. He told Shirley that he thought it was a clever idea. “Send Trevor down here. We could do with a maid to keep the warehouse clean!”

Chapter 6 – Captured

By now Tracey was in the yard of the depot. She saw the gates were opened, but realised that she could not go direct through the gates as she may be run over, so she headed as fast as she could for the fence behind the warehouse hoping for a hole in it.

The workers started turning up. Soon the car park was full. Now she had a chance to slither between the cars and escape through the doors. Perhaps someone would spot her and release her from her terrible bondage. She continued to wriggle between the cars, dodging anyone who came around.

She lay still to get her breath back. All this rolling and wriggling was taking it out of her. But she could not stay still for long. The manager called all the staff in and told them what was going on. “Have your fun, but when you have finished with her, we must pack her up and send her onto another depot or return her to where she came from. Go and find her!”

Tracey was wriggling along at a fair pace. She had managed to get a lot of practice in over the past 24 hours.  She just reached the gate when she was spotted. The man picked her up and took her back into the warehouse. She was struggling over his shoulder and he put her down in the centre of the warehouse. All the men came and took a look at her. The manager explained what she and Trevor had done with the workers and company’s money from his depot. All the men agreed that they had taken the right action.

The depot manager undid the wrappings around her head. He asked if she was hungry and thirsty. She told him she was, and he gave her a glass of orange juice and some buns. “If you would not mind taking this muck off of  me?” she asked.

The depot manager did no more than to replace all her bindings so she was looking like she did before, except her head fastenings were cleaner than the rest of her.

All morning, the men took no notice of her wriggling about. As far as they were concerned, she was not there. Except when they jeered her! She kept going for the door, but every time, someone picked her up and put her back where she started from.  This was the most painful part. The fact that she was ignored and frustrated from whenever she got to the door she was right back where she started from! Time after time after time!

By the end of the day, the men put her back in the box and sealed it up again.   They put a label on it and sent it on its way back to Shirley. She could deal with it the next day. Tracey felt the box being lifted by a fork lift truck and carried around high in the air to be placed on the back of a delivery lorry. Soon she was on her way back to Shirley and the depot she had stolen from.

The next day Shirley saw the box and called the others to open it. “We have caught us a worm! What shall we do with it?” The others agreed that Tracey should remain like she was for the day. They tormented her by putting down a bowl of water and some biscuits. But she had to watch the mice eat those.

Tracey tried to wriggle her way out of the building, but one of the men picked her up and put her back deep inside the building. She was stood against the pole they had captured Trevor by and wrapped more duct tape around her so she was now a perfectly still silver worm. They left her there for the day.

Shirley took some photos of her. But she realised she could not keep her forever and she undid the head wrappings. “I will go to the police and have you charged over this?” “No one will witness what we have done to you. We will say that you wanted us to do it and we simply responded to your wishes. That is when we tell them abut your thieving from us and the company. I am sure they will not wrap you up in the prison. But I should imagine they would treat you harshly when they find out you stole from your own kind. And they have children to support!”

Tracey knew she was beaten. The group unwrapped Tracey, but they threw her clothes out into the middle of the street. All she had to do now was nip out naked in the rush hour and retrieve them.



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