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Burial of my Fantasy

by S M Ackerman

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© Copyright 2010 - S M Ackerman - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-f; M/f; kidnap; drug; bond; gag; electro; bdsm; coffin; burial; nc; X

My name is Francis and I have for some time now had a dream that haunts my every sleeping moment. For sometime I have woken up in the night only to find that the situation I dreamed I was in, was just that, a dream! Strangely every time I wake I am very wet between my legs, sweaty all over, and feeling terrified, but also so bloody aroused that I just have to toss myself off. I have even taken to sleeping with a dildoe beneath my pillow for just this situation!

The really strange thing is that lately my fantasy has not been restricted to sleep, I find that at work, whilst sitting at my desk (when I am supposed to be typing the bosses letters), my thoughts wander. My work is suffering and my boss has caught me a couple of times drifted off into space. My fantasy is beginning to threaten my job, and that is something I cannot allow. I need to do something about it, which given the nature of what I am dreaming about is not an easy thing to do!

I spent weeks trawling the net and talking to people, until I found someone called dream-caster, he or she claimed to be able to arrange for fantasies to become realities! We talked, I explained once I felt secure and they said yes. The how, when and consequences were not my concern, I could only expect the unexpected, and suffer the consequences of my request, I waited.

Dream-caster had sent me a form asking lots and lots of questions, I had answered it and sent it back by E-mail, when a week later I tried to contact dream-caster again I came up against a blank wall, no such site, name, E-mail etc, existed, well not my dream-caster anyway, and I embarrassed myself by contacting three other sites all of whom knew nothing about me.

Another week went by, my dreams became more insane and intense, so much so that I forgot about dream-caster and their questions, that is until I left work one Friday evening as usual, and all hell broke out!


Charlie had been the door-man for twenty two years, he loved his job after all he got to look at all the beautiful women and sometimes, he even got to speak to them as they entered or left. There was one woman at the moment that whenever she walked by Charlie made sure that he was present, he sometimes even watched her on the security cameras in the lifts as she went up or down to her office. She looked every inch the professional, her clothes were smart, well cut and tailored to her slim tall frame. Her breasts were not the biggest in the world but they fitted her image perfectly.

Charlie turned away from the screen and went through to his glass fronted reception office to watch as she walked across the company atrium her blond hair swishing, erotically charged as she walked towards him. She had an effect on him that always left him panting like a dog and often with his cock hard in his trousers. There she was, looking all delicate and perfect but at the same time somehow, so in control of everything around her.

Today her suit was dark-grey with a slight but just discernable white stripe running through it. Her long legs were swathed in fine denier nylon and looked to die for, the skirt ended just below her knees adding to the feeling of dominance! She wore black patent, four-inch heels and carried a matching handbag.

As she walked towards him Charlie saw for the first time the double strand of pearls hanging around her neck, Charlie normally did not like pearls, he thought that they were overrated normally, but not on her! On her they seemed to blend and fit in superbly. His cock was responding at the sight of her, waking from its place of rest deep in his underpants, it was a good job that there was a desk between him and her or she could not miss the thrusting tent that his trousers had become.


“Good night Charlie!” I call giving him a slight smile and a wave.

“Good night miss, have a good weekend.” He added.

“I will and you.”

I could feel Charlie’s eyes fixed to my bottom as I departed the atrium through one of those rotating doors, I quite liked the feeling of stimulating the old chap, and put a slight effort into wiggling by bottom just for him, lucky horny Charlie.

My dark grey Lexus sports gleamed as I approached its long bonnet, the car had been a treat, one I could not have afforded if it had not been for a small inheritance from an uncles will. I loved the look of it but even more I loved the feeling it gave me when I drove it with the top down. I also quite liked the power it had, because being a moderately attractive woman in a sports car I get all the boy racers at traffic lights trying to show off, mostly I ignore them, they being not worth the effort of teaching them a lesson, occasionally I don’t, and then I love seeing their shocked faces in my rear view mirror as I accelerate away from them with my hair streaming out behind me, and usually laughing.

Today being Friday I was looking forward to the drive home and a nice relaxing bath and perhaps some fun of the self pleasuring sort. My car being in the company car park I ignored my normal caution as I approached it, most importantly I failed to take note of the blue van parked next to my drivers door, something girls you should always be aware of!

I pulled the key-fob out of my handbag and unlocked the car with its remote, as the bleep sounded, a grating noise came from behind me, and a hand with a cloth held in it rounded my face and smothered my nose and mouth. I struggled for a few seconds and then the world around me vanished to be replaced with black nothing. I lost feeling in my legs and went limp, collapsing. After that I remember nothing more until I woke up some time later.

* * * * *

That is why girls you should always be aware of vans etc when approaching your car, you are vulnerable at that point being screened by the van and your own car with your back to the world and anything can happen! So Do Not let yourself get taken like that. Stay alert to your surroundings, if in doubt either leave and get help, a policeman or security will not be concerned if you fear is unfounded, or if you feel it is safe to do get in the passenger side, instantly lock all the doors and then slide across and leave. Safety first, it is better to be over cautious and safe, than regretful later, if there is a later!

Anyway personal security lecture over and in my case ignored I might add, so yes you can poke fun at me, it would appear it is a case of do what I say, not what I did…!

I woke up in a groggy way in a pitch dark place and thankfully at that moment alone or so I thought! I was too out of it to really feel scared yet, but I soon would as the effect wore off and the reality of my situation hit home!

I tried to move, to sit up, I could not, my arms were crossed over my breasts and seemed to be taped in place, it was then that I noticed for the first time that I was naked, my clothes had been removed before I was secured. My legs were tight together and felt like they were also taped. That is when I first panicked, the bindings held and I failed to move!

Straps crossed my thighs cutting into my flesh, the further I tested my restraints, the more I discovered. My ankles were not only taped together but they were also strapped down. A strap crossed my belly just above my hips and another was placed just below my breasts, this is the strap that my praying hands were taped to. My head cleared from the effects of the drug used, and I realised that I had something large in my mouth. ‘A gag,’ the words screamed into my thoughts, I am gagged, they repeated! I bit down hard but the object did nothing, I tried pushing with my tongue but still nothing happened, I was effectively gagged and bound! I tried turning my head but the tape across my forehead only pulled at my skin. Even my head was fixed securely. Now I began to panic for real, I struggled against my bonds, terrified of the position I was in, desperate to escape, which is when the voice spoke.

“Stay still my child!” It said to me from across the room. I tried to turn my head but the tape held me firmly in place.

“You have obtained a status granted to only a few, you are honoured child!”

Honoured my ass I wanted out, this is not what I expected or asked for! I continued struggling which is when the pain exploded in my groin. Lightening fingers of electricity surged through my sex, I screamed but the sound was effectively lost. The current switched off, my punishment for disobedience to the voice over for now.

“Why must you all struggle against your destiny, why fight what you cannot change, accept your future, accept the honour that has been given to you!”

Something moved closer, it was black in the black of the room, a shadow and entity unseen but felt by its presence. A wooden board appeared it slotted into the board on which I was secured, more boards were added by my almost invisible tormenter. I was being boxed up. That was when I realised that the box was not just a box, it was a coffin. I struggled again, this time kicking out but again failing to move towards freedom, the bindings secured me perfectly.

“Do not struggle or you will have to be disciplined, accept your internment peacefully, step out of this world child into the next. Enjoy you death, it is ordained.”

Death, accept my death, this is not what I wanted, this isn’t the kidnap and bondage play I desired to experience when I gave dream-caster my permission. I wanted to feel fear, yes, and I was, but I also wanted to enjoy it, to have climax after climax and none of that was happening. Pain exploded again this time in my breasts, this bastard liked playing with electricity!

The lid was placed on top of the now erected sides, sealing me in! I heard screws being tightened into pre-drilled holes, then a scraping sound at my feet and finally near to my head. The box moved beneath me, it tilted upright, it had been affixed to some sort of crane or winch. It swung free and then moved a short distance.

“Now child it is time for you to join you companions as you all travel the road out from this world”.

The box lowered I felt it clearly! Not to the floor but through it. The fear raged, my concern at my immanent demise caused me to struggle harder and try to scream. I heard another voice, a similar sounding gagged voice, coming from near to my head. I was not alone, possibly not the only woman boxed and secured, stood upright in a coffin sunk into a hole of some sort!

Death would take some time, there was no other reason other than dehydration that would apparently kill me. This bastard wanted me, us, to die horribly!

Oh how I wished I had never searched the net, never contacted dream-caster or accepted their offer for torment. ‘Death,’ the word raged through my thoughts, you are dying, my mind screamed at itself. Bound naked, a slut with every dignity taken away from you, and all because you wanted to get off in a rather obscure and perverted manner.

Something banged against the coffin side and rattled down to the floor beneath! I pictured soil tossed into a grave, a grave containing me and perhaps others, all of us alive, all terrified as dream-caster filled in our burial site. Death loomed, despair grew, fear raged, death at the hands of a stranger, death, long and slow, feeling each and every footstep as I walked to oblivion in my mind. Would I go insane before the lack of water killed me, would I pass out of this world a deranged woman shattered mentally by the manner of my demise?

Soil continued to fall banging hard against my coffin, I heard wailing of a sort through the wood of my tomb. Nearby another was suffering as was I, our deaths combined, sisters in torment together. Would we meet on the other side, would we join and become friends in another life, or in heaven? I did not know then, but I would know soon I told myself. Soon I would know the answer to that ultimate question, what happens after you have received the kiss of death?

A voice followed by a series of loud bangs and a single piercing scream carried down into my coffin. Something thudded to the floor above me, something solid and now still! Voices echoed, I tried to scream, others in other coffins added their voices, muffled as they were by the gags stuffed into our mouths, my sisters and I begged for survival. Above us voices talked, muted but numerous.

My coffin rocked, I head the chain being fitted, the winch cranking as it was wound tight, my coffin raised, lifted out of its tomb, soil sliding down the wood as the coffin climbed back to the living world above. It tilted and lowered, I heard scrapping as screws were withdrawn from the lid, soon the lid itself was removed.

Four male faces looked down at me, pistols pointing into my coffin then being raised and pointed elsewhere. Two pairs of hands cut the tape, unbuckled the straps, and finally helped me up, lifting me into the room in which I had woken.

Men surged around me, some leaning over a large pit cut through the wooden floorboards; another coffin was winched out, followed by three more! I had been one of five women captured and buried alive. Our rescuers were police officers.

Covered by a sheet across the room a body lay on the floor, blood seeped out from beneath it, our capturer was dead, shot by the police as they broke in to save us.

Life had never felt so precious, so inviting so welcome!

That should have been the end of my nightmare, saved at the last moment by the boys in blue, but instead it was the beginning of something surprising but also quite wonderful.

I was helped out of the basement of the building to a waiting ambulance, a voice called out to me asking if I was alright, I said yes as I turned. There was Charlie looking concerned but relived at seeing me. Charlie, the slightly overweight guard at my work, the same Charlie who watches me as I walk across the atrium and for whom I sometimes wiggle.

“Thank god, I saw you kidnapped and got the number of the van, then I did my best to follow it on my motorcycle. The van led me here and the police arrived shortly, I am only sorry that I was not quicker!”

“My god Charlie, you saved my life and theirs as well!” I pointed at the other women being assisted to ambulances. “Don’t be sorry, be pleased and proud and accept my deepest thanks.”

Charlie leant forward and whispered into my ear.

“All part of the dream-catcher service ma'am! No damn sick bastard is going to kidnap my intended victims and get away with it, not whilst I am around to watch over them.” He added.

Charlie is dream-catcher, I am his victim, and we have played out many satisfying games since that day, what a wonderful life!

The End


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