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Bubble Bath

by Baubleheadz

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© Copyright 2020 - Baubleheadz - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; FM+/f; encased; rubber; bond; sex; oral; anal; objectify; cons; X

A few hours ago I was taking a nice calming bath, letting myself relax and sink into a warm bath. One of my girlfriends had given me a bubble bath that she said I would really enjoy. The liquid bubble bath had turned the water milky white, and totally opaque, then after a few minutes, as instructed I added the pink powder to the bath and the bath turned to what looked like lightly flavored strawberry milk. It smelled like strawberry milk too. Next I put on the swim cap she had given me to protect my hair and submerged myself fully in my 6’ soaking tub. The only part of my body that was out of the water was my face. She had told me to lay in the bath and get myself fully under the water leaving on my face above so I could breath and relax and enjoy the soft skin effect that it had. She had also told me to lie completely still and to get in a comfortable position so that I was not straining to stay under.

I was laying in the bath, as instructed, submerged, comfortable; daydreaming of our next party we would go to. This girlfriend of mine knew my deepest desires (mostly), she knew my kinks. We had been to more than one bondage party together, me always as her pet. She knew how much I liked to be objectified, ignored, and used. What she didn’t know is that I would have gladly gone home with her after any of these parties and been her pet at home for the night, available for anything she wanted, but I never told her. I’m not a lesbian, I’m not even bi-sexual, but when I’m acting the part of a toy or a pet or any kind of objectification I really get into the part. I have no sexual orientation when I role play, I am there for pleasure, anyone’s pleasure. Of course my friend does not know how far I really go with it in my mind, she always keeps me safe, lets people at the party pet me, and rarely she would even let someone she knows and trusts finger me, but she was always there to protect me. I always secretly wanted her to do more with me, forget about me, abandon me to the wildest whims of the other party guests, maybe even lend me to one of her HOT guy friends for the night; I would have done it in a heartbeat. Like I said I’m a different “person” when I’m role playing, I really get into the part. In normal life I would never even fantasies about being taken by a stranger, but when I’m playing I really get into it, and I want to play my part as best as possible.

After any party she would bring me home just as I was at the party, most parties I was her pet dog for the night, naked on all fours for hours, sometimes even with a doggy tail butt plug in me or a collar and leash. Most of the time, if I was a dog, my wrists would be tied to my shoulders and my ankles to my ass so that I had no choice but to be a dog. Men would BEG my friend to let them fuck me, but she would always protect me (and never let me have any fun). We would always drive to parties in my car so that she could bring me home, pulling the car into the garage, then walk me on all fours into the house then out of the back door onto the back porch. There, she would clip my leash to the dog run, unbind my arms and legs, and leave me. If she had only known that there had been more than one night that I had actually stayed outside, sleeping on the grass or in the dog house overnight, accidentally falling asleep, only to be late for work on Monday. I assume my friend figured that I would unhook myself right away and go in for a shower and crawl into bed.

At a recent Halloween party we went to I had been a lot more daring! (Maybe this is where my friend got the idea to play this bath prank on me.) I went to the party as a pleasure toy. It was a party of close friends that all have a strong kink side. I had a neck cuff on with two very short chains that locked my wrists, in the front, close to my neck. Out of reach around my waist was a fanny pack filled with condoms and dental dams. Written clear as day on my forehead in (washable) marker was “Attention Whore: $10 blow job, -$5 clit licking”. By the end of the night I had sucked off most of the men in the room (the ones that didn’t have chastity devices on them), many more than once. In the 6 hours of the party I had made over $150. The problem was that every time a woman had me lick her I lost $5, and by the end of the night I was very, very tired and I only had $35 in my fanny pack. I had almost run out of dental dams and condoms to boot. As an added edge of cruelty my girlfriend decided to take all of the used condoms, full of cum, press all of the air out of them, tie them off, shove them into another condom, and shove them up my butt (damn her for knowing how much I like anal and humiliation). So my mouth was killing me, my chest was covered in my own saliva from drooling so much and my butt was full of condoms full of men’s cum.

See, there I go again daydreaming about the parties. Anyways back to the story of what happened a few hours ago. Dreaming about parties is not abnormal for me, but right now I am actually PART of the party we are at, so it’s a little ironic I guess (more on this later). There I was, a couple of hours ago enjoying my bubble bath, which didn’t really have bubbles. As I was relaxing in the tub I felt a cold breeze on my nose, and looked up. There was my friend, 2 hours early for picking me up for the party. Startled I went to sit up but she gave me a hand gesture to relax, then another gesture to sit up some. Once my ears where out of the water she started to talk.

“Hey there gorgeous, too bad I can’t see under the water, I bet you are already shaved under there like a good pet.” The last word in that sentence put me at ease; I was her pet, and I started getting into character right away. “Now, pet, when I tell you I want you to lie back in the water with your face out just like it was when I came in. I want you to pull your knees up to your chest and spread your legs wide against the outside of the tub then draw them in slightly so they are not touching the edge of the tub. Pet, I want your knees and ankles as far out as possible but everything must be submerged so you’ll probably have to point your toes. Your calves should be parallel to the sides of the tub and the surface of the water. If you need to, grab just below your knees with your hands and pull down on them to keep them under the water. If you don’t get it just right I’m gonna reach in there and help you get it perfect.”

Normally I would have questioned what all this was about, and as I visualized the position I was going to be in, I wondered why she wanted my privates to be so vulnerable, though I did realize that she would not be able to see them under the water. I didn’t hesitate to comply though, all this calling me “pet” was really getting me into character. She was also being a lot more assertive than normal, which seemed to help my desire to be compliant.

“Once you are just right I’m gonna stick a bulb in your mouth, it’s like a snorkel ‘cause I want you to put your head completely under water before we are done. I will put the snorkel in your mouth, put a nose plug on your nose, then press down on your forehead when I want you to submerge the rest of the way. Remember to keep in the position I’ve told you. Knees up at your chest and out to the sides, imagine a handsome man fucking your brains out in that position and it will help you keep your form. You would not want to close your legs and block him access would you? Once you are under don’t move even a hair or I will punish you bad!”

“OK, get into position now”. I sunk back down in the water, and moving slowly so I would not slosh the water all over and maybe up my nose I pulled my knees up to my chest. Then I grabbed my knees and pulled them as far apart as I could without touching the sides of the tub (which was quite roomy actually, and I got my knees quite far apart.) At this point my friend reached into the water and grabbed my privates, pressing one finger slightly into me and pressed her palm down on my pubic bone to cause me to sink to the bottom. I closed my eyes and could already imagine a nice big guy fucking my brains out so I unconsciously raised my hips some to give him better access.

I felt something against my lips and opened up as a bulb slid into place. As I closed my lips I imagined this being another guy stuffing his cock in my mouth, though the illusion was spoiled by the fact that I could breath easily though this “cock”. Then I felt something uncomfortable on my nose and my best friend pressing down on my forehead. As my head sank under the sounds of the bathroom changed. Even though my ears had been underwater, having my entire head under sure changed the acoustics. Now I waited, perfectly still. This is when I realized I had NO clue what she was planning! I just did what she had said and didn’t even think about where it was leading too.


I heard a strange noise, like a splash but much smaller. Then almost immediately I could feel strange movement around my butt, like someone was fanning the water or something. The strange feelings spread quickly through the water and the sound of being underwater started to change. I could feel the water getting a little warmer (which was nice ‘cause it had started getting cold), and I could feel strange pressure against my butt. The changes to the bathwater rapidly increased in speed and voracity and suddenly everything stopped, and the sound of the bathroom became a little clearer. As I found the “water” becoming more and more solid my friend pulled her hand out, with some difficulty, before the mixture set.

“Pet, you are now my captive, that bubble bath you were in was a kind of quick setting gel, and I just added the seed crystal that sets it. You can try to move, but if you don’t mind don’t freak out or struggle too much, it’s not fully set yet.” As I tested my surroundings I sure was trapped in a hard-ish gel, like really rigid jello jiggler. I was amazed at how much better this stuff transmitted sound than the water had, I could almost hear my friend clearly (well, like she was in another part of the house or something, but clear enough). I could not see how this was very kinky. I mean I was just a chunk of rubber now. Then it dawned on me, I was a chunk of rubber, I was an object, a useless chunk of rubber! This thought put my heart into double time and I could feel myself about to cream. This thrill wore off quickly though as I realized that a useless chunk of rubber was not very sexually appealing. Owner must have heard my breathing pick up because she told me to relax, that I would really enjoy this, and that I would be out of it all soon. She also mentioned that she would be right back.

I could hear my friend in the other room talking to someone, or making a phone call or something. Then I heard her come back into the bathroom.

“Well Pet, for tonight’s party you are going to be a pleasure toy, just like for Halloween. This time though you will not know who is using you, you will not know how long you’ve been in there, and you’ll be a good fuck toy. You see, one night I came back into your house after I had dropped you off from a recent party and found you outside, still chained up. Now I was very tempted to come out there and fuck your silly doggy brains out, but since you had never shown any sexual interest in me I didn’t want to spoil your doggy house fun by making an unwanted pass at you. So I appeased myself by going up to your bedroom to search through your stuff. I figured I would find some sex toys of yours or something and steal them away only to provide them to party guests to use on you next time we all get together. But what did I find instead? Something much better. I found your web links on your computer, linking to sites about objectification, I spent almost 4 hours going through your kinky photos on your computer, the stories you have saved, and the sites you visit most. What I found next was even better. I found your diary. I read about how you wanted me to use you, keep you overnight as my pet. I read about the things you wanted me to do to you, and how you dreamed of truly being used by anyone. You want to be a sex toy; well you are gonna have it. Think long and hard about it because just before we go to the party you’ll be given one chance to get out of this free and clear. If you decline you will just live these fantasies in your head for the rest of your life, because this is a once in a lifetime chance.

After a while of talking to me about her plans I heard her leave and go downstairs, open the front door, greet someone and come back upstairs with them.

“I’ve got some friends here to help me lift you out of your tub, they are friends we know and trust, but to you they are just owners, pet.”

I still don’t know how they got me out of the bathtub with that much weight but it seemed like they kind of rolled me out then three or four people carried me into the bedroom or something. It was all very disorienting. I almost could not feel what was up and down as I was rolled except for the feeling of blood rushing into my head then back out.

Once on the bed I could feel pressures and pulling and noises of what sounded like someone was cutting the rubber. I heard my friend giving orders to the other people in the room. She said stuff like ‘cut here’, ‘pull here’, ‘lift here’, and stuff like that. Within I’m guessing 5 minutes I felt cool air on my pussy lips. Seems they had cut away a huge chunk of the rubber between my legs and they had gouged out a lot of rubber above my stomach.
This had revealed my pussy to the world. I felt someone stroking my pussy lips, playing with the ample supply of juices that I had made (that had been trapped by the rubber until just moments before) and just as someone was about to stick their finger in me I felt the finger jerk as someone slapped that wonderful hand away.

“Don’t touch her yet. I know you don’t want to waist that sweet juice, but she has to be given the choice. She either becomes a fuck toy for the night, an object, a mere fixture. Or we let her out and no one speaks of this to anyone without her permission.”

“Well Pet, what do you think, fuck toy, or just another boring night as my ass sniffing puppy at the party? Did you really mean the stuff in your diary or are you just full of it? If you want to be my fuck toy, and get lent out to all of our friends for the night for anything they might want to do with your pussy then suck air hard through your breathing tube. I’m plugging it up right now with my hand. Make your decision, I don’t have all night... Five... decide before I get to one... Four... Three... Pet, are you a mere toy or are you full of it? Two... what will it be Pet?” SUCK. I made up my mind, I submitted myself as the object I currently was to the whims of my friends and her devious plans.

“Alright boys, you two cut away rubber to get to her breasts, first one to get to a nipple (without cutting her) gets to fuck her after I’m done eating her out, the other will have to wait until the party.” As she said this I felt her warm breath on my pussy lips and she went straight for my clit. What an expert she was too, she surely had done this before. It didn’t take me, in my horny state, more than about 20 seconds of her expert tongue and fingers to cum, and she kept it up for another minute as I came down and peaked again at least twice more. For the first orgasm she had just attacked my clit and that orgasm was amazing. As soon as I had started coming down from that first orgasm she reached deep into me and started playing around behind my pubic bone with her fingertips. Within moments I was coming again, this time with a totally different feeling ‘G-spot orgasm’. And as that orgasm started to fade she pumped three fingers into me vigorously and I had my third orgasm, a totally different experience, a vaginal orgasm. That had been the first time in my life I had come more than once consecutively, and that was the moment I figured out why my orgasms always feel different. My whole life I thought it was an inconsistency, but now I realized that every orgasm I had ever had just been varying mixes of those three distinct orgasms. “I’ve got to get you to teach me how you do that one of these days.” One of the guys said, though he had not spoken long enough for me to catch who it was.

After my breasts were exposed, and played with by what seemed like 3 or 4 people I was picked up again and placed on the floor. Some guy lay down on top of me, and entered me. It felt amazing. It was hard to tell, but I could feel the condom he was wearing, I wondered if my friend had a devious plan for these cum filled condoms tonight? With all of the movement of his pumping I could “feel” my surroundings. I was stuck spread legged, knees to the sides of my chest. A huge chunk of rubber had been removed so that a person could lay on top of me missionary style and fuck me. The only parts of me that where exposed where my pussy and breasts. A thin layer of rubber covered my stomach and inner thighs, and a huge block of rubber held up my upper back and my head while at the same time pinning my legs in position. I was in heaven, well a rubbery smelling heaven with strange dicks and licks and flicks coming at me for who knows how long from who knows who all night. So here I am, an anonymous centerpiece at our party, at least I think I’m at our party.

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