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Becoming Art

by sspringer3

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© Copyright 2014 - sspringer3 - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; F/f; D/s; tattoos; piercings; bodymod; depilation; breasts; nipple; milking; display; stand; insert; objectification; art; canvas; hum; lesb; mast; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

Written at a reader’ request. I want to thank Steph for being my muse and collaborator.

Loretta Sky scanned the room. She was attending a professional mixer, not that she needed any more contacts. No, she was here looking for a canvas for her newest project. Loretta is a proud lesbian and she wanted a canvas on which she can create a mural to the history of lesbianism. Others had created such murals, but they had done so in a mundane fashion, on fabric, wood, or marble. Not Loretta Sky. She would create her mural on a different canvas. Her canvas would be a woman’s body.

To make her project even more fun, the woman she would use as her canvas would not be a volunteer. Not that Loretta would stoop to kidnapping or some such. No, she would mold the woman’s psyche slowly until she realized her purpose in life was as a work or art.

Almost ready to give up on this venue as a hunting ground, her eye was caught by an attractive woman in maybe her late 30s. She had nice large tits, something Loretta knew her canvas required. Loretta moved quickly but not too obviously over to her prey.

“Hi there. My name’s Loretta. How are you today?”

“Oh, hi. I’m Stephanie.”

“You look a little lost. Stephanie.”

“Well, I’m not really sure why I came. A friend from work suggested it but. Oh, I don’t know.”

“Why don’t you stick with me? I can show you the ropes and introduce you to some people.”

“Thank you. That would be lovely. I was hoping to get some contacts, maybe a lead on a new job.”

“Oh, what do you do?”

“I’m an office manager. What about you?”

“I run my own business.”

Stephanie looked her over and then said, “Must be pretty successful.”

Loretta laughed and said, “You could say that. I cleared 27 million last year after taxes.”

“My lord! What are you doing here? Surely you don’t need any other contacts?”

“No, I don’t. I was looking for someone I could help. I think I’ve found her.”

“Why would you want to help a stranger?”

“It’s a hobby. If you really want to know. I have everything I want in life, so now I indulge myself in various hobbies. Another one is art. I love creating beautiful things, well, maybe I should say inspiring others with my ideas and having them create the art. Now, let’s introduce you to some people.”

For the next two hours, Stephanie met person after person. Many were interesting but not able to help her. But, all in all, it was a productive evening.

As the evening ended, Loretta turned to her and said, “How about this Saturday I take you with me to an event where you will meet some really important people?”

“Could I bring my husband?”

“I think this event would be better if you were by yourself. Remember, this is about selling you. I am sure your husband is a wonderful guy. But let’s keep things simple. I’ll pick you up at 7 tomorrow evening. Wear something nice.”

“I’m not sure if I have anything suitable.”

“In that case, why don’t we get together for lunch and then we’ll go shopping?”

“That sounds lovely. You really don’t have to do all this.”

“But I insist. You are my current project.”

Not sure how to react to being called a ‘project,’ Stephanie just stood there.

“Now, why don’t I pick you up at your place at 12? Give me your address and number.”

Stephanie was still not sure how she felt about all this but gave her the information anyway. Later, in the privacy of her car, she reflected on her evening and her experience with Loretta. She realized that, while she’d told Loretta all about herself, she’d learned little about her new benefactor. Loretta seemed so nice but there was something inside her that made Stephanie wonder. She finally wrote it off to the woman’s obvious immense talent and intelligence.

The next day found Stephanie waiting nervously in her house for 12 to roll around. She’d told her husband about her experiences but he’d scoffed and said she should be excited someone so successful had decided to take her under her wing.

Loretta’s limousine showed up right on time. Stephanie was impressed when the chauffer jumped out and held the door open for her. She’d assumed the driver would only do that for Loretta. Once inside she was greeted warmly by her benefactor. They swept off to lunch at an exclusive restaurant where Loretta was obviously well known. They were not given menus, so Stephanie was unsure of what to order. But Loretta was not fazed. In fact, when the waiter came up, she announced that she would have the baked scrod with a green salad and that Stephanie would have the same.

Loretta saw the look on Stephanie’s face and said, “You must learn to watch what you eat. Your body is a canvas and must be kept ready for the art it is designed to bear. That said, I think we can indulge in a little champagne”

Thinking that Loretta meant the clothes they were going to buy, just shook off the comment about being a canvas. They chatted over their drinks and generally got closer. It was in this chatty conversation that Stephanie mentioned that she had pierced nipples, to which Loretta said, “How delightful! I think a woman’s body is designed to be enhanced by whatever most suits her.”

All in all, it was a delightful afternoon. They had such a great time. Loretta even insisted on paying for Stephanie’s dress. Somewhere in that time, Loretta convinced her to get a tattoo. She immediately swept Stephanie off to a tattoo artist she knew where a heart was placed right about her bush.

The day seemed to slip away and finally Loretta said, “My, it is getting late. Why don’t you call your husband and tell him you won’t be coming home until after the party? We can go to my place, get a little nap and then head off.”

Stephanie made the call and soon found herself taking a nap in a magnificent room in what could easily be called a mansion. She was awoken by a maid at 5:30 and told it was time to get ready. The maid took her into the bathroom and hovered nearby while Stephanie took a shower. She then did her make up for her before helping her to dress. This was a new experience for Stephanie but she felt so pampered that it swept away any nervousness.

It wasn’t until she saw herself in her new dress that her nervousness returned. The dress showed off so much of her body. She had been given a shelf bra to wear under the dress. Combined with the way the bra held them out and the low cut of the dress, her breasts were practically on display! Luckily, the dress was not so low cut as to reveal her large areolae; but then Loretta came into the room and exclaimed, “Darling, you look scrumptious. Everyone will be drooling over you. Now we must be going.”

With that, they took off. It was a night Stephanie would never forget. The venue was magnificent, the food divine, and the people were so obviously rich. Loretta took her hand and led her around, introducing her to so many people. In some ways it seemed that Loretta was showing her off. Stephanie could see no reason for her to do that. It wasn’t until 2 in the morning that Loretta dropped her off and Stephanie was exhausted.

The next morning as she lay in bed, Stephanie reflected on her experiences the day before. It was then that she realized that it was Loretta that had chosen her dress and the tattoo, not herself. She had also held her hand the entire evening. Stephanie finally decided that it did not matter because she had a lot to learn about being with upper crust people.

Stephanie’s cell phone rang that afternoon and upon picking it up, heard Loretta’s voice. “Darling, you did so well last night. We’ll have to do something again next weekend. There is a luncheon I want to take you to.”

This time Stephanie decided she had to take her husband. She said, “But this time I want my husband to come with us.”

There was silence on the line for minute before she heard Loretta agree.

The week went along normally except that she received a package midweek. It was a beautiful dress with shoes. The dress was not as revealing as the last, but it was still slightly scandalous. Looking at herself in the dress, she realized that her husband had nothing so elegant. So that evening they went shopping for a suit for him. It was more expensive than they could really afford but she knew that he’d need something nice to fit in.

Saturday rolled around. Once again. Loretta’s limousine showed up at the door. But this time, the chauffer did not leap out to open the door for them. So her husband had to open it. Inside, Loretta cooed at her, but barely acknowledged her husband. The whole afternoon seemed to go that way. Once again, Loretta held her hand as she led Stephanie around, stopping here and there to chat with someone. Her husband trailed along, obviously uncomfortable and underdressed in this, so elegant crowd.

Later, after they had gotten home, he complained about being dragged to such an event and how out of place he’d felt. He also said it seemed that Loretta held Stephanie’s hand, not in a loving way, but rather in a possessive way. He complained that was his role, not this strange woman’s. Stephanie was his wife!

Stephanie didn’t know what to say to all this. She told him he was being silly. That Loretta was just trying to introduce her to people that could help her career.

It was midweek again when Stephanie’s cell phone rang and it was Loretta again.

“Darling, you did so well Saturday. But now I have a problem that I think you could solve. I have these silly young people on my personal staff and they need some looking after. I think you’d be perfect for the role. Interested?”

“Me? Really, work for you?”

“Yes. I’ve seen enough of you to know you have a good head on your shoulders and are responsible. Of course, you’ll have to start calling me Mistress or Ms. Sky. Can’t have an employee be too familiar.”

“I’d be delighted to work for you. When would I start?”

“I need you today but I understand that you must give notice. So, let’s have you start a week from next Monday. In the meantime, let’s go out tonight and celebrate. I will pick you up at your work at 5.”

And celebrate they did with Stephanie finally stumbling in the door at 1 am. It wasn’t until the next morning that she realized Loretta, no, Ms. Sky as she’d insisted on being called all evening, had once again talked her into getting a tattoo. This time it was a Grecian urn on the lower left side of her back. Stephanie didn’t understand why Loretta had wanted an urn tattooed on her back but she was quite insistent. One thing that Stephanie realized was that if Ms. Sky wanted something, she was like a force of nature. You either went along with it or were swept aside. Thinking of that, she wondered how the job would be, working for such a powerful personality.

Finally, the fateful Monday rolled around and she was nervously getting ready for her new job. She had been going through her clothes all weekend, unsure what was appropriate. Sure, she’d been working as an office manager for years, but this was a different setting. The people she’d be meeting were all well to do. Finally, she picked out a blouse and skirt combination that showed off her assets, but in a professional manner. To boost her self-confidence, she picked out some sexy underwear to wear under her professional outfit.

She noticed her two new tattoos as she was getting dressed and frowned. She’d never wanted a tattoo before and now she had two. She wondered if Loretta would want her to have more, but supposed not since now she was her boss they wouldn’t be interacting the same way anymore?

Then it was off to work. Her first day was not anything she’d expected. First, the staff seemed highly competent and didn’t seem to need any looking after. Second, Loretta insisted on taking her out to lunch. A lunch that involved many glasses of champagne. Somewhere along the line, she got another tattoo. This time it was of a bare breasted woman in a Greek toga standing next to the urn on her back.

The rest of the week was pretty normal except it turned out that she was more of a personal assistant to Ms. Sky than an office manager. But at this salary, it was hard to complain. Besides, she had her own office off of Ms. Sky’s and it was elegantly appointed. There was one strange conversation on Wednesday though.

“Stephanie, from now one when we’re alone, I want you to call me ‘Mistress.’ Do you understand?”

“Yes, Ms. Sky, I mean, Mistress. May I ask why?

“I just feel it is more appropriate for our type of relationship.”

Stephanie didn’t understand what was meant by that but held her tongue. She couldn’t leave this job and go back to her old one. The company had already filled her old position. Jobs were too scarce in this economy to be sure of finding something soon, if at all. Besides, she and her husband were already spending her newfound increase, at least in their minds.

“Oh, and I want you to start dressing differently. You may dress as you normally do to come here. But once here, I want you to change into the outfit I will put out for you. It’s not a criticism of your clothes; it is just that if you are to accompany me in my dealings, then you must dress the part.”

When Stephanie arrived the next day, she found her new outfit hanging in her office. Everything was included, bra (shelf again), thong, shoes, as well as a silk dress. She tried everything on but kept her old bra. Unfortunately, the dress was so low cut that her bra was sticking out. So, she sighed and took it off, replacing it with the shelf bra. She was glad she hadn’t worn this at home. Her husband would have thrown a fit, seeing her dressed so. The dress was so low cut that her areolae were clearly evident.

“Mistress. This dress is lovely but it doesn’t appear to be very businesslike.”

“Nonsense, it is perfect on you.”

“But my tits are out on display!”

“Look sweetie, your tits are a business asset. I want them out there distracting my business associates when I’m trying to bargain with them. In fact, they need to be more noticeable. I know, a nice tattoo. Perhaps a woman? That seems appropriate on a tit.”

“I don’t want another tattoo! Especially on my tits where everyone can see it. It’s one thing to get a tattoo where no one will see it, but to have one so obvious is out of the question!”

“I see. Well, then we’ll get one placed so that no one will see it.”

“I didn’t agree to get another tattoo!”

“Yes you did. But let’s drop the subject. We have work to do. Oh, before I forget. I’ve arranged for you to meet up with a personal trainer and then get a massage this afternoon.”

“A personal trainer? Why?”

“I want your body to be as perfect as possible. It is exquisite now, but a little toning will help.”

Somehow the topic of her breasts being on display was dropped and as the morning progressed, Stephanie got used to her new look. The session with the personal trainer was mostly just mapping out her training schedule, which would start next week. The trainer also laid out a menu for her that included her meals away from the office. The menu included links to recipes and nothing seemed difficult. In fact, some of them seemed pretty interesting.

Friday morning found Stephanie once again dressed in an outfit that displayed far more skin that she was used to. But she knew better than to complain. She just focused on being there for Ms. Sky as she went about her dealings of the day.

But, then at 2, Ms. Sky announced that they were going out to celebrate her first week on the job. They went to a bar not far from the place where Stephanie had gotten her tattoos. She knew that and was determined to avoid a repeat. But that was hard with all the champagne flowing. Six o’clock found Stephanie once more in the hands of a tattoo artist. It was almost 10 when Ms. Sky had dropped Stephanie off at home and she stumbled into bed.

It wasn’t until the next morning that Stephanie had a chance to really look at her new tattoo. She stared at herself in the mirror, looking at the latest change to her body. This time it was a tattoo of a naked woman on her left breast. The work was incredibly well done, not crude like so many naked women tattoos. The woman was facing her other breast with one of her hands reaching out to her right breast. It looked incomplete, as though there should be another person on her right breast.

She didn’t know how she was going to hide this one from her husband. She’d been able to hide the ones on her back from him but the one on her breast would be hard to hide. She hastily pulled on some sweats before her husband saw her. She ended spending the weekend avoiding him, knowing he’d want a little action. There was no way they could make love without him seeing at least one of her new tattoos. He’d see the one on her breast if they went at it missionary style and he’d see the ones on her back if they tried doggy style.

On Monday she confronted her boss even before she changed her clothes.

“Mistress, you can’t keep getting me tattooed. My husband will never understand. As it is, I had to keep covered all weekend and avoid him.”

“But darling, you look so much better with a little artwork. You have to admit the work is divine. Lorraine is a true artist. She just works with a different canvas than most artists.”

“It’s true, she does beautiful work. But I never wanted tattoos.”

“You say that now, but you certainly don’t argue when you’re being tattooed.”

“But I was drunk.”

“That is no excuse. Now, enough of this. Get changed. I have a meeting across town and we need to leave.”

Hanging her head, Stephanie just replied “Yes, Mistress.”

Stephanie was even more depressed when she donned her work clothes. The new tattoo was so plainly displayed. If the artwork hadn’t been so beautiful, it would have been obscene. She felt uncomfortable all day and was very happy when her time with the personal trainer arrived. At least then she would be able to wear an exercise bra and cover it up.

The week went along relatively uneventfully. Gradually, Stephanie became accustomed to her new look and even started to enjoy the looks her breasts were getting. She did wonder about the unfinished nature of her newest tattoo.

There were no drunken tattoo sessions this week, but the next week found her getting a clit ring after an afternoon drinking cocktails. That she didn’t mind. She had had her nipples pierced a few years ago and loved how they looked. Her nipples had always been small despite her huge areolae, and the bars pushed them out, making them more prominent. They did nothing to help their lack of sensitivity but they gave her a naughty feeling. Her clit ring, on the other hand, made her horny whenever something brushed against it. On more than one occasion at work, she’d had to slip into the restroom to play with her pussy. She found she could twist the ring around a little and get a great orgasm.

She really needed the relief. She’d taken to wearing frumpy clothes at home and generally avoiding her husband’s advances. She knew it couldn’t go on this way. She loved her husband and needed regular sex.

Then disaster struck. Her husband showed up at the office one day to take her to lunch. He just stared at her with his mouth agape, and then said, “Now I know why you’ve been avoiding me!”

Before Stephanie could say anything, Ms. Sky swooped in and said, “Doesn’t she look divine! I love her new artwork. It really emphasizes her features.”

Ms. Sky took her arm and pointed at her tattooed breast. “You must see the rest of them. Come, step into my office and we’ll show them to you.”
Ms. Sky guided the stunned couple into her office where she said, “Pet, take off your blouse so your husband can see the splendid artwork on your back.”

Stephanie didn’t know what to do. She knew that now she’d have to show them to her husband but was reluctant to do so in Ms. Sky’s office. But she also knew her boss and that she always got her way. So, sighing, she took off her blouse.

Ms. Sky took her arm again and turned her so her husband could see the bare breasted woman tattooed on her back.

“Isn’t it gorgeous? She has such beautiful skin. It makes such a nice canvas for the artwork. Now, you must see the clit ring too. Here, I’ll unfasten her skirt.”

She unzipped her skirt, then pushed it and the thong down. In seconds, Stephanie was standing there for all intents and purposes naked. Worse than naked since the shelf bra didn’t cover anything, instead it displayed them.

Her husband had seen the heart tattoo but the clit ring was a surprise. He liked it. But he was not that happy with all the tattoos. He was also not happy with the way this woman had taken charge of his wife, stripping her like she was something she owned and wanted to show off. Not knowing what to say, he turned and left the building.

Stephanie sobbed softly. She knew that she’d have a difficult conversation when she got home tonight.

“Mistress, may I get dressed now?”

“No, we’ll stay in my office for a while. I want to be able to enjoy your artwork. It seems such a shame for it to be covered up.”

So, for the next couple of hours, Stephanie remained nude. She never grew comfortable with it but was at least not uncomfortable by the time she was to meet with her personal trainer.

Her husband greeted her when she walked into the house by asking, “How could you get tattoos without at least discussing it with me?! Also, what is with the way you were dressed? I mean, I love you dressing all slutty for me but you are at the office.”

Stephanie broke down and sobbed. “I never intended to get them. It just happened when I was with Ms. Sky. Things just seem to happen when I’m with her. The same goes with my clothes. She likes me dressed that way. I can’t explain it.”

“Then you should quit working for her!”

“We can’t afford for me to quit.”

The argument went on all evening with nothing solved. Her husband knew that there was nothing he could do to bring this shameful issue to an end and just resigned himself to whatever was going to happen. But he did have one last thing to say. “Keep covered at home. I don’t want to see what she’s doing to you from now on. I love you but I can’t stand watching while that woman has her way with you. God, I wish you’d never met her.”

With that, Stephanie knew that one last barrier had been dropped to her being covered in more tattoos. The next day she stopped trying to look as though she was going to a normal job. She dressed in sweats that covered her entirely.

Ms. Sky could tell from her dejected look that Stephanie was ready for the next step. So that afternoon, she took her to the tattoo artist once again. But this time she didn’t ply her with drinks beforehand. She just said, “I think today is a good day to get your other tit done.”

Stephanie just hung her head and said, “Yes, Mistress.”

Stephanie sobbed quietly the entire time the tattoo was being applied but didn’t say another word. This tattoo was of another naked woman with her hand reaching out to her lover on the other breast. It was beautiful work; even she had to admit it.

That night as she lay in her bed, she wondered where this would all lead.

The next day brought another change. “Stephanie, I have enrolled you in a massage class. I want you to start giving me massages. I discussed things with your personal trainer and she thought the exercise would be good for you. Now, let’s see how well you can do without any lessons. Roll out that mat over there.”

Ms. Sky started stripping and was soon nude. She had a magnificent body. Stephanie was not into women but even she could appreciate what she was seeing in front of her.

“Pet, you should take off your clothes too. No sense getting them wrinkled. You’ll find massage oil in that drawer. Get it after you have stripped.”

Shortly, Stephanie was kneeling awkwardly beside her prone Mistress. She started rubbing her shoulders. It was quickly clear that she had no real experience with giving a massage but her Mistress gave her credit for trying. She finished with her Mistresses back and moved to her feet, working her way up till she got to her ass and then sat back on her heels.

“What are you doing? You haven’t finished. My ass still needs rubbing.”

So, for the first time in her life, Stephanie found herself rubbing another woman’s private parts. She avoided her pussy but found herself rubbing the woman’s crack. It was a very strange experience. Finally, she was done and she sat back again.

This time, her Mistress said, “Not bad for a first timer. Now, do my front.”

Stephanie started at her shoulders and, when she received a glare from her Mistress, made a point of rubbing her breasts. Her Mistresses breasts were firm but only a b-cup, nothing like her own large breasts. One thing that Stephanie noticed as she worked her way down her Mistresses body was that she had no tattoos. It seemed strange since she was so insistent on putting them on Stephanie.

Once again, she finished the top half and started again at her feet. She worked her way up until she was uncomfortably close to her Mistresses pussy, which was easy to see since her legs were spread. Knowing what was expected, she continued to massage around the pussy, finally massaging the pussy itself. She instinctively knew that she was expected to continue until her Mistress had had an orgasm, so she did all those things that she did in her own private moments. Soon her Mistress was writhing on the mat in ecstasy.

“Very good. My pet. Don’t worry, I’ll return the favor.”

“No, Mistress. I am not interested in women.”

“Nonsense. It is not about a man or a woman. It is about an orgasm.”

With that, Ms. Sky’s hand shot out and started rubbing Stephanie’s pussy. Stephanie started to pull away but it felt so good. She had not had sex in way too long and needed a good orgasm. It wasn’t long before it was Stephanie’s turn to writhe in ecstasy.

The next few months continued in that manner. Once every week or two, Ms. Sky took her off to get another tattoo. Somewhere in there, she got a stud in her tongue and rings in her pussy lips. She got used to being naked when she was alone with her Mistress. Her Mistress would often just have her stand in front of her so she could admire the artwork that increasingly adorned that canvas that was Stephanie’s body.

She blushed when she remembered her trip to get the clit ring. Lorraine had squatted down in front of her, looked closely at her pubic area and commented. “Her clit isn’t sticking out enough. Guess I’ll need to take care of that.”

With that, she leaned in and sucked Stephanie’s clit into her mouth. She sucked on it for a minute before pronouncing it sufficiently long enough.

During that whole procedure, Stephanie was torn between lust and revulsion. She had never had another woman with her mouth down there, only her Mistresses hand. But the pleasure she felt when her clit was being sucked on was amazing. Her reveries were abruptly halted when she felt a sharp pain in her groin as Lorraine punctured her clit. When she finally overcame the pain, she looked down only to see a ring in what had once been her pretty clit.

“That is just perfect, Lorraine. It’s big enough that I can clip things to it, but not so big it hides the canvas.”

The artwork all seemed to be about lesbianism throughout history. Her upper back was soon covered in a mural of a Roman lesbian orgy with a Grecian themed lesbian mural below it.

She’d gotten comfortable with bringing her Mistress to orgasm and was not surprised when she felt a hand pushing her head toward the pussy she was massaging. So it was that she found herself lapping at her first pussy. Her Mistress repaid her by putting on a strap-on and fucking her to a magnificent orgasm. It was the first thing she had in her pussy other than fingers in months and it felt grand. Stephanie knew she’d never be a lesbian but she also knew her Mistress had the ability to make her cum like no one else.

One day while standing in front of her Mistress, she felt a hand brushing her bush. “We’ll have to get rid of this before we can do anything more.”

“But Mistress, I don’t want to be bald down there.”

“Oh, you are so precious. I’m not making you bald down there. I’m preparing the canvas for more artwork.”

By now, Stephanie had gotten used to her body being called a canvas. She’d accepted that her Mistress had a plan for that canvas and there was nothing she could do about it.

The next day they were off once again to visit Lorraine, the tattoo artist.

As soon as they entered the studio, Loretta stepped behind Stephanie and unzipped her dress. “You won’t be needing this for a while. Let’s get rid of that bra too. Loraine and I want to get good look at the rest of the canvas so we can plan what do to.”

Before she knew it, Stephanie was standing nude with two women examining her minutely. Lorraine lifted up her large breasts and peered at the undersides.

“Very nice. Good smooth skin on the underside. I’ve never had a chance to really examine the area. I’m glad they are hangers. I have some art work that will do well on the undersides. But I don’t know about these areolae. Pretty large. And not much nipple. I was really hoping for long nipples.”

“I can always get her modified. How about I call the plastic surgeon and see what she can do?”

“See if she can convert the entire areolae into nipples. I like the idea of really long nipples to work with. I might even put in bars the whole length of the nipple.”

“No, I like the look of the large areolae. But I also like the idea of longer nipples.

“I’ll give her a call while you get rid of that bush. Might as well get rid of any other hair below her neck while you’re at it.”

“Come this way, dear. Hop up on the chair. That’s right. Now spread your legs. I need you to hold real still while I take care of that bush.”

Stephanie endured being positioned in various ways over the next couple of hours while Lorraine went over her body, inch by inch, getting rid of any excess hair. Stephanie didn’t know which was more humiliating, having Lorraine pull on her pussy lips, muttering about the difficulties of finding the small blonde hairs or when Lorraine had her crouch on a table and pull her ass cheeks apart so she could get any hair around her asshole.

Finally, it was over. Lorraine had her stand up as she remarked to Loretta, “Overall, she wasn’t that hairy. I’m going to enjoy tattooing her cunt. It’s a pretty one, especially with those rings in it. Maybe we should tattoo rings around her anus so it looks like it is pierced as well?”

“I spoke with plastic surgeon. She said she could definitely lengthen her nipples but it will take a few surgeries. How long do you want them?”

“I’ve thinking of 3 inches and maybe as big around as my thumb. I want to give the visual impression of a cow’s udder. The texture of these large areolae will really emphasize that look.”

“I like that idea! Why don’t we have her produce milk too?”

In all this, Stephanie just stood there. She was so used to having her Mistress modify her body that she didn’t even think of objecting even though the thought of producing milk like a cow was humiliating. But it was just one more humiliation on top of all the rest.

“Better not dress her yet. Her skin is pretty sensitive. Put this cloak on her.”

Stephanie was relieved that she didn’t have to get dressed right away. Her skin felt like it had a thousand pinpricks. But she was less sure about being bundled naked in a cloak that only just covered her ass. But she meekly accepted it when Loretta pulled the cloak over her shoulders and led her out to the waiting car.

The next tattoo was of a woman’s arm reaching around her body and cupping her pussy. Even Stephanie found this to be extremely erotic. In fact, if she’d stopped to consider it. What she found erotic had changed drastically over the last 6-7 months.

By this time her whole back was tattooed. Along with the Greek and Roman murals on her back, her ass cheeks had two Spanish looking women kissing. One on each cheek so that their lips met at her asshole. Her front was still mostly bare but her legs had various lesbian scenes including one that looked like a picture from ancient Egypt with a pyramid being constructed in the background.

One thing had changed in her personal life. She found she was going home less and less. She was uncomfortable having to hide all the changes that had been made to her body from her husband. She still loved him dearly, but seeing the pain and humiliation in his eyes when he saw her was hard to take. Instead, she stayed at her Mistress’s side, sleeping in a bed in her room, sometimes sharing that bed when there wasn’t someone else pleasuring her Mistress. Mistress had a stable of young women who shared her bed.

Sometimes when her Mistress had visitors, Stephanie was kept naked so the guests could enjoy the artwork on her canvas. For these events, her Mistress would fasten a leash on to her clit ring and walk her around, stopping here and there to chat with her friends as well as show off the masterpiece she was creating. The first time she’d been displayed in public had almost reduced her to tears but she gradually got used to it. She came to realize that her Mistress was proud of what she was becoming and loved to show her off.

One place that was still barren of artwork was under her breasts. So, Ms. Sky dropped Stephanie off at Lorraine’s studio one morning. The plastic surgeon had been working on lengthening her nipples to the point that they were two inches long. This came in handy as Lorraine attached chains from the ceiling to the bars in her nipples, then proceeded to raise her tits up. This gave Lorraine free access to this unadorned piece of the canvas. This is where she created a masterpiece of Japanese lesbian art, one that could only be revealed by lifting up each breast. It was very painful for Stephanie, but she endured it, knowing that her entire canvas needed to be covered with art.

She now fully believed that her body was a canvas her Mistress owned. It was hers to do with as she wished. Gone was any pretense that Stephanie was an employee. No, she was now artwork owned by Ms. Sky.

One thing the surgeon couldn’t do was increase the width her nipples. Ms. Sky spoke about the issue with the surgeon, also sharing with her desire to start Stephanie lactating. The surgeon told her that the use of a goat milking machine would both increase the width of the nipples and encourage the start of lactation. She also suggested visiting a lactation specialist to get the shots and dietary supplements that would be of help.

So the next day Ms. Sky took Stephanie to see a specialist. There, with Stephanie standing naked in the office, the two women began their discussion.

“I want her to start producing as soon as possible. Also, I want her to produce as much milk as possible.”

“We can get her producing pretty fast. The amount will be determined by how often you milk her.”

“I’m planning on using a goat milking machine, partly to broaden her nipples. The other reason is to make it easier to collect her milk. How often should I milk her?”

“Oh, at least every 2-3 hours. A minimum of 4 times a day.”

With that conversation, Stephanie was on her way to being a work of art that was also a hucow. It took a couple of weeks to get milk started but it wasn’t long before she was producing a healthy amount. This had one other effect, it increased the size of her breasts and kept them firm (other than right after she was milked).

It was one day while Stephanie was on all fours being milked that Ms. Sky asked “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?”

“No, Mistress.”

“Then we’ll need to prepare your ass for something being stuck in it.”

“Are you planning on fucking my ass, Mistress?”

“I might but for now I’m planning to mount you as a display piece in my office when I have meetings. I think it will be quite distracting to my competitors. I will have a butt plug welded to a rod mounted on a low pedestal on the floor. That will give viewers a 360 degree view of my masterpiece.”

“For now, we’ll insert this smaller butt plug in to get you stretched out. Hold still.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Stephanie felt something cold and liquid being squirted into her virgin asshole. Then a steady pressure as the butt plug was inserted.

“Looks like you’re ready. You may stand. Walk around, get used to it. You won’t be moving at all when you’re mounted but you’ll be wearing a plug for a couple of weeks as your ass is stretched. I don’t want you walking funnily in front of the guests. It would ruin the effect of your artwork.”

Stephanie walked across the office. The butt plug felt strange, a solid mass that moved as she moved. In the end, it only took a few hours to get used to it.

Stephanie thought she was immune to further humiliation until the first time she was mounted for display. It was strange being held in place by something up her ass. But it was even stranger knowing these important men and women knew she was a piece of art mounted in place. They wandered around her, exclaiming at the art, lifting her breasts to see the treasures beneath them. That was normal for Stephanie now, but it was the snide comments about her being mounted that really humiliated her.

One day Stephanie found herself alone at her owner’s house for a change. She found that she was feeling particularly horny and started gently touching her clit ring. Getting hotter and hotter, she suddenly had a wicked idea. She reached into her Mistresses bedside table and pulled out her collar with her cow bell attached. When her Mistress had first had her wear it while being milked, it had been a humiliating experience. Now, she associated it with all things erotic. She put it around her neck and grabbed the bowl her owner would sometimes milk her into. She knelt beside the bed, placed the bowl under her breasts, then placed her forehead against the side of the bed. That freed her hands so she could milk herself with one hand while the other played with her pussy. She caught sight of the breast she wasn’t milking. With the long nipple sticking out of the large areola with its bumps and ridges, it looked amazing like a cow udder. The sight only increased her arousal and her hands began moving even faster. The bell rang ever louder as the intensity of her playing increased, then became deafening as she came explosively.

Meanwhile her husband received an engraved invitation to a party at an exclusive restaurant. He didn’t know why he’d gotten the invitation nor who it had come from. It also came with a magnificent tuxedo that was just his size. The invitation told him that a limousine would pick him up next Saturday night at 8.

Not having anything else to do and desperately trying avoid thinking about what was going on with his beloved Stephanie, he decided to go.

When he got to the party, a couple immediately came up to him. They explained that they were there to make people welcome and led him to introduce him to a few people. The couple got him a cup of coffee with milk. He wasn’t sure how they knew how he drank his coffee but drank it anyway. The milk was a little sweet, so he thought they’d put a little sugar in it. He was generally having a good time when there was a stir nearby. He turned and was struck by the sight of this woman with tattoos all over her body. A woman was holding up the inked lady’s breasts by holding up some obscenely long nipples, showing the tattoos underneath the heavy orbs. It was then that he looked at the tattooed woman’s face.

It was Stephanie! He was shocked to the core. As he stood there in shock, the woman who had been holding up her breasts noticed his look. It was Ms. Sky. She smiled and waved at him. Then she started walking towards him, holding something in her hand. It took a moment for him to realize it was a leash and that it was attached to a ring in his wife’s pussy.

“Oh, I see you’re having some coffee. Let me freshen it up.”

A waiter immediately filled his cup while Ms. Sky led Stephanie closer and had her bend over. Not sure what was happening, her husband watched with a stunned look as Ms. Sky started milking Stephanie into his cup.

It was then he realized why his milk had tasted so different.

His eyes filled up with tears of humiliation and he turned to dash out of the room. All his fears were realized. His wife was transformed. Into what, he had no idea. But he knew he had to get her back. He promised himself he would confront them in Sky’s office the next day.

Stephanie felt terrible for her husband. Proud as she was of being her Mistresses work of art, she still loved her husband and never wanted him to be so humiliated. Later that night, she sobbed quietly in her bed as some random woman ate her Mistress to a noisy orgasm.

The next day, her husband stormed into the office where Stephanie was mounted on her display rack. Ms. Sky had just stepped out of the office to speak with her CFO, so it was just Stephanie and her husband.

“Stephanie, you must come home! Somehow we’ll survive on just my salary but you must leave this place.”

Noticing that his wife had not moved other than to wave her arms at him. He asked, “Why don’t you at least come to me?”

“I can’t. I am mounted and must stay here until my owner lets me move.”

“Mounted. What do you mean mounted?”

“I’m a work of art and my owner enjoys mounting me on my display pedestal.”

It was at that point that her husband realized she had something sticking in her ass.

“That does it. I am taking you home. You need help!”

It was to this scene that Ms. Sky entered the room. “Dear sir. That is my art you are speaking of stealing!”

“Art! That is a human being, my wife that you are referring too.”

“Oh, no. I am much more now. I am truly a work of art. She created the art and so owns it.”

Knowing he was defeated, her husband stormed out. He was determined to get the police and come back for his wife. Unfortunately, he had no luck with the police. Once they heard that she had refused to leave with him, they said there were no grounds for them to enter the office. He railed at them so much they finally threatened him to lock him up.

Stephanie was quiet after her husband had left. More than the confrontation with her husband, the fact that she said she was owned by her Mistress troubled her. The thought would not leave her until she finally realized it was true. She was property, owned by her Mistress. She still had hopes that one day her owner would set her free but for now, she knew she was owned.

The next day her Mistress mounted her in her office and then paced around her. “We have gone as far as we can below your neck. Now it is time for the rest of the canvas to be prepared.”

“The rest, Mistress? Will you be putting art on my face?”

“Oh, yes. Your face and more. I’m having your remaining hair removed so we can decorate that part of the canvas.”

“But Mistress, there will be no chance for me to go out in public after you do that. I’ll never have a chance at a normal life.”

“Oh pet. Whatever gave you the idea you could go back to being normal? You are a work of art. You are beyond normal.”

So it was that Stephanie was once again dropped off at Lorraine’s to have her hair removed. The experience of having her hair removed was traumatic and she cried during the whole procedure and the tears ran down her cheeks in rivulets as Lorraine expertly finished wet-shaving her scalp, leaving a polished dome where once there had been locks. She’d always been proud of her blonde mane, losing it was devastating to her psyche.

Then a couple of days later she was dropped off again for the final touches to Sky’s masterpiece. As she lay back in the reclining chair, her bald head cupped by the rest at the top, she felt the all too familiar hum of the needle start to etch ink into her skull. The enormity of what was happening sunk in-this was the final part of her conversion. When she left this chair today her canvas would be completely filled. She would be a finished work of art! Rather than shocking her, the revelation excited her beyond belief. This was her destiny. It was what she was made for, and as the needle danced angrily across her pate, she started to feel waves of pleasure wash through her brightly colored body. By the time Lorraine started work on her face, she was trembling with orgasmic excitement to the extent that the tattooist had to deploy a head strap to keep her canvas still enough to adorn.

When she was returned to her Mistress, she had pictures of lesbianism in the modern world over the canvas that had been her head. One striking part of it showed the Vanity Fair cover with Cindy Crawford in a swimsuit shaving k.d.lang’s face. K.d. lang is sitting in a barber’s chair wearing a man’s suit. The image had become an internationally recognized symbol of the phenomenon of lesbian chic when it came out. Now it was featured on Ms. Sky’s work of art.

That night, her Mistress had her bent over a table with webcams around the room. Her Mistress was wearing her largest strap-on. Stephanie felt lube being applied to her ass hole and knew her Mistress was planning on fucking her ass. She’d realized long ago that this was inevitable and had resigned herself to it.

What she didn’t know was that the webcams were broadcasting to her old house and her husband was watching. He had a good view of his wife’s total transformation, her skin now a kaleidoscope of color and glittering jewelry, as she positioned herself to receive her Mistress, her tattooed ass wiggling as she prepared to be sodomized, and her pendulous, totally decorated udders swung obscenely, the elongated nipples nearly touching the floor as she wiggled.

With her asshole now fully relaxed from her hours mounted on display, her anus opened up and swallowed the massive dildo whole, and she was shocked and surprised at the pleasurable sensations that the invasion brought. As her excitement grew, her moans got louder, until at the moment of orgasm she raised her bald, tattooed head to roar with pleasure, and without realizing it, stared directly into one of the webcams, affording her masturbating husband a detailed view of her tattooed face as it went into rapture, the bell on her milking collar ringing loudly as she came.

It was the ultimate humiliation for him, as his lovely wife’s obscene display brought him to an orgasm which he hated for its intensity. It took him weeks, but he had divorce papers drawn up and served to her. There was no contest. Not that he expected any.


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