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Auto Burial Mortuary

by Subgamble

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© Copyright 2007 - Subgamble - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; bond; latex; encased; buried; nc; X

This story is only for adults above legal age in the jurisdiction in which you reside.  Warning do not try any of this it is dangerous or fatal.  This story consists of bondage burial and sex.  If these subjects offend you do not read this story.


Carla had just arrived in a mid sized city in the Midwest.  She had wanted to get out of the country and off of the farm.  She was tired of her nearest neighbor being five miles away.  Carla had finished high school and completed a 2 year secretarial at the county branch of the Junior College.  She was looking for a job as a secretary.  Shortly after she had found an advertisement from a woman wanting to share an apartment with another woman.  Carla answered the advertisement.  She met the lady who wanted to share her apartment.  The lady’s name was Tara.  Tara and Carla hit it off immediately.  Soon Carla moved into the apartment and was comfortable. 

Carla found an ad in the paper that sounded promising if it paid enough.  The ad had been placed by a newly opened mortuary in town that wanted a secretary.  Carla called the number in the ad and was told the job had not been filled.  The voice on the phone said that if Carla was interested in the position, she should interview as soon as possible as they were anxious to fill the vacancy.  The voice said, “I’m Joe. I could see you in about an hour.” 

Carla figured she could be presentable and be there in an hour as it was not an extremely large town. She replied, “I will be there in an hour.”

Carla quickly got ready and drove to the mortuary.  She noticed the sign and thought it was kind weird as she strode up the walk to the entrance.  The sign read, 'AUTO BURIAL MORTUARY.' Underneath in smaller type, 'We specialize in cheap quick burials.  Our service is unconditionally guaranteed to please or money back.'

As Carla entered the modest brick structure she saw a strikingly beautiful woman sitting at a desk.  The sign on the desk read, “GINA COUNSELOR.”  The lady rose and said, “What can I do for you.”

“Hello I’m Carla.  I came to see Joe about the secretarial vacancy.”

“Oh! Yes he is waiting for you, follow me.”

Carla followed Gina down the hall marveling at her well developed, muscular calves and perfectly shaped derriere.  She was lead into an office and there was a man seated at a relatively modest desk.

Gina said, “Joe this is Carla she came to see about the secretarial job.”

Joe rose offered his hand and Carla took it.  Carla noticed that Joe was slim, tall and bronzed and had the easy smile of a salesman.  Joe was saying. “Gina is my wife and I hope you will be satisfactory as we really need a secretary.  In fact if you are willing, we’ll give you a trial run.”

Carla replied, “That is fine.  I really need the money.” 

Joe replied, “See you in the morning.  Gina will show you around and get you settled in.  I hope you can double as a billing clerk as we have not been able to hire one.  Your normal hours will be from 8 A.M. to 4 P.M.  However, be prepared to put in a great deal of overtime.  I assume, uhhh hope we will be inundated with customers when we open day after tomorrow.  After all we will be the cheapest mortuary in town.  Most of our burials will cost between 500 and 1000 dollars.  The most expensive one will be 2000 dollars, we have made burial an efficient process instead of a long involved procedure. By the way if it is acceptable to you your salary will be ….. if that is acceptable to you.”

Carla did a quick calculation and found that the salary offered was more than that for which she had hoped.  Carla answered, “that will be fine.”

Gina showed Carla out and told her she would be at her desk when Carla arrived in the morning.

Carla stopped and bought a bottle of wine on the way home with which to celebrate. Carla waited for Tara to get home from work.  She called and ordered in Chinese from the take out down the street.  She hoped Tara would like it.

When Tara came in Carla yelled, “I got the job!”

Tanya replied, “Wonderful!”

“I bought a bottle of wine and ordered in Chinese to celebrate.”

Tara replied, “Great!  I didn’t feel like going out or cooking.  Chinese is fine.”  The girls consumed the food and bottle of wine.  Since each had to get up early in the morning they both retired.

Carla awoke early in the morning.  Although the mortuary was only about fifteen minutes from her apartment, Carla left a little after 7 A. M. she wanted to be early on her first day in order to become acquainted with her duties.  It was a little after seven thirty when Carla walked into the mortuary.  Gina was at her desk as Carla entered the welcoming area. 

“Good morning Carla, you’re here bright and early.  Let me show you to your office.”

Carla was surprised she was not expecting to have her own office.  “Gina, do you mean I have my own office?”

“Yes you will be taking the orders from most of our customers.  In reality we have 3 levels of burial.  The price depends upon the type of coffin the survivors wish to purchase.”

The “A” funeral has an unfinished wooden coffin.  It costs $500. The “B” funeral is a nicely polished hard wood coffin and costs $1000. The “C” funeral is a metal coffin designed to last a minimum of 100 years and costs $2000.

“There is one other funeral it is called, THE SPECIAL.  You will not need to concern yourself with that one.  If anyone asks for THE SPECIAL, you are to refer them to Joe or me.”

“In addition to handling the orders, your responsibilities will include corresponding with our clients and handling billing.  You will be on probation for six months.  Up until that time we can terminate you without cause.  If you handle your duties in a satisfactory manner your salary will double and you will be considered a permanent employee.”

“There is a lounge down at the bottom of this stairwell.  It contains chairs, magazines, a refrigerator and microwave as well as a restroom.  You are only to enter the public rooms where the bodies are displayed, your office and the lounge.  All are other areas of the mortuary are off limits to you.  If you enter any area other than the public areas you will be punished and terminated.”

“We have streamlined the method of burial.  Once the service is over, the casket is placed on a conveyor belt and carried to the crematorium or the cemetery, whichever the survivors wish.  The coffin is then automatically cremated or buried in the proper location with a pre printed tombstone popping up above ground.  This is a secret process and we do not want our competitors to find out what it is.  That is why the private areas of the mortuary are off limits to you.”

“Here is your office.  You will find everything you need on your desk.  You are to answer all phone calls.  If you have an order for a funeral you will type the details into the burial file on your computer.  Joe and I will then handle the actual process of disposing of the body.  You will correspond with the client and bill them.  You will; find the details in the Carla file on your computer.  That is basically it.  If you have any questions, call me or Joe on the phone.”

Carla looked around and noticed her office had a computer two phones, a fax machine and a copier.  An expensive printer was connected to the computer. The supplies Carla would need were stored on a set of shelves behind her desk.

Carla settled in to her job and established an efficient routine.  Most of the calls were for information about the “A” funeral and orders for it.  Occasionally she would get an order for a “B” and a “C” funeral.  About once every three or four months she would get an order for a SPECIAL PROCESS funeral.  These she would immediately refer to Joe or Gina.  Carla sent out the bills and received the proceeds.  Carla would prepare a deposit slip and take the checks to the bank.  Over time Carla noticed that billing for the SPECIAL PROCESS funerals would range from $25,000 to more than $100,000.  Carla was curious as to why the SPECIAL PROCESS funerals cost so much but kept her thoughts to herself. 

One day Gina came into her office and said, “Carla you have been here six months.  Your work has been exemplary.  As of today you are considered to be a permanent employee and your salary will double.  Each year we will review your performance and your salary will rise accordingly.  I bet you are wondering why your pay is so generous.  We hate breaking in new employees.  It is expensive and often they are not acceptable.  We hope you will remain with a long time.  We are glad to have you.  Now I must get back to work.”

Carla was elated.  She could now afford her own apartment or a small house.  Other than that Carla had little needs.  She would be able to bank and/or invest a large amount of her salary.  If things went well she could retire at an early age.

Carla looked for a small house.  One day driving down a street she found a bungalow close to the mortuary.  If she wished she could walk to work on nice days.  That way she would be able to put aside even more of her salary.  Carla found out that the house was priced well below market and easily affordable for her.  She told Tara when her lease was up in a few months she was moving into her own house.  Tara was sorry to lose her roommate.  However it would not be hard for her to find a replacement.

Carla’s house had one large bedroom, a small one, a hall living room, small dining room and small kitchen.  It was perfect for her.  Carla was glad to have her own place.  Now she could indulge in one of her favorite practices which she had kept secret from persons other than her self.  Carla loved to tie herself up and remain as helpless as long as possible.  Over time Carla enjoyed many nights in her self imposed bondage.

Carla had tried men.  But she found her orgasms from self bondage to be much more intense than any sex from another person.

In the meantime business kept picking up at the mortuary.  Word had gotten around about the cheap efficient burials or cremations.  Carla was kept busy at her chores.  In addition Carla noticed that the orders for the SPECIAL PROCESS FUNERALS began to increase by leaps and bounds.  She was getting almost as many orders for them as the most expensive funeral.

Several years passed and Carla was happy.  Her bank account kept increasing as did her salary.  Carla began to wonder what the SPECIAL PROCESS FUNERAL was.  As many of them as were being ordered, the mortuary had to be making a fortune.

One day Carla worked overtime for an hour or two to clear her desk of invoices.  Every once in awhile Carla had more work than she could accomplish in her regular shift.  This day it was getting near seven in the evening.  Carla was getting hungry.  She remembered she had some left over fruit in the icebox.  She went down to the lounge and got a soft drink and ate her snack. On her way back upstairs, Carla noticed that the door labeled SPECIAL PROCESSES was open.  It wouldn’t hurt for her to take a peek.  The mortuary was silent.  It appeared as if no one was around.

Carla peered in the door she saw a big block of semi opaque substance that appeared to be about six feet square and eight feet tall.  It looked as if there was something contained inside the substance.  Throwing caution to the winds Carla had to have a closer look.  She approached the block.  As she neared it, it looked as if there was the figure of a nude woman inside it.  Carla came closer and saw that her assumption was correct.  There was a nude woman inside the block.  The image was hazy and could not be clearly seen.  Carla noticed there was a switch on the post with conduit going up to a light above the block.  Carla had to see what was inside the block.  She flicked the switch to see what would happen. 

All of the sudden the substance that made up the block became crystal clear.  Carla could now see that the figure in the block was indeed a nude woman.  Carla was amazed the woman was tightly hog tied and gagged.  There were tubes running from her nostrils, pussy and derriere.  Carla noticed there was a lighted board beside the block.  The numbers were the vital signs of a human being one sees in a hospital room.  Carla was stunned the woman in the block must be alive.  Carla was thinking about how exciting it would be to be bound and encased alive for a period of time.  Carla became very hot and began to finger her pussy rubbing her clit.  Carla lost all sense of what was going on around her.  She was only concentrating on her building orgasm.  Suddenly she felt a pair of strong arms grab her.

Carla heard Gina saying, “You were warned to stay out of the private areas.  Now you have to be punished.”

Carla felt a prick at her neck. Then all went dark.  Carla dreamed she was at home and tightly bound.  She was enjoying her situation and getting hot.  All of a sudden Carla’s eyes flickered open.  She wondered why she could not move or speak.  As she became aware of her surroundings, Carla noticed she was bound to a pole and her mouth was fully stuffed with a gag.  She was in the same room where the block containing the bound women had been.  However, the block had been removed from the room.

It was not long until Carla heard high heels clicking on the hard floor.  Gina appeared within the range of her vision.  Carla was shocked at Gina’s appearance.  The first thing Carla noticed was that Gina was attired entirely in red leather.  Gina had on leather boots with spiked heels at least five inches high. Gina’s pert perfectly conical breasts, ending in sharp points were held in place by skimpy red leather bra.  Gina’s pussy was covered by a pair of short shorts.

Gina had concealed her beautiful figure with the clothes she wore during working hours.  Carla noticed that Gina had long muscular legs.  She could see her calf muscles bulging stretching out the skin tight, red boots.  Carla saw that Gina had a thin waist with ripped abs as well as sinewy muscular arms that still had a lovely feminine appearance.
Carla heard Gina saying, “I’m glad you’re awake.  You were warned to stay out of the private areas.  I’m sorry.  I hate to lose you as an employee.  I can’t have you exposing the secrets of our SPECIAL PROCESS burials.  You see for certain reasons there are clients that want a male or female entombed alive for the rest of their lives.  We here at THE AUTO BURIAL MORTUARY have developed a process that will do just that.”

“That block you saw is an aqua gel based plastic.  It remains a little pliable and is porous enough to expel any created moisture.  Once a person is enclosed in this remarkable substance, they can not move a muscle.  I love to see beautiful women such as you tightly bound and unable to move then sealed tightly in place by the aqua plastic making any movement totally impossible.  That is one of the few things that can cause me to reach orgasm.  You will have earphones so you will be able to hear if I wish to speak to you which will be rarely if ever.  There will be tubes placed in your mouth to deliver air and nutrients.  There will be a catheter in place to take care of any urine produced.  Your bowels will be cleaned once daily to remove any refuse produced. Your muscles will be electronically stimulated to keep them alive and supple.  Now you can watch as I prepare the aqua plastic in which I am going to enclose you for the rest of your life no matter how long that may be.”

Carla watched as Gina pressed a button.   A large box the size of the block rolled into place in exactly the same spot where Carla had seen the enclosed woman.  A large pipe swung into place above the box and a liquid began to pour into it.

Carla heard Gina saying, “Now I am going to put you out for a little while.  When you awaken you will be cruelly hog tied, wired and ready to be suspended in the aqua plastic.”

Carla again felt the prick at her neck and things almost immediately went black.  While Carla was out, Gina first attached the wires that would take care of air and nutrient delivery to Carla.  She put the catheter, muscle toning wires and bowl cleaner in place.  Then Gina placed a special dildo in Carla’s pussy and attached wires to her nipples with painful clips.

Next Gina began binding Carla.  She tied Carla’s wrists together palm to palm behind her back.  Carla’s elbows were cinched tightly together until they touched.  Gina placed a leather belt tightly around Carla’s waist.  She lashed Carla’s ankles tightly together.  She pulled Carla’s legs back until her heels dug into her ass cheeks.  Then Gina forced ropes around Carla’s legs above and below her knees pulling them tight.  Carla tied ropes around Carla’s shins and thighs causing Carla’s heels to be forced even more tightly into her buttocks.  Finally Gina tied thin cords from each of Carla’s toes to each of her fingers being sure to pull them tight forcing Carla’s toes to be bent far toward her back.  Just as Gina was securing the last of Carla’s toes to her last finger, Carla awoke.

Carla immediately found herself in agony from her tight bonds.  Gina said, “The aqua gel is almost ready to receive you.  By the time I get you tightly gagged, it will be time to suspend you in the gel.” With that Gina began to pack Carla’s mouth tightly with gauze pads until her cheeks bulged outwardly. When she could pack no more gauze into Carla’s mouth, Gina tied a cloth around Carla’s mouth forcing the packing even deeper into Carla’s mouth.  Carla tried to yell but only emitted a sound that could be barely heard.

Gina was satisfied she had done everything she wished to Carla before she was interred forever in the plastic gel.  Gina said, “I am so hot and it will be a few minutes before the aqua gel is ready to receive you.  I need relief. By the time I cum, the gel will be ready for you.

Gina removed her shorts revealing her moist luscious pussy.  She fingered herself until she was soon moaning with pleasure.  Her body contorted with violent spasms.  When she recovered Gina pressed a button and a hook descended from the ceiling. Gina clipped the hook to Carla’s bonds with a self release clip.  Carla felt herself lifted off of the table as her bonds bit merciless into her body.  She felt herself slipping into the viscous aqua gel.  Carla’s descent stopped with her body in the exact middle completely surrounded by the aqua gel.  Immediately after she stopped her descent she felt the viscous aqua gel begin to harden.  In a few minutes Carla felt the hook release and her bound body remain suspended in the middle of the block of aqua gel.

Carla heard Gina saying, “The aqua gel is now hard enough there will be no escape for you.  Tomorrow I will remove the box and place you in your final resting place which will be a dark silent cube far underground.  The only sensations you will ever have unless I choose to speak to you, will be the electric charges toning your muscles and the effects of the special dildo I have planted in your pussy.  At times the dildo will pleasure you but never bring you to orgasm.  At other times it will severely punish you with electric shocks.  It will also shock your nipples.  The punishment will keep you conscious and aware of your completely helpless situation.  I may again speak to you in a year if I wish.

Carla remained in complete agony from her bondage the entire night.  The next morning she felt the sides of the box being removed then the feeling of motion.  Then there was nothing but darkness that seemed to go on and on forever.  After a time Carla became numb and did not feel the tight constraints of her bondage.  There was nothing but unending darkness and the pleasure and pain received from the dildo in her pussy.


After what seemed like forever, a light blinded Carla’s eyes.  She heard her ear phones come alive and Gina’s voice.

“Good your EEG indicates you are still sane.  Most are not after having been entombed in darkness and silence for a year.  You’ll be glad to know that your replacement is even more curious than you.  It will not be long before I entomb her just as you have been.   Yes I know the employees will eventually become curious and need to be punished.  I may just put her in with you to keep you company.”

“Buy the way if you are wondering if your disappearance will be noticed, your salary is still being deposited to your bank and your tax forms filed.  The payments, taxes and utilities on your house are being paid.  This is the last you will probably hear from me.  You have given me my pleasure I need nothing more from you.”

Carla felt the darkness enclose upon here for the rest of her life.



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