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Art Show

by Dan Dofogh & BabyDoll

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; boxed; transported; cons; X

Fri Aug 21 09:08am 

Babydoll's apparel update for Friday: today I am wearing a black cotton Betsey Johnson dress which snaps all the way up the front (you can rip it open--ooooooo). It has a scoop neck and spaghetti straps and it falls just a little below mid-thigh. It is form-fitting and cut for a curvy female, tailored in the way that only Betsey can tailor a dress. Mmmmm. :) Over that is a gauzy blue/grey top, with a tiny button at the top, the rest hangs open, it has scalloped cap sleeves. I'm wearing it for office modesty (yeah right!) and I will remove it when I go to art openings this evening. No stockings. Black Victoria's Secret lace g-string panties. Black Victoria's Secret Perfect Silhouette bra. Black suede ankle strap 3 inch heels with pointy toes. Too pretty. Hair's down today. Same jewelry and perfume as always. No lipstick, just lip gloss. Otherwise, same makeup. I'm upset today because I have a blemish on my cheek. I think it's because the other morning upon waking I found I needed a boost, so I gagged myself with an Ace bandage (stuffed as much of one end into my mouth as I could then wrapped the remainder around my head and lower face, sealing my little mouth shut) then I got down to business. Anyway, it was lovely, but I think the bandage may have had a little Tiger Balm or something on it from the last time I used it for a non-sexual purpose. So I guess the blemish is worth it, but it's aggravating, nonetheless. :( 



Melissa clicked the "send" button and waited for the screen to refresh. 09:08. That gave her exactly nine hours and fifty-two minutes before Dan was due to pick her up for the art openings. No, make that forty-two minutes, he was notoriously early. He called it "punctual", she called it "anally retentive". Whatever it was called, it was hell on a girl trying to get her makeup right and appear fashionably late. 

Melissa's diary explained to her the only obligation of the day was with the magazine printers at ten am, and after that the day was hers to do with as she pleased. That could be shopping, a nice long nap, or spend the afternoon with a good friend. What a choice! She smiled, closing down the Internet browser on her machine, closing down the word processor, closing down the spreadsheet, closing down the calendar and organizer, closing down the email system, closing down the desktop publishing system and finally closing down her network connection. Leaving now should get her to the printers with five minutes to spare. Just enough time for a snickerdoodle cookie. Thighs watch out, here comes reinforcements! She snicker(doodle)-ed to herself. What's a cookie without company, right? 

Melissa's car was parked around the side of the office buildings where the sun would not heat it up too badly on warm days like today. Her car was a 1974 battered green Corolla panelvan with "I voted for Reagan" stickers on it, it had a pile of character and it was her friend. When it was left out on really hot days the expanding metal would give an irregular ticking noise like it's old worn-out heart had just run a mile. Though it was only warm, she heard a similar noise now. And the sun was only warm, definitely not warm enough to strain the steel heart of her brave green stallion... 


Kelly rolled her head from side to side again, as far as the posture collar would allow. If she leaned forward she could catch part of the bit gag on her knee, where she could get lever her tongue underneath the bit and wet the edges of her lips. At the same time she could wipe the drool collecting on her lower lip off on her knee. Like killing two birds with one stone. As if she was in a hurry and needed to be efficient with her time! 

Kelly is a girl. Kelly is a brunette, an intelligent, funny girl who had been introduced to Melissa at Kelly's thirtieth birthday party two days ago. Until two days ago Kelly didn't know her elbows could touch behind her back or what a bit felt like behind her teeth or what it was like to kiss another girl. She didn't two days ago, but she sure did now. 

Kelly rolled her shoulders forward, then back. The handcuffs holding her wrists close clicked against the D-ring of the wide belt holding them to the small of her back. The padlock clicked against the D-rings on her wide leather ankle cuffs as she moved her feet within their four-inch court shoes. And the chain between the collar and padlock at her ankles made its own sweet music, not that she'd be able to stretch out if it wasn't there anyway, given where she was right now. 

Melissa opened the hatch at the back of the car to expose the wooden box in the cargo area of the 'van. She crawled into the small space beside the box and undid the clasp holding the side closed. A face turned toward her, the twin "I voted for Clinton" stickers rendering it blind. 

Melissa reached behind the captive and undid the gag strap, pulling it forward and out before wiping it on a cloth from the floor of the 'van. She passed some water to Kelly who took a small sip before licking her lips and and smiling. 

"Either that's Ben Affleck or Melissa. Either's fine by me!" 

Melissa smiled back. 

"How about Ben in drag sweetie? I've gotten no strange phone calls so far this morning, so I assume everything's OK and you're happy?" 

Kelly's hands moved downwards an inch to rest on Melissa's mobile phone, left on the cushioned floor of the box and pre-programmed to Mel's office number. 

"Mmmm, all well so far. I was tempted to ring my friend in Australia though. If I'm being punished I may as well earn it." 

Melissa laughed. "Then I'd be tempted to seal that box straight back up and send you to him. See if you'd get given in-flight entertainment in a box on a twenty-hour flight! Now, are you up for the next thirty minutes?". 

"Sure, if you're up for the six hours after that." 

Melissa expressed her agreement, then held the water to Kelly's lips once more. After replacing the gag, she closed the side of the box and fastened the clasps. She closed the hatch and jumped into the drivers seat before starting up the motor. 

"Testing safety signal - One Two Three", she cried. 

Melissa clearly heard three loud noises coming from the box. 

"OK, off we go".   


Melissa walked back to her car. The printers had haggled her over their quote and she'd probably been a bit lenient. After all, she was in a good mood. From the drivers seat Kelly glanced up from the book she'd been reading. Melissa had driven to within a kilometre of the printers, where she'd parked way way way in the back of the parking lot of a Mall and released Kelly. The two had grabbed a quick morning tea and the obligatory snickerdoodle cookie. Kelly was a bit stiff but otherwise fine. Melissa had been driving along when all of a sudden Kelly had decided to sing along, and the gag-garbled, off-tune caterwauling had made her laugh so hard she'd nearly wet herself. Tori Amos she ain't. 

Melissa jumped in the passenger's seat. 

"OK, are you ready for this afternoon?", Kelly asked. 

"Sure, it's eleven-thirty now. Dan arrives tonight at seven-ish and you promise to feed me at lunch and a quick afternoon snack?" 

"Yep, promised, signed and delivered", Kelly answered. After all, Melissa didn't need her hands free to eat; Kelly could feed her just fine. That gave them anything up to seven hours or even more if Dan wanted to join in. And Melissa liked prolonged, tight, comfortable bondage. Kelly reached back for her bag and pulled out a leather hood, cuffs, about a million miles of rope and a posture collar with "Dan's Pet" embossed on the side. 

"OK, let's get you into that box." 

Melissa grinned.   

Fri Aug 21 11:48am 

Babydoll's apparel update for Friday afternoon: this afternoon I am wearing a soft cotton rope bra. Between its loops my nipples stick right through and say "Hello" - highly erotic. On my head is a leather hood. It hugs every curve of my face, embracing my chin, cheeks and forehead and has a hole at the peak to let my hair out as if a long black shower of hair is erupting from the top of my head. In my mouth is a white rubber ball. This is Kelly's favourite of course, not mine as lipstick marks form on it too easily. My favourite is the yellow or the green ball. But that's personal opinion :) 

My wrists are in wide cuffs held by a short chain comfortably to the back of my collar. The collar is high and limiting and if I could see through the leather, forcing me to stare at the wall of my cosy box. The D-ring on the front of the collar is anchoring the ropes holding my knees together almost onto my chin. My ankles? They're free, but that's really an aesthetic touch as I couldn't do anything but wave hello with my feet bound the way I am anyway. 

I am tied into a ball, inside a strong wooden box in the back of my own car. My friend Kelly is driving to my house where she will use the trolley to unload me into the loungeroom and torture me by forcing me to listen to "The Bored and the Beautiful" and "As the Stomach Turns". If I concentrate, really concentrate I can get some stimulation onto my pussy from the cushioned base of my box, but the enclosed space makes it hard. 

Same jewelry and perfume as always. No lipstick, just lip gloss. Otherwise, same makeup. Isn't Opium grand? 



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