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Allie's Birthday

by Al B

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© Copyright 2014 - Al B - Used by permission

Storycodes: MM/f; bond; rope; chast; toys; insert; straps; trunk; encased; transported; tease; denial; cons; X

I was looking forward to Sunday Brunch with my friend Jeff. He had promised to finally introduce me to his new girlfriend Allison, a tennis team babe and apparently a real interesting beauty according to Jeff. They had met on the college Halloween party a few weeks earlier. Both of them were into the life sciences while I was pre-law, so our classes didn’t overlap and I hadn’t met her before. Jeff and I had met in the freshman dorm, become good friends and stayed in touch as much as our busy exam and party schedules allowed.

So when Jeff greeted me and led me to the brunch table I was surprised there was no sign of Allison. Jeff and I made some small talk and then Jeff realized that he was out of coffee. 

“Sorry Ben,” Jeff apologized, “I’ll back in a bit; make your self at home.” The door slammed as Jeff left.

I leaned back on my chair and stretched out my legs and hit something soft under the table. Someone said ‘Oomph’ in a female voice. In some shock I lifted the table cover and saw a girl of about twenty years lying on her side in just a bra and some leather underwear. She was slender yet suprisingly strong and curvaceous with pale gold hair and startling amber eyes. Her ankles were tied together with rope and tied to one table leg, while her arms were stretched over her head and tied by the wrists to another table leg. Her full lips were parted by a big red ball gag.

“My God,” I exclaimed and quickly worked on untying her. The ropes were well knotted and tightly wound so it took me some time to free her wrists ankles and unbuckle her gag.

“Are you all right?” I asked anxiously, my heart beating fast at the sight of so much pale smooth female skin, despite my best intentions.

“I’m fine thanks for freeing me. I’m Allison, you must be Ben. Jeff has talked about you often.” She replied sitting down in a chair across from me, but making no move to cover herself. Apart from her bra her only clothing was an odd leather belt that wound tightly around her tiny waist and over her crotch area. I noticed now that the belt was padlocked in two places and to make things worse there was the sound of a vibrator coming from underneath. There was no way to take out the vibrator without a key to the padlocks.

“Oh crap,” Allison said, and flushed prettily, “Jeff left the vibrator on random and it just turned on high.” Allison shuddered, her breath catching, her face a mixture of embarrassment and ecstasy. I should have got up and left but found myself just sitting there watching her in fascination. I had to admit I was getting pretty aroused even though the entire situation was whacked.

To make things even worse Allison pulled down her bra without taking it off and exposed her nipples. I should have looked away but found myself staring at her round high breasts. Allison began massaging her nipples with her thumbs and a little moan escaped her lips. Then with a sudden silence the vibrator turned to very low again.

“Oh no” Allison said in frustration and began rubbing herself where her clitoris might be, but the leather was thick and it didn’t seem to satisfy her much. At this highly charged and embarrassing moment, Jeff came back.

I looked at him apologetically but Jeff had a smug look and said, “I see you’ve met Allie, Ben, that’s great! Unfortunately she was naughty last week, she got a better grade than me on the Bio243 exam, so she has to be put back in restraints.” Jeff continued.

As I watched in shocked fascination, Jeff took a red leather bondage sleeve out of a trunk and had Allie place her slender sculpted arms behind the back of the chair. With practiced ease Jeff laced up the single sleeve until her wrists and elbows were very closely held behind her back. Then Jeff buckled extra belt straps which were part of the sleeve, around her wrists and elbows as well as two straps over her shoulders. 

As if Allie wasn’t helpless enough Jeff then padlocked a chain to a ring at the tip of the hand portion of her bondage sleeve, and then wound the chain around her crossed ankles under the chair and padlocked it again. He didn’t bother covering Allie’s exposed breasts.

Then Jeff made conversation with me again, totally nonchalant, asking me on the latest news and continuing our much estranged brunch. Occasionally he would feed Allie a little treat or gave her a sip to drink with a straw. She didn’t look up and her long silky hair concealed her face in part.

Just as I was starting to get into the conversation, Allie’s vibrator kicked on high again and a little yelp escaped her lips. Jeff and I watched in fascination as she threw her head back and became more and more aroused. I realized that part of her arousal might actually come from the fact that two men, one of them practically a stranger, were watching her while she was in restraints being stimulated by a locked in vibrator. That was the only thing that could explain this bizarre situation.

Unfortunately for both Allie and us absorbed viewers, the machine cut out again before she could climax. I wondered if the vibrator was truly set on ‘random’, or just on the ‘torment’ setting.

At this point brunch was pretty much over and I was thinking it was time to flee but Jeff asked me if I wanted to hang out some more and I had a hard time saying no. Allie wasn’t saying much anymore in general. Jeff had unlocked her leg chains and taken her to the bathroom for some bowel relief and teeth brushing. When they emerged from the bathroom, Allie’s bra and chastity belt were off, and she was naked except for the bondage sleeve which was still laced, buckled, and strapped tightly and some newly applied nipple clamps which were attached to each other by a slender chain. That didn’t look pleasant. But the rest of Allie sure did. Long shapely legs, curvaceous hips, small waist, rounded breasts and well proportioned shoulders had me looking away quickly with a flush.

Jeff proceeded to get Allie into a tightly bound package. Belts around her ankles, calves and thighs were applied for starters. Then Jeff buckled a leather collar with a ring in the front around her neck, and ran a rope from the collar ring to her thigh belt and tightly knotted it, so she was now folded helplessly on her knees on the floor with her head held down.

A ball gag harness came next, and once that was strapped under her chin, behind her neck and over her head, Jeff ran a rope from a ring in the back of her head harness, through the ring at the end of her bondage sleeve, to her ankle strap and knotted it there tightly. Her head was now pulled back as far as the tied off neck ring would allow. Finally ear plugs and a blindfold finished off her utter helplessness. I wondered how long Jeff would keep her like that. She couldn’t move an inch and was held in quite the uncomfortable position.

But apparently that wasn’t all Jeff had planned, because he began clearing out a large trunk, which had been full of bondage gear, and then had me help him lift Allie into the trunk, laying her on her side. He slammed the trunk shut and padlocked it.

I looked at him. 

Jeff shrugged, “It’s her birthday today.”

That explained it.

“I really appreciate you playing along with this, Ben.” Jeff continued, “being restrained in front of people she barely knows is an orgasmic experience for her. Or shall we say, near orgasmic, eh?” He clapped me on the back. 

But my day still wasn’t over. Jeff packed a second suitcase while I waited then I helped him carry both the suitcase and more importantly the trunk Allie was held in down to his car.

“I have a little surprise planned for her,” Jeff said and waved as I watched him drive off. 


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