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The Adventures of Lizzy G

by Adam N. Eaves

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© Copyright 2012 - Adam N. Eaves - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; bag; wrap; swimcap; breathplay; lingerie; voy; photo; mast; climax; cons; XX

WARNING Do NOT try this at home, the story is presented here as a fantasy only, to attempt this in real life may result in injury or death.  

Part One

It began quite innocently but soon developed into much more. Like a drug which longed to flow through her veins, the rush of the ecstasy of her orgasmic pleasures. She longed to be in that place again and again. Addicted to the feeling of helplessness; to the restriction of bondage and of wearing sexy gear. The anticipation of the next fix, the laying out of the playthings on the bed. The desire to turn herself on and also knowing she was turning others on too.

As she dressed for her very first photo shoot, every nerve and fibre tingled inside. She ached for some quick relief right that minute but knew she would have to wait. Prolonging the agony of that release, the pleasure of the mind and body; her own secret place where none had gone before. As she sat on the edge of the bed and pulled on her fishnets, slowly easing each up her leg and smoothing the hem down at the top. Almost tempted to rise further and touch herself there. Feeling the moisture already beginning to form on her lips. She squeezed her thighs together desperately trying not to get too aroused. Her nipples stood on end as she felt herself getting into the mood.

She had previously set up the camera carefully on the tripod and set it to auto. The remote lying next to her pillow ready to begin. Again Lizzy looked down at her black top and noticed her erect nipples, tempted as she was to squeeze her tits but resisting once more. Her tiny black panties with the dog paw motif on them, clinging into her crack; like some crazed bitch on heat she throbbed from head to toe. She carefully put on her long boots and elbow length gloves completing the outfit. She looked over in the mirror and took a deep breath of satisfaction on how good she looked. The plastic bag by her side and the choker strap; simple but effective for her first play. She longed to feel that plastic against her soft skin and how it felt as she sucked in all the air. This was all new ground for Lizzy but she knew right then there was no going back. She was hooked from the start and nothing would stop her pursuing her desire to be breathless and sexy.

A couple of set up shots in the camera, on the bed and stood up against the wall. She was ready now for the main event. She carefully pulled the plastic bag over her head tucking in her beautiful locks, smoothing it down over her cheeks and around her neck. Instantly she felt that dribble between her legs, the intense desire to be restricted and gasping for air. She then took some more photos as she pulled the choker strap around her neck sealing the bag against her silky neck. More pictures which were a distraction to what she really wanted. Her loving breathless fans demanded more but mere stills could not convey the pleasure to the full. The plastic tightened around her mouth and nose with each breath as Lizzy moved back over to the bed and knelt up for some more shots. She thought at one point she was going to have to stop and release the bag a little, but she was determined to give the full effect for the camera. The bag misting up now even more as Lizzy found it more difficult to focus on where the lens actually was. ‘Click’ went the shutter once more, another perfect shot, air almost gone now, nipples on fire, aching pussy wanting, gagging for her touch, resist, no don’t , just a little longer.

She slackened off the choker for a moment and gulped some more air quickly inside before taking some more shots. Her hair was becoming soaked now with perspiration and she was leaking badly between her legs. Again she knelt up and squeezed hard her thighs together. That feeling was so divine. All the while she was talking to herself like a running commentary on the proceedings. In her mind it was like some sideshow. She was some puppet for the pleasure of others, but mainly for herself. It was no use she had to give in this time. Once more the bag tugged tightly down against the top of her head, the choker tightened even more this time; Lizzy could feel the veins in her neck constricted by the leather. This was the feeling she loved more than anything. One more quick shot imagining how her bulging eyes looked on camera. The lack of air making her dizzy with total wanton desire.

She flung the remote down on the bedside cabinet and lay down on the black silky duvet of her bed. Her face buried into that pillow pressing the plastic even more into her facial features. Lizzy wriggled her butt to the edge of the bed and rubbed her pelvis up and down against the bed, grinding her pussy into the folds. Gasping for air, her lungs on fire, twinkles in her head going off like fireworks. Panting and mumbling loud, her ears popping with the pressure. Her orgasm came in a shuddering forceful rush. Mmmmmfffff she muffled into the pillow as her whole lower body shook and twitched, her hands behind her back willing her to rip off that bag but savouring every moment until she did. Lizzy just lay there for a few minutes motionless, breathing deeply and recovering.

It was all over in an instant, all that preparation and time and effort gone, but not wasted. The pictures were done for the site, her newest album ready for posting, plus she had a bloody great time too. Just as the first time and every time, she felt totally alive, every sinue in her body screaming out satisfaction, the joy of accomplishment filling her mind with ideas for next time. Some people could never understand what it was which made her feel so good, other may think her acts dangerous or too perverted. It mattered not, she was happy, knowing she had followers who felt the same way, who had been there too. As Lizzy got undressed to have a much needed shower, she smiled at the limp plastic bag lying there on the floor, her wet knickers in a pile, with the tell-tale signs of her pleasure. Her mind was awash with thoughts of her next play, wondering what wonderful things she would find around the house to enjoy and use. Taking herself further and beyond. Maybe next time it would be the clingfilm; maybe it would be the latex swimcap, but whatever the props, the ultimate result would be the same. That night as she lay in bed, having posted the pics online, Lizzy dreamed of being a slave to breathplay, of plastic bags, of gags and bondage and much more.

* * *

Lizzy now had the itch to do more breath play pictures. She was limited by the amount of free time she had but the craving was such that she couldn’t wait to do her next photo shoot. Each time she went online and saw the comments on her first set, she was thrilled and excited; just seeing herself posing there for the first time made her loins tingle and she just knew there had to be more. What had begun as a little experiment had now begun to take over her life. Finding likeminded people online and a dedicated forum too was just so wonderful. Now she was not alone and did not feel weird or out of place. It was still her secret though; well apart from her best friend who would help her get into more interesting situations in the future. For now though she was happy to experiment alone and move onto other things. The website also provided Lizzy with ideas to try out also. Most people would be apprehensive but not her, plus the added bonus of releasing some of that built up desire too added to the experience. Lizzy loved to dress up and had always liked playing the part or acting out a fantasy. Something she never did get around to sharing with her partner which made her a little sad. Nevertheless she felt happier than in a long time and no longer alone in the world.

So it was that she moved onto the next photoset; this time was to be cling film. Plenty of that around the house and nobody would ever suspect it was being used for devious means. There are different brands of cling film though and in time she would learn which is best for that tighter feel. The cheap stuff simply ripped or got all mangled up as she tore it off the roll. To begin with Lizzy experimented with the plain variety of cooking film; but later she would move onto stronger, thicker types and even full body enclosure with it. The one thing she did learn quite quickly was you had to be very patient with this clingy material. By nature of its manufacture it was very static sensitive and it took care to get a smooth covering; the feel against ones skin was divine though and the way it clung to your every feature was exquisite indeed.

Lizzy armed with her super-sized roll of cling film set up the camera for what would be an enjoyable afternoon. This time she decided to do a sitting shoot for comfort mainly; although she would retire to the bed at a later point for some personal attention. She held the film outstretched and pressed it against her skin for the first time. How many times had she wrapped the kids butties in this stuff and never knew how wonderful it could feel. She was truly ready to play for the camera again; like some eager tyke on a new adventure, with people to please and share with. The joy of the play was in the before thought and planning out. Armed with the jumbo roll of film she retired to her boudoir to prepare.

Using the drapes as a backdrop and a covered chair, Lizzy got herself ready in her obligatory fishnets and thigh high boots. These were her favourite boots; her kinky boots which added a special flavour to her plays. After all, dressing up was only one part of this wonderful existence in play land. This time she decided to leave her top off for extra effect. Her ample buxom hung down wonderfully; her nipples starting to ache. It would make it even sexier for her online fans. Already she was tingling down there and her knickers became damp at the thought of what was to come. It took all her willpower to resist a play right there and then. Her nipples hardened in her black bra throbbing and longing to be stroked, as Lizzy unfurled the first piece of the film and stretched it out over her face. Suddenly the world became blurred as she continued a couple of times loosely around her head. It took a couple of practice attempts before she perfected the smooth application of this tricky substance. A couple of photos of the preparation for the camera and then she began winding it around and around her face.

The film clinging to her nose and mouth but not completely sealing it at first. Eventually she learned that she could wrap some around, tear it off and take a photo before applying the next and so on. As the air ran out she could rip a tiny hole in it, take a couple of deep breaths and then apply the next layer. This was so exciting she thought to herself. Her face beginning to sweat now as the layers clung tighter. More pictures to be taken and she was becoming an expert now in making each successive layer tighter than the previous. She could barely make out the camera lens now as the opaque plastic blurred her vision. The sound too was blocked out from her ears; this was truly a wonderful sensation. With each turn of the roll Lizzy tried to hold her breath longer and longer. She had to readjust the part around her neck a couple of times too as it came away. She was so turned on by now and she tried crossing and uncrossing her legs in almost agony as well as ecstasy. A couple of close ups now of her face for her admiring public and it was complete. Lizzy wanted to quickly rip off the sheet so she could review the photos in the camera but she was so horny and turned on by this; all that would have to wait.

Applying one last layer and smoothing it down tight, she retired to the bed and assumed the position on the corner of her mattress. There was no time for preparations or finery now, she was gagging for it and she would run out of air very soon. As she lay with her arms behind her back imagining they were tied together, she forced her face into the bed top sheet, whilst at the same time gripping the corner of the mattress with her thighs and riding that mother-fucker into oblivion. She closed her eyes and gasped for air as every nerve in her body craved release; her lungs on fire as she began to eat the thick film in her sopping mouth. Stars going off in her head as she exploded into a cascading shower of wonderful orgasmic bliss. She continued to buck away at that bedspread for several seconds before finally ripping off the film and gasping the much needed fresh air.

Once again Lizzy lay there lifeless for a couple of minutes trying to recover; going over and over in her mind again and again the marvellous sensations she had come to love. In her own secret special world of danger but totally under control. She longed to perform like this with a play partner and fantasised about such a time. To entrust someone else with your very life in the joys of sharing this experience must be so great she thought. This was only the beginning of an epic journey with no destination or end; of self-discovery; of self-trust; of no longer feeling dirty or sordid; of sharing this passion with others. Each time better than the last; with new features to be added and repeated over and over again. From humble beginnings to all out total immersion in this dark side, Lizzy knew then she could not go back; there was no returning to normality. Her desires so long locked away inside now free to find again that mind blowing achievement of self-expectancy.

Within the hour her pictures were online at the forum and as she surveyed them for the umpteenth time, she could only wonder at what joys they would give her adoring public following. Knowing that others were looking at her in a different light, made Lizzy even more excited and complete. She had found her calling, her release, and her escape from the humdrum world. This was her passion and her vision of a future filled with such times she would have to share it with others eagerly awaiting her next adventures. There were no boundaries now; no limits to her play times other than her own imagination and her own endurance. Maybe next time she would entrust herself to playing with the swim cap. Whatever the play, whatever the situation, Lizzy knew she would enjoy it; every single firework exploding mind bending moment. As she drifted off to sleep that night naked in her bed, thinking of that day’s activities and those horny photos, Lizzy had to have one more play to lull her off to sleep………

* * *

As she became more adventurous Lizzy searched the net for more daring ways of enjoying her new found craft. Being a member of the breathless site too gave her plenty of inspiration. She found herself searching around her house too for items she might use to take her breath play that one stage further. She remembered some pictures she had seen of someone with a latex swim cap over their face and wondered what that would feel like, being so tight and very little air space. The more she thought about it the more it excited her. She was going to buy one when she remembered she already had a lovely white one somewhere, as she used to go swimming quite a lot with the kids. If only she could find it, otherwise she would have to add one to her collection of toys. By now Lizzy was getting together quite a stash of equipment in her wardrobe bottom, including various restraints, arm cuffs and ankle bracelets, leather straps of various sizes, chains and other apparatus for performing self-bondage. Eventually she would enlist the help of one of her dearest friends, but for now she had to practice on her own for her admiring public audience.

She had always loved dressing up and one part of her clothes rail was now brimming with sexy clothes and lovely items to wear, including a silky white Basque, a one piece body suit with gorgeous stockings with patterned cutaways. Stockings, boots and other items in her drawers with which to make a variety of dressing up games. Half the fun was in getting the stuff ready for her play, in the laying out the items on the bed ready and surveying them, tingling in anticipation of what was to come. Lizzy decided for her first swim cap experience she would match the white cap with her beautiful Basque and white stockings; a silky pair of frilly white panties would complete the ensemble; just dressing up in that gear was enough to get her going as she surveyed the swim cap next to her, wondering how that would feel.

She took some pictures of her outfit first the set the scene before kneeling up on the bed and taking the latex cap in her hands. She felt how cold it was and how it stretched delightfully so in her fingers; the rubber texture smooth and welcoming. She was a little apprehensive at first to put it totally over her face fearing she would panic, so Lizzy first tried the cap on her head just as it was intended, gauging the tightness of its skin and smoothing it over her lovely locks beneath. It felt so wonderful, so silky and sexy, she also wondered if her facial features would show up on the pictures, and how long she could keep it on for; seconds maybe, or longer if she held her breath, long enough to take a couple of pictures maybe. Oh well it was time to find out then. Once more she stretched it between her hands trying to make it as large as possible to fit over her face, as if that extra little tug would make all the difference once it was in place, which of course it would not.

Easing it now over her upper forehead whilst holding it off her mouth, she slowly eased it down over her nose at first, smelling that marvellous scent for the first time close up, how it clung so tightly to her flared nostrils; trying to regulate her breathing now without panicking. Lizzy could hear her heart beating fast, she tried to take big breaths but the only way to take the plunge was to just let go of the end so it curled under her chin. It made a delightful whooshing noise as what little air was inside was forced out under her ears. It was so bloody tight, so air tight, so bloody gorgeous she thought. She tried to take her first breath, gasping as her lungs felt the emptiness of space; nothing there; she sucked hard, the rubber forming itself around her eye sockets, her nose and mouth, she could taste the rubber, nothing, no air, she panicked and yanked it off. Phew that was such a rush, not knowing what it would feel like for the first time, being both excited and scared at the same time, but moreso turned on like hell, her pussy on fire at the very thought of that tight latex prison.

Damm she had forgotten to take some pictures in her attempt to concentrate on her breathing. She wriggled on the bed, squeezing her thighs tightly together feeling her throbbing clitty aching below. Her nipples rock hard in her top, an electric tingle running down her body. The cap felt clammy now and warm from her first attempt, strangely different, and she felt more confident now too. Oh well girl she thought to herself her goes let’s not disappoint our waiting fans. She once again positioned the cap as before but this time taking a series of quick shots. This time it felt better and she managed to hold her breath slightly longer. That feeling of total abandon, of helplessness but yet totally in control overwhelmed her. With practice she managed to force some air out of her lungs into the cavity of her face and then rebreathe it in. God that was so good, she almost congratulated herself in her head.

Her lungs on fire, more pictures, she felt her hand instinctively go up to her face and pressed across her mouth, whilst her other one went between her legs. Squeezing gently into that crevice feeling moisture as she felt her finger explore those hot wet depths. Her head was a whirl with what to do next. Should she rip off the cap, should she continue to frig, could she take another gasping breath, would she pass out. All these thoughts rushed through her brain as she slipped over onto her side now, quickly lifted the bottom of the cap, took another gulp of air, and then let go again. This time there would be no stopping her eager fingers as they played a delightful tune on her clit, as stars went off in her head; the rapidly approaching orgasm to hit her between the eyes, almost making her forget the cap was even there. Her hand tightly pressed down her panties, fingers curled and soaking, writhing about on the bedspread like a crazed thing.

She let out a muffled scream and a spluttering rasping sound from her mouth into the rubber cavity. If she hadn’t been in the throes of her own pleasures she may have laughed at that sound. As it was her whole body shook as she finally released the cap from her face and lay exhausted on the bed. That sensation of the tight rubber mask combined with her own carnal releases was too great for words. Never had she known such delights, such wonderful wanton desires within her. A simple yet effective play with an innocent looking swim cap. This whole world of breathless play was becoming an obsession Lizzy did not wish to give up, ever. Once was never enough and she knew that this would be repeated again and again, maybe next time with some light self-bondage to add to the thrill; nothing too elaborate, but enough to give it that edge, that scary moment of danger. At all times her priority was to be safe, but again she thought of the fun she could have with a play partner.

That afternoon Lizzy took some more pictures, and played some more with the cap, each time becoming more proficient with her breathing. She would have a couple of more plays too each time taking herself nearer to the edge and pulling back, prolonging the satisfaction until she could take no more, exploding in a cascade of heavenly stars yet again. Lizzy was totally pleased with her new adventure. She felt fulfilled with pride and accomplishment, as well as her desires quenched like never before. From her humble beginnings, she had progressed to a fledgling player; this made her very pleased indeed.

Eventually late into the afternoon she surveyed her pictures which made her leak once more; she knew her fans online would love these as she relived the experience again in her mind. Now she realised why so many people loved this sensation, and she had barely scratched the surface of her ideas and fantasies. She was very pleased with herself, totally satisfied, spent and her pent up desires once more released. What would she try out next; the only limit now was her imagination. The learner had become the apprentice, developing her craft and sharing with others her wonderful dark side. That night she dreamt of total bondage restriction, of giving herself completely to another; of bags and of plastic, and of rubber, and most of all of breathless desires………

* * *

Completely hooked now on breath play, Lizzy was always on the lookout for new techniques and ideas. After her early experimentation with cling film she had discovered two main flaws; the average kitchen brand was too flimsy and thin to use, both because it was difficult to get off the roll in any consistent quantity, and it broke easily; also it did not form a tight enough seal once it had become damp from condensation of one’s breathing. Not to be deterred she scoured the shops for an alternative. What she found was a slightly thicker gauge film, with a lovely purple sheen to it once applied, which was more robust for the job plus it was longer on the roll giving better coverage. Excited by this new purchase, Lizzy rushed home to try it out and to take another photoset for the website.

Again the excitement is in the preparation of the play, as well as actually doing it. Before she had gotten undressed, her knickers were already damp at the thought of wrapping that new film around her face. Which outfit would it be this time she thought to herself. Perfect she concluded would be her favourite fishnet body stocking, which hugged her contours perfectly plus was crotch less too. That combined with her strapped high heels would complete the perfect sexy attire. For the first time in a long time, Lizzy felt good about herself, spurred on by the people on the forum who were singing her praises. She was hot inside, flushed by her excitement but her bare pubic region open to the cold air. This fact she would put to additional advantage later, in a cunning plan which would turn her on even more, and with the added point of using the new film to encase her wet pubes.

This encasement theme would be further developed at a later date, but there was no doubting Lizzy’s desire to be wrapped totally from head to foot in the stuff once she had felt how wonderful it was against her skin. She took a couple of shots to show the properties of this new roll posing in her sexy one piece fishnet suit in front of the mirror. Wowsers she thought as her nipples poked through the holes and became erect; her fabulous dark brown areolas contrasting with the sheer white of the string. The first dewy drops of her love juices already forming below, aching now as she made her way over to the bed to begin the process.

Lizzy was becoming an expert now at taking pictures for her fans; she admired how she looked against the black sheets on the bed. She was in two minds to say sod the film and just have a play right there and then, but she resisted. The more serious task was at hand and she hoped the thicker film would prove effective. The thrill and anticipation was almost taking her breath away now as she made herself comfy on the bed with her cute ass in the air for one picture, as she attempted to use the cling film between her legs to form a sort of plastic panty effect. It took a couple of attempts to get it to stay in place but felt bloody great on her lips as she patted it down and a tingle ran up her spine. This additional makeshift pair of plastic panties would also stop her dribbling onto the sheets too. Already she was sopping down there and knew she had to crack on quickly before she bursted with total wanton desire.

The couple of pictures she had already taken demonstrating the film, showed clearly the added strength and durability of the plastic sheet, indeed it could be wrapped around any feature you desired, forming a great seal, yet still allowing the view of what was encased by it. Unlike the household variety though, as already stated, this had a delightful purple haze to it, and the more you used the deeper that hue became; this added to the effect of the photos as Lizzy would discover later. Assuming her favourite position on her knees, Lizzy began to wrap the film around her head, carefully and deliberately; layer upon layer, savouring each addition with growing intensity.

By the fourth layer she was already finding it difficult to breath fully and her favourite trick of squeezing her thighs together was applied once again to great effect; her pussy twitching in response. She took some more pictures then proceeded to apply more layers; it seemed easier to get off the roll than the cheap stuff; inside her head Lizzy mused and giggled to herself; she felt like she was in some strange advertisement for cling film and imagined the scene on television. ‘New improved super soft yet strong cling film for all those jobs around the home – including a spot of breath play maybe ladies’.

Eventually Lizzy had to take a break and make a tiny hole in the plastic to allow some breaths, then it was on again with more layers until she could hardly see out of the plastic at all, her ears were tightly folded back against her head, and her nose flattened wonderfully down making breathing even more difficult. She could hear her own heartbeat as the blood coursed through her veins, making her clitty throb with increasing heat. As she swung the film roll around her head for yet another orbit, her hanging boobs swung in their hammocks giving her even more pleasure. The sensation of total head encasement was too much to bear, as she tore off the last length of film and put it down on the floor. It was time to take full advantage of her heightened state of arousal before she ran out of air.

Lizzy scouched up to the top of the bed, hung onto the headboard, then put her strong thighs around two of the pillows, squeezing hard. She then felt the plastic go in and out of her mouth once more, her lungs on fire now as she sucked into nothingness. She rocked back n forth on her makeshift ridge, her pussy on fire underneath the plastic coating; it dug into the right places and because of the tightness of the film around her behind, it moved perfectly in time with her thrusts adding even more sensation. Gasping now for air, her chest extended, eyes bulging under the purple covered film, air pressure popping in her ears; Lizzy knew she could not hang on much longer. One final squeeze and rock into the pillows, gripping the headboard so tightly, she began to come. Her whole world shook inside and out, stars going off in her head; breathless, on fire, total release, hardly wanting to let go of that headboard so she could rip open the film.

Eventually she did though and the rush of the air made her shudder again inside. What a thrill, what an absolutely wonderful performance yet again she thought. In her fantasy world she almost thought she heard her willing audience applaud out loud. She had almost passed out that time, underestimating the thickness of the new film, but it had been worth it. She couldn’t move for several minutes to allow her body to recover such was the intensity of the rush. All her life she had waited for this moment; from humble beginnings she had found new feelings, new excitement, new challenges; this combined with her new found friends and new plays was totally awesome. Lizzy could not wait for the next time; her play time was limited by other factors and the need to be alone. In between times she often let her mind wander back to her experiences and passed many a dull day at work recalling her horny play times. That secret world of desire and want, of satisfaction beyond anything you could describe to those who had not been there. That ‘no air’ place of solitude and of excitement to surpass all else in fetish and kinks. The thoughts, the planning, the buying of the equipment and apparatus; the costumes, the photos, the ideas. Lizzy was truly happy when she was being the breath play queen ‘Lizzy G’ and this latest set of photos would be online within the hour for all to share. That night as all nights, her mind and her fingers wandered in her bed, as Lizzy went to her special place, to play another day……..

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